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9 Online Sites That Offer Data Entry Work From Home

Are you tired of your regular day job? You bring your kid in daycare, fight traffic on your way to the office, and slog into a workplace that sometimes gets a little dragging. If you find yourself in this situation, then you are a perfect candidate to get into a data entry work from home job.


Data entry does not really require specific training, which makes it easy to get started. Unlike other jobs out there, it does not require ramp-up time or prolonged training. It is, in fact, a plug-in and go kind of job. Needless to say, you can definitely do data entry work from home.


Data entry is one of today’s in-demand work from home jobs. It isn’t surprising though, because this line of work does not require any type of educational or professional background. Anyone can definitely get into a data entry job for as long you have the will and the interest to do so.


Data entry work is not intimidating. It is very easy and very accessible to anyone particularly those who want to do remote jobs or online jobs. In addition, data entry work from home jobs has very few barriers or should we rather say there is no barrier at all? Anyway, that’s for you to gauge as we discuss further what makes this industry worthwhile (especially for moms out there).


Defining Data Entry


According to, data entry pertains to “the process of transcribing information into an electronic medium such as a computer or other electronic device. It can either be performed manually or automatically by using a machine or computer.”


A lot of data entry work is time-consuming, but even so, data entry is considered as a basic, at the same time a necessary task for most institutions and organizations.


Furthermore, for most organizations, data entry is a non-core process. It is typically performed on certain data forms like handwritten or scanned documents, spreadsheets, as well as audio or video. Data entry has three modes of operation. These are addition, modification, and deletion.


As we mentioned earlier, data entry is considered a basic and easy job. In fact, it does not require any special qualifications, talent, or knowledge. However, it does require accuracy and a fast turnaround, which basically means you have to work as quickly as possible with less or without mistakes at all.


In automated data entry, a worker uses a computer. The use of computer adds up to the accuracy of data. Needless to say, it can be programmed to fetch and transcribe data on whatever medium the organization or the client prefers.


Skills Required for Data Entry Work


Data entry work is one of the most preferred online jobs of those who transition to working from home. No wonder why there is a lot of data entry work from home jobs all around the web.


But in order to be successful in this line of work, you have to acquire the following skills:


– Computer Skills


As a data entry worker, a majority (if not all) of your work will require the use of a computer. That is why it very important that you have basic computer skills – at the very least. When we say basic computer skills, you need to know how to operate a computer, you know how to install a software, you know how to keep it updated, you are knowledgeable on how to keep your computer free of virus and malware, and so much more.


– Typing Skills


Part of your job as a data entry worker is to type data from one file to another. Most data entry jobs require you to type quickly and professionally, at the same time maintaining a high level of accuracy. Accuracy is very important in this job – in fact, it is probably one of the most crucial parts of being a data entry worker. To help ensure the accuracy of your work, make sure to always double-check your work.


– Organizational Skills


Always pay attention to detail, at the same time, always be organized. Data entry work is essentially about commanding order while on chaos. That is why it is important that you have a high level of organizational skills too.


– Good Communication Skills


Communication is key in data entry work – just like any other job out there. Your ability to clearly and efficiently communicate is very important in this line of work.


– High Tolerance for Repetition


If you are someone who doesn’t like repetitive work, then data entry work from home or data entry work, in general, may not be the perfect job for you. Data entry tasks are very repetitive. You will do the same kind of thing every single day with very minimal variations. So, if you are not a fan of repetitive work, data entry may feel like torture to you. In addition to that, you must also be good or have the patience sitting in front of your laptop or computer for long hours.


– Software Skills


As a data entry worker, you must have a broad knowledge when it comes to basic computer software like word processing software and apps such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs, spreadsheet software and an app such as Excel, Sheets, as well as data recording programs. If you know more than the basic ones, then, that would be better.


Equipment Needed for Data Entry Work from Home


If you are planning to do data entry work from home, you better make sure you have the following:


  1. Laptop or Desktop Computer – It’s a very basic technical requirement. Most, if not all, of data entry work, needs to be done using a laptop or computer. We highly suggest you invest in a very reliable unit. After all, you will be using this all of the time.


  1. High-Speed Internet Access – Well, this is very self-explanatory. Nonetheless, you really have to make sure you are connected to the right internet provider. The worst that could happen to a data entry work from home worker is to have an unstable or no internet connection at all. Oh, and a laptop or computer that is not working too!


  1. Number Pad – A number pad is very essential especially when entering a large volume of numbers in your data entry work. You can either integrate it with our keyboard or you may opt for a standalone peripheral. If you really want to take data entry work from home seriously, we highly recommend buying yourself a number pad.


  1. Access to Basic Data Processing Programs – Make sure you have access to basic data processing programs like Microsoft Office suite or G suite. These are the common tools used in any data entry jobs.


  1. Comfortable Home Office – When doing data entry work from home, you will need a comfortable home office wherein you can spend the rest of the day doing your tasks. When choosing a home office area in your home, make sure to opt for that space wherein there is less or no distractions at all. Remember, a data entry job requires fast turnaround and accuracy, that wouldn’t be possible if you are working in a space full of distractions. Make sure you are in a place where you can focus on work and work alone.


Legit Companies that Offer Data Entry Work from Home


When looking for jobs online, you have to be wary of fake or bogus sites that offer data entry work. Make sure that you are making transactions only with legit ones. After all, you do not want your efforts and in some cases, your money (because scammers are just around the corners) be put to waste, right?


