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How To Become a BELAY Virtual Assistant

Tired of your 8 am to 5 pm corporate job? Thought of looking for work from home job opportunities? Then, maybe becoming a BELAY virtual assistant is what you are looking for!


One of the realities of this generation is – office work can be really tedious, draining, and stressful. Going to work every day can be dragging and toxic. No, we are not saying a corporate job is a bad job because there are still a lot of corporate jobs that gives fulfillment to other people. But what if you are one of those who experience the bad side? Perhaps you have already started thinking of an alternative way to earn but in a not-so-toxic environment.


While jumping from one company to another is an option, you can also try checking out for online work from home job opportunities like being a BELAY virtual assistant.


What is BELAY?


Before we proceed with how to be a BELAY virtual assistant, let’s get to know what BELAY is all about, first.


BELAY is formerly known as eaHelp. They are a staffing solutions company that employs US-based virtual assistants and specialists to serve the needs of their various clients nationwide. They have been in the business since 2010. They started by helping pastors and churches subcontract administrative work until they reached the point when the expanded to serve various small and large businesses from different industries.


The company understands the need of business owners in finding the right virtual team to help them in their company growth. That is why BELAY focused on providing outsourced team members to help these companies achieve their goals.


BELAY is a word that pertains to the way of supporting a climber so he or she can continue climbing the mountain safely and without failing. With this in mind, BELAY aims to similarly support their clients in climbing the ladder of success.


BELAY was founded by Bryan Miles whose aim is to give their customers the best service possible. Their hard work is evident with the endorsements from various Fortune 500 companies, as well as from author Michael Hyatt.


How to become a BELAY virtual assistant?


Becoming a BELAY virtual assistant is not an easy task. It’s very competitive. In fact, in 2017, out of about 3,500 applications they received for BELAY virtual assistant per quarter, only 1-2% of them got a contract with BELAY.


But don’t panic just yet, we listed down a few of the requirements to be a BELAY virtual assistant. Hopefully, this will serve as your guide towards becoming a BELAY virtual assistant.




  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • US-Based
  • Experience in working with managers and teams located remotely is preferred
  • At least five years’ experience as an Executive Assistant, Project Manager, or in an administrative support role
  • In-home office setup including Mac or PC Computer with minimum 1.0ghz dual core processor,  8gb, and the most recent version of MS Office
  • High-Speed Internet access
  • Laptop or desktop computer with a webcam
  • Smartphone with email capabilities
  • Designated professional and quiet space


Furthermore, to be a BELAY virtual assistant you have to have the following qualities:


  • Has a desire to help your client achieve success
  • Self-motivated, can manage time and have the self-discipline to get things done
  • Resourceful and proactive
  • Confident in delivering the task to the client
  • Can manage confidential information
  • A multi-tasker who can manage to do tasks all at the same time excellently
  • Competent
  • Timely and can meet the deadline without errors
  • Tech-savvy (must be familiar, willing to learn or knows how to use the likes of Dropbox, Google Docs, CRM, Asana, Evernote, etc.)
  • Eager to continuously learn new tools and applications
  • Delivers excellent customer service
  • Can accurately assess the urgency of projects or requests
  • Available to serve clients from Mondays to Fridays at designated work hours
  • Huge heart to serve


Once you receive a contract to work as BELAY virtual assistant, you can stay as one for an average of 20 months.


Hiring Process


In order for one to be hired as a BELAY virtual assistant, he or she has to go through a very rigorous hiring process. BELAY have a multi-step process to ensure that they see all the strengths that a candidate have.


First thing though is to send your application via their Careers page. Once you have submitted your application, all you have to do is wait for BELAY to reach out to you for the next step.


Once the candidate has gone through successfully all five steps of the hiring process, a contract will be given to him or her.


Work Schedule


Your exact schedule as a BELAY virtual assistant vary depending on the client you are working for. Typically, though, it follows the normal working hours throughout the day.


How much does one make being a BELAY virtual assistant?


Unfortunately, the company does not publicly advertise their salary rate. However, based on some available information coming from various sources, their pay is more than fair and in most cases, equally the same as other part-time VA jobs or even full-time income.


Some former employees shared though that BELAY pays roughly $10 per hour. However, based on Glassdoor, a BELAY virtual assistant may earn between $14 and $18 per hour. Indeed, fair and competitive enough like any other virtual assistant job hiring companies.


What are other job opportunities with BELAY?


Apart from being a virtual assistant, BELAY also offers jobs in web maintenance and bookkeeping – both are also online work. You may also opt to check these out just in case you don’t find suitable for a virtual assistant job.


Why choose BELAY to work for?


If you look at BELAY’s mission and core values, you will easily notice that there is something unique in them – that is, they are not afraid to put God in both their mission and their core values as a company. There are only a few companies globally who do that. A lot of people who chanced upon BELAY appreciate this fact. Well, we cannot blame them because to put God in there is a very bold and courageous thing to do, right?


Apart from this, people who work for BELAY likes the fact that they can attain work/life balance in the company. Needless to say, BELAY gives utmost support to their employees, which in return mirrors the support they give to their contractors and clients.




No doubt BELAY is one of the most competitive virtual assistance companies. But what makes them stand out from the rest is, they live up to their mission and core values. They are bold and are not afraid to mention God and offer their work to Him.


While it may be hard becoming a BELAY virtual assistant, once you’re in, you get to have the best out of it. The company is very competitive and we believe, they live up to that and more. With a wide range of companies they serve, there is a sure job for every BELAY virtual assistant.


Hopefully, after reading this through, may you find it very helpful. If you are one of those trying their luck to be part of this company, we hope we are able to shed light on the company’s standards and their commitment in giving their employees – online and offline – only the best. If you think you have what it takes, then go to their Careers page now, sign up, and apply now.