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11 Good Paying Stay At Home Jobs For Moms

If you are looking for good paying stay at home jobs for moms, well, it seems like today is your lucky day! Read on as we are going to share with you some of the best selection of good-paying stay at home jobs for all the mommies out there.


This generation of mommies is really lucky. You know why? Because back in the days, stay-at-home moms do nothing but take care of their kids and the household. Their job literally is to make sure the house is a home for the family.


While it still is the same today, technology has put a little twist to the lives of mommies who chose to stay at home. Today, moms can do their mommy duties, at the same time, work from home.


Let’s admit it – especially for moms who worked in the corporate world for such a long time, the transition from being a career woman to a fulltime mom can be very difficult. But because of the internet and the rise of online jobs and other work-from-home jobs, mommies today have the option to continue working and making money, while nursing and taking care of their beloved children.


Before we proceed to discuss the different options of good paying stay at home jobs for moms, some of you might have a few questions in mind and maybe a have little hesitations. So, we thought of addressing these first.


Let us start off with …


Why should you get into work from home?


It actually depends on you. No one is entitling you or pushing you to work from home or to make money. We thought it should be a decision that must come from you, and you know, something that you really have to think real hard – because let’s admit it, being a fulltime mom and a work-from-home mom is no easy feat. It needs a lot of determination and hard work.


However, just to give you an idea, some mommies choose to work from home because:


– For the family’s financial stability.


If your husband has an excellent-paying job, then you are one lucky girl. But, unfortunately, that is not a common cause. Some women have no choice but to still look for ways they can help out their husbands provide for the family, which for us is not bad at all – because after all, both the husband and the wife must work together to be able to provide and give the best for their family, right?


In some cases though, even if the husbands can afford to pay off the bills and provide the family’s needs and even wants, some women would still work from home to ensure the financial stability of the family.


– For personal growth.


Some of us feel like not working means getting dull. Some women feel like working from home would allow them to continue learning and evolving, which is totally fine. We thought we need it as human beings. We need to feel that we are growing not just as moms but in all areas of our lives.


– For self-empowerment.


There are some women who feel lost once they become a mom, all the more when they have to transition to become a fulltime mom.


We know someone who has been in the corporate world since she graduated from college when she left her regular day job, she immediately searched for different good paying stay at home jobs for moms. For her, having her own money, and working is equivalent to being self-empowered.


Well, some of us are like her. It’s not that we are full of pride, but we just love the feeling of having our own money (even if our husbands are kind and generous, we just do not like the feeling of asking money to buy personal stuff), the freedom that works and earning gives, etc.


– For our children’s future.


Some women choose to work even while at home because they want to help save up for their children’s future.


Let us admit it, as parents, we always try to do our best to ensure that our kids are living great. It is especially true for parents who grew up in a family who were not in good status in society. These kinds of parents or moms, in particular, will do anything and everything just to ensure their kids will not go through the same ordeals they went through as kids.


There are actually a few more reasons why women get into work-from-home. But we thought these items listed above are the most common reasons that drive a lot of stay-at-home moms to continue working and earning.


What are some of the good paying stay at home jobs for moms?


Now that we are done discussing a few of the reasons why there are moms who get into the world of work-from-home jobs, let’s proceed with the real deal.


Here are some of what we consider as good paying stay at home jobs for moms:



Average Pay (according to Glassdoor): $33,000 annually


There are so many moms out there who are excellent writers. If you are one of them, we highly suggest you get into blogging. Apart from serving as a channel where you can share your thoughts and expertise, blogging also lets you earn a few or even more bucks!


Blogging is actually one of the good paying stay at home jobs for moms if not, one of the highest-paying work-from-home jobs. In fact, some of today’s successful bloggers earn as much as six to seven digits a year! That’s very inspiring, right?


Setting up a blog is simple. Do not worry about coding, that is like a thing of the past. Today, building up a blog is made easier. In fact, so easy that all you have to do is buy a domain name, and choose a web hosting site. Most web hosting sites today are WordPress ready, so, if you are familiar with WordPress, it basically is like running your free WordPress blog. Very easy.


If you are wondering you make a lot of money from blogging, it’s all about monetizing it through sponsored posts, Google AdSense or affiliate marketing.


Since you are a mom, you can do a mommy blog that talks about anything and everything about motherhood and babyhood, or you can focus on your personal interests like cooking, baking, movies, etc. If you have personal advocacies, you can also write or build a blog with that inspiration.


That is actually what’s nice about setting up your own blog – you get to talk about anything and everything you like.


2. Transcriptionist

Average Pay (according to Glassdoor): $25,000 annually


If you have excellent listening/hearing and typing skills, we highly recommend transcribing to you.


Over the years, the transcription industry has become really competitive and in-demand. In fact, there are several transcription jobs online to choose from.


Transcription is definitely one of those good paying stay at home jobs for moms. It offers a very flexible working schedule. You can also choose to go part-time, fulltime or project-based.


As a transcriptionist, your job is to simply transcribe an audio file. Your task is to type down every single word (including expressions) you hear o the file and turn it into a written form. The task may sound simple, but to be honest, it takes a lot of patience and perseverance because sometimes you will be given files that are so hard to understand (most of the time because of the accent) or are too technical.


Nevertheless, it still is one of the best work-from-home job options for moms.


3. Virtual Assistant

Average Pay (according to Glassdoor): $33,000 annually


If you have administrative work before, you will surely enjoy being a virtual assistant because it basically is providing administrative support to a client (either individual or company) by doing certain tasks for them/him or her remotely.


As a virtual assistant, you may be tasked to do specific tasks like maintaining calendars, scheduling meetings, handling emails, managing social media accounts or pages, scheduling travels, planning events, researching, as well as data entry work.


