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13 Fun And Exciting Friendship Things To Do

No matter what age or life status you are in it’s always nice catching up with friends and thinking of new friendship things to do. After all, it’s always fun to be with friends and does stuff with them.


There comes a time in your life when you plan endless adventures with friends. For some women, it’s during their “single” years, while some who consider themselves as “late bloomers” are able to do so after their children have grown up. But the thing is, regardless of time or age, nothing beats being and doing activities with friends.


Don’t get us wrong, friendship things to do does not only pertain to out of town trips and adventures or grand activities. Sometimes a simple get together over the weekend will do. Although of course, with so much stuff and responsibilities on our plate, sometimes, the best friendship things to do still involves something unusual or something that you do not usually get to do on a regular day.


With that said, we are sharing with you some fun friendship things to do that will surely keep your bond, or even bring it to the next level.




Every year, people around the world celebrate International Friendship, which we find really cute. Imagine, you get to honor your friends on a day that specifically allotted friends! But regardless if there is an occasion or not, it’s always nice to catch up, see each other, and of course, plan activities together.


For sure, many of you will agree if we say that friends are like families. We need to cherish them, and we need to keep them close. One thing to do that is by planning friendship things to do together.


Thus, here are some activities that you may consider doing with your lovely friends:

  1. Do Yoga Together


If both you and your friends want something that is more holistic, one of the perfect activities to do whether it be on friendship day or any ordinary day is getting yourselves into a yoga class. While this one’s a good idea for everyone, we specifically recommend this to mommy friends.


Attending a yoga class helps you relax and unwind. You know, after all the toxicity at work or at home, yoga is one great way to recharge and regain your strength.


If you are worried about not being able to do yoga poses, well, it doesn’t matter. In fact, it’s even more fun and exciting when you are doing it the first time! As you progress during the session, you will surely be proud of yourself, and for sure your friends will be happy for you too! Oh, just make sure though that you are booking a beginners’ class or you might find it really hard to cope if you book otherwise.


  1. Learn a New Skill Together


Don’t you love learning a new skill once and a while? How about the idea of learning a new skill together with your friends? Don’s you find it more exciting and fun?


You know what, learning a new skill together is one of the great ways to bond with your friends or with anyone for that matter. If you are up to this idea, all you have to do is check any local Facebook pages within the area you live in and look for community classes online.


If you want to learn some artsy stuff, you may want to check a nearby art college as they are likely to run classes and courses in arts. Whether it be life drawing or ceramics class, it surely is a great way to unwind, relax, and bond with your friends. It’s also a great way to express yourself!


Apart from that, you may also want to consider taking a dance class or a baking or cooking class! You do not have to commit to weekly classes, but you will surely enjoy learning new skills together with your friends. Needless to say, it’s something that you can use or practice not just for a day but for days onwards. Also, apart from bonding with your friends, it is also a good way to meet new people.


  1. Take On a Road Trip


A trip doesn’t always have to involve flights and research on things to do in a particular place. Sometimes, the more enjoyable ones are simply getting in the car and driving away!


Plan a road tip over a long weekend or you may opt to just take a day to explore someplace you haven’t explored yet before! For sure, it’s going to be super fun learning new places and exploring what’s in it.


Instead of just one from the group driving, consider taking turns on the wheel as you drive your way to your destination. Apart from going to new places, you may also consider taking your friends to your childhood city or your favorite city. Whatever and wherever, the things is, you will have fun and enjoy being with your friends.


You know, the good thing about today is that the internet is everywhere. It makes finding things to do at a place unknown easier. But if you are not the explorative type, you may opt to do the usual, laidback activities like sipping a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop, and just breathing in the air of the place, and enjoying the sight of people walking down the street.


  1. Go Biking


If you want to go outdoors, why not consider grabbing your bike and explore the nearby places? Biking is not just a great bonding activity for friends, but also one of the best things to do if you want to stay fit together.


Now, if you want more exciting friendship things to do, consider going slightly further than hiking trails take you. Biking or also known as cycling is one of the fantastic ways to explore more of what the outdoors have in store for you. Needless to say, it’s a great fitness activity! While it is nice to bike alone, it’s always better when you tag your friends along.


Cycling is not just great for an adventurous group of friends, but also ideal for those who want to try something new. For more experienced ones though, you can level up your cycling escapades by biking mountain trails! However, if you want something slightly easier so you can talk with your friends as you cycle, you may opt for a place that is road-based or less hilly.


You may also consider packing a simple picnic to enjoy half-time or you may also consider planning to stop off at a country pub along your route. Like any other adventure, planning ahead will help. Thus, spend some time checking maps and routes before hitting the road.


  1. Do Volunteer Work Together


Some of us want to do something to make the world better. Well, for mommy friends, for instance, there’s that thought of doing something to help make the world a better place to live in for the future of their children.


So, one of the activities that are ideal for you is doing volunteer work together. There are a lot of volunteer activities available these days that are suitable for adults. All you have to do is check Facebook groups or online websites of certain groups that organize volunteer work. Some local stores may have flyers up, as well as community cafes and colleges. For instance, if you can look into Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) sessions that encourage people to collect rubbish from the water. You may also consider joining beach cleanups, which are becoming popular these days.


You see, there are so many volunteer activities out there. You just got to find an activity that appeals to you and your friends. Don’t you just love the idea of catching up, while doing something good for your community or for the planet?


  1. Do Spa Date


Women love to get pampered! Do you agree? We find spa dates as the best time dates ever especially if you get to spend it with your friends. Imagine being slathered in oils, lavender-scented lotion, as well as mud masks. There’s just something about spas that makes it feel like heaven!


