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Careers With American Express: Ideal Work From Home Jobs For You

American Express is one of the most popular credit card companies and financial providers in the world. With such status, it is not surprising why a lot of people are dreaming to be part of it. Fortunately, there are quite a number of available careers with American Express that you can take a chance on.


As a leading company, American Express is dedicated to providing reliable and professional customer service to its customers (credit cardholders). With that said, the company makes sure to hire competent people to take on home-based customer service positions, as well as travel agents or counselors.


We know what you are thinking –


Who would have thought that such a huge company would hire work from home employees, right? We thought maybe it has something to do with how the digital arena has changed business industries. If you come to think of it, American Express is not the only big company that hires and offers work from home job opportunities. There are actually a lot of them – even companies like Google, Amazon, etc.


While there are a number of careers with American Express, today, we are going to specifically focus on work from home customer service posts, as well as travel agents post. If you are wondering why it is simply because this position is the primary post that the company offers to aspirants.


American Express: A Short Company Brief


As we mentioned earlier, American Express is one of the leading credit card companies and financial providers in the world. The company prides itself on a lot of things, and one of them is their excellent customer service. In fact, the company has earned a solid reputation for providing exceptional customer service.


Furthermore, the company has a strong 24-hour customer service for their credit card holders and members who are always ready to help with things like getting tickets, planning trips, finding alternatives when plans did not push through, and a lot more.


To be able to keep up with their standard in customer service, American Express also hires home-based customer service agents to do the job. In addition, the company also offers travel agents posts.


Work from Home Careers with American Express


While American Express offers a variety of job posts, the company specifically offers two types of work from home positions, and these are (as we already mentioned a while ago) customer service jobs and travel agents posts.


We are going to talk about these two jobs individually so you get to know the requirements, qualifications, and the like on each remote job post.


Just so you know, these positions (customer service and travel agents) allows individuals to work entirely from their respective home offices. In addition, these positions are all employee-status jobs, which means you get to have notable benefits like Day 1 medical insurance.


If you have a sense of professionalism, and you have the ability to establish connections with customers, you sure have what it takes to enjoy the flexibility that comes with working for American Express. Do these facts thrill you? If your answer is yes, then, let’s begin.


Work from Home Customer Service Jobs


As we said earlier, customer service post or also known as Virtual Customer Care Professionals is one of the two types of work from home jobs that American Express offers. In fact, among the two work from home job posts, this one is probably the most popular and most sought after among work from home workers aiming to land a job at American Express.


Requirements for the Job


To qualify for the position, you must meet the following requirements:


  • Four-year degree holder or if not, at least four years of relevant work experience
  • Home-based virtual customer service experience and/or elite or VIP customer service background
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Basic computer skills
  • Strong knowledge of the Internet
  • Sales and hospitality experience
  • Creative problem solver
  • Confident especially in consulting with small business owners


Apart from the above-mentioned qualifications for the job, you must also meet the following technical requirements:


  • Dependable and up-to-date laptop or desktop computer
  • Dedicated telephone line
  • Reliable and high-speed Internet connection
  • A phone headset with the noise-canceling feature
  • A secure and quiet workstation or home office that is free from any noise and distractions


Just so you know, American Express covers the cost of internet connection and monthly bills of your internet connection, as well as telephone. It’s definitely a plus point for the company! We could not – so far – think of any other company that covers the costs of internet and telephone bills of their remote workers.


Job Description


Regardless of your work shift, you are expected to deliver excellent, high-quality customer service to cardholders. As much as possible, you must be able to answer customer inquiries, which range from general questions about benefits to more complex account inquiries. Basically, you are expected to help American Express cardholders in whatever they need.


To be more exact, here are some of the things that you are expected to do:


  • Use suitable opportunities to cross-sell products
  • Provide value to customers and grow relationships with them
  • Offer help while keeping within company customer care boundaries
  • Answer incoming calls in a fast-paced environment
  • Address general and account-specific customer inquiries
  • Provide clear and concise information
  • Update customer account information
  • Provide overall excellent customer service


Other Relevant Information You Must Know


While by now you already know the qualifications, technical requirements, as well as the job description for customer service agent post of the American Express, here are additional, equally important information that you must know before applying for the job.


– Work Schedule


If you are looking for a fulltime work from home job, the American Express customer service post is perfect for you. The job requires you to have flexible availability any time between 6 and 1 in the morning (EST) every day. While schedules are fixed at 40 hours a week, there are times when you are expected to work even during weekends and holidays.


– Home Office


Since your job includes taking calls from American Express customers or cardholders, you have to dedicate a special home office that is free from noise and distractions. In addition, all American Express customer service workers are required to have a dedicated landline, as well as internet connection, both will be strictly used for business purposes only. Well, they have the right to do so because after all, they are going to pay for the setup cost and monthly bills for these services.


– Pre-employment Process


Before you start working for the American Express, you will need to pass a background check, which the company requires among its prospected employees. Your home office will also have to undergo an audit to ensure that it meets the company standards. Since an audit will be made, you will have to allow access to a company representative who will inspect your home office. Everything will be taken into account – from the room itself up to the wiring of your home.


It’s quite tedious, but with such a company to work for, it is totally understandable. After all, you are representing them to their customers, right?


– Pay and Benefits


When it comes to the company’s pay rate for its customer service workers, they pay an hourly rate, which starts at $16.12 per hour. Apart from your regular pay rate, top performers also get bonuses and other incentives. In addition, American Express also offers employee benefits like medical, dental, and vision insurance, vacation, 401(k) that matches with the company, and other exciting benefits. Apart from all these, you can also earn extra money from cross-selling products!


