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How To Unpin On Pinterest

So you pinned a lot of interesting stuff, but now, you realized you no longer want any of them. Then, the question goes, “how to unpin on Pinterest”?


Have you been in this scenario? Well, who didn’t? Even I did. I love Pinterest! Everybody loves Pinterest, do you agree? I remember when I was planning my wedding (well, I mean, “our” wedding), I pinned almost anything and everything I found cute or beautiful or nice – anything! Pinterest was like heaven! It’s like it has magic that gives so much inspiration to whoever is using it.


But here’s the next scene. After a few months down the preparations and planning, I realized, I pinned so many stuff and wanted to get rid of some. But the problem is, I do not know how to unpin on Pinterest! I may sound old for saying that, but yes, I figured, while I love the app so much, I didn’t know enough about it. I didn’t even know how to unpin on Pinterest, right?


What is Pinterest?


Anyway, just a refresher, Pinterest is a social media app that enables the user to save interesting and inspiring photos and videos from the all over the World Wide Web or simply, the internet, by pinning them. Apart from that, the user can also share pins with other people.


Pinterest gives a certain joy to the user. It inspires them to discover new things, new activities they want to do, it sparks their creativity, gives the idea about what things to buy or suggests ways in how to improve the users’ lives.


In fact, 70% of Pinterest users according to Bizrate go to Pinterest to get inspiration on what to buy. Also, a lot of online consumers believe that Pinterest has become a place to keep track of collectibles and to keep up with the latest trends in the market.


Pinterest is really helpful! It helps its users get organized in one way or another. But, like what I mentioned earlier, a user will eventually change perspective. And when that happens, the question would be, how to unpin on Pinterest?


Why some unfollowed pins show up?


While one of Pinterest’s priorities is superb user experience, let’s admit it, there comes a time when we pause and realize, some of the items showing up in your feeds are no longer part of your interests. Well, when that happens, that is probably because of the following


  1. A pinner that clogs your newsfeed by posting too many images, photos and videos.
  2. Pins that are not useful to you
  3. Pinners who spam your group boards
  4. Disliking “Related” pins that Pinterest pushed onto your Pinterest feed
  5. You followed a spammer
  6. Promoted or Sponsored Pins


How to resolve unwanted posts on Pinterest?


To help address the scenarios we mentioned above, here are the ways to do it:


  1. Unfollow a pinner’s board, you simply go to the board itself and then, click “Unfollow board”. You will know if you are successful in unfollowing the board when a “Follow” button suddenly shows up.
  2. Unfollow a pinner’s account, you go to the pinner’s account home page and simply click “Unfollow All” button.
  3. Block the pinner. To block a pinner, you may follow below instructions from Pinterest’s Help Center:
  • Open the profile of the person you’d like to block
  • Click
  • Click BLOCK
  • Click OKto confirm

Once blocked, here are what will happen:

  • You can no longer follow each other; like a pin, message or comment with each other’s pins.
  • Pinterest will automatically remove previous follows and comments between the two of you.
  • Previous pins, however, will not be removed. You may unlike them one by one instead.
  • The person blocked will not be notified. However, they will be alerted should they try to follow or interact with you.
  • The accounts you blocked will still show up in your search button.

Should you decide, in the future to unblock the person, you may still do so by clicking the UNBLOCK button, which you will find once you go to their profile.

  1. Unfortunately, “Related Pins” are there to stay. You just have to deal with it or you can also click the gray icon, then click thumbs down to keep seeing it at limited times only.
  2. Promoted pins are paid ads. To get rid of them, all you have to do is follow the instructions below:
  • Go to your Pinterest Account Settings
  • Go to Personalization and turn the slider to “No”


Actually, some of what we mentioned above are already part of the ways on how to unpin on Pinterest. But there are more concrete ways in how to do it specifically to those pins you did previously.


How to unpin on Pinterest?


Since we already mentioned how to unpin on Pinterest, let’s move on to that now. The decision to unpin photos or videos or images comes from the user itself. Probably because you no longer need the pinned items, or maybe you have already decided which ones you like most or could be because you simply have grown up and no longer interested in the pins you did before and would want to start anew. Whatever the reason may be, good thing is, pinned items are not permanent. You can always unpin them anytime you like.


To unpin on Pinterest, here your step-by-step guide.


Deleting A Single Pin


Step 1

Log in to your Pinterest account. Then, look for the pin you wish to unpin.

Step 2

Once you already found the pins, mouse over the pin, and then, click the “Edit” button, which appears on the pin.

Step 3

Click the “Delete Pin” button. Then, click the “Delete Pin” button in red. By doing so, you are able to permanently delete the pin.


Deleting the Entire Board


Step 1

Log in to your Pinterest account. Once logged in, look for the board you wish to unpin.

Step 2

Once you found the board, look for the “Edit Board” button and click it to start editing the board.

Step 3

On the “Edit Board,” go find the “Delete Board” button and click it to permanently remove the board.


There you have it. Hopefully, I get to share with you how to unpin on Pinterest and let go of unwanted pins. By doing so, you can focus on things that you just want to see as you browse your Pinterest feeds.


Going back to my story earlier, when I already knew what I wanted – thanks still to Pinterest because it really helped me find the right inspiration – I immediately look for the way on how to unpin on Pinterest. I wanted to get rid of all the unnecessary pins so I can focus on just the inspiration I like. I organized my pins accordingly, and it was fun! After cleaning up my pins, I remember I was smiling because of what I saw. It was all the inspiration I needed for the wedding – from the gown I will wear to the flowers, to how the reception and the church will look like. Pinterest is indeed all I needed then. It made my life easier.