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How To Become A Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Many virtual assistant newbies struggle with the kind of service to offer. That is not surprising though because the idea of working remotely for someone may be challenging or overwhelming especially for first-timers. That is why today, we are going to give you one possible VA path you may want to consider. We’re talking about how to become a Pinterest virtual assistant.


You may be wondering why Pinterest? Why not work on the more popular social media channels? Well, Pinterest has so much to offer. It is very promising. Well, with over 250 million active monthly users (who pin and share images, quotes, videos, and the like) and over 175 billion pins as of September 2018, it is indeed something worth investing in for businesses. Needless to say, the number continuously rises. Thus, it is safe to say that Pinterest is going to be there for a longer time.


You’re probably wondering by now what a Pinterest virtual assistant does, how much a Pinterest VA does earn, what tools you need for this job, etc. Hang in there, we are going to dig down to each of these questions as you read on. But first, let’s start with…


What is Pinterest?


I guess it is safe to say that although Pinterest has been around for years, there are still some people who are not familiar with it. For those who are familiar with Pinterest, let this serve as a refresher.


Although generally, people tag it as a social media channel, Pinterest defines itself as a “visual discovery engine”. The website or app serves as a catalog of billions of ideas where people could get inspiration for various things like fashion trends, weddings, recipes, home-style, party hacks, as well as parenting.


Through the user’s home feed, Pinterest gives recommendations based on the user’s interest, as well as the people he or she follows on Pinterest.


How does Pinterest work?


To maximize what Pinterest has to offer, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:


Step 1: Register


Sign up on Pinterest using your email and a password. Of course, like any other app, Pinterest will ask for further information as you go through the registration process. Just fill out all the information they require, and you’re good to go.


Step 2: Follow Boards


Pinterest will ask you to follow at least five boards. Follow boards depending on your interests. There is a variety to choose from. Just click the category you are most interested in.


Step 3: Verify Your Account


To maximize your Pinterest usage, make sure to verify your account. All you have to do is check the email address you used to register on Pinterest and look for the email from Pinterest that asks you to verify your account. Just click the VERIFY button on that email.


Step 4: Edit Your Settings


Personalize your Pinterest account by adjusting or editing your settings.


Now that you already know what Pinterest is all about and how to create and use it, let’s proceed to the real deal? Let’s discuss further how to become a Pinterest virtual assistant.


A virtual assistant or VA is a person who is hired to help or assist businesses and/or bloggers in doing administrative tasks so they can focus more in doing other work responsibilities that require a more personal approach. Now, what about being a Pinterest virtual assistant?


What is a Pinterest virtual assistant?


Pinterest has been proven to help drive traffic to websites and blogs, which is not surprising because of its millions of users. In effect, it boosted the interest of a lot of internet marketers, online business owners, as well as bloggers to use it to serve their respective interests.


However, some of these internet marketers, online business owners, and bloggers are not well-versed in using Pinterest. Learning how to use it can be time-consuming. And with its algorithms changing regularly, these people would want to have someone to keep up and make the best out of Pinterest. Thus, the birth of hiring Pinterest virtual assistants.


As a Pinterest virtual assistant, your job, basically, is to take care of any Pinterest-related task for your clients (could be internet marketers, online business owners or bloggers).


But how do you do this? How do you become a Pinterest virtual assistant that your client is eyeing for? Well, we are going to discuss it further below.


How to become a Pinterest virtual assistant?


To be an efficient Pinterest virtual assistant, you must be knowledgeable in the following:


Common Tasks of a Pinterest Virtual Assistant


  1. The Basics of Pinterest and Its Best Practices


Before anything else, the best thing to do is to familiarize yourself on Pinterest. Know the basics, learn the best practices in the field. By doing so, you get an edge among other Pinterest VA hopefuls.


Some of the basic Pinterest virtual assistant tasks that you need to get to know or be a master of are:


  • Perfect timing for pinning.
  • Making use of several images.
  • Being active.
  • Integrating seasonal trends.
  • Sharing pins outside of Pinterest.
  • Optimizing Pinterest boards.
  • Optimizing your client’s website.
  • Growing the number of your client’s followers.


  1. Creating Captivating, Eye-Catching Pins


One of the main tasks of a Pinterest virtual assistant is to design, create splendid, eye-catching pins. Your pins have to be visually appealing especially to the target audience of your client. Remember, there has been a study that shows that people nowadays, especially the young generation, are more on the visuals rather than content. So, make sure that you make something that captures the target audience in just a glance.