When heading to spas, you don’t have to spend a lot. Sometimes, all you got to do is check online for available deals in your local area. Apparently, some gyms have a great in-house spa. Also, hotels usually allow day visitors to access their spas as well.


Now, if you don’t want a massage or any treatment, you can visit spas and just use their pool areas. You can just sit around in fluffy robe and slippers feeling like a royalty or something.


If getting into spas is a bit hard because say no one’s available to take care of your little ones, you can consider home spas instead. It surely will be pretty fun for as long as you are with your friends. Shop for nail varnished, as well as coconut oil or any oil of your choice, and anything else that smells good for you, and then set up your place spa-like! Definitely one of the best friendship things to do ever.


  1. Take a Wine Tasting Class


Who doesn’t love sipping a glass of wine? We all do! So, instead of heading out for a glass of Sauvignon once in a week, why not consider booking a wine tasting class with your friends? If you are worried about the price, well, they are usually affordable. Needless to say, they’re normally full of other people who also want to try something unusual.


If you and your friends are foodies, you may consider looking for a food and wine pairing evening, and you will surely learn all about matching flavors. Meanwhile, if you are on a liquid diet, you may opt for a class that teaches you about the origins of every wine and then find a variety that you and your friends like best.


Whatever you will get into, the thing is, you will get a chance to try something new and giggle afterward.



  1. Go To The Beach


Especially during summer, nothing beats heading off the beach with friends! It’s probably one of the most fun friendship things to do ever!


Grab your shades, pack food for lunch and snacks, put on your best beach outfit, and drive to the nearest beach with your buddies! Don’t you just love the idea of enjoying the sun, at the same time, enjoying the company of your friends?


Eating and sipping that cold fruit shake while sharing stories about each other or maybe walking down memory lane and talking about your past adventures.


  1. Go Shopping


This may sound very usual, but let’s admit, especially among moms, shopping becomes a very rare thing to do! Once you have children, shopping becomes a luxury. It becomes your “me” time and in this case, time spent with friends.


So, plan ahead and head to your favorite local mall, outlet shops or shopping center, and treat yourselves. But whatever you want (but of course, taking into consideration your budget). Update your wardrobe, buy new clothes, and instead of choosing for yourself, why not ask your friends to choose an outfit for you! That will be very exciting!


After splurging a little, head on to your favorite restaurant and eat! This may be sound so simple, but you know, at the end of the day, a day or a time spent with friends never looks so simple. It’s always something to look forward to and something to enjoy.


  1. Arrange a Pajama Party


Sometimes you do not need an occasion to organize a pajama party. An ordinary weekend will do. When we were younger, probably during our 20s and early 30s or in someone else’s cases, when not married yet, sleepovers and pajama parties seem to be a regular kind of thing among friends.


However, eventually, at a certain point in your life, pajama parties become unusual. So, why not consider doing it once again? Schedule a day when you and your friends can wear your favorite pajamas, order pizza, do a movie marathon, and talk about anything and everything all through the night. We bet you, it is going to be thrilling!


To make it more intimate and meaningful, you may consider imposing a rule that no phones are allowed or for emergency purposes, perhaps you and your friends can only check once in an hour. Something like that.


Pajama Party and sleepovers are not just two wonderful friendship things to do, but also a great way to bond and reconnect.




It may sound unreal, but Friendship, Maine do exist. For those who are not familiar with Friendship, it’s actually a town located in Knox County in Maine, United States. And guess what? There’s a couple of things or activities that friends can do in there too!


That said, here are some things to do in Friendship Maine for you to check out:


  1. Visit Museums


Whether you opt to visit Owls Head Transportation Museum or you check out Coastal Children’s Museum (yes, tagging your kids along), the thing is, going to these places and learning is more fun if done with friends.


If you come to think about it, visiting museums is perhaps one of the least things adult friends do! So, why not consider this when at Friendship, Maine. We bet you will have fun exploring these kinds of places. Needless to say, you can chat as you walk along with the lobbies of these museums. You can also take pictures (if allowed) for the gram and educate other people.


So, if you are up to do something that you do not usually do, heading off to museums is one of the best choices to do.


By the way, apart from the aforementioned museums, there’s also Farnsworth as well as Maine Lighthouse Museum that you can check out.


  1. Head to Harbor Park


Although it’s about 14 miles from Friendship City Center, heading off and spending time with friends at Harbor Park is definitely one for the books. The view is great and it will surely be a great place to reminisce about the good old days while breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the view.


You know, once in a while, it’s great to spend time with treasured friends in places you do not usually go to. Apart from experiencing the place, and what it has to offer, you get to have precious moments to know more about your friend, and the friendship you built.



  1. Watch A Theater Performance


Whether it be a musical, a concert, or something else, you may want to consider spending a night watching any of these at Strand Theatre, which is located just a few miles from Friendship City Center.


It’s also one of those activities that perhaps you seldom do or maybe haven’t done at all. Trying out something new, watching in theater included would surely be fun and exciting!




Friends, as we mentioned earlier are like families too. They keep things balanced in our lives. They bring fun, but also are the same people who will be with you in times of challenges. Unfortunately though, because of changes in our lives, sometimes we get to spend lesser time with each other.


But the thing is, no matter what happens, once a friend, always will be a friend. Thus, it’s always good to spend time and think of new and exciting friendship things to do once in a while to keep the bond and the friendship fire burning.