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Ibotta Hack: 15 Ways to Maximize Your Revenue

Do you want to earn cash back from buying your favorite supermarket items? That is possible with Ibotta! No kidding here. Read on and learn some Ibotta hack that will make you earn some cash.


Probably one of the most fun activities for moms and women, in general, is shopping! Whether it be shopping at the groceries or shopping for a home and personal items – so long as the word shopping is there, we love it!


But come to think of it, how do you like the idea of shopping, at the same time, earning from it? Crazy, right? But, that is exactly what Ibotta does! You make money through cash back rebates from whatever you buy from their partner stores.


I personally thought it was a scam when I first heard about it until recently – when I finally had the guts to try this out, and all the more when I learned some Ibotta hack that helped me earn more!


Still not convinced? Well, I can’t blame you.


But, I highly encourage you to read on so you get to know more about Ibotta and the many Ibotta hack you can exercise to help you earn more cash back!


So, let us begin…



What is Ibotta?


For those who are not familiar with Ibotta, it is an app that gives you cash back rebates from a huge selection of items you can buy at different stores – from groceries to home, to household items, and even some selection of organic foods. It may sound impossible for some to have such privilege of earning rebates out of buying store items, well, this I say, it is possible.


And wait, there’s more! Ibotta is a free app! Yes, apart from the money you spent buying items at your favorite supermarket or store, you need not pay anything else to earn rebates.


Aside from its rebates feature, Ibotta is also popular when it comes to grocery store coupons.


Ibotta is widely known with more than 300 retailers participating in its cause. Some of their partner stores are Sam’s Club, Walmart, and of course, Target.


Ibotta is like the new way to clip coupons, definitely just a hundred times faster. Also, instead of accumulating points in your personal account, you actually get to receive cash back in your account! How is that for you? Don’t you think it’s a really great deal?


How do Ibotta works?


To help you start with your Ibotta experience, here’s a step-by-step guide for you to follow:




– Download the Ibotta Hack app on your mobile phone via iTunes or Google Play. Yes, it’s available for both iOS and Android users.

– Complete the registration process. It only takes a few minutes (or even just seconds if you are fast) to create an Ibotta account.

– Once done, log in using your information, and then choose among the store selections.

– Find offers! There is a lot to choose from. All you have to do is browse through suggested offers from your favorite stores.

– Ibotta has fun tasks that allow you to add offers to your account. Complete one or two and enjoy getting offers. Here’s the catch, the more offers you add to your account, the more cash back you get. Great deal? Yes, definitely! Just a reminder though, offers may have expiration dates so make sure you redeem them before it ends.




– Once you are done adding offers to your account, they will be automatically added to your My Offers list.

– Purchase these items as soon as you can at your favorite stores from Ibotta’s more than 300 store partners.

– Please note that some offers are a store exclusive so make sure you check the retailer first before you go shopping. One way also to find out if an offer is a store exclusive is by tapping offer and then you get to see the details on the Available At section. Should you not find any other store listed at the bottom of the offer details, that simply means the offer is exclusive to the retailer.




Redemptions of credit are only available within 48 hours. The process of redemption depends on the retailer or store, which may be one of the following:


3.1 Manual Receipt Submission


– On the navigation bar, click REDEEM.

– Choose the right Retailer.

– Take a clear photo of your receipt, and then choose an appropriate offer.

– In some supported retailers, they require scanning the QR code or receipt barcode for you to be able to redeem offers. If there’s a prompt, scan the barcode of the product you opted to buy.


3.2 Loyalty Card Submission or Preferred Partner


– This applies in some stores only. Users are required to connect their loyalty cards and add offers prior to shopping.

– Users will then automatically receive the credit within 48 hours if their redemption is successful.


3.3 Mobile Shopping Submission


– Shopping retailers of Ibotta Hack allow in-app or app-to-app acquisitions. You do not need to send a receipt but you are required to hold on to the confirmation email until the offer is completed, which typically takes 48 hours to process.




Yes! With just four easy steps, you get to make money through the Ibotta app. No broken promises or false advertisements, just real cash back money.


Ibotta Hack: How to maximize Ibotta?


A lot of Ibotta users miss out the potential to make money through the app because they do not fully understand how it works. According to statistics, an average Ibotta user can earn as much as $20 a month by using the app. Imagine, that’s $240 in a year! It may not be that huge but still is a big money. Well, you do not work to earn it after all.


But here’s the catch, you can earn more than just $20 a month! Yes, you can, and that is exactly what we are sharing with you now!


  1. Make it a habit to list down your shopping list ahead of time.


Number one rule when you want to save money from buying at the groceries or in any store, in general – make a list and stick to it! By having your list makes you focused and avoid unnecessary buying of stuff you see at the supermarket or at any stores you go to. By listing down the items you are buying, you make life easier especially when it comes to using Ibotta to get cash back!


How? Well, you look at your list and then look for those items on your Ibotta app to check for any existing offers. All you have to do is search for the bran and the types of items you are purchasing. Should you find any relevant offers, add them up immediately to your account so you get to redeem them after shopping.


Prove your purchases by either scanning the printed receipt, linking a store loyalty card or by initiating online purchase via Ibotta app.


  1. Shop online with Ibotta.


If you want less hassle or are just too lazy to drive going to your favorite store or supermarket, well, don’t worry, you can also shop online and use Ibotta and still earn cash backs!


All you got to do is open the Ibotta app first and check for appropriate offers. Then, go to your favorite store’s website or app and start shopping! Easy, right?


Make sure that before checking out, you open your Ibotta app and click over the retailer or store name. Complete checkout via your mobile phone so you won’t miss out your cash back credit.


