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The Best DIY Poo Pourri And Home Décor Ideas You Must Start Crafting


I am a self-confessed budget-freak. I make sure whatever I buy, it’s worth every penny I spend. Oh! And yes, I love do-it-yourself stuff. It gives me a certain pride whenever I finish something and my family and friends would love what I did – just like my recent project. The DIY poo pourri!


Okay, before you judge me, let me share to you something about myself. One of my pet peeves is a clean and good smelling toilet and bath. I feel uncomfortable whenever I see something unpleasant. All the more, I hate it when it smells like – you know what I mean. That is why, I felt like one lucky woman when I encountered a DIY poo pourri recipe online!


I hope I am not freaking you out or making you think like I am someone so weird for finding joy with something like a poo pourri or a DIY poo pourri for that matter. But seriously, don’t you just love a good smelling toilet and bath? Wouldn’t it feel nice when it’s clean and smells good?



Well, for those like me who want a good smelling toilet – or maybe those who doesn’t want to get caught of doing something (just kidding!), I will be sharing with you how to make a DIY poo pourri, which I personally have tried and tested. Hope you’ll like them like I do.


DIY Poo Pourri Recipe No. 1

Source: Household Tips Guide




2 oz clean spray bottle

10 to 20 drops of Essential Oils (your preference, but I do prefer Peppermint, Lemon or Lavender or you may combine oils too)

1 or 2 tablespoons of Rubbing Alcohol





  1. In the bottle, combine essential oil/s and rubbing alcohol
  2. Mix them thoroughly
  3. Add water to the spray bottle (just enough to reach the rim of the bottle)
  4. Shake well; make sure that all ingredients are mixed thoroughly


How to Use:


Before doing what you are supposed to do (or release whatever bad vibes there is, kidding), you spray 5 to 10 times of your DIY poo pourri to the water on the toilet and you are good to go. You may opt to label it as well, in case you want to keep one for your guests to use when using your toilet.


Note that you may also choose a bigger sized spray bottle. Just adjust the ingredients accordingly. So easy to do and simple, right? Come to think of it, with just that, you will have a fresh smelling toilet, as if nothing bad happens.

Apart from this recipe, here’s another that you may find more interesting – because there’s color in it. If you are someone who makes sure everything is fully covered, then, this recipe is for you.


DIY Poo Pourri Recipe No. 2

Source: Clean My Space




20 to 30 drops Food coloring of your choice

3 tablespoons Vegetable Glycerin

2 tablespoons Rubbing Alcohol

40 drops Essential Oils of your choice

½ cup Water

Small Spray Bottle




  1. Pour down all ingredients into the spray bottle
  2. Shake well, make sure all ingredients are mixed thoroughly


How to Use:


Mix the bottle every time prior to using it. Thenn, spray the poo pourri about to times onto the toilet bowl water for full coverage.


Moving on, apart from the DIY poo pourri, I also have other DIY home décor projects that you may find useful. Like I said earlier, I am a budget-freak. But apart from that, I just really find joy in doing things on my own. I find joy in looking at home stuff I made myself and being appreciated by family and friends who see it.


By the way, I think one secret why I also have grown this love for DIYs is because my husband is so supportive. As I share on some of the DIY projects I did, I will be sharing as well how my husband helped me realize these projects.


DIY Home Decor Ideas


For your living room, ottomans can be very chic yet functional at the same time. You can certainly find an inexpensive one at a big box store or even a yard sale, then decorate it as you wish. Try a different kind of fabric and cover the ottoman. Choose a pattern that suits your taste and meets your desired look. Try to find an ottoman that is not just a footrest but can be used for storage as well.  Multi-functional furniture will save space and make your space less cluttered.

Large Wood Furniture

My husband and I took on a very large project when we bought our home. It was built in 1862 and is considered a Century Home. However, the entire house needed to be gutted and fixed. It would’ve been easier to build new from the ground up. I needed some serious easy home decor ideas that I could do myself.

As I toured the house, I noticed that everything was painted blue. I mean everything. And an ugly blue at that. Natural wood and graphite fireplaces were even painted. I don’t understand that. I wanted the beautiful natural woodwork to show.

So, stripping the paint to reveal the natural wood needed to be done. The process is really not that difficult. You have the option to use chemical strippers or a natural citrus based stripper which is safer. The temperature should be above 40 or 50 degrees so the chemical works properly. Clean up the surface with instructions from the chemical used for surface preparation before finishing. Either stain to change the color of wood or polyurethane to protect the natural wood color and give a glossy finish. Some companies have a combination stain/polyurethane product so you could kill two birds with one stone. It’s vital to always use gloves and eye protection. Do the project outside in the fresh air with strippers especially a chemical stripper. It can burn the skin like acid. If all paint is stripped, sanding usually isn’t necessary. If some remains, light sanding may be required.


DIY Projects: 10 Do It Yourself Home Decor Ideas - charlie!

Lamp Shades

Some really fun and inexpensive home decor ideas and DIY projects are changing the entire look of your lamp shades. My husband created a customized headboard for our bed. We didn’t have nightstands in our room to place lamps, so he built in little lights on each side with small shades. I proceeded to glue strips of beads around the base of the lamp shade for a decorative look. You also have the option to cover bigger lamp shades with cloth to change the look. For a more Victorian look, add fringe strips along the base of the shade.


DIY Projects: 10 Do It Yourself Home Decor Ideas - charlie!


Bath Mat Wall Hanging

Look for a really unique bath mat and turn it into a cool wall hanging. Decorate if you wish and have it framed to hang on the wall. Fun stuff!

Bar Tray

Do you have a bar in your home? If not, you can get a tray to prop onto a snack table and set all liquor and refreshments on the tray. It’s a great way to entertain without having to buy a bar cart which can be very expensive.

Boho Wall Hanging

Pick up a unique wall hanging that has a boho chic look. Have it framed and display on your wall.

You can pick up a cheap frame and do it yourself. It’s a cool look and will have your guests asking about it!

Upholstered Bench

Benches can be useful to create more sitting space. Again, pick up a bench at a yard sale and reupholster it to give it a fresh, new look. Place it in your foyer, outside on your porch, or in your living room. Choose a real cool looking fabric that suits your taste.

Lumbar Pillow

Lumbar pillows are inexpensive at big box stores. Give it a unique look with a cheap table runner. Have it made into a cover or reupholster it to add you your sofa or bed.

Photo Art

Another item that can be purchased at a big box store or a yard sale is a mural or cool photo. Frame it and hang on your wall to display as wall art!




DIY Projects: 10 Do It Yourself Home Decor Ideas - charlie!



Wallpaper has become rather passé. DIY projects such as stripping wallpaper are easy enough with the right product. Once completed, choose a unique color and paint your walls. Choose different colors for rooms instead of plain old white. It will give each room a different look and feel. Some colors can actually make a room cozier.

As you can see, DIY projects to update your home can be inexpensive and easy. Take note of some of the projects and home decor ideas above and choose any you’d like to try. I think you’ll be very happy with the results.

Also, apart from saving a few money from DIY projects compared to buying these things from the store, it brings out your creativity. Oh, and who knows, you might just find yourself turning this passion into a living.

Yup, who knows? Well, like me for instance, the DIY poo pourri is quite interesting that some friends of mine would ask where I bought them. Whenever I tell them I did it myself, they’d ask if I would consider selling some to them. Well, there I got a light bulb moment. Definitely, one great idea to consider.