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7 Companies That Lets You Edit From Home

Over the years, more and more people are transitioning from working in an office setup to working from home. Some out of practicality, while others opt to do so to be able to pursue their passions like editing. Thanks to the birth of technology, more companies offer jobs that let you edit from home today.


Of all the people working from home – I would say that the stay-at-home moms’ sector benefit the most in this kind of work setup. With the advent of home-based jobs, moms no longer have to choose between work and motherhood. They can now enjoy the best of both worlds.


I, for one, has been in the work from home industry for quite some time now, and I must say, I have never felt happier. Imagine, I get to work and earn money, at the same time, take care of my kid. As a first-time mom, nothing is even better than this.


For sure, there are a lot more moms like me out there. Perhaps, you (yes, you!), the one reading this is also thinking about working from home. Well, I cannot blame you. Why choose anyway when you can have both, right?


One of the most sought-after remote jobs nowadays is edit from home job. If you have a journalism or English background, or someone who simply hates grammatical or sentence construction errors, then editing is a perfect fit for you. Just so you know, I too did edit from home job before, and I did enjoy that stint.


Benefits of Working from Home


Before we proceed with editing job stints, let me first share with you some benefits of working from home. Of course, before starting anything, you must first have a glimpse of what to expect when you get into work from home jobs, right?


As I mentioned earlier, there are so many companies these days that offer work from home jobs, which makes it even more exciting! Well, because that means, there is a growing number of opportunities for moms like us, and anyone in general.


Personally, deciding to work from home is probably one of the best decisions I ever made in my life so far. In fact, I can run down a number of reasons why, but let me share with you my top reasons why working from home is the best –


– Working from home allows us to save money not just to pay the bills, but to set aside money for our kid’s future.


As a mom, one of our worries is our child’s future. We often think about how do we make sure he lives comfortably? How do we finance his or her studies? How do we ensure there is always food on the table? How do we provide for his or her needs (and wants)? So many questions. So many worries.


I guess it is part of our nature as mothers, right? While our husbands work so hard to ensure we do not worry about these things, we still worry. And that is pretty normal. Thus, as much as possible we want to make money too. Not for our own, but just to make sure we have enough.


By being able to work from home, we get to help our partners/husbands prepare our family’s future. It does not matter if you earn big or small from working at home. What matters is, we got some extra to set aside for future’s sake.


– Working from home allows us to make time for what truly matters in life.


I have said this a couple of times already early on, but let me just reiterate it again. Of all the benefits I get from working from home, this is my top favorite.


As a first-time mom, I wanted to witness how my baby grows. I wanted to be the first person to see him walk, hear him talk, to capture his smile, and all his other little milestones in life. Working in an office setup will not allow me that, but working from home does.


I love how I get to witness my baby’s growth, at the same time, be able to work and make money for our family. For this reason, it makes working from home really worthwhile.


– There is a lot of work from home job options to choose from.


Over the years, more and more companies offer certain positions on a work from home setup. Thus, giving work from home workers with more options to choose from. Thanks to technological advances, you no longer are trapped with babysitting or pet sitting. Today, you can work on job posts according to your lie of expertise or interest.


I guess it is safe to say that there is a job post or two available for almost all industries. But of course, there are the popular ones that have already gone through the test of time. This includes freelance writing, virtual assisting, transcription, and more.


– Work from home jobs allows you to work anytime, anywhere.


What makes work from home a hit among working individuals especially among stay at home moms is the fact that most works from home jobs let you work whenever you are free to do so, and wherever you may be at the moment.


You do not need to worry about getting up early and starting work at 8 in the morning (unless stated by the company that you need to work on particular hours), or finishing work late. Working from home gives you the freedom to do work whenever you are free for it. Yes, it is definitely less demanding than office jobs.


– Work from home is definitely free for anyone (unless stated by the company that you need to pay for certain requirements like background check).


Don’t you just love the fact that working at home jobs for free!? Well, in any jobs for that matter, it really has to be free anyway. But more than paying for whatever to get the job, work from home lets you start your career even when you have no money on your pocket – as long as you have a reliable internet connection, and a laptop or desktop computer, you are good to go. No need to worry about your fare or gas going to the interview because everything is done virtually.


– Lastly, work from home allows you to pursue your passion.


Ever since, I have always been passionate about writing, editing, and proofreading. It just so happen that work-life led me elsewhere. Thus, I was not able to pursue my passion in this field.


But as the saying goes, life gives you a lot of surprises! And in my case, one of them is when I get to edit from home and earn money out of it. Yes, one of my first few jobs as a home-based worker is editing. And I tell you, it made me feel really good knowing that I get to do something that I have always wanted to do.


All About Copy Editing


Now that I am done sharing with you some of the benefits of working from home, let’s proceed to the real deal. Let us know to talk about what copy editing is all about and eventually how to edit from home.


What is copy editing?


Copy editing refers to the process of checking a copy, ensuring that it is free from spelling, punctuation, capitalization, verb tenses, and other grammatical errors. It’s basically the process of making sure that a content or copy is free from any blunder, and is ready for proofing, and then eventually, for publishing.


What does a copy editor do?