Work from Home Travel Agent Jobs


Officially, the job title of the company’s travel agents is the American Express Travel Counselor. It’s typically the same as any work from home travel agent, but what makes the difference is that it adheres to the American Express structure, as well as the company’s standards.


Unlike their customer service post, to qualify for the American Express Travel Counselors post, you must be residing in the Pacific, Mountain, or Hawaii Time Zones. The company is very particular about this. So, yeah, sorry to those who are not living in these areas, you are not qualified for the job.


Requirements for the Job


As you probably know by now, the company offers high-end travel services to its clients. Thus, it is not surprising that their requirements are quite different compared to other companies.


To qualify for the job you must:


At least 2 years of travel work experience

Have previous call center experience

Have sales experience

Have familiarity with programs like GDS and Sabre

Be excellent in connecting with customers and in building rapport with them


Job Description


According to the company’s job posting at, here are some American Express Travel Counselor’s tasks:


  • Responsible in arranging routine and complex domestic and international personal or business travel for air, car, hotel, limousine, and rail utilizing APOLLO for Financial /Banking clients
  • Responsible in providing consultative multi-country routings for best fares and preferred carrier usage
  • Counsel clients on efficient, multi-city/multi-country routings for lowest available fares, and preferred carrier usage; ensure optimum customer service while coordinating client travel policy responsibilities; effective use of computer systems and exceptional telephone service techniques.
  • Ensure optimum customer servicing while coordinating interdepartmental responsibilities
  • Research and resolve client inquiries
  • Use positive telephone service techniques; act on special customer requests and maintain excellent client relations


To put it simply, as an American Express Travel Counselor, your job is to take calls from customers and help them in creating their dream travel experience. You will help them in their booking, rentals, and flight needs, and you will be working one-on-one with every customer. It’s basically doing like what any other travel agents are doing. At the end of the day, with the company’s global standard, you are expected to give superb customer service to the clients.


American Express Travel Counselor post is very ideal for those who love travel – whether you are a traveler or someone who loves reading travel blogs and magazines, this job is perfect for you.


Pros of the American Express Work from Home Program


Now that you already know two of the most popular work from home careers with American Experience, we thought it is just right that you also know what makes working with the company ideal.


Before you even start working with American Express, you will need to complete 11 weeks of – guess what!? – paid training! Yes, you read it right, you are paid while you train, which is sometimes uncommon among work from home jobs. Once you have completes the training, you will then proceed to what they call “post-training” as you wait for the next bid for the scheduled shift.


But what really stands out for us about working home-based for American Express is the fact that their customer service and travel agent posts are considered as employee positions, which means, you are given access to all kinds of amazing employee benefits! Don’t you just love that!? You get to work from the comforts of your home, at the same time, earn and get benefits like what any regular employee receives.


Apart from the benefits, you will also get to enjoy a very competitive base pay, which means you have salary stability. We swear, there is just too much to love about working for American Express.


Although there are some selling tasks involved, rest assured that the company has solid parameters around selling – which means you have to keep it relevant and appropriate. If you worry about sales quotas, no need to burden yourself about it because American Express does not put any sales quota. But, incentives are given just to keep their employees motivated.


If you think we’re done, well, not yet! While all that we already said sounds really good, in addition to all these good things that American Express offers since you’re on employee status, you also have access to performance-based bonuses. Thus, the better you are at customer service, the more likely you are to get rewarded. The bonuses will be based on a survey that your customers need to take. Your performance rating will be based on the customers’ responses.


Before you even forget, remember that the company will also shoulder your phone line and interest costs and bills. But of course, you just have to make sure that these are only used for business purposes.


Cons of the American Express Work from Home Program


Of course, if there are pros, there are also some cons. But don’t worry, the cons are very justifiable. Like for instance, one cons of working for the American Express is that it has geographical requirements. Most of the positions they offer have state restrictions (see for instance the geographical requirements for their travel agent post). With that said, before you apply for any work from home post, make sure to check their location or time zone requirements first.


If you are someone who’s not into taking accountability, this job may not work for you because the company requires its employees to meet specific metrics on a weekly or monthly basis. This is also not ideal for those who oppose any kind of sales.


Another thing is, since the posts are on an employee-status, it automatically means these are fulltime jobs. Schedules are fixed and you will also need to be available any time of day. Unfortunately, that includes weeknights and weekends too. Also, your schedule is considered fixed until the next shift bids open.


Since this is work from home, like any other home-based jobs, you will need to work on some weekends and holidays from time to time. Remember that the jobs are customer service-related, which means anytime, customers may call and need help. Remember American Express is committed to providing excellent customer service.


Lastly, as mentioned earlier, American Express makes sure their work from home employees meets their requirements including the ideal home office for the job. Thus, expect that representatives from the company will go visit and audit your home office if it meets the requirements. Now, if you are a mom with a baby or a toddler, for instance, working for the American Express may not be ideal for you.


Application Process


To apply for careers with American Express specifically the company’s home-based jobs, all you have to do is visit their web address and search the job post that you are eyeing for.


All successful candidates will go through a background verification check, and as we have mentioned, their home offices will be inspected by a representative from the company.


Final Words


To conclude, American Express is looking for quality people with the right skills, expertise, and experience for their work from home jobs. This also applies to all available career posts with the company.


If you are someone who is looking for a legit fulltime with great benefits, working with American Express is perfect for you. Just check out careers with American Express on their website for more information.