Furthermore, there are tools you can use to help you come up with compelling, stunning, eye-catching pins. One of the most common tools used is Canva. Canva is a user-friendly tool. It’s a must-have for Pinterest marketers, in the same way for Pinterest virtual assistants.


Canva offers amazing add-on tools to help you in creating captivating images. These add-ons include:


  • Font Combination – This helps you come up with the perfect typography for your images. All you have to do is choose Canva’s basic fonts on the drop-down menu, and immediately, you will see the font combinations interface. It definitely makes life easy.
  • Photo Editor– If you are not good with photo editing software such as Adobe, then, don’t fret. Canva offers a variety of photo editing templates to choose from. It also allows you to resize images, as well as adjust colors or highlights.
  • Color Palette – If you want to go bold on your images, you can choose among its variety of color palettes.
  • Mind Maps– Yes, the app also offers mind maps! So many things you can do, right?

In addition, when creating images for posting on Pinterest, make sure you use images that are either free of use or at a paid photo stock sites. Never copy anyone else’s work. It pays to educate yourself on copyright law. It actually goes for both image and write-ups. There are several sites where you can get your images from. Some of these sites are Styled Stock Society, Unsplash, and IvoryMix.


  1. Writing Compelling Descriptions


Now, the trick is, once you get their attention because of your stunning pin, you have to keep them hooked up, up to the last word you have to say. Thus, make sure you write an equally compelling content or the image description.


However, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind as you write your pin’s descriptions. These are:


  • It has to be descriptive. It has to tell what the image is all about and what kind of content there is should the users click the link in your pin.
  • It has to be keyword-rich and search engine optimized. Remember, apart from getting users to check out your pins and click the link, another goal is to ensure that the content comes out of Google search result. Make sure that your description will get noticed by search engine bots as well.


  1. Generate Rich Pins


Rich pins are what they call as the “special types of pins”. According to the Pinterest website, rich pins “show metadata right on the Pin itself, giving Pinners a richer experience and increasing engagement. Information in a Rich Pin is independent of the Pin description, ensuring that important information is always tied to the Pin.


Pinterest has 4 types of Rich Pins. These are:


  • App Pins
  • Article Pins
  • Product Pins
  • Recipe Pins


Rich Pins work by displaying metadata from marked up pages on your website. Once you’ve applied for Rich Pins, any content on your site with metadata will turn into a Rich Pin when a user saves it.


As a Pinterest virtual assistant, you have to learn how and where to place metadata in the blogs that you are promoting. This will help turn your content or blog turn into a Rich Pin once a user saves it. Also, metadata helps your rich pins show up appropriately on Pinterest.


  1. Scheduling Pins


You have already created compelling, rich pins. Now, what’s next? You’re right! It’s time to post them on Pinterest. When pinning images on Pinterest, it does not only mean pinning them once but most of the time, it means doing the same several times a day.


Imagine doing it manually? It could be time-consuming, right?


No need to worry though because you can use tools and software to make pinning images easier. There are several tools and software to choose from. All you have to do is make sure the tool or software you are using is Pinterest-approved. Check Pinterest rules to ensure you do not violate any of their existing terms.


Apart from this, another thing that a Pinterest virtual assistant needs to consider or work on is timing. The right times for the pins to be posted. You have to determine the times your client’s target audience and followers will most likely see the pins. The most crucial is making sure that out of the hundreds of thousands of pins being pinned and re-pinned every day, your client’s pins will stand out.


  1. Pinterest Management


To be an in-demand Pinterest virtual assistant, you have to make sure you offer an all-inclusive package. Apart from creating and porting pins, you may also offer the following services:


  • Optimizing Pinterest boards and profiles
  • Auditing Pinterest Account
  • Increasing your client’s followers
  • Executing Rich Pins
  • Boosting for search
  • Building a consistent schedule
  • Crafting a brand design
  • Pin campaigns promotions


  1. Connecting with Relevant Group Boards


Pinterest group boards are collaborative boards from different Pinterest users. Once you are a member of a group board, you get to add or contribute pins to the board.


As a Pinterest virtual assistant, be assertive in joining group boards. Of course, make sure that these are the boards with members your client’s business is targeting. Join groups that are of the same niche as your client’s as they are the ones who are interested in seeing your pins.


When you get into a group, please be mindful of group rules to avoid being kicked out or worse, blocked.


  1. Analytics


One of the most important things you need to know on how to become a Pinterest virtual assistant is that a Pinterest VA must deliver result. Yes, being a Pinterest virtual assistant is not just about content creation, but driving good results too.


