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11 Fun And Exciting Ways Of Earning Money As A Kid

Do you know that earning money as a kid teaches our children to be responsible in handling their finances once they reach adulthood? Start them young! Read on and learn some basic yet effective ways for your children to make money as early as now.


Who doesn’t want financially literate children, right?


I, for one, would love to see a society of financially literate people – young and old.


I must say I was privileged enough that I grew up in a family that only had enough. It was our family’s financial situation that really pushed me to do well with making and handling money.


I started earning money as a kid. I was about nine years old when I started selling stuff – used, unused, and unwanted stuff that I and our other family members owned. I would usually initiate garage sale at home — sometimes with my siblings, at other times, with friends. During summer breaks, I would use my time away from school and paperwork by selling fruit juices or whatever I can think of within the village where we used to live.


My family – parents, and siblings – was very supportive of my ideas, which I am forever grateful for because if not for their support, I wouldn’t have learned how to make money and how to handle money.


The good thing about my experience is that they never interfered with my earnings. Meaning, they let me handle the profit I made out of selling stuff, and then, they let me decide what I want to do with the money.


Maybe I was just an old school that even at such a young age, I value money so much that I always ended up putting half of the money on my piggy bank, and the other half, I share with my family. Well, I guess I also have to give credit to my parents because they also instilled in me the value of money as early as then.


Fast-forward to today, now that I am already a parent myself, I am hoping I am able to instill the same thing to my kids. I really believe, based on experience, that earning money as a kid will help our kids know how to value money and become financially responsible.


That said, I am sharing with you today a few ways for your kids to earn money. But, before that, I would like to tackle first how we as parents can inspire our children to start earning money as a kid.


As parents, one of our responsibilities is to teach our children how to earn money, and at the same time, how to be responsible for handling money.


Once we are done instilling to our children the value of money, we can now proceed to convince them to start earning money as a kid. To do that, here are a few suggestions:


– Talk to your kid about the joy of working and earning.


Of course, everything starts with a one-on-one session with mommy and/or daddy. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a serious talk. You can do it while on your usual bonding session as a family.


For me though, what I highly recommend is to start the conversation with a question like “what do you want to be when you grow up?” That’s a very common question being asked to a child. Well, I think it’s a question that all of us were asked at least once in our lives, right?


Now, once your child answers, you do follow-up questions, and then start sharing about how much a – for instance – doctor or a lawyer earns. And then, you can segue to saying things like, “It is fun being a doctor or a lawyer because you get to earn this much, and when you earn money, you get to buy whatever you need and even the ones you want.”


Make everything simple and easy to understand. Remember, you are talking with a kid. Do not use words or phrases that only adults understand.


– Teach your kid the value of money.


The best way to teach your kids the value of money is when they ask for something. You don’t easily give in just because they might throw a tantrum or they might feel you are being too strict. Instill to your kid that money is not something you just picked up from somewhere.


When your kid knows that you worked hard for it, he or she will surely see money differently.


Also, you can also teach them the value of money by saying no to their demands sometimes. For instance, they want a toy, you can delay giving it to him or her or not give in at all and then explain why. Of course, you have to reason that it’s not that we do not want to buy it for you or we want to punish you, but money is precious it needs to be used appropriately.


– Be a good financial example to your child.


As the saying goes, in the eyes of a child, everything that older people do is right.


Be a good financial example to your child. Show him or her that you are responsible for handling money. That you value it so much because it’s hard-earned. Show your kid that you don’t splurge money all the time. Yes, you may buy what you want at certain times, but only if you have enough spare to buy it for.


– Inspire your kid to start earning money as a kid.


Show your child possible ways of earning money as a kid. It would be better if you show a video or a picture. Children are more visual. If you want to get their attention to what you are saying, show him or her a video or photo about the work available for him or her.


I highly suggest you ask your child to invite his or her friends to go to work together. That way they become even more excited. Let’s admit it, work is more fun doing when friends are around.


You can also share the story of a kid who got successful even at such a young age because he or she learned how to work hard and of course, learned about the value of money.




Like I mentioned earlier, no one is too young to earn money. In fact, earning money as a kid helps a lot for a child to be financially literate.


That said, here are a few ways on how to earn money as a kid:


  1. Sell Arts and Crafts


Some kids are born creative, while others acquire it. If your kid loves to make arts and crafts like keychains, bracelets, door hangings, or if he or she does painting or sketching, take that as an opportunity to teach your kid that he or she can make money out of their hobbies by selling those stuff.


You can teach your kid to sell it online via sites like Etsy or sell it among friends and classmates or the neighborhood.


  1. Garage Sale


This is one of the very common ways of earning money as a kid. As a parent, all you have to do is tell your children that you need to sort out things at home and let go the ones that are no longer used or those unwanted items. I swear you will be surprised at the amount of stuff that you can sell by holding a garage sale.


Once you are done sorting everything out, tell your kid/s to manage to handle the garage sale and that whatever money they get from selling the stuff, it’s all theirs. It’s up to them whether they want to save it in the bank or they’ll use it to buy the toy that they’ve been asking you to buy.


  1. Sell Lemonade


Together with your kid, you put up a lemonade stand outside your home. This idea is not new. In fact, this probably is one of the most popular activities for kids, especially during summer breaks. I honestly do not know why, but I think maybe people just so love lemonade that when someone puts up a lemonade stand on the neighborhood, it becomes an instant hit!


