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Etsy Jewelry: How To Make Your Own & Sell Online

Etsy Jewelry: How To Make Your Own & Sell - charlie!

Have you ever thought about selling jewelry on Etsy? If you’re a jewelry aficionado, it may be worth your while! However, you’re probably thinking, “but wait, I’ve never made jewelry before!”. Well, I’m going to walk you through some steps needed to make your own Etsy jewelry so you can give it a try!

First, we must realize the thousands of websites that sell jewelry. But, forget about that right now. If you were to search online on how to make Etsy jewelry, you may not find exactly what you’re looking for. Most of them redirect right back to Etsy’s website!


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If you’re really interested in crafting your own jewelry, you’ll need a how-to book or guide of some sort. Start with the basics and continue from there. There are resources all over the internet from books to jewelry-making sets to get beginners started. Some retailers even sell different settings depending on what you’d like to make. It may be a good idea to focus on one type of accessory only such as earrings or pendants.

Handmade jewelry is about quality. Throwing some beads on a rope won’t cut it. You have to put a lot of work into it. Master your craft for one type of jewelry piece. Let’s assume you’re going to try your hand at homemade earrings. This is where your source for guidelines on how to make quality earrings. Find out what the best method is to make your jewelry of choice. Do you love Swarovski crystals? Then, use those for your earrings. What kind of setting would you prefer? Dangle earrings or button earrings? Customers will come to know your brand, so when they think of Swarovski earrings, they’ll think of your store.

Etsy Jewelry: How To Make Your Own & Sell - charlie!


Now, you’ll need inventory that includes settings for let’s say dangle earrings.


Will you choose lever back, wire, chandelier, or earrings that require butterfly clasps? Leverback earrings are more coveted because they’re easy and comfortable to wear.

You’ll need lever back settings that hold different size and shape stones. There are so many sizes and shapes to choose from. Some of them are round brilliant, pear shape, marquise, princess cut, cushion cut, heart shape, emerald shape and much more. Familiarize yourself with the different cuts. Then, you need to decide what colors you’d like. A variety of colors would be best.

Once you have your settings, you’ll need as many stones as you have settings at least. Wherever you buy the settings, they will have instructions included on how to set the stones. Whether they’re glue-on or snap-in, be sure to get the correct settings.

Guide to Selling Etsy Jewelry

Once you’ve mastered the art of making jewelry, you’ll take the necessary steps to set up shop on Etsy.

Take Excellent Quality Photos

Those who shop for jewelry want to see all sides of the piece. A very important thing to remember is that they want to see how it looks on a real person. It gives them an idea how it looks and how big they are. Even with measurements, people prefer to see a person wearing the piece. I know it drives me insane when there’s no photo like this included. Use a very simple background that showcases the earrings well.


Etsy Jewelry: How To Make Your Own & Sell - charlie!


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Competitive Pricing

Coming up with a reasonable price can be difficult. You need to take a variety of factors into account. Think about how much time you put into making the piece, the cost of supplies, and the profit you’d like. Etsy charges fees so take this into account as well as shipping costs. Compare similar items already being sold so you can get an idea of what they sell for.

Creating Content

All of your listings should include the materials and supplies, size, and precise measurements.

The better the description the better for the customer. Be as specific as possible but straight to the point. You may want to include your policies and care instructions. Be sure you allow customers to leave feedback about their purchases. Your customers will appreciate unique, thorough content. Communication with potential buyers is critical.

Handle With Care

Your Etsy jewelry may be fragile and need to be handled with care. When storing your pieces, be sure they’re kept in a safe place that won’t damage them. Shipping is even more important. Your product will be handled by many people throughout the shipping process.


You can use bubble wrap or plenty of crinkled up paper in the box you will send it in.


If an item is damaged or lost due to shipping, what will your policy be? You’ll need to choose whether you’ll refund customers or do an exchange.

Etsy Jewelry: How To Make Your Own & Sell - charlie!
Marketing and Promoting Your Brand

Depending on what type of jewelry you will sell, you now need to focus on your target audience. Also, get to know your fellow sellers and exchange information that the other may not know. Much of marketing occurs on social media these days. Utilize Instagram and Facebook with beautiful pictures of your pieces. Talk about why your jewelry is different than others. Why should customers buy from you? If you’d like to invest a little money in marketing, Etsy offers services to increase your web presence for a small fee.

Concentrate on the SEO (search engine optimization) of your listings so that your items are more likely to show up on Etsy and search engines. SEO is all about increasing visibility and focusing on search terms. There are so many ways a person can look up something on Google. Think about the different phrases you would use if you were searching for the same product.

People adore Etsy jewelry and especially handmade pieces. Do your homework, work hard, stay determined, and you’ll be on your way to having a successful Etsy jewelry shop!

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