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5 Important Ways On How To Get Rid Of A Stuffy Nose Life Hacks

Nobody wants a stuffy nose (like nobody wants a congested life), right? It doesn’t help especially when you have so many things to do. So, we thought of helping you out by listing down how to get rid of a stuffy nose life hacks.

Before we proceed, let’s define what a stuffy nose is and why it happens. A stuffy or congested nose happens when the tissues lining the nose gets swollen. The swelling is usually caused by inflamed blood vessels. The most common causes of stuffy nose are:

– Common Cold, Flu or Virus

– Sinus Infection

– Allergies

Although stuffy nose eventually disappears within a week or two, it doesn’t help relieve the fact that it gives discomfort. Thus, here are a few how to get rid of a stuffy nose life hacks:

  1. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Essential oils are in these days. One of the most common oils used is eucalyptus. According to the University of Maryland Medical Centre, the oil from the eucalyptus tree are used in most over the counter medicines such as cough syrup, vapor rubs and other cold products specifically designed to help relieve nasal congestions.

But apart from oral remedies, another effective way to help you breathe better is by using an aromatic diffuser. Simply put a few drops in your diffuser and allow it to do its job. If in case you do not have a diffuser, you may put it at your bed side and let it sooth you to sleep.

  1. Mint

Mint is another effective alternative medicine for those having stuffy nose. Apart from relieving a congested nose, mint is one of those herbal plants that offers a lot of health benefits. Mint helps clear nasal passages and reduces inflammation in the respiratory tract.

Like eucalyptus, there is also an essential oil version of mint, which you may diffuse in a diffuser or that you may as well put beside your bed to help you sleep soundly. For those who has mint plant within their backyards, you may boil crushed mint in water, create a tent-like over your head and smell the aroma.

  1. Ginger with Honey and Lemon Tea

Here’s one of those how to get rid of a stuffy nose life hacks that if proven effective. All you have to do is to pee off the ginger and put it to a boiling water for about 5 to 10 minutes. Once done, you may pinch a little lemon and pour honey as well to taste. Rest-assured that it will help give you nasal relief.

  1. Put Pressure Across Your Eyebrows

When mints and ginger do not sound good to you, try out some physical methods. Who knows? This might work for you.

Simply place your fingers at the start of your eyebrows – the starting point is the one near the center or the one above the nose. Then, lean forward, let your head rest on your fingers, while your elbows are placed on a flat surface to keep its balance. A few seconds after, once you feel the pressure shift, slide your fingers to the middle of each eyebrow. Hold until you feel a little lightness, then, slowly move to the end of the brows. You may continue doing it until you feel better.

  1. Pressure Between Eyebrows and Pushing Your Tongue

Like the aforementioned, putting pressures at certain parts of your body particularly on the face helps reduce nasal congestion. With this method, all you have to do is by pushing your tough flat against the roof of your mouth. Simultaneously, push a finger against the skin part in between your eyebrows. Hold it for about 20 seconds and then slowly soften the pressure. By then, you should feel relief.

These are just five ways to help decongest your nose. You may try one you think is best for you. Otherwise, may opt to do these one at a time until you figure out what’s best for you. Just like in life, you start by simply knowing nothing. You only learn by trying out things along the way.

Am I making sense? Because it’s true, right? People around you like your parents or elders teach you everything about life. Well, some parts they do, but most of the other parts, they don’t. You got to learn it yourself.

Since I’ve already mentioned ways about how to get rid of a stuffy nose life hacks, might as well, allow me teach you some life lessons or life hacks – in general — that you were probably not taught of:

Don’t make major decisions when you’re upset, down, in a desperate situation (if you can, avoid it)

Like in choosing which hack is best to help you get rid of a stuffy nose, in life, you also get to face a lot of decision-makings.

In fact, life is a series of thousands (if not millions) of minor decisions, with major decisions spliced in between. Decision making can be as minor as what to wear today and as major as deciding to change career/place of residence/spouse. Each decision comes with rewards and consequences, even if the rewards aren’t immediately apparent.

But despite all decisions we make, it never quite gets easier to make the big-life-changing ones. So what do we do? We turn to our friends/parents/dog for help to make these decisions. They can’t help. And most times you’ve already made the decision. Be confident with it. Except. And this is a big except.

