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9 Things To Love About The Artifact Uprising Baby Book

Are you keeping track of your baby’s milestones? Have you heard about the Artifact Uprising Baby Book? Read on as I will tell you more about it. I swear, you will be surprised how convenient, really helpful, and beautiful it is!


The moment we found out we are positive for pregnancy, our hearts were very delighted with the news! We were so happy we want to keep track of everything that will be taking place as we await and welcome our baby into the world.


We were excited parents – I was a very excited mom-to-be. I couldn’t help it! After all, we waited for that moment for so long.


I guess it is normal for every mom – new and old – to keep track of their babies’ milestones, right? We can’t help it! It’s something really wonderful that when our baby grows up, we want to show him or her how happy we are with their presence by showing them little yet very important memorabilia.


At first, I have kept all our milestones – like the first scan of our baby, the photo of the home pregnancy test we did, etc. – in a box. Yeah, scattered in one box. And then, I kept a journal with me where I put my thoughts and the details on each passing day during my pregnancy.


Until during our baby shower, a friend gifted us with the Artifact Uprising Baby Book.


Have you heard about it? If you haven’t, I swear, I thought every mom should have it! It is definitely a must-have!


What is Artifact Uprising Baby Book?


Artifact Uprising Baby Book, from the name itself, is a baby book. It’s a convenient way of documenting your baby’s milestones from birth onwards.


According to their website, Artifact Uprising Baby Book is “an interactive photo journal for baby’s first year and beyond, The Story of You encourages parents to create new and meaningful habits as they document their child’s life.”


The baby book is made of the premium fabric cover. The title of the book, “Here Begins The Story of You” is foil stamped making it really look great and fancy and timeless. The book is available in seven different colors: Blush, Midnight Blue, or Mist Blue with copper foil; Smoke or Olive with gold foil; Honeycomb or Lavender with silver foil. My friend’s gift to us was in Pacific Blue. I swear, it is so lovely! I got so giddy when I saw it. It was really beautiful.


When it comes to the number of pages, it has 50 double-sided sheets, so that’s 100 in total! You probably are surprised with how many the pages are. It’s super worth it. The book is bound using four metal rings, which made it really convenient to use – you can easily rearrange or move the pages whenever you like. I thought they knew moms have different ways on how to do it, so that made it also a good way to make the book even more personalized.


The Artifact Uprising Baby Book holds 47 Everyday Prints, which is quite good enough to help you keep a record of your baby’s little but actually big milestones. When you buy the Story of You baby book, it includes a print credit for a set of 25 Everyday Prints. Not bad at all, right?


That’s not all! When you buy the baby book, you also get to receive a special pen and adhesive to document and adhere to your photos.


As far as I know, the Artifact Uprising Baby Book is available both on their website and on Amazon for $120 only. In some cases though, they give our discounts, you just have to keep checking the website to catch it when they offer it.


Comprehensive Product Details


– Colors


The Artifact Uprising Baby Book features a finest, fabric bound cover and real foil stamping. You may choose from the following selections:


  1. Mist Blue fabric with copper foil
  2. Lavender fabric with silver foil
  3. Honeycomb fabric with silver foil
  4. Blush fabric with copper foil
  5. Midnight Blue fabric with copper foil
  6. Smoke fabric with gold foil
  7. Olive fabric with gold foil


– Book Size and Number of Pages


All of the baby books are 11.5 x 10.25″ in size and includes 100 pages or 50 individual sheets.


– Prints


The Artifact Uprising Baby Book holds 47 Everyday Prints; recommended sizes include 3.25 x 3.25″, 3.25 x 4.25″, and 4.25 x 3.25″.


– Pen and Adhesive


The Artifact Uprising Baby Book includes pen and adhesive for prints.


– Photo Prints


Each Artifact Uprising Baby Book includes a credit to create a set of complimentary photo prints to help you start off. Artifact Uprising takes pride in their high-quality prints that feature a textured, matte finish.


Why you should get yourself an Artifact Uprising Baby Book?


Before anything else, let me just do a disclaimer here, this is not a paid post. No, not at all. I am just sharing this with you because I thought it’s a very nice product for moms. It’s a keepsake that they can eventually hand on to their child when the perfect time comes.


Now, let’s proceed.


Why do I think you should go get yourself your own Artifact Uprising Baby Book?


Well, let me run down a few reasons why based on my personal experience.


  1. It’s a convenient way to journalize your baby’s milestones.


Let’s admit it, we, moms, do love and super adore our kids. Let me ask, are you the type of mom whose mobile phone’s memory is almost used up with having no other photos on your gallery but your baby? Well, I told you, we just so love and adore our babies, and we can’t get over them so easily.


Especially for stay-at-home moms, we love taking photos and videos and writing down our baby’s firsts whenever they hit it off. We jot down their daily milestones – as much as possible, and celebrate their cuteness every month!


So, imagine, where to put all those photos up and all the milestone information you have? On a box? Gone are those days, mom.


The Artifact Uprising Baby Book makes keeping your baby’s memories so easy. It’s very convenient because all you have to do is just write their monthly milestones with their photos and you’re done!


  1. The colors are very cute.


The Artifact Uprising Baby Book comes in six lovely colors, which I already mentioned earlier, but I will mention again here: Blush, Midnight Blue, or Mist Blue with copper foil; Smoke or Olive with gold foil; Honeycomb or Lavender with silver foil.


They are all in pastel tone, so they’re really cute and so pleasing to the eyes. I personally love the choices of color. They included both the basic pink and blue hues and added some other color selections that are as lovely and fitting for babies.