Like the previous job option, you can either work as a virtual assistant as a full-time or part-time worker. Definitely, it also offers a very flexible work schedule, thus making it another ideal job for stay-at-home moms.


4. Online Teaching

Average Pay (according to Glassdoor): $23,000 annually


For someone who loves teaching whether it be kids or professionals/adults, then the best option for you is to join the online teaching industry, which by the way, is also one of the most in-demand industry in online work today.


Depending on your expertise you can either focus on online teaching English or you can pursue tutoring other major subject matter like Mathematics, Science and Technology or History to name a few.


Unlike other online jobs, being an online teacher requires virtual interaction with your students, which is actually nice because you get to build up a student-teacher relationship, and also, it allows you to have the opportunity to make an impact on someone else.


We must say online teaching is probably one of the noblest online jobs to date.


5. Data Entry Specialist

Average Pay (according to Glassdoor): $32,000 annually


Here is another popular stay-at-home job for moms because it allows mommies to manage their daily routines. In fact, you can work while your children are asleep or are the school. It is no doubt very flexible in terms of work schedule, and very competitive too, in terms of how much you can make form doing the job.


As a data entry specialist, it is very important to have strong typing skills, as well as excellent attention to detail, which we thought,  are basic skills that most moms have, right?


A data entry specialist’s job involves transferring data from one file to another – thus the need for attention to detail skills to ensure that the data you transfer is correct and will not be mishandled or contain errors.


6. Recruiting Coordinator

Average Pay (according to Glassdoor): $51,000 annually


This one’s one of the best rather good paying stay at home jobs for moms so far. As a recruiting coordinator, your job involves supporting human resource personnel in looking into resumes, performing background checks, assisting with interviews on prospective employees, as well as helping out in the onboarding of newly-hired employees.


If you are a mom who has an HR background or simply loves helping other people out in hiring or bringing new people (it is also a good job option to moms who were former managers or supervisors) in the company.


7. Proofreader

Average Pay (according to Glassdoor): $45,000 annually


Here is another good paying stay at home jobs for moms that is very much flexible, and well, if you have the skills, very easy.


What skills are we referring to? To be a proofreader, you have to have an excellent eye for details specifically on grammar, spelling, and punctuation.


You have to have a quick eye, have to be very detailed-oriented. No error should pass through you. To be an excellent virtual proofreader, you have to ensure proper use of punctuations, correct spelling, you have to check the formatting, certify consistency, and of course, the grammar has to be perfect.


So, if you think you have what it takes to be one, then, go ahead and apply to be a proofreader. Don’t worry anyone can be a proofreader. Most companies do not necessarily require a journalism background to consider someone for the job.


8. Accounting Clerk

Average Pay (according to Glassdoor): $35,000 annually


Yes, accounting-related work can also be done remotely these days. So many to thank you for the internet, right?


So, if you used to be an accounting clerk or are knowledgeable about the job, then this one’s for you. As an accounting clerk, your job includes reconciling bank records, maintaining financial records of the client, processing transactions, preparing accounting reports, as well as in providing clerical support remotely to your client’s accounting department.


As a virtual accounting clerk, you can either go fulltime or as a freelancer — depending on your availability.


9. Customer Service Representative

Average Pay (according to Glassdoor): $31,000 annually


There are actually a lot of customer service work-from-home jobs out there to choose from. It all depends on you on what you are most interested in or what suits best on your availability.


As a customer service representative, your work requires taking phone calls, providing customer assistance, as well as responding to customer inquiries. If you have a background in sales, this is one of the best work-from-home options for you, mommy.


However, if you are going this way, you better have a workspace that is quiet, and away from noise and distractions. Remember, the caller does not have to know that you are working from home. You have to sound as if you are sitting in an office desk. Also, you have to be adaptable to learning the use of technology and CSR-related software programs.


10. Graphic Designer

Average Pay (according to Glassdoor): $49,000 annually


Are you digitally creative and artistic? If your answer is yes, then, what else is better for you than be a graphic designer!? Guess what? It is actually one of the highest paying work from home jobs right now.


Well, that is not surprising because you are getting paid for your artistry, design, and creativity, right? And seriously, graphic design is one of those jobs that need a lot of time – you know, from thinking of the design up to execution. For someone like us who’s not into it, it’s like, the process is so exhausting mentally and physically.


Just for the idea of those who are not aware, a graphic designer’s job involves creating and designing logos, ads, websites, etc. Certainly, this job is very flexible provided you deliver the expected output on time.


11. Social Media Specialist

Average Pay (according to Glassdoor): $50,000 annually


Who in the world has thought then that you can make a really good amount of money from social media? Well, that’s the power of technology, it makes the once impossible, possible.


There are a lot of mommies out there who are social media savvy, and to them we say, you better check this job out and who knows, this might make you earn really big. Instead of posting about your daily #momlife or #babyislife on your social media accounts, why not make use of your time to instead manage someone else’s social media platforms and make money out of it, right?


As a social media specialist, your job is to basically manage your client’s social media accounts or pages, which means you do create content, post the content, do social media planning, etc. In some cases, you start from scratch, meaning, you build up the company or individual’s social media presence using different social media platforms.


We highly recommend this kind of job not only to the social media savvy mommies but those moms who have marketing background as well.


Final Words


So, there you have it. These are just eleven of the many good paying stay at home jobs for moms out there. As we said earlier, there are so many options to choose from, all you have to do is to sort them out or search directly the kind of work-at-home you want to get into.


Anyway, whatever you choose, and for whatever reason, as long as you are happy about it, and you are able to manage both being a mom and a work-from-home mom, then there is no problem with that.


Keep your hopes high, mommy! You got this! Good luck!