Except when you’re upset/broke/lonely/nearing desperation. This all sounds so grim, but it’s the reality of life. Sometimes you’ll find yourself in one (or all of these circumstances simultaneously). If you are in that situation and must make a major life decision, of course, go for it. Don’t sit paralyzed in fear when the circumstances necessitate making a move of sorts. But if the decision can wait, if current circumstances do not dictate an immediate need for you to make some grand choice, don’t.

When we’re deep in the throes of an unpleasant situation (and I’m not referring to when the Starbucks barista mixes up your order and you’re running late for work), this is the worst time to make major life decisions. Your mind is consumed with negative thoughts about your current situation. These thoughts (and their attached feelings) will impact your decision and that impact will likely not be good.

The negativity of the circumstance makes fear your primary driver (I’m alone and afraid, I’m afraid I won’t be able to pay rent on my savings much longer, I’m afraid he’ll find out, I’m afraid……).

Table the decision until the fear calms down. Wait until either the situation changes or your mind isn’t so consumed and terrified about it.

Create your own ideal lifestyle

Your parents likely had an idea of what your best lifestyle would be. For most of us, it’s married with kids, living (near them) in the same house for most of your life, managing a stable career with a good company.

Then there are the lifestyle specialists nowadays who promote the exact opposite.

Google lifestyle design and you’ll find books and blogs and courses about creating your ideal life. Most of them will also be leaning towards the concept that quitting your 9-5 and traveling the world fits this ideal.

Says who?

Maybe you’d prefer to work in your current job from home (right where you live presently).

Or perhaps you dream of a lifestyle so different and unique (like being a mountain ranger at a National Park), that you never find this idea discussed by lifestyle specialists.

Which of these is better?

That’s a trick question. There’s no wrong or right answer. There’s only your decision. What you deeply desire, what would be the best match for the emotional and physical welfare of you (and your family—if you have one).

Only you can determine your ideal lifestyle.

No matter how much you plan, there’s always the possibility that things will go wrong; plan anyway.

Have you ever planned something down to each minute detail? You probably felt proud of yourself for doing it, too, right? Take that, Mom! See, I do plan.

And then….

It goes wrong, Everything, that is.

Despite your spreadsheets and Gantt charts and notebooks and calendar updates, things went left.

This is life.

Does that mean that you should throw planning out the window next time? Definitely, do not. We happen to hone in on focus on times when we planned something but it didn’t go our way. But what about all the times you did plan and things worked out. That happens almost daily. You just don’t take notice.

And even if things don’t go according to plan, most times there’s something that happened in the process that you can learn from and apply the next time you approach planning a similar project.

Hard work doesn’t always pay off the way you want it to; work hard, anyway

You worked hard to get that promotion but didn’t get it.

You worked so hard to lose those stubborn 20 pounds in time for vacation. Yet, you didn’t lose it.

Much like planning (above), sometimes things don’t work out as we’ve wanted. I wish there was some law of the Universe that prevented it from being this way. There isn’t. There are just too many variables (including other people) that impact our lives.

This doesn’t mean you stop working hard. On the contrary, there’s still a reward for working hard, even if it doesn’t seem apparent. Whether it’s learning new skills, training your body, or feeling good about yourself for putting in the work, the rewards are there. Look for them.

Expectations always lead to disappointment

This is one of the tougher life lessons to apply. The higher your expectations (particularly of a person you are close to), the more severe your disappointment will be time and again. Somebody needs to make this a law of the Universe. It happens that much.

It’s especially common when you expect people to behave how you would behave. Ever found yourself saying (or yelling):

‘I would never have behaved like that. Why did (s)he xyz?’

Sorry to break it to you, but you and the person are two different individuals and expecting anyone (personal or even professional) to behave how you would and fulfill your high expectations, sets you up for too much disappointment you can handle.

It’ll break you. Over and over until you feel like giving up on people and living alone in a cabin in the woods. And we don’t want that.

It’s not about lowering your standards. It’s about accepting the fact that people will not always behave how you expect them to if you have an idea that they should behave how you would. They won’t. The more you expect it. The more you’ll feel crushed.

There’s not one of these life lessons – like the how to get rid of a stuffy nose life hacks — you don’t already know. But maybe there’s something that you haven’t internalized. Something that you know deep down will help you live a fuller life. Take these life lessons and apply what feels right to you. But most of all, keep learning. It never stops. And that, after all, is the beauty of life.