With that said, we listed down some of the legit companies that offer data entry work from home jobs. These are:


  1. Birch Creek Communications


Birch Creek Communications occasionally look for people to do data entry work from home jobs, but when they do, they specifically look for independent contractors just like you. Just like any other company that offers data entry work from home jobs, BCC allows you to set your own work schedule. But looking at it, most of its work is vastly available on a normal corporate schedule, which is Monday to Friday.


When it comes to how much you make with BCC, the company pay their data entry workers depending on the job and your performance. The more quick, organized, and accurate you are, the better – because that means you get higher pay.


  1. Clickworker


You can sign up with Clickworker anytime, and be one of their pool of online workers who do specific tasks for the company’s clients. One of the tasks that Clickworker offers among its clients is data entry work.


Upon signing up, which is for free, you will be required to fill out your personal profile, as well as you will be tasked to complete short assessments to help demonstrate your skills and capabilities. The number of jobs available to you and how much you will be paid for it will depend on how well you perform.


Clickworker also allows you to work on your own preferred time. Unlike other online companies, they take care of invoicing. With regards to payment, you either get paid through PayPal on a weekly or monthly basis.


  1. DionData Solutions


If you are able to type 60 words per minute, then you are a perfect fit for DionData Solutions. They specifically are looking for data entry professional operators who are capable of typing 60wpm with a high degree of accuracy.


To further qualify for the job, you also need to be proficient with computers, have the ability to handle the Internet, email attachments, as well as download and open files. They also require someone with high level of self-discipline since you will be tasked to work independently.


In addition, DionData Solutions data entry specialists are expected to do multiple tasks at the same time while making sure they hit the deadlines.


DionData Solutions is only accepting applicants for data entry posts to those who hold U.S. citizenship.


  1. AccuTran Global


Although AccuTran Global is widely known as a transcription company, they also offer data entry jobs from time to time. So, all you have to do is to keep an eye out to ensure you get to apply should they post a data entry job opening.


If you are interested to know more about what AccuTran Global is looking for in a data entry worker, you better go check their website.


  1. Axion Data Entry Services


Axion Data Entry Services rarely have job openings, but that doesn’t mean you do not check them out. In fact, you can instead have yourself registered in their database so you get to receive a notification when they open a post for data entry work.


Like most of the sites, we listed here, Axion prefers working with independent contractors. To qualify for the company, they require 2 to 3 years of data entry work experience, and a 50 word per minute (15,000 keystrokes per hour) typing speed without errors. Yes, very specific – errors are not allowed.


Axion pays by a flat rate by page or project. The only downside we see though is that the company required a nominal fee to ensure that you are kept registered in their database.


  1. The Smart Crowd


If you are familiar with Lionbridge, The Smart Crowd is part of it. The Smart Crowd provides its registered workers a pool of available microtasks, which basically revolve around data entry work.


Just like the other companies, they also offer flexible working schedules. Also, they let you work as much as you want, as long as you can. With regards to payments, their rate varies from person to person. Although, they advertise it as competitive and are based on your productivity level.


If you are interested to work for The Smart Crowd, all you have to do is register through their website. Don’t worry, registration is for free. Once you are done with the registration process, the company will then evaluate you and then they will match you with specific tasks based on your skills.


Workers are paid once a month.


  1. Microworkers


As the name implies, Mircroworkers is one of those microtask sites. Microworkers offer different tasks including data entry jobs. Some of the jobs that the company offers actually pay better compared to the same kind of job that other companies offer.


What we find unique about Microworkers is the fact that they show you a percentage on every job that validates how many times that particular job poster has approved the work of previous workers.


Microworkers only pay for the worker’s approved work, which makes the above-mentioned method really useful. Microworkers pay completed jobs directly to your PayPal account, provided that you hit their $10 payout requirement.


The only downside we see with Microworkers is the prevalent scammers using the site. So, when accepting or applying for a data entry work from home job, make sure that you double-check the legitimacy of the job offer and the company.


  1. Amazon mTurk


Amazon Mechanical Turk or Amazon mTurk is tagged as the lion of microtask sites. They offer a variety of tasks including data entry work. Once you completed the registration process on the company’s website, you may opt for Human Intelligence Tasks or HITs that you find interesting. Just keep in mind though that there are certain tasks that require you to complete a qualifier.


You only get paid if your work is accepted. Just be extra careful though because some tasks listed on Amazon mTurk are shady, which means there is a possibility of scamming. Trust your instinct, or better yet, double-check the legitimacy of the job.


With regards to payments, workers are paid via Amazon gift cards or through bank deposit, whichever you prefer.


  1. SigTrack


SigTrack specifically hire independent data entry workers to record whether petition signers are voters or to process voter registration, and other relevant forms. SigTrack’s work revolves around the petition season, thus, making data entry work available only during certain times.


With regards to payments, the company pays their workers on a per work basis based on the accuracy of the work done. They also require that you meet at least 98% accuracy to help satisfy your contract, as well as review other co-worker’s work.


Payments are made via PayPal. Do note also that the positions are only available for those individuals who are holding U.S. citizenship. In addition, you will have to go through a short Skype interview process to ensure your identity.


Also, while their technical and/or equipment requirements are basic, they do require dual monitors, which means, if you want to work for SigTrack you better make sure you have dual monitors.


These are just 9 of the many online companies that offer data entry work from home jobs.


Final Thoughts


If you are aiming to do data entry work from home, you can definitely do so. As we mentioned early on, this job does not require any educational or professional background to get you started. In addition, it does not require much training, it offers a very flexible working schedule, it does not require any special skills, and you do not necessarily have to start up a business just so you can do data entry jobs. Needless to say, data entry is very much open for anyone who is interested to get into this industry.