Based on the definition of what copy editing is, it is the copy editor’s job to ensure that a copy or content is free from any spelling, punctuation, capitalization, verb tenses, and other grammatical error. It is the copy editor’s task to ensure that the copy is readable, is free from any redundant thoughts, and is ready for publishing or posting.


What are the qualifications to be a copy editor?


To be successful in copy editing, you must possess the following skills and qualifications:


– Possess excellent communication and grammar skills

– Mastery of the English languages (or any language preferred by the client for that matter)

– Excellent writing and editing skills

– Knowledgeable of the different style guides

– Journalism or English degree is preferred but not necessarily required


What are the technical requirements to edit from home?


Just like any other work from home jobs, when you decide to edit from home, you have to make sure that you meet the technical requirements for the job. Do not worry though because these are very basic, which include:


– A dependable laptop or desktop computer

– A high-speed internet connection

– Style Guide Book (It’s always best to have one handy in case you need to check on some editing stuff.)


What to expect when you edit from home?


What you edit from home and how you edit a copy or content depends a lot on the kind of copy you are given. When you search online for editing jobs, there is an array of options – like you can edit a blog post, an article, news article, term paper, dissertation, thesis, and even books!


Just so you know, the process of editing depends on the kind of paper or content you are working on. Editing, to be honest, is actually quite technical and vast, and really required specific skills and knowledge.


While there are some editing fundamentals that do not change no matter what you are editing, you must also know that grammar rules change depending on your experience, or depending on your client. For instance, every writer, publisher, as well as publication, usually have their own set of rules to follow. Thus, if you aim at working as an editor and edit from home, you must know the rules that your client follows. If your client says, up to you though, then you are lucky. But ultimately, while there may be are differences, at the end of the day, there is no right or wrong. It’s just all about preference.


When you opt to work as an editor, you must be prepared for accusations like making editing mistakes that are in fact not mistakes at all. As I have mentioned earlier, it just a matter of preference. Thus, sometimes it may not suit your client or the readers’ taste.


When you edit from home, in order to be successful at it, you must first know the specific grammar rules or what publishers usually call as the “in-house style guide” of your client. By doing so, you will be able to edit copies based on their preferred style guide and eventually will lead to the satisfaction of your client and the intended readers.


Companies that Lets You Edit from Home


Now that you already know what editing is all about and what your expectations should be when you do editing jobs from home, let me share with you now some of the companies that allow you to edit from home. These companies are some of the most popular ones when it comes to working from home editing job providers.


  1. Editor World


Editor World is perfect for those who love editing and have a science background or a Ph.D. holder. What to like about Editor World is that the company is the one that provides you with editing tasks, which means, unlike other editing job companies, you do not have to bid on jobs or pith to clients. Also, the company does not make you wait for long to get your payment. In fact, Editor World pays its editors immediately.


  1. Polished Paper


Polished Paper is quite new in this industry. However, they have already established a very good reputation among editors. Regardless of your educational background, you are welcome to work as an editor for Polished Paper. It’s a great option for those who want to pursue editing jobs but are not journalism or English degree holders. To apply for the job, all you have to do is fill out a profile on their website, attach your resume, and complete a 35-question editing test. Once you pass the test, you can immediately start working on editing tasks.


  1. Proofreading Pal


Proofreading Pal is another popular company that offers copy editing jobs online. The company requires a graduate degree, and at least five years of proofreading and editing experience to be considered for the job. While the requirements may sound a little strict, it’s totally understandable because, at Proofreading Pal, you can earn anywhere between $200 and $3,000 per month.


  1. Proofreading Services


Proofreading Services is an ideal company if you are someone looking for a flexible part-time or full-time online editing job. The company offers a very competitive pay rate, which ranges from $19 up to $46 per hour. How much you make in an editing task depends on the urgency of the job. So, the key to earning more at Proofreading Services is to jump on the quick turnaround editing jobs.


  1. Scribe Media


Scribe Media is also very popular among online copy editors and writers. Formerly known as Book in a Box, Scribe Media is a ghostwriting company that offers freelance work from home positions like editing, as well as co-writing a book of a client. As an editor at Scribe Media, you can earn between $60 and $70 per hour.


  1. Scribendi


If you have previous editing job experience and a university degree holder, then Scribendi is perfect for you. When working as a freelance copy editor at Scribendi, you have the freedom to choose assignments or tasks that interests you, at the same time, the liberty to work on that according to your own work schedule. I know, that sounds pretty good! Moreover, the company informs you upfront how much you make for each task. At Scribendi, you do not need to bid or pitch. The work is there and you just have to choose which one to work on. No doubt why a lot of editors look forward to working at this company.


  1. Domainite


Domainite is constantly on the lookout for work from home editors and writers. So, if you want to edit from home, Domainite is another choice. To qualify, all you have to do is send over your sample work. In addition, you must be willing to edit different kinds of text, most of these are articles and blog posts.


In addition to these sites, you can also find work from home editing jobs from a freelance job listing sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and FlexJobs.


Final Thoughts


As you can see, these are just a few of the many sites online that provide work from home jobs (not just for stay at home moms but for anyone who wants to venture into this industry) and allows you to edit from home and make money out of it. While the competition is real, there really is nothing to worry because there surely is enough room for copy editors in the work from home industry.