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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Joining A Fairygodboss Job Fair

Have you heard about the Fairygodboss job fair? It basically is a virtual job fair, which aims to help job seekers find a new job. So, if you are one those looking for new job opportunities, you better check this out.


When was the last time you went to an in-person job fair? I bet you could not even remember! Well, it is not surprising though because, with the advent of technology, life became easier. Everything is just a click of a finger!


We too could not remember the last time we went to a physical job fair, not even in-person application. Since we graduated from college, job listing sites like Indeed and JobsDB has been our go-to sites to look for possible work opportunities.


Let’s admit it, in this era, attending career fairs, or going to companies and handing your application documents personally is no longer a thing. Needless to say, it is very inconvenient. It is time-consuming. It is exhausting. Well, we think it is also safe to say that even recruiters nowadays prefer receiving applications online (through their websites, or via job listing sites, or through email) rather than the old-school way.


But, we do believe that no matter how advanced the technology is or how different this generation seems to be, in one way or another you will still get to attend a career fair to help fast-track your job search — mainly because inconvenience is no longer an acceptable excuse.


But just before you even get stubborn about the idea, here’s the thing, there is such what they call as virtual job fairs. Yes, it is basically like the usual job fair but done virtually. Yes, that is precisely what Fairygodboss job fair is all about. It helps connect candidates to potential managers and recruiters within the whole duration of this online event.


Later on, we will discuss further to you about the Fairygodboss job fair. First, let us get to know what Fairygodboss is all about.


What is Fairygodboss?


Believe it or not, Fairygodboss is a website dedicated to women. Yes, it specifically caters to the needs of women in the workplace.


Fairygodboss understands the fact that “it is not always easy being a woman in the workplace”. So, with that in mind, Georgene Huang and Romy Newman co-founded the Fairygodboss and opened its doors in 2015 to women who are struggling at the workplace and/or in getting a job.


In their website, it says that Fairygodboss “helps women get hard-to-ask questions answered”. They also help women “get the inside scoop on pay, corporate culture, benefits and work flexibility”. Fairygodboss offers “company ratings, job listings, discussion boards, and career advice”.


No wonder why the company’s mission is to “improve the lives and workplace for women, through transparency”.


In summary, Fairygodboss basically is like a one-stop job shop for women, which is really great! With everything that women encounter at the workplace, the inequalities, and all the other issues concerning women in the professional world, Fairygodboss is indeed a gem.


Furthermore, describes Fairygodboss as a site that is considered as “yelp for maternity leave benefits”. It is a platform wherein women can write reviews about their employers anonymously. It serves as an avenue wherein women can share information about how generous their company is with their maternity leave policy, as well as how their respective companies value work-life balance.


While some people, particularly companies find this a little off, generally, it is a good way to express how women thought about the companies they work for, and hopefully, once their employers read their comments or reviews, action will be taken positively.


How did Fairygodboss start?


As mentioned a while ago, the site was founded and launched in 2015. However, the idea of building Fairygodboss occurred when one of its founders, Georgene Huang, was looking for a job a few years back while she was two months pregnant.


As written in a published report by, Georgene was specifically “looking for companies that were friendly to women and wouldn’t ‘mommy-track’ her career”. Unfortunately, she found very few of them.


Having encountered such, Georgene and her former colleague, Romy Newman, came up with a bright idea of starting the Fairygodboss. The site did receive a very positive response. In fact, in 2015 alone, which is their first year of operation, Fairygodboss was able to collect 19,000 reviews on over 7,000 employers. Based on their records, most of these reviews were from Americans. Imagine that! It only goes to show that something must be done with how companies treat women at the workplace, and how they respond to them and their needs.


What is Fairygodboss job fair?


We mentioned earlier that Fairygodboss job fair is basically like the usual career fairs you get to attend to, but the only difference is, it is done virtually. Thus, you can attend to it wherever you may be from without having to be inconvenienced by going to the fair itself.


Fairygodboss job fair connects both the jobseekers and potential employers and/or recruiters.