  1. It’s not just for groceries! Use Ibotta for your other purchases.


A lot of people thought you only get to earn cash back from buying groceries. Well, I tell you, Ibotta is more than just that! You can use Ibotta when buying beauty and wellness products, clothing, shoes, electronics, restaurant purchases, crafts, and even travels! That is why it is highly suggested, and I agree too, that you always check Ibotta app before starting off your shopping activities. I swear you will be surprised at the items where you can make money from. Such amazing Ibotta hack here, right?


  1. Do not forget to keep your receipts and to always double-check your purchases.


Ibotta gives you seven days to submit your receipts – fair enough, I must say. In fact, that’s long enough! It actually gives you the chance to wait for a while for compelling deals for the items you purchased. Good for you if within seven days, something appears! Another crazy but fun Ibotta hack in here, right?


Some Ibotta users suggest checking the app on Thursdays when most new rebates tend to appear. Now, that’s a very nice tip for you.


  1. To confirm offers, you may use the scanners in stores.


To ensure the items you are purchasing are qualified for your offers, scan the bar codes while shopping. This prevents you from getting surprised later on. It pays to check, I swear. After all, you do not want to regret buying something that’s not covered by your offers, right?


  1. Do not forget to redeem your Ibotta Welcome Bonus.


Ibotta gives a Welcome Bonus to its new customers. Thus, make sure you do not forget redeeming it upon signing up. However, make sure to pay attention to the fine print.


Keep in mind that the offer is only for new Ibotta users. If you have an existing account, you are definitely not qualified for the bonus. Also, you have to make sure you are using a mobile phone or device that has never had any Ibotta account on it or else you will miss you $10 welcome bonus.


Another important note is that you have to redeem at least one offer to start off. There is a certain time frame for you to be able to redeem a qualifying offer.


  1. Check for bonuses regularly.


Who doesn’t want to get bonuses, right? Thus, make sure you do not miss it. Bonuses are given in addition to the usual regular rebate amounts. Ibotta must be really generous!


From what I’ve learned, at least, some of Ibotta bonuses are:


– $1 bonus per 3 non-GMO offers redeemed

– $2 bonus if you get to redeem 10 offers before the “Dracula Dough Bonus” ends

– $5 bonus for 5 redeemed offers before the expiration “Monster Cash Bonus”


To check for existing bonuses, all you have to do it check it on the app by scrolling down to the “Earn Extra Cash” subheading. With the title itself, you know this one is for bonuses.


  1. Do strategize your purchases to be able to get bonuses.


Before shopping, check the bonus section too! That way, you get to purchase separately to qualify for whatever bonuses available.


Make it a habit too to always read the fine print as you might be able to get the bonuses for free or at a cheaper cost. The key here is to always plan ahead before purchasing anything.


  1. Keep an eye for recurring rebates.


Some if not most offers come back over and over again. I actually notice this. I thought most of the offers I used in the past are the same offers I get a few weeks or months after.


One way to check if it’s a recurring rebate is by looking at the bonus offers. For instance, a few weeks back, I got a bonus for redeeming three identical item offers, and then, a few weeks later, I got the same. In fact, some users suggest dividing purchases of the same item into separate receipts so you get to redeem the offer right there and then.


  1. To save more, hoard rebates!


Hoarding also does apply here. Some of Ibotta people’s favorites, and mine too are the “Any Brand” and “Any Item” deals. Meaning, you get to use these for whatever purchases you have. You can hoard these along with other offers. By combining these deals, you get to earn more cash back for yourself. Genius? I know, right?


  1. Look out for promo code.


Always check your emails, social media pages, as well as your notifications for promo codes. In my case, I have redeemed past promo codes for offers worth $5 to $20. Amazing? Well, yeah, that easy money by simply paying attention to promo codes.


  1. Instead of buying big containers, go for the smallest ones.


There are rebates that say, “valid for any variety, any size”. For this case, you better be smart and use it to your advantage. How? By simply buying the smallest size. Ideally, the cheapest size possible. Believe me, this will give you the most savings while gaining maximum profit for yourself.


  1. Purchase items at dollar stores.


Remember this, not all “dollar store” is the same. But the good thing is, everything is truly in just a dollar! I swear, shopping at dollar stores is probably the easiest way to make money through Ibotta. Yes, another genius Ibotta hack in here!


  1. Keep an eye for External coupon and in-store sales that is linkable with your offers.


Do you want to save more? Well, all you got to do is stack coupon, sale price, and cashback offer and use it as you purchase an item or the offered item. In some cases, you get to encounter an Ibotta offer that is already on sale or have an existing coupon. See? That is a super great deal for you! And ultimately, big savings!


  1. Build up your Ibotta team.


Yes, you read it right. You got to build up an Ibotta team if you want to earn more.


But before you even suspect Ibotta as an MLM company, no, they are not. However, they do encourage you to become teammates with your fellow Ibotta users. Why? Because being in a team means a greater chance of earning more!


How does it go? Simple. Once you are an Ibotta member, you get to have a shareable link, which when used by a friend or a family member, or a stranger in signing up, they get to be a member of your team automatically.


Being in or having a team gives you the chance to earn team rebates, which means, the redeemed rebates of your teammates also counts towards you. It’s totally a win-win scenario for you and the members of your team.




Ibotta is indeed something that moms like me will love. Why not? When it offers cash back, which means earning extra without even doing anything – except shopping!


With all the kids of Ibotta hack that has been shared above, you can get more money, which you may opt using for your next purchases or save it up for a grander purchase at the end of the year.


Overall, being an Ibotta user myself, I have to say, I would highly recommend it to you and all the mommies and daddies, as well as single ladies and gents out there, too!


To be honest, since using this app, my shopping experience was never the same again. It truly is something I am happy knowing about and I pat myself on the back for giving in and trying it out. Otherwise, I would have missed the chance of getting cash backs from my purchases.