Although Pinterest provides data via their Analytics platform, we suggest you get data using Google Analytics. It will set you apart from other Pinterest virtual assistants. Do not just settle for what is there, go the extra mile, and provide your client with a better, more reliable data source. Familiarize yourself with Google Analytics. Learn and understand how it works.


  1. Create and Maintain a Pinterest Business Account


If your goal is to drive traffic to your client’s website and generate more sales, it is vital to have your client create or migrate to a Pinterest business account. Otherwise, you might be violating Pinterest’s terms and conditions.


Creating or migrating to Pinterest business account also allows your client to unlock other features like the rich and promoted pins, analytics, and a specialized resource center.


If in case your client does have a business account already, you may offer your services in maintaining and cleaning up your client’s account. On one hand, maintenance of a Pinterest business account means editing pins and descriptions to keep it up-to-date and to ensure they are optimized by search engines. On the other hand, Pinterest clean-up means, letting go of pins and boards that are considered irrelevant.


Advanced Tasks of a Pinterest Virtual Assistant


The following tasks require more knowledge and skill. These are applicable to those who have already gained years of experience as a Pinterest virtual assistant.


  1. Promoted Pin Campaign Launching and Results Tracking


Promoted pins are actually promoted ads. However, they do look the same as other pins expect that it has a “Promoted by” tag. Like any other ads, running one means spending money and entails a higher risk to your client. That is where your role comes in. You study and recommend how best to run a promoted pin, and make sure you track down the results.


While it is risky for your client, it is also a rick on your part since you are accountable for its result. So, better make sure you have the right knowledge before even jumping into it.


  1. Updating Based on Pinterest Trends


Pinterest keeps up with the competition among social media networks. As an advanced Pinterest virtual assistant, you have to be in-the-know of Pinterest’s latest trends and ensure that you immediately inform your client and apply the latest trends on their Pinterest account. It’s always a competition, so the goal is to always be ahead of everyone else.


  1. Building Your Client’s Pinterest Progress Strategy


Growth is vital in every company. Ask your client if they have a growth strategy for their Pinterest account. If there’s none, then create one for them. Present it and ask for their approval. For sure, your client will thank you for that – but of course, most importantly, will compensate for your effort.


  1. Making Recommendations Based on Pinterest Strategies


In the case of clients who already have their Pinterest strategies, you may ask their permission if you can study and evaluate what they have and make recommendations if deemed necessary. You may also ask them if you can overhaul should you find it not suitable for your client’s goal.


We’re done discussing how to become a Pinterest virtual assistant – you roles and responsibilities include. Now, we arrived at probably the most awaited part. How much does a Pinterest virtual assistant get from doing all these?


How much does a Pinterest virtual assistant earn?


You already know the nature of your work as a Pinterest virtual assistant. Now we proceed to how much should you get from doing all these?


Like any other jobs, determining your price can really be tricky. But thanks to those ahead of us, we get to have an idea of how much to charge our clients for the work that we do.


At the moment, a Pinterest virtual assistant earns from $12 to $50 per hour. The amount depends on your roles and responsibilities. Also, it depends on the length of time you have been working as a Pinterest virtual assistant. If you are new in this field, then, expect to start from a lower rate. But don’t worry, as you gain more experience, your price gets higher as well.


To give you a little clarity on how to charge your client, and to ensure you are fair to yourself and to your client. Here are a few things you may consider when pricing your work:


Your tasks and responsibilities. When we talk about tasks, this includes designing pins, creating pins, Pinterest account management, and maintenance.

Your months/years of experience as a Pinterest virtual assistant. Remember, the longer you have been in this business, the higher your charge is.

Your knowledge and skills. Take into consideration the days or times you allotted in gaining extra knowledge. Some Pinterest virtual assistant would even attend training and workshops just to keep updated.

Your overhead costs. This include costs on software and tools requirements, electricity, computer maintenance, internet connection, and other business expenses.

Your commitment. How long does your client need you? Have you agreed to a certain timeframe? Takes these into consideration as well.


After contemplating based on these factors – although, these are just a few considerations, there may be more for some Pinterest virtual assistant – you have probably come up already with a price. Now, once you have finalized your rate, do stick to it. For as long as you are fair enough, then stick to it. Be firm with it. No one knows how much your worth is as a Pinterest virtual assistant but you yourself.




Now that we are done with the basic things you need to know on how to become a Pinterest virtual assistant, the decision is yours. If you think you have what it takes to be one, or if you used to be one but have already forgotten how to become a Pinterest virtual assistant but have fueled the fire back, then what are you waiting for?


Trust us when we say, there are a lot of companies or even individual business owners who need your help. Your future as a Pinterest virtual assistant is promising.