I would like to believe their choices of colors cater to every mom. If you are a mom who doesn’t like pastel pinks and blues, you can opt for the neutral colors – smoke and olive. I find the idea brilliant because not all moms are into blues and pinks. I myself chose neutral colors for my baby when it comes to his things, but his baby book in mist blue is totally fine – I loved it.


  1. It’s bounded using four metal rings.


I’d like to say, it’s a very practical baby book. Unlike most of the baby books I saw in the past, this one is bounded using metal rings, which makes it easier to flip, change pages, or even add or take out some pages is easier.


I also love the fact that it’s not seen from the outside cover. Looking at the book from the outside, it doesn’t look like there are metal rings. Also, unlike other metal rings, this one is a sturdy ring in either gold or silver color. Very sophisticated. It doesn’t look cheap at all.


  1. They used fabrics for the cover. 


Using fabrics on book covers for me is very classic and elegant. That’s exactly when I thought when I initially saw the baby book. I found it really nice and, yes, it doesn’t look cheap. Although the downside of using fabrics on books is the fact that it can accumulate dust, and it can be stained.


But for me, I took it as the book’s challenge. The challenge to really take good care of it. Well, after all, what’s inside this book are not just mementos from wherever but it tells a story about your baby’s first few months of life. It’s like an heirloom that you got to really treat with so much love and care.


By the way, the fabric cover also makes it timeless. Oh, how I just love it, really. In fact, the cover is the best part for me.


  1. It comes with a lot of pages you can use.


Imagine having 100 pages for you to work on, which actually means 100 milestones or days in your baby’s life put into writing and matched with photos. I actually love the fact that it comes with a lot of pages to work on. It doesn’t limit the milestones you want to keep or have remembrance of.


But apart from that, you can also make use of their print credit if you want to add more! Well, let’s admit it, our baby’s milestones are not just contained in 100 different types of activities or 100 days. They have so many! If only you can just take a video of his or her first year of life, you would have done that. But of course, that’s too much – but very doable!


  1. It’s worth the price.


Well, although I got mine as a gift when I checked and find out that it’s worth $120, I thought it’s worth the price. It’s not enough for the item. I mean, I love it so much that if I were to buy it myself, I would. If given another chance to give birth to another child, I would, with on question buy another one. Of course, I thought, what I did to our firstborn should be the very same thing I will do to whoever comes next to him.


With Artifact Uprising Baby Book, I would have to say, you get your money’s worth. So, yeah, I’m good with the price.


  1. It comes with a special pen and photo adhesive.


With such beautiful and seem to be delicate book pages, you got to use the right tool. Meaning, you need to use the right pen. What I like about this baby book is that it’s a total package. In fact, it comes with their preferred ballpoint pen, which doesn’t blot to keep your baby’s memories in-tact and in beautiful writing all throughout the years.


It also comes with a photo adhesive, which is needed when you start filling out the pages. As you write your baby’s memories, you are very much encouraged to include a photo that points to that memory. In that case, you need the adhesive to put the photos in there. Never use glue or anything else apart from it or it will change the quality of your output.


  1. It is gift-ready.


The Artifact Uprising Baby Book is very much ideal gift for a baby shower – which in my case, had happened. It is gift-ready so you do not need to worry about anything. All you have to do is order it online via the Artifact Uprising website or through Amazon. Regardless of which channel you choose, it doesn’t matter because there is no difference anyway. You get the same item and inclusions for the same price.


I bet you, if you choose this as your gift to your soon-to-be mommy friend, she will surely treasure it forever. It really does serve as an heirloom.


  1. It’s a wonderful and beautiful keepsake.


Before I even gave birth, I am already a self-confessed sentimental – precisely why it’s hard for me to let go of my baby’s outgrown clothes, things, shoes, etc. For me, each of them has so many memories I could not bear giving them out to someone else – at least, not yet.


When I had my Artifact Uprising Baby Book, and I started filling in the pages, I was and always is sentimental. When I started doing this baby book, I thought it’s for me – so when my baby is no longer a baby, I would just look into each page of the book and reminisce my once tiny human. See, if that’s not being sentimental, then what?


Anyway, as time passed, I thought, one day, when my baby is ready to welcome his own baby, I would love to give it to him. I would love this book to be something that will teach him how to be a parent someday. I know it’s getting too dramatic here, but really. I have that intention now. I want to eventually give it to my child. After all, it’s a documentation of his life – particularly his first year of life. The very first year of pure bliss and joy having him around.


By the way, just before you get an impression that only new moms will benefit from this, actually not. Because even if your baby is already big, you can always create or start your baby book anytime. For instance, you just found out about this adorable baby book now and you want to make one for your child who’s already two years old, you can still do so. While it is highly encouraged for new moms or those with a baby less than one, you can use it for your baby’s milestones even if they’re way older already.


The Verdict: Is it worth it?


I think it’s pretty obvious by now how much I love this product. For me, it is super worth it. I have seen so many baby books in the past, but I have not found anything as beautiful, as timeless, and as elegant as the Artifact Uprising Baby Book.

I adore everything about this product – the color variations, the use of fabric as cover, the texture of the paper used, the lovely metal rings, the pen, and even the adhesive. I may sound too overrated but really, I am just so convinced this product is so worth your money.


I also love the fact that it is very easy to use and very straightforward. I love that it is customizable. The title of the book may be the same (I mean, it’s not like super personalized with your baby’s name on it, etc.), but when you open it, you can totally be creative. At the end of the day, it’s really up to you how you are going to do each page.


Overall, I am really one very satisfied customer. Like I said earlier, if my husband and I were to be blessed with another child, I will sure buy another one for him or her. I’d love to start a family tradition by making sure every child we are going to be blessed with owns an Artifact Uprising Baby Book.