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Is Foap Legit: 9 Key Points That Will Convince You It’s Legit

Is Foap legit? This is a common question among photographers who are selling their work online. Well, read on as we are going to review the site and give you our verdict whether or not it is for real.


Do you know that you can make money out of the photos and videos you have taken?


Well, just in case you do not know yet, yes, you can! In fact, there are a lot of online platforms where you can make a profit from the photos and videos you took, and one of them is Foap, which is what we are going to talk about today.


But before that, let me ask you this, have you ever thought that you can make a profit out of your passion?


It sounds really amazing, right?


If before you only got to share work within your circle or worse, just keep it safe in your external drives, now, you there are already online platforms like Foap where you can sell your photos and make money out of it.


Many photographers nowadays aim to have their images sold especially those who are seriously working on making it a business. For them, getting paid for their work means being able not just to earn money but to continue doing their passion – it is like what drives them, even more, to continue doing what they do.


But the question remains, is Foap legit?


Well, we will get to find out today as we get into details of how does selling in this website go and what are the opportunities it gives for the photographers.


Let’s begin with…


What is Foap?


As earlier mentioned, Foap is an app, an online platform where you can make a profit out of your photos and videos. Through Foap, you get to sell your work.


It was established in 2012 by a start-up team from Sweden.


There are various agencies, brands, bloggers and website owners or builders that look into the photos uploaded in this app – your work included. They get to upload your photos and use it for their own purposes by simply paying a royalty fee.


Wondering how much it cost?


Well, the price for every image uploaded is $10. The price will be split into two – meaning, 50% goes to Foap as their commission being the online platform where you get to sell your photos and/or videos, while the rest goes to the owner of the photo, which is you.


Foap is very simple and easy to use. It doesn’t require too much from its user apart from the usual – download the app and register via your Facebook account or using your email address. Once done with the basics, you are now ready to upload your photos and videos to the app, and you are good to start making money from your photos and videos.


While the app is used for uploading photos and videos, the Foap website, on the other hand, is used for buying or downloading photos and videos. The app is available for download via Apple iTunes or Google Play.


What makes it unique?


Unlike other big-name stock photography websites like iStock, Fotolia, Getty, and Dreamstime, Foap sells each image for $10 dollars, which is divided equally between Foap and the photographer.


Compared to its major competitors, their commission per photo vary from 37% to as much as 80%, which is quite a big difference. Also, compared to Foap, they sell photos and videos for a much lower price. Some sell photos for only $5 each.


For other stock photos website like the famous Shutterstock and Stocksy, they give the photographers a bigger pay but at a lower price – so low that they might sell for cents only. Yes, not even dollars.


Apart from getting paid from every sold photo, the website also offers contests and missions, wherein you can join and earn more money. Unlike other photo stock websites, uploading images is just a part of Foap’s general business plan.


With Foap’s contest, for instance, you can win as much as $100, which is no doubt, a big money!


Apart from money matters, another thing that makes it different from the rest is that it allows you to comment and rate other images. In fact, rating images is necessary for you to be able to upload your own images or videos. However, this method created problems. Thus, they eventually they no longer require this process.


Based on this information, are you still wondering – is Foap legit?


Well, let’s move on to our next point.


How does it work?


Using the Foap app is so easy. In fact, you get to sell photos and videos in just four steps! Yes, you read it right.


The process goes like this:


  1. Download the app via Apple iTunes or Google Play

You can download the app for free anytime via Apple iTunes or Google Play, and as you know it, downloading apps will only take you 2 minutes or less even depending on your internet connection.


  1. Register using your Facebook account or Email Add


Of course, like any other stock photo website, you need to register. If you are using your Facebook account, registration would be faster. Let’s say it won’t take longer than a minute. Otherwise, if you are using your email add, that will take you 2 to 3 minutes – depending on how fast or slow you do it.


  1. Add your first image


Once done with the registration process, you are now off to uploading your first image! Unfortunately, they only allow uploading one image at a time. So, it takes a little patience in here.


  1. Sell!


Once your images are uploaded, people get to see it right there and then. So, by now, all you have to do is sit back and relax and wait until you get your first sold image or video.


Easy-breezy, right? Well, talk about convenience here.


So, now that you already know what Foap is all about and how to go about it.


We’re down to the most important part – looking into the advantages and disadvantages of the app.


Let’s begin with the good part first —-


What are the advantages of using Foap?


We think it is just necessary that we highlight what is nice about this app. Apart from our point of view, we also looked into, considered other people’s reviews on Foap to come up with this list.


With that said, here are a few advantages using this app:


  1. User-Friendly


Let’s admit it, we hate going through a long process. With Foap, they make everything easy for its users. You do not need to go through such a rigorous process just to be able to register and be able to upload and sell your photos and videos. All you have to do is follow a simple process: download the app, register, upload photos and/or videos. Compare that to their competitors, it’s absolutely easier with Foap.


  1. Variety of Customers


The people buying photos and/or videos from Foap comes from a variety of groups – brands, companies, bloggers, website creators, etc. They are not just limited to a certain group. They let people from whatever industry to buy photos from them. In the same way that they do not filter photographers who want to use their platform to sell their photos and videos.


  1. Photos and Videos are Easily Viewed


You no longer have to wait for your photos or videos to be viewable because right after uploading, your material becomes available for anyone to see. It’s also nice that people are allowed to make comments, which will help you as a photographer to know what else you can improve when it comes to the materials you sell.


