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Gym Outfits For Women For 5 Fitness Activities

Gym Outfits For Women: Brands We Love - charlie!

Working out is a constant struggle. While on one hand, you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve snatched waist, the motivation to get out of bed often just isn’t there. This is, basically, a universal truth. But there’s always a silver lining to everything, and the silver lining here is cute gym outfits in your workout wardrobe.

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Let’s face it, there’s nothing like awesome athletic wear to inspire us to sweat. If you know there’s a fly pair of sneakers or some super cute leggings waiting for you to slip on, you’re automatically given a healthy dose of sartorial excitement. And, these days gym outfits have reached soaring new heights of cuteness and comfort, which explains the spawning of “Athleisure“ collections — for the growing number of women who are wearing their gear to brunch rather than going to the gym.

Here we tell you how to build the right workout wardrobe based on your gym choices!

Gym Outfits For Different Activities

Running and Cross-Training

Running and cross training is hard work, but you can at least make it look effortless in a snazzy gym outfits.

Plus, there’s no reason to change when you hit the juice bar or grab lunch with your girlfriends post-workout.

Gym Outfits For Women: Brands We Love - charlie!Cropped Sport Leggings, $105; Fitness Sports Bra, $24.99; Full-Zip Hooded Jacket, $159, Neuro Running Shoes, $130; Lightweight No-Show Running Socks, $10

Yoga and Pilates

Gym outfits can still look stylish while doing low impact workouts like yoga and Pilates. In fact, they are the perfect activities to get creative with your threads. Just imagine how good your Downward Facing Dog will look in these bold leggings.

Gym Outfits For Women: Brands We Love - charlie!Active Woven Jogger Yoga Pant, $30.52; Rasa Bra Top, $30; Racerback Cami, $65; Gaiam Earth and Sky Yoga Mat, $21.98; Metallic Flip-Flops, $32

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Dance and Barre

Prefer to dance to sweat away those calories? Channel your inner ballerina by throwing on a leotard and putting your hair in a sleek bun — this is no time to rock that old t-shirt and those frumpy sweatpants. This is the perfect choice for gym outfits.

Gym Outfits For Women: Brands We Love - charlie!Passe Dance Unitard, $165; Black Pull-On Skirt, $18.95; Barre Gripper Socks, $18; Bondi Backpack, $295; Contemporary Dance Crop, $125

Spin and Kickboxing Class

Want your gym outfits to look cool? It gets hot on those cycle bikes, so why not stay cool in a mesh ensemble while you get your spin on.

The material is not only breathable, but you’ll also look totally badass.

And, if you’re into kickboxing, the right jacket can be just what you need to stay comfy when you go out for a protein shake post workout.

Gym Outfits For Women: Brands We Love - charlie!Printed Compression Training Shorts, $29.99; Premier Jacket, $59.95; TechFit Sports Bra, $30; Vida Water Bottle, $20; Print Training Shoes, $109.99


We love that even the most practical swimsuits are now boasting design features like sexy cutouts and on-trend color-blocking. And when you’re finished with those laps, dry off in something other than those dingy gym-issued towels. The perfect addition to your gym outfits collection!

Gym Outfits For Women: Brands We Love - charlie!One-Piece Kupala Swimsuit, $99; Becca Swim Coverup Dress, $72; Slim Tribal Flip-Flops, $30; Important Sh*t Duffel Bag, $50; Sunnylife Luxe Beach Towel, $55

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What did you think about the list of gym outfits we’ve put together? Like them? Not so much? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!