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13 Simple Yet Effective Ways On How To Raise Money For Kids

As parents, we often think about how to raise money for kids. It’s something innate in every parent to find ways to ensure a good and bright future for our children. With that said, today, I will be sharing with you some ideas on how to raise money for your kids.


Before I became a parent, I was only thinking about my personal needs – seldom about my husband’s because he has his own money. It was all about me, my shopping allowance, and our retirement fund. I was so focused on earning money to ensure me and my husband get enough retirement fund so we can get off from working as early as possible.


But as they say, once you become a mom or a parent, your life will never be the same again.


The moment we found out we were pregnant, suddenly, we stopped thinking about ourselves, rather, we thought about our kid’s and future kids’ future. We had to pause and reflect how much we have and how much we need to ensure that our children grow up in a decent family living.


You know, in just a snap, our priorities changed. All the more when our firstborn was out.  It was during that moment when we realized, we have to stop thinking about ourselves. We have to start thinking about how we can give our child the best future possible.


With that, we started looking for ways on how to raise money for kids. Both my husband and I had regular day jobs, but we thought it wasn’t enough. We had to work harder.


Our story is very usual. We are fortunate to have regular jobs and all that. But, what about those parents who are struggling. What about those parents whose kids are suffering from serious medical conditions, or are struggling to make both ends meet, or are unable to send their kids to school due to lack of funds?


With these in mind, I thought of sharing with you some ideas on how to raise money for kids – whether it be for medical or educational expenses, or for other kid-related matters.


Remember fellow parents, with the help of family, friends, and the community, you are assured of raising enough money to cover for whatever expenses your child (or other children’s) needs. I guess you will agree, even the hardest of hearts soften when we talk about a child’s future.


So, with all that’s been said, here are some of the best ideas on how to raise money for kids.


  1. Set up a garage sale (on and offline)


Let’s admit it, we have so many used and unwanted items at home that are just eating up space. So, instead of stocking those up, make money out of those items instead of holding a garage sale!


Apart from your own stuff, you may also ask your family, friends, and the neighborhood to donate their used and unwanted stuff. The more items you gather, the better, because that means a greater chance of earning bigger.


Once you have all the items with you, separate them according to age group, as well as use, and you can sell them either among the community members or you can go as far as setting up an online store and sell the items online for a wider customer range.


Be honest about where the money will go, because I tell you, there are a lot of people who are willing to help by buying stuff especially if they are aware where the money will go especially if it’s going to be used for a child’s needs.


By the way, I highly suggest putting up an online store because it lets you sell items all-year-round. So, every time someone donates their old stuff, you can immediately sell them online.


  1. Sell out food and other products


What better way to raise money than sell something that fills a hungry stomach, right?


So, if you know how to bake or cook, make use of your baking or cooking skills to help raise funds for your kids. You can also encourage your kids to help out by setting up a lemonade stand in front of your homes during weekends and holidays.


You can also venture online selling – since it’s becoming famous these days. You can also ask your family and friends to commission you to do birthday or holiday cakes, or you can also offer your specialty for any occasion.


Do not forget to let people know why you are using money. It helps people become more interested to buy your products knowing their money will help a kid have a good future.


  1. Hold a skills clinic


If you have a specific hobby or skill that you are willing to share with other people, you may want to consider holding a skills clinic wherein people will register for a decent amount of money, which will go entirely or most of it to the purpose of raising the fund.


If you know a sport, or if you know how to paint, go and invite people to join you. Again, do not forget to let the people know the purpose of the fundraising. The more informed they are, the better, because it will drive the people, even more, to join and be able to help. Who knows, the might just bring a group of friends to your skills clinic, right?


While you can do the traditional way of inviting people, you can also come up with an e-poster and create a Facebook event to be able to reach more people from within your area.


  1. Selling t-shirts


This may sound old-school, but it works! In fact, there are still a lot of fundraisers out there sell shirts to raise funds. While it may seem like a very complicated fundraising idea, it actually is not – especially in the advent of social media.


You can create a design and have them printed on shirts and sell them to family and friends, as well as through social media channels and online selling sites like Etsy, Amazon, and eBay. There are also some fundraising sites that allow you to sell items to raise funds.


If you are going to do t-shirt fundraising, make sure to remember two important things – come up with a compelling design, and kickoff a regular promotion. If you have graphic designer friends, you may ask their help about the former. As with promotions, you can do like give a 10% discount for 3 or more purchases, or something like that.


  1. Hold a Pizza Night


Who doesn’t love digging into deliciously hot and cheesy pizzas!? That is why I am highly suggesting this kind of fundraising for kids!


But you might be wondering how to raise money for kids by doing this activity when you actually need to buy pizzas!? Well, you can go to your favorite local pizza parlor and you can propose a partnership with them. It’s actually a win-win situation for both parties – you get to raise funds, while the pizza parlor gets to market their product for a very minimal amount.


But I also got a better idea for you. If you know how to make pizza or you have a friend who knows how you or your friend can invite people over and have them register for a pizza-making fundraising activity. They get to make their own pizza, they learn something new, and they get to help raise funds! If you’re holding one, please do invite me. I would love to join the fun! Of course, you get to do a pizza party after all your pizzas are cooked!


  1. Hold a Backyard Barbecue


Another way to raise funds is by doing a backyard barbecue. It’s a very easy fundraising idea plus a fun activity for the whole family. You can also ask family and friends to help you out! You can ask them to bring inside dishes while you take care of barbecue staples like hotdogs, burgers, and chicken wings.