  1. Membership is FREE


We love the fact that being a Foap member is free! Imagine the perks. You get to sell and make money without having to spend for using the platform. That’s great and a lot of savings for you, right?


  1. Contests called Missions


Apart from earning by selling your photos and videos, Foap also offers another way for you to make money by way of a contest called, Missions. Although the chances of winning are quite high because you will be competing with all its members, still, when luck is on your side, you get to win $100. Exciting, right?


  1. 50% Commission


Foap sells your image for $10 each. They get 50% and the other 50% goes to you. Fair enough, right? Actually, not bad at all. In fact, compare it to the majority of other photo stock websites, you get to sell your photos at a higher price with Foap.


  1. Cash Payments


Another plus point of using Foap is that they pay in cash, and with no withdrawal limit. While the other stock photo websites prefer to pay via online or virtual currencies, with Foap, they pay out in cash without any hassle. All you have to do is request withdrawal every 15th of the month to ensure that you get paid by the end of the month. Very convenient, isn’t it?


  1. All you need is a – Smartphone

When you are the one selling the photo, all you need is a smartphone and you are good. You can upload and start selling photos or videos online. Yes, no need to have a computer or laptop. Again, talk about convenience.


  1. Does NOT require DSLR images


Unlike other stock photography websites, Foap does not require your photos to be a DSLR image. Meaning, it does not require a certain level of resolution. So, if you have photos taken using your iPhone or other smartphones, they are saleable. Upload them on Foap app, sit down, relax, and wait until your first buyer hit that buy button.


With all that’s been said, it is not surprising why a lot of people question the legitimacy of Foap. They offer so convenient way to sell photos and videos, plus, they sell it for a bigger amount compared to other websites.


Even we are surprised at how promising Foap is!


Now, back to the main question – is Foap app legit?


Well, at this point, we are just an inch away to being convinced that they. Well, we do have our judgment already but we’ll keep it for now until you find out our next point of the matter.


What are the disadvantages of Foap?


Of course, in every business, there are advantages and disadvantages.


While there are so many things to love about Foap, there are also other points that make us cringe, and hope it was better.


So, here are a few of, on our point of view, its downsides:


  1. There is high competition.


Well, it’s actually both an advantage and a disadvantage. The good side is, it means more chances of selling your photos and videos, which means more money. The bad side is that, since it is popular, that will make more people or photographers get into it – which means, more competitors. In business, the higher the number of competitors is, the more unlikely you get to win in the game – or should we say, to more unlikely you are to sell.


The catch here is, you better have really good and unique photos so more people will get to you and buy your material.


  1. It won’t make you rich.


Because of high competition, your chances at selling becomes at par or lower even. That said, if you are planning to make it as your source of living, we highly would not suggest that. It’s good for passive or extra income, but not as your sole income. Definitely, not. To give you an estimate, at most you can expect $50 in a month.


  1. You can’t upload multiple images.


Yes, sadly, they only allow one image upload at a time, which makes the process really slow and time-consuming. This is the inconvenient part of Foap. While their competitors allow you to upload multiple images at a time, with Foap, that is totally not the case.


  1. You need a smartphone.


Well, this is not really a big thing, especially for the new generation. But for the old-school people, this is a disadvantage. Let’s admit it too that not all people are fond of smartphones. So if they do not have one, they have to buy first before they can start uploading on the Foap app.


  1. You are paid monthly.


If you do not have the patience to wait for a month, then this probably is not the best stock photo website for you to deal with. They only pay on a monthly basis. Also, it could even be more of a hassle if you forget to request payment on the 15th of every month! You better turn on your calendar for a reminder.


  1. They do not have BBB rating.


Now, this is the part where we think why a lot of people question the website’s legitimacy. Upon checking, they do not have a rating yet with the Better Busines Bureau, which makes their business operations questionable. That said, is Foap legit really? Well, we have to say it is for your own discretion whether or not to trust the company.





The Foap app is really promising. In fact, so promising that it got a lot of photographers joining them.


But like any other stock photo websites, competition is real – very real. You have to keep up to sell. You have to ensure you got a lot of good, unique photos or videos. Let’s admit it, the greater your images and videos are, the more likely they are to sell.


While Foap has a lot of photographers joining them, they also have a variety of buyers – from brands to website creators to bloggers. It’s a good thing because that means there is a better chance of making money.


Moving on to the images or videos you sell, with Foap, you don’t need to have high-resolution photos, which most of its competitors require. Even a photo taken using your smartphone can sell. Amazing, right? That means you do not need to buy a DSLP camera just to be able to sell your photos online.


No doubt, it’s a great privilege for photographers who have no cameras.


Cost-wise, they are very competitive. Generally speaking, they pay bigger than other stock photo websites. No wonder why a lot of photographers registers and sell photos using this online platform.


Payment is on a monthly basis, which is both good and bad. Good because you get to save a month’s worth of sold images. Bad because you need to wait that long before you get your earnings. But in the end, it is still your money so never mind waiting, right?


The only big downside we see here is its lack of BBB rating, which creates questions regarding the safety of the website and as well affects in a way its credibility.


The Verdict


Is Foap legit?


Overall, we have to say it is legit. They may not have BBB, but the fact that a lot of people trust them, and we did not encounter payment issues is enough for us to believe that it is a legitimate stock photo website.


However, as we earlier pointed out, if you want to get rich or you are planning to make it as your full-time job, we highly discourage you to do so. Foap is good for making extra income, but should never be the main source of living for anyone.