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Is VIPKid Legit: Everything You Need To Know

Do you want to make money through freelance work? Have you heard about online teaching? How about the VIPKid online teaching website? If you do, you have most likely thought, “Is VIPKid legit”? Well then, read on as we will be discussing all VIPKid and see if it is really legit or a scam.


Imagine this, being at the comforts of your home, yet making money every single day.


Brilliant, right!? Who doesn’t want that?


But, you might ask, is that even possible or is it just another wishful thinking that will never happen?


Well, the answer is, it is possible!


Today, there is a lot of online freelance work. In fact, they’re too many that it gets overwhelming sometimes. But, if you really know what you like or what you are passionate about, that shouldn’t be a problem.


One of the most common online freelance work nowadays is online teaching. In fact, there are so many online teaching platforms to choose from – and one of them is VIPKid. But there’s this question that keeps lingering on people’s mind — is VIPKid legit?


Well, good thing you are reading this because that is what exactly what we are going to talk about today. Finding out the answer to the question, is VIPKid legit?


Let’s begin…


About the VIPKid


VIPKid was founded by educators and administrators who served for decades prior to launching the company in 2013. It is an online ESL (English as a Second Language)) teaching platform that aims to provide a virtual classroom setting for both teachers and students in China.


Specifically, they cater to teaching English to children aged 4 to 12.


VIPKid is said to be backed by more than $100,000,000 from prominent venture capital firms. This online teaching platform takes pride in having more than 500,000 registered students and 30,000 teachers.


Although competition in online teaching is high, VIPKid is not showing any sign of slowing down. In fact, it is said to be China’s leading online English teaching platform.


Through the use of a proprietary learning management system (LMS), VIPKid is able to convey its lessons. As with their curriculum, they base it on the United States Common Core Standards, which basically means teachers have to have an experience teaching in the US and are expected to be familiar with its methodologies.


Based on this information alone, is VIPKid legit? Well, it is convincing that they are. They seem to be a well-put and trusted online teaching company. However, we think we need more details so we judge accordingly.


So, let’s proceed to the next point.


Teacher Requirements


Based on their claims, it sounds like their teachers are no ordinary teachers. We have an impression that the process of becoming a VIPKid online teacher is not like any other online teaching platforms. It seems like they are very specific to what they are looking for.


But is our impression right? Well, let’s find out!


According to the information we gathered, VIPKid is very strict when it comes to their online teacher requirements. Compared to other online teaching platforms who seem not to be very open for anyone who wants to teach the English language, with VIPKid it is totally different.


The company has earned a reputation for being very systematic and direct with regards to their screening process. In fact, they have a quite competitive requirement – from the teacher’s experience to the applicant’s technical equipment and internet speed. Thus, if you do not meet their requirements, you will most likely not land a job.


To give you an idea, here are the major requirements to be a VIPKid teacher as advertised:


VIPKID advertises the following requirements for their applicants:


  • You have to be eligible to work in either the United States or Canada
  • You have to be a native English speaker.
  • You have to have earned a bachelor’s degree in no specific field.
  • You should have to have at least one (1) school year of traditional teaching experience or a corresponding mentoring, tutoring, or alternative education experience.
  • You must be willing to go through a background check.


By the looks of it, is VIPKid legit? Well, it seems like they are.


It is good to note that they are very keen on your residency because they have to ensure that you are a native English speaker (or in layman’s term, English has to be your number one language or better yet, your sole language). Although it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be residing in the US or Canada at the moment.


Also, unlike other online ESL companies, they are very strict to have at least a bachelor’s degree and teaching experience. Just a disclaimer though, it doesn’t necessarily mean teaching in the classroom. It can be as an online teacher as well – so long as you have experienced teaching.


You might also be surprised that there is a background check. Well, it is indeed surprising because in other online teaching platforms, this does not exist. Although it is understandable because they seem to be really very strict with their requirements. Anyway, should you have concerns about this process, you can always ask your interviewer, right?



Technical Requirements


Now, let us proceed with their technical requirements. This is actually common to most online teaching platforms. This ensures that you deliver an excellent job and an easy-breezy learning experience.


