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7 Useful Tips On How To Clean Cloth Diapers With Poop

Nowadays, a lot of environmentalists suggests that mommies use cloth diapers on their babies. It is no doubt good for the environment, and definitely cheap. But, mommies often wonder, how to clean cloth diapers with poop? Quite challenging when you think about it, right?


Well, think no more as that is exactly what we are going to share with you as you read on.


Imagine this scenario.


Your baby is born, and you want to give the best to your baby.


As much as possible you want to deviate from the usual (and sometimes toxic) things that babies use – like diapers. You want to go organic or natural. You want to practice using eco-friendly baby stuff.


However, you find muslin diapers as too much for you to handle.


Well, no need to worry as cloth diapers are widely available in the market – definitely the better choice when it comes to diapering.


While it may pose a challenge for new users, eventually, you will get used to it especially when you learn how to clean cloth diapers with poop – which is the most challenging part of cloth diapering, if we may say.



What is Cloth Diapering?


Cloth diapering is the process or method of using a cloth diaper, which is a reusable diaper made from materials like natural fibers, man-made materials, or can be a combination of the two. Oftentimes, they are created using industrial cotton, which you can bleach or leave the fiber in its natural color. Other cloth diapers use natural fiber cloth made of wool, bamboo, or unbleached hemp.



Why You Should Use a Cloth Diaper?


From the moment your baby is born until his or her training pants years, he or she could use nearly 7,000 disposable diapers costing between $.75 and $.25 per diaper. Amazed with the numbers? Well, that’s a fact.


Imagine the amount of disposable diaper that nature has to take. That’s too much, right? No wonder why a lot of environmentalists nowadays encourage parents to stop using disposable diapers and try out other equally good or even better alternatives, and among them is the use of cloth diapers.


To encourage you further, we listed down a few reasons why you should start using cloth diapers on your baby:


– It is environment-friendly.


We have already given you the facts earlier. It’s probably quite obvious by now that we love Mother Nature so much that we want to lessen if not stop adding toxins to the environment. But really, imagine how many diapers each baby uses and with so many babies around the globe, we feel the cry of Mother Nature.


By using cloth diapers, we get to save 7,000 diapers per baby from getting into the forests, landfills, and the oceans. Cloth diapers are reusable and washable. As long as you know how to clean cloth diapers with poop, you will surely use it for a long time.


– It is easy to use.


Cloth diapers are easy to use. In fact, it’s like using disposable diapers sans throwing it in the trash bin. It’s also easy to clean. All you need to do is flush the solid waste down the toilet, rinse the diaper, wash and wait until it’s dry.


Later on, we will discuss further how to clean cloth diapers with poop – since this is probably the most concern of parents.


– It can be addictive.


You must be wondering why it’s addictive. Well, there are so many cute cloth diapers out there, you will sometimes find yourself looking into them and end up buying them. Yes, it feels like when you get addicted to buying your baby with clothes. That is totally the same. It may sound funny, but it’s true! So, once you make a switch, brace yourself from shopping too many cute cloth diapers.


– It is definitely cheaper.


Who doesn’t want to save money? Parents especially moms always look for ways to save money especially once there is a baby involved. One way to save money from is by ditching disposable diapers and instead, use cloth diapers. Make a switch today and you will be surprised with how much money you can save, and instead use it for other important or valuable things.


– It keeps the rashes away.


One of every mom’s worst nightmares is seeing their babies butt full of rashes, which usually happens when you use disposable diapers. Avoid skin rashes by using a cloth diaper. Your baby will thank you for keeping him or her away from the itch and hurt of rashes.



What are the Things You Need to Consider When Buying Cloth Diapers?


– The use of cloth.


Obviously, you are using cloth. Unlike disposable diapers, it can be challenging at first. However, with a little bit of practice, you will eventually get used to it. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect – totally what cloth diapering is all about.


– Buying the right size.


Like disposable diapers, cloth diapers come in different sizes too. So make sure you buy the right size for your baby. Buy only a good amount of cloth diapers especially since babies grow up fast. However, should your baby have already outgrown his or her cloth diaper, you can use the small flats as boosters, thus, making cloth diapers a good investment.


– Wearing nighttime cloth.


