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Your Guide To Parenting And Making 3 Month Old Routine Baby Whisperer

Have you ever heard of the “Baby Whisperer”? Sounds interesting? Well, read on as we will give you thoughts about the book and we will share with you an idea on how to follow a 3 month old routine baby whisperer style.

Baby Whisperer pertains to the book entitled, “Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How to Calm, Connect, and Communicate with Your Baby” by Tracy Hogg. Yes, it’s another parenting book available in the market today.

Through the book, Hogg aims to help new parents or those new parents again to find and maintain balance in life by not allowing their babies to dominate their lives. It teaches parents how to work out the kind of child they have, as well as educating parents about the kind of parenting style or plan that will work for them based on their kid’s attitude or character.

Hogg said in the book that babies, as little as they are should be trained to be part of the family and not to dominate the family. She shared a couple of tips to learn from including that of a 3 month old routine baby whisperer (actually, not only for 3 month olds, but something that is applicable to your child whatever stage he may be at right now).

Hogg talked about a lot of parenting matters in the book. But, most readers find these two really interesting. Interesting enough that some find it offensive, while others find it helpful and informative.


There is a section in the book that is called, “Making the Choice”. It supposedly talks about parents making a choice between breastfeeding and formula milk.

According to some readers of the book, Hogg seem to counter some breastfeeding benefits. For instance, she said that health benefits being associated to breastfeeding seem to be overblown and emphasizes that studies merely suggest and not prove that breastfeeding offers women protecting against several diseases. She even gave a warning that nursing mothers has to gain extra 10 pounds to make sure that there is proper nutrition for their babies. Thus, suggesting that mothers who are concerned about their body weight should rather use formula milk for their babies.

Some reviews on the book, however, find Hogg’s insights on this section helpful. They thought parents should not be boxed. They should never let anyone decide for them, rather, they decide for themselves, for their baby, for their family. Especially for mommies, they thought, they should not be judged by their choices especially in matters of to breastfeed or not. Because while some mothers find it amazing, some view it otherwise.


Yes, EASY stands for something. Each letter will remind you of how things should be done on a daily basis. EASY is your guide in making a 3 month old routine Baby Whisperer style or whatever age for that matter.

E stands for EAT. Hogg has created a feeding guide, to help you with your baby’s food intake. There she discusses how much your little one needs in a day at a certain age. For a 3 month old baby, they nurse every after two to three hours round the clock.

A stands for ACTIVITY. For a 3 month old, this refers to his playtime or basically any activity that will entertain him or keep him still until before he takes his nap. For newborns, this may be a little challenging, but just keep observing and get to know your child better. Also included in this area are bath time, mommy’s singing lullabies, nappy change or as simple as your baby staring to a toy.

S stands for SLEEP. Of course, for newborns, apart from feeding, this is a very common activity. Also included here are their nap time. A 3 month old’s nap may last for 20 minutes p to 2 hours per nap. A good nap will help keep your baby in a good state, as well as helps a lot in having a good night sleep.

Y stands for YOUR TIME. Yes mommy! Your time is important. While baby needs you most of the time, you also need to take of yourself. You know, what they always say to mothers, do not lose yourself in the process. I definitely agree to this! Have your me time. Read a book, drink your favorite cup of coffee, eat that chocolate cake on the fridge, do whatever makes you happy while your baby is asleep. Yep, you only have that few minutes or hours so make the most out of it.

Based on the book, here is a sample EASY 3 month old routine baby whispere:


E – 7:30 – Feed your baby. Whether you are breastfeeding your baby or not, you got to feed him up. You don’t want a grumpy or fussy baby, don’t you?

A – 8:00 – Depends on your baby’s cue, you may either play with him or change his nappy or you go outside to catch some morning sun. You may also talk to your baby. Yeah, basically, bond with your little one.

S – 8:30 – Time for a morning nap. At this age, naps usually takes about 20 minutes.

Y – 8:45 – At 3 months, you are still adjusting so sleep while your baby is asleep. But in case you haven’t taken breakfast yet, then, use this time to eat.


E – 10:30 – Feed your baby for the second time.

A – 11:00 – Play time with your little one or maybe you want to read him stories.

S – 11:30 – Time for baby’s second morning nap.

Y – 11:45 – Unless you have other things to do, take as much nap as you could. Yep, join your baby’s nap sessions.



E – 1:00 – Feed your baby for the third time. He needs it for his growth and development.

A – 1:45 – Play time with your little one or maybe you want to read him stories.

S – 2:15 – Your baby’s first afternoon nap.

Y – 2:30 – Up to you to either use it for nap or other me time activities. You may also use it do some household chores.


E – 4:00 – Feed your baby for the fourth time. Don’t worry, with the right time interval, your baby does not overfeed.

A – 4:45 – Change diaper, play or whatever your baby wants. Take from his cues. Observe your baby.

S – 5:15 – Catnap. This usually takes about 40 to 45 minutes.

Y – 5:30 – Your time again, mommy. Well, if daddy is around, then you can use this to bond with daddy. If you have other kids, then use this time to bond with them as well.


E – 6:00 – 1st Cluster Feed

A – 7:00 – Bath time for baby. Time to get refreshed from a long day. If you have bedtime rituals, then you may include them here.

S – 7:15 – Another catnap for baby.

Y – 7:30 – Time to eat dinner, mommy. Do not forget to feed yourself too. You need it.


E – 8:00 – 2nd Cluster Feed

A – 9:00 – No more activity for baby. It’s also a way for you to train him what day and night is.

S – 10:00 onwards – In case your baby wakes, you simply put him back to sleep.

Y – Enjoy the rest of the night or you may opt to go to bed too.


There you go. Just a reminder, the above EASY 3 month old routine baby whisperer only serves as a guide. If you think this is applicable to your baby, then use it. Otherwise, create your own based on your baby’s cues.


If you are a new parent, it’s normal to get overwhelmed with lots of information around. But, don’t let it eat you. Rather, think positive – you can do it! You will eventually get used to it anyway. Just take it slow. Do not be hard on yourself and your baby. After all, your little one will not be this little for long. Also, do not be afraid to make necessary changes as your baby’s routine and needs will eventually change as he gets older. The key to a successful daily routine lies on how much you know your baby, anyway.


So, there. Above-mentioned matters are just two but there are a few more that Hogg discussed in the book. Again, the reception on the book matters from one parent to another. While some may find it helpful, some maybe not. It’s up to you to judge. You may or may not rely on other parents’ review. Better yet, just buy it and see for yourself which ones applicable to you and which ones are not.