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Your Guide To Crafting A 6 Month Old Routine Breastfed Baby

Since you are reading this, that means your baby is way passed the newborn age and you have bee breastfeeding for half a year already. Congratulations to you mommy! As a treat, we are sharing with you a sample 6 month old routine breastfed baby and other information to help you get to know your baby even more!


How time flies so fast. It’s as if it was only yesterday when you have given birth to your lovely child, and in just a snap, your baby is already six months! Six more to go and he will be a year old. If only we can pause the moments. But reality is, we cannot. Nevertheless, our babies will always be babies in our eyes regardless of age.


Moving on, as mentioned a while ago, in this article, we will be discussing the things you need to know about your baby and because your baby is facing a new phase in his life, and you too on motherhood, we are giving you an a idea on how to go about a 6 month old routine breastfed baby.


Your Baby At 6 Months


It’s been six months since your baby was born. By now he has already changed a lot. For sure, you have already listed down a lot of baby milestones.


At six months, your baby’s motor skills are already way better than a few months back. Your little human, by now, knows how to sit up alone. Of course, they start with propping themselves with their hands until they can sit up unsupported. Apart from sitting, your baby could now roll over from his back to his stomach and vice versa.


Oh! The most awaited moment when it comes to food happens at six months! Your baby is now allowed to eat solid food! I know, that is so exciting! Correct me if I am wrong, but, for us mommies, one of the most thrilling baby milestones is our babies eating their first solid food!


But of course, at this point, you have the option to either wean your baby for good – or still go with breastfeeding. I hope you choose the latter. Your baby is still an infant anyway and with all the milestones he has yet to unfold, breast milk is still the best food for him ever.


Compared to your baby’s earlier months, coming up with a 6 month old routine breastfed baby is actually so much easier. By now, your baby’s activities have more regularity compared to when she was younger.


His sleep for instance is more consistent now. Most babies at this age can sleep six to eight hours straight. Of course, in some days they’d still wake up in the middle of the night because of hunger. They are – after all – still babies.


Now that your baby knows how to roll over already, do not be surprised when you find him sleeping on his tummy. Some babies are more comfortable sleeping on their tummies as to their backs. Do not worry about Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) because there is a much lower risk at this stage.


Before moving on to creating a 6 month old routine breastfed baby, here are a few reminders for you:


– Though your baby is already eating solids by now, please note that breast milk is where they will still get most of their nutrition. Thus, make sure that you feed him with mommy’s milk up to 32 ounces within 24-hour period. Yes, breast milk is still the best food for babies at six months and over and beyond.


– Your baby needs about 14 hours of sleep in 24 hours. Yes, that includes his nap time during the day (which is typically two to three) and of course his nighttime sleep.


– Because your baby is exploring more at this stage, you should include specific time when he can play, develop his important muscles, to work on new skills, as well as interacting with you and the people around. You may also opt to read to your little one or splurge on a baby massage or simply do a stroller walk on a nearby park.


With that said, let’s move on to your most awaited 6 month old routine breastfed baby. But before that, please keep in mind that this routine vary from baby to baby. Our babies are unique, no one is alike. So better come up with something that fits your baby. This will simple serve as a guide for you.




7AM: Baby wakes up, roll over the crib. Sometimes they, but, most of the time they don’t. You will just be surprised seeing your baby rolling over as if playing all by himself. Usually, babies are hungry upon waking up. So, you offer your milk first before letting him eat his breakfast.


8AM: Baby eats his solid food for breakfast. Here’s a tip, enjoy these moments when your baby lets you feed him. I swear, you will miss it once he already knows how to do it all by himself. Another tip, since you have just recently introduced solids to your baby, make a weekly food plan for your baby. You start off with fruits and vegetables, preferably feeding him the same kind of food in three consecutive days prior to changing to the next. This way, you will have an idea if your baby is not allergic to the food you prepared. You may also offer water (at most 2 ounces) to your child after his solids


9AM: Baby takes a bath, and plays after. Of course, this depends on the weather. Also observe your baby as there may be days when taking a bath is necessary, while in some days especially during winter. After his bath, you may offer toys for your baby to play on. By the way, some babies start teething as early as six months. So, better to offer your little one with teething toys, also because babies tend to suck whatever they touch.


10AM: Baby latches and sleep. By now your baby is already tired from playing and is already hungry. No, you don’t offer him food. Rather you offer him your breast milk. Feed your baby until he falls asleep. Once your baby is asleep, it’s your mommy time! Take this opportunity to do some chores or do some “me” moments, mom.


11AM: Baby wakes up from his first nap and breastfeeds. By this time you are already preparing baby’s lunch. But before that, you play with your little one first. Take this time to bond with your baby and to introduce certain activities to him. If you sense that your little human is hungry, offer him your breast milk.




12PM: Baby eats his lunch and play. At the first week when baby turns six months, the doctors would usually suggest to feed your baby once a day. Gradually, you add his meal time. By second week, you make twice, and at third, you make it thrice. Like I mentioned earlier, offer the same type of food to your baby for three days before changing to the next. After eating lunch, you may offer him toys to play with or if you have someone to babysit your baby, entrust your baby to him or her. This way you get the chance to eat lunch too or do other important task that you need be done.


2PM: Baby takes his second nap for the day. After playing with you or the babysitter, it’s time for your baby’s second nap. Depends on your baby, he may want to latch until he falls asleep or be cradled by mommy.


4PM: Baby wakes up, roll over his crib, and may find himself hungry for milk. While the sun is still up, you may also include walking your baby at a nearby park for some fresh air. You will be surprise how babies love going places. Like adults, they love to explore too. So instead of playing inside his nursery room or the house, take him outside. You may also nurse him there. Trust me, it’s also good for you, mommy!




6PM: Baby naps for the third time. After a few hours outside, your baby may be sleepy by now. Don’t worry if your baby still sleeps a lot at this age. They are just six months anyway. They are still coping ad adjusting, while their bodies are still developing. So, take it easy on them.


7PM: Baby wakes up and hungry for milk or food if you are feeding your baby thrice a day already. Yes mommy, feed your baby with your precious milk. In case your baby already eats thrice a day, then you may offer him dinner.


8PM: Baby plays to help burn the food. Let your baby roll. Play with him or let the family play with your little member. Use this time to bond. After all, at only around this time the rest of the family come home. It would be nice to bond with everybody.


9PM: Breastfeed your baby and put him to a good night sleep.


…and your day ends. Just press the repeat button for the next day.


Kidding aside, as I said a while ago, this is just a guide. Base your 6 month old routine breastfed baby according to your baby’s development and needs.


Again, every baby is different. Keep observing your baby, his daily activities, what he likes doing most and what annoys him. From there, once you put everything into consideration, you get to have a perfect 6 month old routine breastfed baby