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7 Best Bottles For Gas And Reflux

Finding the best baby bottle can be tedious for moms and dads alike especially if their baby has gas and acid reflux issues. We want to help you ease out your ordeal by coming up with a list of what we think are the best bottles for gas and reflux in the market today.


Nobody wants a fussy baby. All the more, no parent ever wants to see their child suffer from conditions like gas and acid reflux. It’s frustrating, at the same time, stressful for both parents and the baby.


Yes, a baby who feels discomfort or fussy could make parents feel exhausted. The last thing parents want to experience is getting dead tired from nursing their baby. That disables them to fully take care of their babies, right?


Good thing there are a lot of choices nowadays when it comes to baby bottles. In fact, you’ll be surprised by the number of baby bottles from different brands that made it to our list of best bottles for gas and reflux.


Yes! You read it right. There are bottles in the market today that help address your baby’s gas and acid reflux problems, and we will be sharing some of what we think are the best bottles for gas and reflux as you read on.


But before we proceed to our list of best bottles for gas and reflux, let us discuss what gas and reflux are all about first.


Let’s start with, acid reflux.


What is acid reflux?


Acid reflux, also known as heartburn, pyrosis or acid indigestion. It is a condition when some of the content of your stomach go back into the esophagus.


It goes around in the esophagus and in most cases, gets into the baby’s mouth repetitively. Babies with acid reflux had the tendency to lose weight and gets a lot of discomforts, as well as difficulty with feeding making it more stressful for both the baby and the parents.


Acid reflux on a baby is not considered a serious health condition. In fact, it does go away on its own. More often than not, babies with reflux are put on special formulas, medications, and are advised to have supported sleeping.


What is infant gas?


On another note, infant gas pertains to the condition when air gets into the baby’s digestive tract, which usually happens when the baby sucks on a bottle and swallows air. Infant gas is very common among babies. Although it may cause discomfort on babies, having gas does not really mean anything wrong or there is a serious health condition. In fact, it’s a normal baby thing.


The Best Bottles for Gas and Reflux


Now that you already know what reflux and gas are, let’s proceed to our list of what we think are the best bottles for gas and reflux in the market today.


  1. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fiesta Bottles


There are so many reasons we can think of to like about this bottle, but of course, on top of our list is that is a great option if your baby has acid reflux or gas issues.


The bottle comes with a special “easy-vent” system that helps promote positive air flow and reduces air bubbles. The baby bottle set comes in six 9-ounce bottles, which are cute and one of a kind because it mimics the natural movement and feel of a mom’s breast. That said, your baby will not experience nipple confusion.


Other facts to love about this product are:


– It helps prevent discomfort among babies because of their unique features.

– The bottle design is innovative. It’s easier to hold and also makes easier feeding for your little ones.

– It comes in different colors. You can choose from a good selection of colors.

– The bottle is BPA-free, thus, proven safe for your little ones use.


  1. Brown’s Natural Flow


Probably one of the best baby bottle choices among parents. Well, we can’t blame the parents who love this product. It is efficient and highly reliable.


Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow bottles have a patented system, which means it is capable to take all the air out of your little one’s bottle. Thus, resulting to help alleviate burping, gas and acid reflux symptoms.


This bottle also creates a positive pressure flow like that on the act of breastfeeding, which makes it even better because your baby will not have nipple confusion problems especially if you are mixed-feeding. This feature is also something to love about because it means, your baby is ensured to get their full dose of vitamin a, c and e because the air does not enter into the mix of the milk.


Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow baby bottle set comes with three 8-ounce bottles, two 4-ounce bottles, as well as caps and cleaning gears.


Other facts to love about this product are:


– Proven to have no burping and gas arising from using this bottle.

– The design is similar to that of a breastfeeding mother.

– Unlike other baby bottles, Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow is easy to clean and wash and is also safe on a dishwasher.

– You are assured that no vacuum is left in the bottle when the baby feeds.