Is this event entirely dedicated to women? Well, according to their website:


“This event is geared toward female technical professionals. Cognizant is looking for varying levels of experience and is filling technical roles like data architects, full-stack and android developers.”


With that said, it is safe to say that the answer to the question is yes, it is dedicated to catering to women looking for work opportunities, career advice, etc.


By taking part in the Fairygodboss job fair candidates get to send in their application to hiring managers during the entire virtual career fair. If you want to know the schedules of Fairygodboss job fairs, you may check on their website.


Why you should consider attending a Fairygodboss job fair?


Whether the idea of the virtual career fair is new to you or not, we highly encourage you to try this out especially if you are so into finding a new job. We suggest you take this chance to find a company that honors women and their work, as well as cater to their needs (like maternity leaves and fair wage).


Below, we listed down five reasons why you should consider attending an online career fair like that of Fairygodboss job fair.


Here we go:


  1. Virtual or online job fairs allow you to connect directly to recruiters and/or hiring managers of the companies you are eyeing for.


Like the usual in-person job fairs, during the duration of the virtual career fair, companies send someone from their recruitment team to receive applications, and in some cases do an on-site initial interview for potential candidates for a certain job post.


Now, if you are someone who is not well-connected to a specific company that you would like to work for, or you do not know someone who can make referrals, this is a great chance for you to send in your application directly to the hiring manager or recruiter without having to wonder if your application did go to that person. Virtual career fairs let you “meet” a member of the recruitment team, which gives you a chance to make a positive impression.


Unlike in-person fairs wherein you get to talk to the recruiters, virtual career fairs let you chat with company representatives. However, if the hiring people find your credentials fitted for the job, your chat may turn into an email conversation or a phone screen interview!


  1. Virtual or online job fairs are more targeted now that traditional job fairs.


For sure, many of you will agree that one thing people hate about traditional career fairs is the fact that you have to line up and wait for your turn. Plus, you will have to walk around finding the company to apply for, which can be a little exhausting and daunting.


In the case of digital career fairs, organizers have the ability to pre-qualify the registrants. Meaning, candidates will have to send in their resume, and other qualifications prior to the event. By doing so, you get to spare yourself from worrying that you will be milling around with unqualified job seekers.


Additionally, there are employers or companies that prefer to look for understated groups like veterans or women in technology through online job fairs.


  1. Virtual or online job fairs are definitely cheaper and way more convenient than traditional job fairs.


People say that today’s generation is a generation of convenience. Well, that is not really surprising because we are now living in an era when convenience is just around the corner. Even when it comes to food, there’s instant noodles, coffee, etc. There are fast-food, phone deliveries, online deliveries, etc.


No wonder why even career fairs are now done virtually. But you know, if you come to think of it, there is totally nothing wrong about it – for as long as you use it responsibly.


Anyway, thanks to technology, you can now access job opportunities digitally.  You can already send in your applications virtually without having to leave the comforts of your home. Moreover, you can do multitasking, at the same time, make the most of your time doing chores or whatever it is.


Imagine, by attending virtual career fairs like the Fairygodboss job fair, you get to save a lot of time and effort. Needless to say, you also get to save yourself money because you do not have to pay for your transportation or the gas going to be able to get to the fair.


Employers also get to benefit from virtual career fairs. They get to save money as their HR team does not have to incur travel, food, and operating expenses that are usually involved when holding or attending traditional brick and mortar job fairs.


So, yeah, you and potential employers definitely benefit from this kind of recruitment method. We will not be surprised if one day people will just resort to online or virtual career fairs than holding traditional career fairs.


  1. Virtual or online job fairs may help limit the biases that usually accompany traditional fairs.


According to a research made by Fairygodboss, because of the unconscious (and conscious) biases that tend to happen in a traditional career fair, a female job seeker’s appearance may have a specific negative impact on the success at networking events like traditional career fairs, and/or during interviews.


