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11 Apps That Pay You Money For Using Them

Do you want to earn some cash? Well, guess what? There are apps that pay you money! Yes, you read it right! Read on to know more about these apps that make you earn extra bucks.


A few months ago, I have decided to quit my regular job to be a fulltime mom. Yes, I am one of those moms who had to let go of their career all for the love of their kid.


I love being a fulltime mom. I love taking care of my child and my husband. I love doing household chores (you know, I think I already know why I grew up to be a homebody). I love making sure the house is home to my family. I absolutely (almost) everything about – except the downtimes.


As a fulltime, believe me, there are a lot of dull moments. For someone who is used to live a busy life – working from 8 in the morning until the sun sets, the dull times are really freaking me out. Well, at least until I discovered the apps that pay you money.


I am one lucky girl to have a husband who has a decent job that pays well. Our family has enough to pay the bills and cater to some luxuries (well, in our own definition or the word though). Working from home is not really a necessity for me – thanks to my hardworking husband. However, as I said, I fell sick doing nothing while the baby sleeps, and I am done doing my household tasks for the day.


So, one day, I decided to open my laptop, and browse for possible ways to make use of my time, and earn some extra to add up to our savings and do a little more luxuries (again, it’s not what you think). While searching, I crossed paths with different online jobs that pay pretty well. While they were enticing, I just felt I wasn’t ready for those kinds of jobs yet.


Guess what? I chanced upon a list of apps that pay you money! I looked through it and I thought it was pretty awesome. As they say, the rest is now history. A few months after, here I am writing this, acting like a pro and sharing with you a few of what I think are the best apps that pay you money. Needless to say, you don’t even need to sit in front of our laptop for long hours just to earn money. Yes! You read it right. All you need is your smartphone!


Now you are probably thrilled already to know more about these apps that pay you money, and how to do with it.


Well, wait no further as I am presenting to you my top 11 apps that pay you money:


  1. Gigwalk


They call it an “in-person activity-based mobile application” because users need to complete tasks in his or her community. You have the freedom to choose the activities you want to do anywhere. The amount of time for you to finish the tasks differs from a few minutes to a few hours, which will also define the money that you are going to make. Yes, meaning, the longer you do the tasks, the higher the pay is.


You got to keep your mobile phone with you as everything will be done through the app. Definitely, you do not need any timesheets or emails here. Gigwalks sends out payments via PayPal immediately after you are done with the task and has been approved by the client.


  1. Ebates


I have to say, this one’s one of my favorite money-earning apps. You want to know why? Simply because you get cashback for the things you bought!


Come on, we love shopping, right? But when you are a fulltime mom, I swear, you are going to love online shopping even more.


Going back to Ebates, as I mentioned, you get cashback from items you buy, provided, that you bought them using their app. How is that even possible, right? Well, stores, apparently, pay Ebates a commission for sending customers to their shops, and then, the generous Ebates splits the commission between them and you. Amazing, right? Thanks to the people behind Ebates. They are amazing!


And here’s more! You also get something from referrals. I actually realized I have made a lot of money already from online shopping through Ebates. However, unlike the traditional store shopping, with this one, I don’t really feel that guilty because of the cashback.


  1. Ibotta


Just like Ebate, you also get to earn cash back through Ibotta by shopping using the Ibotta app. But apart from the products, you also get to earn through survey participation, video ad watching, and other brand-related activities.


As soon as you sign up, you get to instantly earn up to $10! I honestly love this app as well. I mean, where in the world can you get $10 by just signing up, right? Well, it may be small for some, but for me, that is still money. By the way, you also get paid for at least $5 from referring Ibotta to your friends. So, if you are a friendly soul, why not invite them to use Ibotta? Don’t worry it’s not a multi-level marketing kind of thing.