  1. Philips Avent Classic


Most of the parents we know use Philips Avent bottles on their babies, which is not surprising because it is also one of those most used bottles by parents with babies going through acid reflux or gas problems.


Philips Avent baby bottle set comes in five 9-ounce bottles, which are indeed proven to reduce colic, gas, and acid reflux problems.


The Philips Avent baby bottles have special valve included in its design, which is responsible for venting air away from ingestion thus resulting to reduce gas and fussiness among babies. The bottles have three parts, which are easy to clean and easy to put together. Depending on your baby’s feeding comfort level, you can adjust its flow.


  1. Podee Hands-Free Baby Bottle Feeding System


Podee Hands-Free Baby Bottle is actually the original when it comes to hands-free bottle system. If you are a family who loves to travel, we highly suggest getting your baby this bottle. It’s also great for strollers, carrier, car seat, baby swing. The bottle was originally created for parents with twin babies but eventually, many parents who need free hands to be able to do other things used the product as well.


No doubt, this baby bottle is super convenient. The Podee Hands-Free Baby Bottle Feeding System is made using the highest quality silicone FDA approved, PVC, BPA free, phthalate free, and lead-free.


Podee Hands-Free Baby Bottle Feeding System is proven to help prevent reflux, ear infections, colic, and gas build up.


Other facts to love about this product are:


– It is highly recommended for use for children aged three years and above.

– Through the tube, it helps baby feed milk easily.


  1. Playtex BPA Free Premium Nurser Bottles


Like the previous baby bottles we listed, the Playtex BPA Free Premium Nurser Bottles is also designed mimicking a mother’s breast. It has Naturalatch silicone nipples which helps encourage proper latching, at the same time, promotes healthy feeding among babies. This bottle is a great choice for those babies who are mix-fed or are transitioning to bottle feeding from purely breastfed.


The Playtex BPA Free Premium Nurser Bottles is proven to help prevent air from mixing into the milk resulting in air-free feeding, which helps prevent gas, colic, reflux, and fussiness.


On-the-go moms love this product. It is designed conveniently with pre-sterilized disposable liners that makes bottle time more convenient. The bottles are also BPA-free. The set is composed of four bottled and 60 disposable liners.


Other facts to love about this product are:


– Its wide shape design helps babies to hold the latch easily and feed by themselves.

– The bottle is thermal resistant, which is responsible for preventing air from going your baby’s tummy.

– It mimics mommy’s breast, thus, feeding your baby using the bottle will not create confusion on him or her.


  1. Evenflo Feeding Advanced Angled Vented Bottles


Probably one of our favorites because of the great selection of colors, and of course, its functionality. The Evenflo Feeding Advanced keeps your baby comfortable and helps reduce fussiness because of its angled shape bottles. The bottle’s shape and position help reduce gas, earaches, and reflux.


Evenflo Feeding Advanced Angled Vented Bottles is patented with Proflo Venting Technology was made to help ensure that milk bubbles stay in the bottle and not get into your baby’s tummy, thus resulting to significantly reduced gas, acid reflux, colic, and fussiness. No wonder why babies who use this bottle feels comfortable even after feeding.


Although the bottle comes in three pieces, it is very easy to clean and assemble. It is also dishwasher safe (top rack only though), which makes it easier for you. The bottle is free of BPA, polycarbonates, PVC, and phthalates. All its materials used are food grade and FDA approved.


The bottle is ergonomically designed thus making it easy to hold when the baby is feeding.


Other facts to love about this product are:


– The bottle is leak-proof, this works for the long term.

– The bottle is also soft to hold making feeding comfortable for both mommies and babies.


  1. Joovy Boob PP Baby Bottle with Insulator


Another cute baby bottles, in our point of view. Apart from Joovy Boob PP Baby Bottle with Insulator cute bottles, which comes in different colors, what we like about this baby bottle is that its vent’s tabs fit perfectly into the neck of the bottle, which means it fits perfectly. With that, it helps eliminate leaks or any unpredictable liquid flow.