You can tell your kids to invite their friends and sell lemonade together if they want to. And again, it’s going to be for them to decide what they will do with their earnings. Ideally, they should save it, but because they are kids and they are the ones who worked hard for it, it’s up for them to decide.


  1. Walk a Dog


Another very exciting work for kids is walking a dog. Let’s admit it, a lot of kids love pet dogs. Also, a lot of adults are too lazy to walk their dogs! Help your child find a neighbor with a pet dog and ask if they can hire your kid to walk their dog. Well, of course, it has to be your kid asking, but you know, adults will not just hire a kid without parents’ permission.


Walking a dog can earn your kid about $5 to $10 every time. Imagine if they’ll do it every day or during their free time. Your kid can earn and save up a lot of money – well, these are kids, so not so big money for adults is already huge for them.


  1. Car Wash


Do you have a car at home? Well, start from there. Ask your kid to clean your car and pay him or her after for doing the job. You know, one of the best ways to encourage your kid to make money is to do it first at home. Yes, you have to be their first customer. That way, you get to tell them what needs to be improved so when they are ready to earn more, they can go into the neighborhood and offer their services I exchange of a few bucks.


What’s nice about being a kid is that adults are easily convinced to hire you – adults find it cute when children offer their services in exchange for money to be able to buy a toy they’ve been eyeing for months or to some school items.


  1. Sell Recyclable Cans


My siblings and I actually did this when we were young. We would go around the village and look for used can of sodas and sell them up. You see, your kid’s only investment is time and strength going around finding cans. Imagine, each can cost five cents! So, if you get more, you also earn more.


It’s actually a fun activity with friends too. And honestly, we can also use this as a way to educate our children about waste management.  You know, telling them that we need to keep our planet clean and one way to do that is to get rid of cans, and that they can actually earn at the same time help save Mother Earth. Don’t you think that is a very convincing statement?


  1. Selling Home Grown Vegetables


If you have a backyard, you may want to encourage your kid to be a little farmer. Teach him or her how to grow vegetables, and once they’ve grown and ready for harvest, they can sell them at a nearby farmers’ market.


Another way is to pickle the vegetables. They can actually earn more and they can sell them online too! Some easy selling vegetables that your kids can grow at your backyard are cucumbers, tomatoes, and green beans. I bet they’ll have fun doing this. Imagine their excitement once they see little tomatoes or cucumbers are coming up!


  1. Mow Lawns


Another proven and tested side hustle any kid can do is mowing lawns. It’s actually profitable especially if your family lives in a warm location. Instead of just sitting around on weekends, waiting for the day to end, your kids can turn their free time to make a profit by mowing lawns on the neighborhood.


  1. Do Yard Work


While mowing lawns is already profitable, your kid can earn more by offering additional services like taking all the weeds, planting, etc. Tell your kid to tell their neighbor about the weeds in their backyards and encourage them to get rid of all that for a better-looking lawn. For sure, the neighbors will immediately tell your kid to do it for them and will pay extra.


As I said, there is something about being a kid. Adults easily believe them when they say something. Well, maybe the innocence has something to do with that – and of course, their charm too! Who can’t say no to kids, really?


  1. Create a YouTube Channel


This may sound a bit weird for some, but hey, we are in a generation where even babies love mobile phones! I actually thought of including this on the list because I recently encountered a YouTube channel, which is owned by a child! And guess what? She has a lot of followers, and is earning a lot!


Your kid can be the next YouTube sensation! If you think your kid loves the camera and loves talking and have an eye for fashion, travel or whatever interest he or she may have, then maybe being a YouTube start fits him or her!


I highly recommend a parent’s guidance on this one though. While your kid is the star and the content creator, parents have to take charge of editing, posting, and of course, monetizing the page.


  1. Starting a Blog


Who said blogging is only for adults? Definitely, kids can blog too! I have seen a lot of blogs that are owned, created, and managed by kids. Of course, these are all kid stuff. But guess what? Their followers are not necessarily kids. Most are adults, too!


Your kid can earn a few or even huge bucks through blogging. But like YouTube, you will be the one handling monetizing the blog through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, etc. It’s going to be a sure hit and another way to bond with your kid too. Who knows, if she can’t be a YouTube star, then he or she might just grow up to be a well-known writer or author. Who knows?


Wrap Up


These are just 11 ways of earning money as a kid. There are quite a lot more options out there, for sure. Just a disclaimer though, I wrote this not to encourage parents to “ask” their children to make money and help them up with the family’s finances. The intention is to simply teach our kids to learn the value of money and working hard. In the process, we also hope to teach them how to properly handle money.


As a parent, as I mentioned earlier, I want kids growing up to be financially literate. I swear, they will thank us for that once they’re adults like us. For me, it is very important for us parents to instill our kids the value of money as early as possible.


Also, these “works” are actually a way for kids and parents to bond. If you noticed, in every activity or possible work, you have a task to play. Because after all, these are kids. We are talking about minor people who need proper guidance.


Apart from teaching our kids the value of money, these activities are also a way to teach them responsibility early on, which is actually good. Also, these are not serious work anyway. These are just some ways they can make use of their free time.


Honestly, I can’t wait for my kid to grow up so I can teach him all these. I had fun doing these when I was young. I bet he will love doing these, too!