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13 Best Usborne Books for Toddlers

A child’s love for reading must be developed early. Make it a fun experience for them! Read on as I will be sharing my thoughts on some of the best Usborne books for toddlers for you to get an idea on which best fits your toddler.


I love to read! I developed my love for reading as early as 3 years old because my mom patiently read stories with me, and eventually, taught me how to read even before my teachers did!


That is why when I became a parent myself, I also hoped to do the same with my child. I want him to develop the kind of love and interest I developed with reading. I want to read to him all the beautiful stories my mom once read to me, and of course, read him new ones.


Don’t you just love that?


I mean, reading a book is also a way to develop a bond between a parent and his or her child! I should know because that’s exactly what happened between me and my mom.


Unlike during my time, today there are a lot of books to choose from! In fact, the books depend on a certain age bracket, which is good because it helps parents gauge which ones the most appropriate to read depending on their child’s age.


Anyway, a few months ago, I chanced upon the online store, Usborne. I checked their books selection and I must say the ones listed as the best Usborne books for toddlers are indeed the best! They are age-appropriate too, which makes it easier for parents like me to choose which ones fit our babies or toddlers.


As promised early on, later on, I will be sharing a few of what I consider as the best Usborne books for toddlers, and why I love them.


But before that, I think it is best that we parents should understand first why reading to and with our toddlers is important.


Why Read to Your Toddlers?


According to studies, kids who have active exposure to language develop good social and educational skills compared to those who are not. Apart from communicating with your kids, one of the best exposures to language for them is through reading.


In fact, reading to your toddlers sets the foundation for independent reading later on in his life. By reading to your kids as early as possible or exposing them to reading, you get to prevent reading problems that may develop in their elementary days.


It is best to understand that before your toddler can read independently, he or she needs to develop literacy skills, which includes:


– Having a huge vocabulary and knowing how and when to use them

– Phonemic familiarization or knowing that words are made of sounds

– Knowing and understanding that marks on pages are representations of letters and words

– Familiarizing the letters on the alphabet


While most parents thought flashcards or games are what toddlers need to gain these skills, studies show that reading to your toddler as much as possible is actually the best way to help your toddlers learn to read independently.


Now, are you convinced that reading has so many advantages on your toddlers?



How to Read to Your Toddlers?


Now that we already know how vital reading to our kids is. I think it’s just right that we also learn how to properly read to them.


As recommended by experts, parents should read to their toddlers as frequently as possible. They say that there should be a scheduled time of the day that parents read to their toddlers. The regular reading schedule will give that certain feeling of something to look forward to for your kids. Usually, the best time to read books to your children is before naps or bedtime. Reading helps them to relax.


But of course, since our children are moody, we have to learn to adjust. So, read to them a book when you feel like they are already in the mood to listen.


The best way to read a book to your child is by holding him or her in your lap. It helps make your child feel safe, happy, and relaxed. It also helps them focus on the story.


To have successful reading time with your toddler, here are a few tips that actually work:


  • Let your toddler decide what book he or she wants. It doesn’t matter if he or she wants the same book over and over again. What is important is that your child wants to be read.
  • Remember that you are reading not for yourself but for a kid. Thus, make sure you read slowly so your toddler will understand.
  • Do not be monotone. Read expressively! Use a different tone of voice depending on the character.
  • To avoid ripped pages, buy the ones made of board or cloth.
  • If necessary, use props when you read. This helps retain your child’s attention to what you are reading.
  • Let your child join in. Encourage him or her to clap or sing when reading rhythmic or sing-song books.
  • When there are illustrations, talk about them. Point to them and name them. Ask your child what he or she likes to name the illustration.
  • Ask questions that are open-ended to encourage your child to think and ask questions as well.
  • You can play with the character. You may use your child’s name instead to make more personal.
  • Do not forget to have fun! It’s a good chance for you to make a good impression on your child – that reading is fun!


What are the Best Usborne Books for Toddlers?


We already know how essential reading is to our kids, how it affects their social and educational skills, and how to make reading enjoyable.


This time, we will proceed to what I promised – sharing with you the best Usborne books for toddlers!


By the way, according to their website, “Usborne is the UK’s leading specialist children’s book publisher: an independent, family business which creates engaging, innovative, accessible books for children of all ages.”


They specialize in children’s books! That means, they just don’t publish for the sake of publishing a book. They do it because it is where they are good at.


Now, you probably get why I love Usborne books as much as many other parents out there.


So, let’s proceed. My list is in no particular order.



  1. Nibbles: The Book Monster by Emma Yarlett


It’s like reading the classic fairytale stories with a brand new, mixed up but fun experience. What made this book even nicer is that there are engaging smaller books inside the book! Isn’t that cute? You can ask your child to flip them up as you read through the story.


The book aims to entertain your kids, which is why there are mini-books inside. It’s actually a funny take on some classic fairytales.


  1. All Better by Henning Löhlein


If your toddler loves animals, he or she will surely love this book. All Better is a story surrounding five animal friends who had misadventures but managed to make things all better with just a kiss. The storybook comes with five adorable, reusable, and repositionable stickers, which you can ask our kid to position wherever he or she wants to.


The book helps teach your kids to be empathetic by learning how to clean and care for the animals or pets.


  1. That’s Not My Unicorn by Fiona Watt


That’s Not My Unicorn is Usborne’s 50th title in their best-selling That’s Not My series, which sold millions globally


That’s Not My Unicorn book is a gift set. The board book is touchy-feely, which makes it appealing to babies and toddlers. It used bright and colorful palettes, as well as simple and repetitive texts to make easy to understand for kids. What made it, even more, a standout is that it comes with a soft unicorn toy, created based on the illustrations made by Rachel Wells.