Apparently, the research shows that hiring managers or recruiters often tend to make judgments or assumptions based on the jobseeker’s appearance. Thus, making your first impression online or digitally may actually work to your advantage.


  1. Generally speaking, you work in an innately digital range.


While virtual career fairs are open for anyone, we thought it may be specifically attractive to those working in technology, or in the digital field or anyone who is interested to get into remote job opportunities.


In the same way that those employers who participate in virtual recruitments are most likely more digitally cultured and are open to flexible jobs or maybe have open positions where technology skills are valued.


Furthermore, in addition to these reasons why you should consider attending virtual career fairs like that of Farigodboss job fair, here are a few more advantages of virtual job fairs:


  • A sympathetic timeline that sometimes lasts for one week. In comparison, traditional fairs usually last for one or two days only.
  • It allows job seekers to “attend” the fair and receive information at his or her most convenient time.
  • Virtual career fairs offer real-time access to current job openings with links to company websites.
  • It allows job seekers to watch archived webinars that were held during an inconvenient time.
  • It allows candidates to connect to different opportunities in a new town should they plan to relocate.


What are the disadvantages of virtual career fairs like the Fairygodboss job fair?


To be fair, we also listed down some of the potential drawbacks of virtual job fairs that could make this platform less thrilling for both job seekers and employers. Do not get us wrong, this is not to confuse you, but to help you think whether or not virtual career fairs like the Fairygodboss job fair is for you.


  1. Virtual career fairs are open for distractions.


Typically, recruitment people or hiring managers operate a virtual job fair booth from their laptops or computers, which means, they may have the tendency to get distracted by office work or by other people around them (whether they are working in the office or from home). In some cases, hiring manages may forget to even sign in for live hours! It may feel like a job seeker approaching an empty booth in a traditional career fair setting.


To help overcome this possibility, hiring managers and recruiters should block the time on their schedules and should now allow any interventions or distractions to get in the way. They have to treat it like how it is when they are attending traditional job fairs.


  1. Virtual career fairs can be too objective.


Another disadvantage form the employer’s perspective is the nonexistence of the physical connection between them and the job seekers. Physical connection helps a lot in making first impressions. Usually, recruiters look at the candidates’ body language and do eye contact. By doing so they get to assess and make initial judgments about the person.


But if you come to think of it, while there is absence in physical connection, both parties may really on the virtual connection instead. In fact, it may serve as a pre-screening tool wherein they can still instantly connect before arranging an interview.


  1. Virtual career fairs may create indifference towards new technologies.


In reality, there are recruiters and hiring managers who have some apprehension about using new recruitment tools. Even if the tool is simple to operate, human reaction to change may get in the way. That is why it may be helpful for virtual career fair organizers to come up with a technology that will allow recruiters and hiring managers to manage their own content.


Pointers for Job Seekers Participating In Virtual Job Fairs


If you think virtual career fairs like Fairgodboss job fair is for you, here are some tips we provided to help you as you start your job hunting journey through online job fairs:


  1. Tailor fit your resume. Take into consideration what the recruiters are looking for. To do that, make sure to check the job posting first before you hit the submit resume button.
  2. Wear nice clothes. Remember, you are still to make good first impressions here. Not because you are just at the comforts of your home, you will not take time to dress appropriately. Always keep in mind that one of those hiring managers may instantly invite you for a talk over Skype. You do not want to look crap, do you?
  3. Make sure your social media sites are up-to-date and do not contain embarrassing details. You will never know. The recruiter might just check your social media profiles as you speak. Better be prepared than be embarrassed, right?
  4. While this happens online, make sure to maintain professional behavior.
  5. Avid being too candid as it can outshine the supposed projection of confidence. As we just said, keep the same level of professionalism that you would show in person.


Final Words


So there you have it. We hope we were able to show you another side of the recruitment thing that is soon to become the new normal. Also, we hope that we were able to introduce to you what Fairygodboss is all about, maybe next time around, you get to consider joining the Fairygodboss job fair.


To end, we wish you good luck with your job hunting journey! May you find your dream job soon!