Ibotta app works in as simple as:


– downloading the app, and then before shopping, you first add offers on products that you normally buy

– you but the products you chose at any participating store

– you keep the receipt (the most important of all)

– you redeem your offers by taking a photo of the receipt

– Ibotta will then match the receipt to your offers and immediately give you cashback


Your Ibotta payments are automatically deposited into your Ibotta account within a 48-hour period. You can link your account to your PayPal to be able to withdraw the money and use it for future shopping!


  1. Dosh


Dosh is also one of those apps that pay you money. It’s also a cashback app. However, unlike Ebates and Ibotta, it’s a passive income type, which means, if you need the money right away, this one’s not for you.


Personally, I like this tool because it lets you earn without you even knowing how much you are already earning. It’s like setting up an account, and then you forget about it, and then you get paid.


Wondering how it works? Well, all you have to do is link your debit and/or credit cards to your Dosh account, and then you automatically receive bash backs when you shop, travel, eat, and anything else as long as you use the cards enrolled. You can use it in any Dosh participating local and national merchants.


Dosh has so much to offer. I love the fact that I got $25 cashback when I booked my first hotel using Dosh. That amount is on top of the cash back you get from booking the hotel itself. They are generous, right?


But, guess what!? It doesn’t end there yet!


Yes, because Dosh also lets you earn more through their referral program. You get $5 for every sign up using your unique referral link. Now, if you are an owner of a business and you want to be one of Dosh’s participating merchants, you can avail the 20% of the business’ Dosh fees for two consecutive years! I swear Dosh gives unbelievable deals.


  1. Inbox Dollars


If you love answering surveys, well then, Inbox Dollars is for you. It’s one of those very efficient ways to make extra money. In fact, as soon as you sign up on Inbox Dollars, you can immediately make money by answering surveys. The surveys come in various forms, and it tackles different kinds of products you use, as well as the different places you go to.


Upon completion of the surveys, Inbox Dollars immediately pays you through your PayPal account or may send gift cards instead to top online retailers such as iTunes and Amazon. The only downside I see with Inbox Dollars is that you need to earn at least $30 first for you to be able to redeem your earnings.


Although $30 is not that big, for sure, you can easily earn it, but in case you need some cash right away, well, this one’s not going to work for you.


  1. HealthWage


I specifically suggest this one to moms who gained weight from pregnancy and wants to go get back in shape. You will surely love this app. But of course, this one specifically targets obese individuals. It aims to promote healthy living.


In fact, HealthWage is actually supported by the government. Yes, you read it right. The goal is to incentivize people who want to lose weight by putting their own money at risk but has the potential to earn up to $10,000. Definitely, the ultimate losing weight challenge there is!


To give you an idea of how it works, well, all you have to do is:


– Go to the HealthyWage Prize Calculator, and input how much weight you want to lose, how long it’s going to take, and how much money are you willing to bet every month within that period of time.

– The calculator will then determine the prize amount, which can be up to $10,000.

– Once you have decided, you may sign up and agree to pay your monthly bet.

– Start working towards your weight goal!

– Achieve it within the duration you inputted and win the prize!


To be honest, I haven’t tried it yet because I did not gain too much weight anyway. However, I have a friend who tried this app, and guess what!? She won about $5,000! That’s huge. Also, it feels good to achieve your desired weight, at the same time earn from doing so.


  1. StepBet


StepBet is actually similar to HealthyWage. It also focuses on enticing people to stay fit and healthy. The only difference between the two is that StepBet, from the name itself, bets against your steps.


You bet on yourself on whether or not you meet your step goals. Just like any betting game, when you do not meet your goals, you lose, but if you do, you will get your money back plus a little more.


To take part in StepBet, all you have to do is select a game to reach your step goals. Bet into the pot to take part. You will then be grouped with other people who are also trying to reach their step goal. Once you reach your personalized step goal, you will get back your bet and a profit.


The betting amount is really up to you although on an average, most people who do  StepBet bet $40. Not that big at all, right?


