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11 Companies That Offer Opportunities for At Home Employees

More and more companies are opening up their doors for at home employees. The widespread work from home is in fact, opening a new range of possibilities on how businesses or companies work.


In an article published at the Harvard Business Review website, it says that based on statistics, in the United States alone, the workforce suggests that there is an increased number of people working remotely. It also mentioned that in a Gallup poll done in 2017, it reported that “43% of employed Americans had spent at least some time working remotely, and US Census data released in 2018 reported 5.2% of U.S. workers being based entirely at home.”

This data alone says a lot on the preference of workers these days. Furthermore, in the same article, it also mentioned a study conducted, which states that “an average worker was willing to accept 8% less pay for the option to work from home.”


If you come to think about it, it only means workers nowadays are more than willing to receive a lower pay just so they can work from home, and do everything else that they want to do on a day-to-day basis. For instance, if you are a mom and you are one of those at home employees, you get to drive your kid to school or take care of your little one at home, at the same time, be able to work and make money for the family. Basically, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone.


Work from Home Policy


In the United States, and probably in other parts of the world too, work from home is one of those prerogatives of the company or the organization. Although there may be existing laws that legalize it, at the end of the day, it is the company’s decision whether or not to allow at home employees in their companies or businesses.


But as mentioned earlier, it’s quite surprising that as time passes, more and more companies are becoming open to allow their employees to work from home. Needless to say, more organizations and businesses are opening up their doors to work from home workers.


The Productivity of At Home Employees


In an article published at the Business News Daily, it says that according to a study conducted by Airtasker, at home employees or telecommuters “worked 1.4 more days every month, or 16.8 more days every year,” which is basically higher compared to employees working in an office.


In addition, researchers found that “along with spending more time doing work, remote employees lost 27 minutes per day on distractions, as opposed to the 37 minutes distracted office workers lost”.


Another study, which was done in 2015 based in a Chinese travel agency, they found that call-center employees who were shifted from working in the office to work from home setup have increased their productivity by 13%. The study, which was also stated in the Harvard Review Article, found that the said increase in productivity has something to do with reduced break time and sick days plus a more comfortable work environment.


To be honest, it’s quite surprising that while we thought productivity might suffer when employees work from home because of supposedly more distractions, it’s actually the opposite that happens.


With that said, perhaps we now understand why more and more companies, as well as businesses, are considering offering remote work for their employees. Needless to say, opening up remote jobs for people who wish to work remotely.


Advantages of Working from Home


Now, apart from increased productivity among at home employees, here are some other advantages for the company of allowing employees to work from home:


– Amplified Staff Motivation – Based on research, it has been found that working from home offers less stress among employees, which also leads to reduced sickness levels.


– Increased Employee Retention – This is particularly true among working moms. Working from home is a great help for moms or members of families who need to take care of their children.


– Access to a Broader Pool of Applicants – What’s nice about providing opportunities for at home employees is that it does not only cover those who are able, but also disabled but equally great applicants.


– Financial Benefits – When employees work from home, to be honest, it’s very beneficial among companies and businesses particularly on the overhead cost side. Working from home means saving a lot from office space and other facilities.


– Convenience – With work from home opportunities, companies or businesses are able to locate sales staff who are near their clients instead of those within your company premises.


– Improved Work/Life Balance – Work/life balance is one of the challenges among employees working in the office. However, when working from home, it can lead to better health and overall well-being of the person or the employee for that matter.


Disadvantages of Working from Home


While work from home has so many promising advantages, this setup also has some disadvantages, which include the following:


– Performance Issues – Some studies say that when employees work from home, there is a possibility of deterioration in terms of employees’ work quality as well as their skills.


– Trouble in Monitoring Performance – Since employees are working from different locations, it may be a little difficult to manage them, at the same time, monitor how they perform their tasks.


– Difficulty in Terms of Staff Development – Another challenge when it comes to at home employees would be having problems with staff development as well as upgrading their skills. Companies may find it hard to look for the right venue to be able to develop and improve their staff’s skills.


– Risk in Information Security – One of the common concerns of companies in terms of work from home setup is actually ensuring that all information especially confidential ones are well-secured. Since employees work remotely from different places, there is an increased risk of confidential information to be compromised.


– Cost of Working from Home – This usually includes the cost of training as well as providing suitable equipment for work from home employees. Also, including adaptations in order to meet certain safety and health standards and needs especially of disabled workers.


– Higher Telecommunications Costs – Since teammates are working from different places, the easiest way to communicate is either through telephone or over the internet (online communication platforms). Thus, work from home may lead to increased telephone or broadband bills. In some companies, there may be a need to supply the employee with a mobile phone for work purposes.


– Communication Problems – One of the common challenges that at home employees encounter is the feeling of isolation. It’s very common among remote employees since most of the time they are alone at home and does the job without anyone else.


– Declined Employee Morale – Working from home can be challenging in terms of maintaining team spirit.


– Not All Jobs are Suitable for Work from Home Setup – Unfortunately, not all jobs are applicable for work from home setup. In the same way that works from home may not be suitable for all employees – depending on the personality type of the person.


Companies That Offer Work from Home


Now that we already have an idea about what work from home is and the different advantages and disadvantages it brings, here are some of the companies that you may be interested in. The following companies are open for at home employees, and in fact, they offer work from home jobs!


  1. Amazon


For sure you know what Amazon is all about. Yes, they are one of the most popular companies that offer jobs for at home employees.


Amazon is considered as one of the biggest online retailers in the world. In fact, the company is too huge that as of 2018, they have already employed 640,000 workers in different areas in the world. What’s even more interesting is that the company has an entire job page that is specifically devoted to remote or work from home positions.


Some of the virtual job categories they offer include customer service, human resources, advertising, project management, as well as sales.