Unlike other milk bottles, you do not need to assemble the Joovy Boob PP Baby Bottle with Insulator, which makes it more convenient to use. It is made of high-quality materials so you do not have to question its efficiency and durability. In fact, the bottles are made from reliable polypropylene plastic. Every bottle is individually shrink-wrapped to ensure the highest level of cleanliness. This 5-ounce bottle comes with a Stage 1 nipple, which is good for 0 months onwards.


With how it is made, you are ensured your baby is prevented from gas or acid reflux problems.


Why choose the right baby bottle?


Now that you already know some of the best bottles for gas and reflux in the market today. You are probably wondering why you need to choose the right feeding bottle for your baby.


Well, in this case, it is very obvious that you need to choose the right bottle for your baby to help address his or her discomforts caused by either gas or acid reflux or both.


Choosing the right baby bottle will lead to two major things – happy baby and happy parents, which is what we like, right?


Okay, you may be asking, we listed down a few choices, but how do we know which one is best for your baby. For this, no one really knows what’s best but your baby alone. But to help you start off, you can first check for bottles based on your baby’s needs, convenience, and comfortability. Try it out to your baby. If he or she likes it, great. If not, you can always try and try again until you find the right baby bottle for your little one.


What are other ways that help reduce acid reflux and gas on your baby?


Apart from finding the right bottle for your baby, we find it necessary that you also know what other ways you can do to help reduce acid reflux and gas in your baby, and these are:


– Finding the right formula milk. Most of the babies who experience gas or reflux are babies that are either formula or mixed fed. In this case, it is important that you talk to your baby’s pediatrician regarding the right formula milk for your child. Please note that there is formula milk that is specifically made to help reduce reflux and other digestive problems.


– Medications that help address acid reflux and gas problems on your baby. If you notice the condition is already too much to bear, consult your doctor right away to get proper medication for your baby. As parents, remember to always be more sensitive and mindful of your baby’s condition. It also pays to follow your instinct. If you think your baby needs medication or has to be checked by a health professional, then immediately bring him or her to the doctor.


– Using wedge on your baby. A wedge helps keep your baby elevated and more comfortable every after feeding. It also helps your child sleep better especially at night.


– Feed in smaller amounts. Small frequent feedings also help reduce the risk of getting reflux and gas. So, instead of feeding your baby with large amounts of milk, feed him or her in lesser amounts instead.


– With your pediatrician’s approval, you may opt to thicken your baby’s formula. You may ask your pediatrician on how to do it. Some parents use rice cereal to help thicken their baby’s formula milk. By doing this, it helps keep the formula down.


– Regular burping. One of the best ways to help reduce the risk of reflux and gas problems is constant burping. Ideally, you burp your baby every after feeding. By burping, this helps your baby get the air out and cuts down the number of spit-ups too.




Let’s admit it, when our babies go through acid reflux or gas, it really is stressful. Needless to say, it does test our patience to the maximum. It tends to be really frustrating sometimes especially for moms.


Having a fussy baby is also heartbreaking. Imagine the discomfort your baby feels whenever he or she is going through acid reflux or gas problems. If you as a parent is stressed and frustrated with our baby’s fussiness and crying, how much more your baby, right?


Thanks to new technology and the different baby bottle brands innovations, parents have now a new best friend to keep their babies comfortable.


While we have shared seven of what we think are the best bottles for gas and reflux in the market today, in reality, there are actually a lot more baby bottle types that help address the risk of your baby having acid reflux and gas.


When it comes to choosing the best bottle for your baby, as we mentioned earlier, no one else knows what’s best but your baby alone. Keep in mind that our babies are all unique and that includes what bottle type suits them. While you can go and try those bottle that is recommended by most moms, at the end of the day, your baby will still be the one to decide. Thus, we highly suggest, as much as possible, to buy one bottle at a time to avoid wasting money if your baby doesn’t like the bottle you purchased.