I personally really loved this book! If I were a child, this would probably be my most favorite of all. Oh, I think this is the cutest among the best Usborne books for toddlers.


  1. 100 Paper Planes to Fold & Fly


If you want something more interactive, this book is for you. 100 Paper Planes to Fold & Fly lets you create four different paper airplane using 100 sheets of charmingly designed, colorful papers incorporated in the book.


It makes easy and fun for kids to try their hands at folding the paper. 100 Paper Planes to Fold & Fly is perfect to keep boredom away. It’s also a nice activity for the family.



  1. Shine-A-Light: The Human Body by Carron Brown and Rachael Saunders


By the book’s title itself, it is obvious that it has something to do with the human body. The Shine-A-Light: The Human Body is part of the Shine-A-Light series. The series is beautiful, educational, and enjoyable for your little humans.


The book allows your toddler to discover the secrets of the human body. By holding a light behind the pages, your toddlers get to see muscles flex, food traveling down the digestive system and a peek at the body’s skeleton.


Discover the secrets of the human body with the newest beautiful, educational, and fun title in the Shine-A-Light series. Hold a light behind the pages to see muscles flex, watch as food travels through the digestive system, and take a peek at the skeleton holding you upright.


I, myself, enjoyed it as much as my kid. It’s also a great gift for your friend or relative’s toddlers during birthdays or the holidays


  1. I’m a Dirty Dinosaur by Janeen Brian


I love this book for its simplicity yet very lovely story. I’m a Dirty Dinosaur is about a dinosaur – obviously. Kidding aside, the story revolves around a naughty little dinosaur who loves getting dirty. He is very playful. He sniffs, snuffs, shakes, taps, stamps, splashes, and slides!


It’s very fun to read. It’s also very relatable. It has bright and big text, which makes it very engaging. The story ends in a positive note – the dinosaur taking a bath and cleaning up. It’s actually a good choice if you have a toddler who is lazy to get cleaned up or are afraid of taking baths.


  1. Look Inside Your Body by Louie Stowell


It’s another book that talks about the human body. Don’t you just love teaching your toddlers what the human body is composed of?


The books make you explore what’s inside the human body – bones, blood, and muscles. As you lift the flaps, you get to find out how all these body parts are connected. Your child will be amazed by learning that it is exactly how his or her body is composed of.

The book is very colorful and engaging. It will ignite curiosity in your toddler’s mind. The texts were written simply and are very easy to understand. It also comes with facts and trivia, which I also love.


  1. Baby’s Very First Black and White Library by Stella Baggott


This is probably my second most favorite among the best Usborne books for toddlers. This book was beautifully illustrated with black and white images, which are best for babies. They will surely get to put their attention to it.


It’s actually the first book set I bought for my son but he never outgrew it. We continue to read it to this day. Definitely worth buying.


Baby’s Very First Black and White Library has animal illustrations, which will surely be fun for your babies. They will also, for sure, love hearing the names of the animals from the simple labels in each animal.


The book is made of padded soft-touch hardbound format so you don’t need to worry about it getting ripped off.


Apart from animals, the set also comes with Babies, Faces, and Going Out.


  1. Wipe-Clean Alphabet by Lyn Wendon


Probably the best way for your toddlers to learn about the alphabet!


This book comes in 20 full-color pages. It also includes a dry-erase marker, which can easily be stored in the plastic cover located on the front page of the book. The marker can be used if your toddler attempts to learn how to write the letters in the alphabet.


This book is a really fun and enjoyable way for your toddler to learn the basics. It is so engaging and packed with games, activities, and tracing. It’s also very educational that it can last until your toddler reaches his or her elementary school ages.


  1. Big and Little Box Set


This book set includes four small board books. The story has something to do with building warm parent-child relationships (through the animal characters) through colorful and fun illustrations. This book is actually perfect for your baby’s tiny hands and developing eyes too!


  1. Mini Machines Box Set by James Croft


Here is another tiny book perfect for your baby’s tiny hands. The book aims to encourage your child to participate in finding something on every page. The activity in this book actually introduces your child to basic vehicle work.


This set is perfect for young boys. They will surely love the illustrations.


The Mini Machines Box is also a colorful and fun book that your child will surely love.


  1. Alphabet Picture Book by Rosalinde Bonnet


Another book that will help you teach your kids the letters on the alphabet. It’s actually a good investment too because your child will sure use this one for years! This can serve as a tool for you in teaching your toddler to read, eventually.


It’s one of those books really that is not a waste of money.


  1. The Muddle and Match Series


This is a book that has been listed as good for ages 3 years old and above, but younger kids can already have it. Parents can already start reading this to their little ones.  What is nice about this book is, it allows kids to create their own stories. The book is fun to read, and it teaches resonance to kids. It’s also one of those books that our child will grow up with.



There you have it! These are just 13 of the so many titles that I consider as the best Usborne books for toddlers. What is also nice with books from Usborne is, even if it says it’s just for a specific age range, it’s too nice and educational, and the illustrations are really superb that your toddler will surely love reading it over and over again.




We, parents, should start our children young. Let us help them develop the love for reading as soon as possible. Well, in fact, the love for reading knows no age. So, instead of introducing them to watching television or having them watch videos through mobile phones, why not read a story to them instead?


This does not only help them with their social and educational development but also helps create a bond between you and your child. I can actually attest to that!


As early as now, I have seen how my son and I bond through reading. It also is building good memories with them.


Anyway, I hope I was able to help you choose a good book for your kid through my best Usborne books for toddlers list.