To be able to raise funds, you have to charge an admission fee for people to enjoy the food, and you may incorporate fun activities too to keep it on a party mood – of course, it has to be family-friendly kind of fun.


Invite everyone to forms the neighborhood, friends, colleagues, and relatives. Do not forget to tell them the purpose – where the money will be used for. Remember, people love to help, you just have to be honest.


  1. Plan Out a Karaoke Night


Coming up with a karaoke night is probably one of the most fun ways on how to raise money for kids. Well, who doesn’t love singing their hearts out, right? Regardless if you sing well or not, karaoke night is always a hit among family and friends.


So, why not host such an event and make money out of it!? To start off, find a suitable venue for a karaoke night. You may check on local restaurants if they are willing to host such kind of activity. Do not forget to tell them the reason behind holding the activity – you do not know what magic it can give! Who knows, they might be willing to help too and agrees to hold the karaoke night for free! That would be awesome!


Ideally, you look for a venue with in-house karaoke equipment, otherwise, you can ask from people you know – family and friends – if they have one and if they can lend it for the activity.


Now, how does this go? Well, people will pay a certain amount to get to sing a song! Regardless if it’s cheap or a little higher than usual, they will surely still love to sing! All the more if they know that someone will have a brighter future or will be healthier if they do so.


  1. Hold a Silent Auctions


Holding a silent auction is another way to raise money for kids. One thing about this activity through to make it successful is you got to find the right auction item.


Ask family and friends for items they think has a value and are suitable for auctions. To give you an idea, some of the common items that are good for auctions are gift cards, gift baskets, signed memorabilia, vintage items, paintings from a well-known local artist or a budding artist with such beautiful pieces of art, collectibles, etc.


You can either hold an auction activity or you can simply upload them online and use a mobile bidding tool. Using a mobile bidding software will make life easier for you and your team as it makes checking in, checking out, as well as item monitoring a breeze.


  1. Sell Out Old Books


If you have a collection of old books, you can also make money from that by selling them out. You can also ask from family and friends for book donations to include in your book sale.


Holding a book sale is another fun fundraising activity. Needless to say, it does not take a lot of work. In fact, all you need is space may be in the garage, and you are good to go! Do not forget to put signage though that you are holding a book sale and where will the money go.


There are a lot of people out there who love to read, so for sure you will not run out of buyers. While holding a book sale, you can also include selling other stuff on the side like used clothes, bags, and shoes, or you can sell food and drinks to keep your buyers’ stomach full.


Since we are in the modern world, you can also sell your old books online. That way you do not only get to offer them to the neighborhood, but also to other people from other parts of the country or the world even.


  1. Host a Bingo Night


It’s a very nostalgic game, isn’t it? It brings the oldies back to the old times, while the young ones, they get to have a grasp of a game that has been there for ages!


What I like about Bingo is it is fun, it’s thrilling, and it has a certain charm that brings people together for an enjoyable time.


Holding a bingo night need not be too costly. You can have it in your backyard. You can set up food stalls offering different kinds of finger food, ask family or friends to sell. Remember to keep reminding everyone that you are holding the activity to raise funds. That way, they get to be encouraged to make more contributions during the event and patronize the food being sold – wherein you can also get commissions from.


  1. Face Painting


From time to time, local churches and schools hold activities wherein they look for people who may want to join and sell or make money from offering products or services. One way to make money or raise funds is by joining such activities, and offer face painting services.


You know, regardless of age – young and old – many people love face painting! It’s just fun and quirky. You can offer face painting services for minimal fees. The money you raise from there would be such a great help in raising funds for your kids or for a friend’s kid.


Just like in the previous ideas I shared, tell the people where their money will go should. It makes people feel good knowing they were able to help.


This activity is ideal for those parents who are creative and artistic. But if in case you are not, you can always ask help from family members or friends who have the skills.


  1. Hold a Themed Bake Sale


Bake sale is such a classic way of raising funds for kids. It’s definitely a sweet treat for families and friends. However, you can put a twist on it! Instead of the usual, hold a themed bake sale instead.


To come up with a theme, you think about who you are raising it for. You can do safari, soccer, candy, or a princess-themed bake sale. It’s really up to you and your creative mind. You can also ask ideas from family and friends. For sure, you will have a lot of beautiful ideas.


Also, recruit volunteers (co-parents, friends and family members) who are willing to make additional delicious treats! For sure, you will be surprised at how the response will be especially if they are aware of the purpose of the bake sale.


  1. Offer Gift-Wrapping Services


This kind of fundraising activity is most applicable and is a sure hit during the holiday season. Everyone gets so busy they tend to forget to wrap their gifts! So, why not offer them a gift-wrapping service, right? Well, I tell you, a lot of people will thank you for offering such a service to them. It’s like a sigh of relief knowing someone else is taking care of wrapping their gifts.


I tell you, it’s one of the best ways on how to raise money for kids. Needless to say, people are extra generous during the holidays. If you tell them that you are using the money for your kids’ needs, they will surely love to add extra from your fee, as well as refer you to other friends who need gift-wrapping services.




You know, sometimes we thought we are running out of ways or ideas on how to raise money for kids, but to be honest, there are actually a lot more ideas out there!


Personally, I love participating in such activities because it gives you a sense of fulfillment knowing you get to help someone. Well, like now, hopefully, I was able to help by sharing some of these simple yet effective ways on how to raise money for kids.