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10 Best Designer Handbags For Every Occasion

10 Best Designer Handbags For Every Occasion - charlie!

Who doesn’t love designer handbags? I don’t know of many. Some women have more handbags than shoes. Even if you’re not looking for a bag, you’ll often find yourself at the mall and end up browsing the designer handbags. With so many brands, styles, patterns, and colors to choose from, finding the right bag for you can be daunting. Designer handbags are in demand, and there’s no shortage of supply.

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Best Designer Handbags

W. Anderson – The Pierce Bag 

W. Anderson has made its presence known with its Pierce Bag. The shoulder bag debuted in the designer’s pre-fall 2016 collection. Stylish and swanky, it features simple lines with a graceful rectangular silhouette. It’s a modern classic while being trendy and cheeky at the same time. People rave about its small appearance – deceiving because it has room for stuff you’d have never imagined you could fit in. With a multitude of compartmentalized, deep pockets, this bag is not only functional but has hardware that stands out effortlessly.

10 Best Designer Handbags For Every Occasion - charlie!It’s simplistic with attitude; the best of both worlds. The pierced ring mimics actual piercings on the bodies of women. This trend has been taken over by some fashion designers that adorn their purses with multiple types of hardware.

Sacai – The Sling Shoulder Bag

Japanese label Sacai has exploded onto the scene of handbag collections. The founder Chitose Abe consulted with Katie Hillier to create six different silhouettes. One of the more vintage-inspired shoulder bags, this is a combination of black mink and crocodile. It is similar to a coin purse. There’s a canvas and leather tote bag inspired by a camping dry bag. Speaking of her upcoming handbag line, Abe describes it as a new way of utilizing a bag that can be interpreted in so many ways. It’s an extension of the clothes.

10 Best Designer Handbags For Every Occasion - charlie!


Hillier has stated that her inspiration behind the designs was from the actual designs that Chitose gave her, to help create amazing-looking bags that worked functionally as well.

Mark Cross – The Luxury Leather Handbag

Mark Cross became famous for producing luxurious, Italian-made leather goods. Manufacturing of the bags was halted in the late 1990s only to be revived in 2011 to transform their classic styles into modern-day must-haves.

With buttery softness, the leather handbags are produced with a dedication to fine craftsmanship and effortless elegance.

Founded in 1845, American luxury leather goods brand Mark Cross is steeped in history. His bags are vintage-inspired and precisely crafted in Italy using only the finest materials. Mark Cross continues to draw heavy inspiration from its roots and finds clever ways to integrate its elegant leather in the handbags of today.

10 Best Designer Handbags For Every Occasion - charlie!

Gucci – The Designer Handbag

The Gucci brand has been at it again, reinventing the handbag for 2017. However, if you’ve been a loyalist to Gucci, you’d still recognize the newly-designed bags and flock to them. Alessandro Michele’s work has expanded his use of the brand’s iconic curved bamboo handles for the new Cruise 2017, which helps link Gucci’s future to its well-known past. There were also new top handle shapes in multicolor snakeskin, as well as new embroidery motifs on oversized hobos.

10 Best Designer Handbags For Every Occasion - charlie!

Loewe – The Everyday Bag

The Loewe Puzzle bag is and will be going strong in 2017.  The cross-body style is also combined with meticulous craftsmanship and ingenuity. The cross-body design continues to be a staple and strong seller in 2017. Balancing style with functionality, it’s simple to realize that cross-body styles, not unlike like the Puzzle bag, continues to be popular among Fashionistas.

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10 Best Designer Handbags For Every Occasion - charlie!

Celine – The Cross-Body Bag

Celine bags has been a favorite piece year after year. What this equates to is that it is no longer trendy, but a classic every woman should have. Céline has been nearly impossible to keep in stock. Their tote bags, like the Twisted Cabas tote, is the second most requested style after the cross-body. Céline’s Trotteur bags are such a great investment because it’s so classic and simplistic. It’s likely to become a timeless piece.

10 Best Designer Handbags For Every Occasion - charlie!

Hermès – The Classic Bag

Hermès’s designs, like the Constance bag, have become another fashion staple for your wardrobe. The small cross-body seems to be the bag to have right now. The resale price of this style has been increasing every year because it’s such a classic style. It is likely to stand the test of time. Retailers have stated that after getting a supply of the bags, they were out of stock within a month. With stunning pieces like the Hermès Constance, it would appear it’s not going out of style anytime soon.

10 Best Designer Handbags For Every Occasion - charlie!Chanel – The Statement Bag

The incredible skill of Chanel’s artisans and craftspeople is displayed through their bags.

However, they’re very difficult to get a glimpse up close at fashion shows.

There are about a dozen new styles for you to choose.

10 Best Designer Handbags For Every Occasion - charlie!

Prada – The Practical Piece

Prada’s results of their reinventing the handbag were practical pieces with luxurious details like marabou and exotic leathers.


Two new bag styles are a chain-strap flap bag and a duffel-style satchel. Prada is best known for its designer handbags.

Broad, flat strips of leather dominate the accents of the bags. The flap part of the bags is used as part of the closure with accents, while the duffels feature accents at either gusset. It appears likely the bag will be popular among shoppers. Prada’s goal is to create something unique, seasonal and aesthetically pleasing.

10 Best Designer Handbags For Every Occasion - charlie!

Balenciaga – The Always-Ready Bag

European luxury fashion house in Paris, Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga had adamant standards with all of his products. Ready-to-wear handbags and accessories are included in the collection. They have a wide array of luxurious and affordable handbags with vivid colors, design, and rich fabrication.

10 Best Designer Handbags For Every Occasion - charlie!

Pick your ‘purse-on’ in 2017 from the above designer handbags, and you will be up-to-date and fashionable.

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