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Care Of Vitamins Review – 30 Day Review on the Personalized Daily Vitamin Pack Company

Care of Vitamins Review

I bet you, that I am not the only one with a real problem of taking my vitamins regularly. It often seems to be the first habit to fall of the bandwagon. However, as time flew, I grew increasingly concerned about my vitamin intake given that it was not unusual of me to not be diligent about my diet. With an ever increasing list of vitamin requirements, it started to become even more harder to follow through on a daily basis!  I am told that I would need Biotin for my hair, fish oil as I am vegetarian and Vitamin D as I tend to work in an environment with not much sunlight and even if I try to follow through with few, the price of each bottle tends to convince to stick to one or two supplements (in the interest of budget), and yet I cant seem to keep up with taking them regularly!

This is where Care of Vitamins came into the picture. Let me tell you how it all began! I was walking with my husband around the Saks  store in fifth avenue and chanced upon their wellness floor quite by accident. I was intrigued by the inviting colors and the cool branding – I mean Come On! How did they make vitamin branding look this cool! The sales guy was super nice and walked us through what the company was all about and while he was fishing for all the free supplements I could ever have, I ventured to take my quiz on the I Pad to get a more personalized vitamin supplement pack. The process was simple and I was signed up to get my first pack 50% off. And the wait began…

Why Care of Vitamins

What attracted me to this company is the sheer transparency to their products. The vitamin industry is filled with unreal promises of better skin, energy and great looks which I think all of us have realized by now cannot be achieved purely by one company. I mean Cmon… If real, chances are … us women will make that company more valuable than Apple! The honesty statement below won my heart!

We promise to be honest with you. It’s simple and may even sound mundane. But in an industry overrun with false labels, magic pills, and asterisks, we’re here to deliver it to you straight.  

Then, I continued on to read their product evaluation statement. You might think I am a little obsessed, be it may – I am very careful of what goes into my system, blog review or not!

 Scientific research is nuanced and dynamic. We recognize this by classifying each product based upon a review of existing research. Our evaluation criteria includes the number of studies, consistency of results, magnitude of results, and methodology characteristics.  

It also seems their source of ingredients seems sustainable and ethical with a focus on understanding the quality and having that quality not be tainted in the process of products

Our research and development team has traveled the globe, forging relationships with farmers and suppliers as committed to quality and sustainability as we are. We take an ingredient’s source seriously because this influences potency, bioavailability, and digestibility. Harvesting methods impact the environment and local populations. Each product has a story that begins with its origin. Our Fish Oil is made from wild Alaskan salmon sustainably harvested from the pristine waters of the North Pacific. The natural environment and short lifespan of salmon ensures they are naturally free of pollutants and heavy metals.

They also show the source of their ingredients on the website. I know its not entirely gamechanging but it does give me comfort in knowing the backstory of the ingredients sourced

We’re proud of our supply chain. We also believe you should know where your supplements come from, so we’re transparent about ingredient sourcing, manufacturing locations and testing. We source our ingredients from the places in the world where they are cultivated best, from Ireland to India. All of our final production and testing is done in the United States at NSF and GMP certified facilities.

Their production process has easy to understand language on how they extract and manufacture

We’re raising the bar when it comes to clean production practices. We avoid the use of harsh solvents or processing materials that you wouldn’t want to ingest (we don’t either). Instead, we use gentle solvents that help retain the integrity of the nutrients in our vitamins and supplements. Our turmeric extract is made using water and CO2, just the way that hot water is used to extract the flavor of tea leaves. Other turmeric products on the market, by contrast, are made using harsh solvents like acetone, which is commonly used as a paint thinner.

Lastly, I love their obsession towards testing

We take testing seriously. Testing is an essential step – several steps, actually – in our supply chain to ensure our products meet exacting specifications of active and inactive ingredients and that they are safe. When we receive our ingredients from suppliers, we test to validate that what’s in the product is exactly what’s on our label. When our products are fully finished, they undergo another set of tests to ensure they meet rigorous health and safety standards. Both raw materials and finished products are tested in the United States.  

Day of Delivery

To be honest, I forgot about my package, as I am prone to do so and I was pleasantly surprised, when I received an email notification from my concierge that my vitamin pack came through. I cannot describe, how excited I was! This package had 30 days of vitamin supply all neatly packaged so that I will never forget my daily requirement and it had my name written on it! Whoa! I started my unboxing process with excitement. While most of the packaging and marketing materials was pretty intuitive, I did overlook my one page that detailed out each vitamin in my pack which was hidden behind the box


One week into my Vitamin Intake

To be honest, this new routine did not take off just because of super cool branding. I am as forgetful as they come, so it took me a little getting used to. After a few missed days, I started to get on the bandwagon. I believe what helped is having the pack in a prime location in my purse. After guiltily ignoring them few times, I decided to own up to my dreadful habit and faced it head on! By second week, I was a pro… well not exactly but pro in my eyes nevertheless. The pills were easy to swallow and as a vegetarian I really looked forward to my fish oil (albeit with some guilt). However knowing where they came from and what their benefits were helped in keeping to the regiment.

Thirty Day Review  into my Vitamin Intake

Verdict? I dont know! I feel energetic and dont feel as fatigued as I used to. I believe it has something to do with the new daily vitamin intake. I feel happier overall and believe that if the ingredients are good, then the product must be playing the role. I would love to hear how you guys thought of the same – do comment below!