Are you worried about leakage at night? Well, you shouldn’t be. The secret here is to have the right nappies. Night nappies must wrap around your baby to ensure there is no leakage. Prefolds, hemp fitted or hemp flats are the best nigh cloths. A gentle reminder though, for newborns, you need to change your baby’s nappy every time he or she feeds. But once he or she reaches 3 months, your baby may wear one night nappy every night.


– Wearing the right clothes.


Generally speaking, there really is no need for any special clothing when your baby wears cloth diaper. So, yes, you can shop whatever clothes you like for your baby.


– More contacts with poop.


Probably the most concern of all, poop. While you think it’s hard to manage poop when cloth diapering, it’s actually not. For as long as you know how to clean cloth diapers with poop, you should be okay.


– Washing cloth diaper.


A washing cloth diaper is not as hard as you think. You just have to know the right way to succeed on this part. We highly suggest using gray water to rinse and wash your baby’s nappies.



What are the Common Mistakes When Cloth Diapering?


When using a cloth diaper, you should be mindful of making sure you do it right so your cloth diapering journey will be a breeze.


With that said, here are a few common mistakes that people make when using cloth diaper:


Not changing your baby’s cloth diaper frequently. Some people think since they are using a cloth diaper, it is okay not to change it frequently. Well, you are wrong. Remember that your baby urinates often, and the urine is made out of the body’s toxins. Thus, for hygiene’s sake and to keep your baby away from harm, change your baby’s cloth diaper as often as possible – especially if your baby is below three months old.


Not having enough cloth diaper. Babies urinate and poop often especially during the first few months of his or her life. So make sure you stock up a good amount of cloth diapers. A good amount of cloth diapers is having at least 36 pieces.


Not using the right laundry products for your cloth diapers. Remember that a cloth diaper touches the skin of your baby. Thus, using common laundry detergent is not a good idea as it contains chemicals that are harsh for your baby’s skin. Instead, use natural products like combining one-half cup of washing soda and one-half cup of borax per load. Instead of using fabric softener, which is also bad for your baby’s skin, use one-half cup of white vinegar instead. Apart from its cleaning mechanism, it is gentle to your baby’s skin and it is easy and inexpensive.


–  Buying cloth diapers made of synthetic fabrics. Believe it or not, synthetic fabrics can cause immediate and long-term problems. When buying cloth diapers, keep in mind that it will touch your baby’s skin. Thus, buy cloth diapers made of natural fibers only. Cotton is also a good choice since it is proven to absorb liquids (in this case urine) and is gentle to the skin.


Not washing your baby’s cloth diapers on a daily basis. Apart from the fact that it is not hygienic, and that you may not have enough dry cloth diapers to change your baby, a piled up diapers that last days on the laundry bin is totally a bad idea because it causes a bad smell, it takes longer to clean, and stains other fabrics. Ammonia may build up too and may cause your baby to get diaper rash.


Not rinsing off immediately your baby’s poop on the cloth diaper. Immediately after changing your baby’s cloth diaper, make sure to rinse a poopy cloth diaper. Never ever delay rinsing off or it will cause a bad smell, it may dry up and takes even longer to clean, and really, it’s totally unhygienic. Do not think of just throwing it off in the washing machine as it will not clean the poopy diaper thoroughly, and again unhygienic.


Using pocket diapers instead of changing the whole cloth diaper. Again and again, it is unhygienic. It might cause health problems even. So, do not be lazy. Once your baby wets, immediately change the diaper and do not just rely on inserting in the pockets.


Using natural oils on cloth diapers. If you thought of using natural oils for aromatherapy is just a waste of money and nature’s resources. In fact, it can even cause damage to both the diaper, and if it reaches your baby’s sensitive skin.


Expecting cloth diapers to serve you what disposable diapers do. Do not expect cloth diapers to be like disposable diapers because they are two totally different things. Unlike disposable diapers, cloth diapers do not change their shape when it gets wet. So, in case you are going out and you want to ensure dryness for your baby, experts suggest doing double-cloth diapering.



How to Clean Cloth Diapers with Poop?