  1. Foap


If you are a photo enthusiast or someone who loves taking photos, then the Foap App is for you. With Foap, you get paid from taking quality photos and videos using your smartphone.


What’s nice about Foap is that you do not necessarily have to be a professional photographer for your photos to sell.


There is a huge demand for photos these days especially with the emerging number of blogs, websites, social media pages, etc. that are being put up. All of these need photos.


What makes Foap App unique is that it has something they call as Missions wherein companies will be the ones to tell you what particular photo or video they are looking for. Should you decide to take on the “mission” and you get lucky enough for your photo or video to be selected, you get to win hundreds of dollars!


To win the missions, apart from, of course, the quality of your photos or videos, you have to ensure that you follow the mission brief. The nice thing about this is that you can upload not just one but multiple photos and videos. It’s like the more entries you have, the more chances of winning the missions and earning bucks!


  1. Seated


Just a little sharing first, when my husband and I decided that I should quit my job and focus on taking care of our child, I must admit that we had to make necessary adjustments. We had to cut the cost to make sure both ends meet. One of the things we had to adjust is eating out. Instead of our unplanned dinner outs before, we agreed to just do it twice a month, on a weekend.


But when I found out about the Seated app, things changed! It’s like going back to normal. During the months when we were cutting costs, I would normally make reservations through the Seated app until such time that I realized, I have earned enough incentives to cover our little luxuries.


Seated pays out through gift cards, which usually cost $10 to $50 every time you book a reservation. So imagine how much you can make when you eat a lot, right? By the way, I also had little hacks on this. Whenever friends or family members would ask to eat out, I would automatically offer to get our reservations. The more, the merrier!


Seated works conveniently. All you have to do is download the app and then make an account. Once done, you may now book reservations at your favorite restaurant through the app. The nice thing about Seated is that you get to choose whether you prefer Lyft, Amazon, or Starbucks gift card. Obviously, for me, I chose the latter.


After dining out, take a photo of your receipt and upload it. The app will then verify what you’ve spent. Once confirmed, your selected reward code will automatically be delivered to you digitally through the app in 24 hours.


The amount of rewards you get from dining out is not really surprising because a lot of restaurants these days want to gain loyal customers. They will do anything just to get loyal customers, to keep them coming back to their place.


As a mom, I honestly feel like the Seated app is such a brilliant idea. It really helps me save a lot of food and in some cases, in shopping too! Yes, I sometimes hit the Amazon reward button for some personal happiness.


  1. Trim


Trim is for those who want to negotiate lower Comcast bill, or maybe lower down their car insurance, and other ways to save money. The Trim app acts as your personal finance assistant for free!


Who doesn’t want free services, right? Moms like me, we do! It works simply too. All you have to do is link your bank to the Trim app and then, Trim will analyze your spending. Once done, they will work in every area where you can save money. Guess what? Through the help of Trim, you can easily save up to $100 or even more!


I highly suggest mommies download this app. It’s super helpful! I personally super love how it works. It’s one of those apps that make life easier.


  1. Instacart


Another one of those apps that pay you money. Also, it’s another mommies’ best friend app kind of thing. With Instacart you can make as much as $100 a day or even more by grocery shopping for other people.


If you love grocery shopping and wouldn’t mind doing the same task for other people out there, you got to try this. It’s one of those that you may want to consider if you want some quick, easy cash.




Some of you are probably surprised by how much you can make money by simply downloading and using these apps. I cannot blame you because I did too when I first encountered these. I thought it was insane for people to give away money (whether in the form of gift cards or rewards) just like that!


I honestly couldn’t believe at first that there are apps that pay you money for using them. But yes, they are real! Definitely, not a scam.


Personally, I recommend using these apps. If you can’t use all (yes, because you can always do all if you want to), at least choose the ones that are applicable to your lifestyle. I swear you will get hooked.


So, there you have it. I hope you learned something new today. Should you try any of these out, let us know your thoughts about how you feel using them, okay? Good luck!