Pay: How much you earn from Amazon differs in the position you will land on.

Benefits: You’ll be amazed as Amazon offers benefits like 401 (k), paid time off, medical plans, adoption assistance, restricted stock unites opportunities, as well as parental leave. However, edibility on these benefits varies depending on your position or designation, location, number of hours you worked, as well as your employment status.


  1. American Express


American Express is a well-known financial services corporation in the world. In fact, it was named as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For by Fortune in 2019. The company offers both full and part-time work from home job opportunities not just in the US but all over the world.


Some of their remote job opportunities include sales, human resources, as well as customer service to name a few.


Pay: The pay rate depends on the position or designation you are employed for.

Benefits: American Express at home employees may enjoy health and dental insurance, 401 (k), tuition reimbursement, as well as paid parental leave. Just like Amazon, eligibility on these benefits depends on the employee’s position, location, as well as hours worked.


  1. Alorica


Alorica is a customer relationship management company. They regularly hire at home employees specifically for customer service agent posts. Alorica handles online calls and chats on a 24/7 basis, thus, the company offers multiple shifts — which makes it ideal for those looking for a job with a flexible schedule.


Pay: Alorica pays their work from home employees depending on the program as well as the amount of time they work. But typically, their customer service agents earn between minimum wage and $10 hourly.

Benefits: Work from home employees of Alorica may take advantage of their medical and dental benefits, but that also will depend on the number of hours the employee worked.


  1. Appen


Just in case you are not familiar with Appen, it is a software company that specializes in linguistic and data annotation. From 2014 to 2019, the company has been named as one of the top companies for remote jobs by FlexJobs.


Appen offers work from home positions like flexible, short-term projects, and full-time corporate posts. Some of the remote jobs offered by Appen include social media evaluators, software engineers, as well as crowdsourcing.


Pay: Your earnings with Appen depends on the position you are in.

Benefits: You may get to enjoy medical coverage, as well as parental leave and 401 (k) if you are working full-time and are on permanent employee status.


  1. Citizen Bank


If you are interested in positions like mortgage loan officer, sales manager or maintenance technician, then Citizens Bank is perfect for you. Citizens Bank is actually one of the oldest financial institutions in the country. Also, it has been named as the 13th largest retail bank.


The company has around 1200 branches in 11 states. While a lot of people thought that working for a bank must require a physical appearance in the office, Citizens Bank apparently offers work-from-home jobs too.


Pay: Pay rate varies depending on position or designation.

Benefits: At Citizens Bank, your benefits depend on your position. But just to give you an idea, it may include 401(k) match PTO, bank holidays, as well as discounts on bank services.


  1. Concentrix


Interestingly, a huge portion of Concentrix’s estimated 130,000 employees is working from home. Just in case you do not know this company (which we doubt if you don’t), Concentrix is a customer experience outsourcing company.


Most of Concentrix’s remote jobs are in the customer service category. So, if you are interested to work as a customer service agent, Concentrix is a great option.


Pay: For their customer service pot, the pay rate starts at $10 but differs depending on the position and location of the employee.

Benefits: Work-from-home employees of Concentrix are eligible for health insurance and monthly performance incentives.


  1. Dell


Dell is another very popular company not just in the country but all over the world. It’s a computer technology company that is known for its software, but most especially, the company’s computers and printers.


Dell operates worldwide, and just like the previous companies we mentioned, they too offer work from home job opportunities. Basically, some of the common remote positions they have are account manager, command center specialist, as well as a sales executive.


Pay: Just like most of the companies we mentioned, the pay rate differs in each position.

Benefits: The benefits also differ by the job as well as location. However, some of the benefits you may get to enjoy are medical, employee assistance, as well as career development.


  1. Home Shopping Network (HSN)


Home Shopping Network (HSN) is an American television network that is popular for its amazing shopping deals. And yes, they too offer work from home jobs, particularly for customer service representative post.


Working remotely for HSN means you have to work on your own work equipment, but the thing is you can also take part in the company’s benefit programs.


Pay: Pay rate varies on the position you are in.

Benefits: Some of the benefits you will get to enjoy from HSN are merchandise discounts, as well as time off for volunteer work.


  1. Humana


If you are interested to work for a health insurance company, then Humana may be the right one for you. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Humana offers different work from home job posts, which include medical director, telephonic clinical advisor, as well as case manager.


Pay: Pay rate varies on position.

Benefits: Working for Humana, you may get to enjoy certain employee benefits, which include medical coverage, PTO, 401 (k) plan, as well as disability and tuition assistance.


  1. Lionbridge


If you are someone who has been in the business process outsourcing industry and wants to continue working for one but on a work from home setup, then Lionbridge is perfect for you. The company, which has been employing people in 28 countries offers a variety of services, which include translation, global content management, as well as marketing.


Pay: Pay rate varies depending on position.

Benefits: As an employee of Lionbridge, you may be eligible to receive benefits, which include medical and dental insurance, vacation, paid holidays, as well as the 401 (k) plan.


  1. Nielsen


Nielsen is well-known performance management and information company. The company helps its clients understand what people or their target market is watching or buying. Nielsen is particularly known for tracking television and radio audience ratings.


The company operates not just in the US but in more than 100 countries all over the world. It has also been featured on the S&P 500.


Pay: The Company’s pay rate varies depending on the position.

Benefits: Nielsen at home employees may be eligible to receive benefits like paid time off, health insurance, as well as a 401 (k) plan.


Final Thoughts


The above list is just some of the many companies that offer at home employees opportunities to earn.


It’s actually quite amazing how work opportunities are changing at the same time how companies are adapting to the needs of its employees particularly the disabled and moms who have children to take care of but at the same time need to make money for the family.