Cleaning off a cloth diaper with poop can really be challenging. To help you out ensure that you are doing the right way. Here are a few tips on how to clean cloth diapers with poop:


  1. Use a cloth diaper sprayer to remove the poop from the cloth diaper. Leave it wet enough until it drips. Keeping the cloth diaper wet until washes will help lessen stains, at the same time, helps poop wash more easily from the cloth.


There are several available diaper sprayer in the market. If possible, use the ones using natural ingredient rather than those using too many chemicals.


  1. Throw into a dry pail, and then make sure to wash daily, or the most are every other day.


However, we highly recommend washing pooped diaper every day. Storing it even when sprayed with poop remover does not take away the fact that it’s dirty and needs cleaning the soonest possible. Also, talking about hygiene, washing dirty cloth diapers every day is the best.


  1. Wash no more than 12 to 18 diapers at a time to ensure everything is cleaned thoroughly and you have enough in stock.


The last thing you want to happen is to run out of clean cloth diapers. So, in case you really can’t wash your baby’s cloth diaper every day, at least make sure you have enough stock to get you in the day.


  1. Always use your washer’s highest water level when washing off your baby’s cloth diapers.


Unlike ordinary clothes, cloth diapers need a thorough cleaning. Thus, always make sure your washer is at its highest water level to ensure you have clean cloth diapers after.


  1. Pre-rinse the cloth diapers using cold water and without detergent.


Pre-rinsing your cloth diapers using cold water only is actually the very first “cleansing” step. Do not use any detergent yet until you are ready to wash them off.


  1. Use regular warm water and cloth-friendly detergent when washing off your baby’s cloth Never use chlorine bleach on a daily basis or fabric softeners on cloth diapers.


Again, always keep in mind your baby’s sensitive skin. Only use the right fabric detergent when washing off your baby’s cloth diapers. You may bleach them but not on a daily basis because it is too much for the fabric. You might end up destroying your baby’s cloth diaper if you keep bleaching them.


  1. Dry cloth diapers using a dryer or you can opt to hang dry or combine both methods.


Although there is totally nothing wrong with using dryers, we highly suggest hanging your washed off, wet cloth diapers dry under the heat of the sun or doing both. They say that the heat of the sun helps kill bacteria. So to ensure your baby’s cloth diapers are totally clean and safe to use, expose them to the heat of the sun.



What is the Best Detergent to Use When Cleaning Cloth Diapers?


We kept saying that you have to use the right fabric detergent when cleaning your baby’s cloth diapers. To help you out, here are some of our top picks (all are available on


– Rockin’ Green Platinum Series Dirty Diaper Powdered Laundry Detergent, 45 oz. – All Natural, Biodegradable, and Eco-Friendly

– Tide Original HE Turbo Powder Laundry Detergent, 68 Loads, 95 Oz

– Allens Naturally Liquid Soap Laundry Detergent 1 Gallon/ 128 fl oz/ 3.78 Liters

– Tide Ultra Stain Release FREE Liquid Laundry Detergent 92 oz

– Gain Ultra Powder – Original – 180 Loads

– RLR Laundry Treatment (Pack of 10)

– Charlie’s Soap – Fragrance-Free Powdered Laundry Detergent – 100 Loads (2.64 lbs, 1 Pack)

– Seventh Generation Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent – 95 oz – Fresh Scent

– Arm & Hammer 84555 Liquid Laundry Detergent Plus OxiClean HE 35-Loads (Case of 6)




To sum it all up, the cloth diaper is the best alternative for disposable diapers. It is eco-friendly, it is cheap and definitely safe for baby’s use.


While it may be a struggle for beginners, as time passes, and with continued use, the parents will eventually get used to it especially once they get to master how to clean cloth diapers with poop, which is basically the most challenging part when it comes to cleaning cloth diapers.


Cloth diaper, like disposable ones, can be used as early as upon baby’s birth. It comes in different sizes so you can replace accordingly – as your baby grows up.


We highly recommend using a cloth diaper. Both your baby and Mother Nature will thank you for it. Needless to say, it gives the family a good amount of savings. Roughly around $6,000 (disposable diaper cost from birth to training pants years). Indeed, a good amount, right?


So dear parents, what are you waiting for? Try out cloth diapering, and experience the difference.