So, here are VIPKids technical requirements for your reference:


  • Desktop, Laptop, MAC, Surface – It’s good to know that they have various options when it comes to the type of computer you can use when working. If you have any of these, then you can tick that off.
  • A headset with a microphone, and has a stable output and input. – When it comes to the headset with microphone, we highly suggest you buy the one that deletes noise. That way, your student will not get distracted, and you both will have a clearer and better teaching session. We think VIPKid highly recommends that as well.
  • An HD external camera or HD integrated camera. – We highly suggest making sure that you have a really good camera. Otherwise, it might distract your student, and might lead to a bad rating for you.


System and Internet Requirements:


  • Windows7, Windows8, Windows10, MAC OS 10.8x – Check if your computer has any of these. Otherwise, you need to have any of these installed.
  • At Least 4GB RAM – This is required since you will need enough space to have their teaching system or app installed.
  • Intel Core i3 above CPU – Your computer has to be fast, otherwise, you might encounter problems while teaching.
  • Wired DSL Internet Connection (with at least 20 Mbps) – Find out if your internet connection’s speed by using a Speedtest.


Interview and Hiring Process


Now that you already know what VIPKid is looking for, what their technical, system and internet requirements are, let’s proceed to their process of hiring.


By checking their process, we will most likely see if this company is really legit.


Based on the VIPKid website (as of April 2018), here’s the step-by-step application process:


STEP 1: Submission of Information and Resume


It is where you input all the requirements we mentioned earlier. By submitting them, the hiring or recruitment team gets to verify whether or not the information you inputted is correct.


STEP 2: Interview


Depending on your preference, you can either do a live interview or do a recorded video you creates. Should you opt to do a live interview, please note that the company follows China time. So be sure you are willing to adjust accordingly. When you do a live interview, it follows the traditional interview format, also, it includes a short demo class.


If you choose the latter, which is creating a recorded video, you are also required to do a demo class. What good about this option is, you can do it anytime you want, and submit it online once done.


Do not worry about what lesson to discuss when you do the demo class as VIPKid will be sending a lesson to you for you to use during your demo class. That way, you can prepare. When we say prepare, that doesn’t necessarily mean you knock them off their feet, rather prepare your props and ensure you know the lessons by heart. Also, what VIPKid is after here is to see your ability to effectively teach the English language to your students.


Once done watching your demo class, the recruitment team will provide feedback and will make a decision whether or not you will proceed to the next process of the application.


STEP 3: Training


Like any other jobs, you will have to undergo online teacher training, the VIPKid way. In this step, you will have access to VIPKid training materials. You are expected to study, review and pass the test based on the materials given to you within 10 days. All in all, watching the videos and reading through the training manuals will take you three hours to complete. Do make sure that you understand fully what you watched and read so you get to pass the test.


STEP 4: Full Mock Class


Once you passed the test from step 3, you will now get to proceed to the next step – the full mock class.


You will be participating in two (2) mock classes, which will be scheduled according to your preference. There will be a senior VIPKid trainer to oversee the class and at the same time, act as your student. Again, VIPKid will provide the lessons for the two classes so you do not need to worry about that.


The reason behind why you will go through two classes is that you are expected to put into action the feedbacks given in your first class. Remember, you are not expected to be perfect, rather you are expected to implement the trainer’s feedback well.


Whether or not you get into the job will depend on your evaluator’s feedback. Thus, we highly suggest you prepare fully for this especially since you can schedule it at your convenience. We suggest you take a lot of practices using your props. You may also check Youtube videos on this to get more ideas on how to properly do the mock classes.


For your reference, here are some areas where your evaluation may be based:


Classroom Management – This basically means you, as a teacher, you should know how to reward your student is doing well in class. We highly suggest you create an age-appropriate reward system.


Lesson Plan – Like traditional teachers, you do not go to class unprepared. Thus, a lesson plan will help keep you and your student on track. When creating a lesson plan, make sure it is engaging, it is fun, and of course, very educational.


Well-Organized Pacing and Timing – You have to display efficiency in pacing and timing of the class. Make sure you cover all the slides you prepare for the class, but without jeopardizing your student’s comprehension of the lesson.


Relationship – You have to establish a good teacher-student relationship. Keep a positive rapport all throughout your class. Open and end it always in a positive note.


Energy Level – Of course, you have to keep a positive energy level too! Otherwise, your student will get bored listening to you. Keep in mind though that your energy level has to be appropriate depending on the lesson you have for the day.


Objectives – Always have an objective whenever you get into the class. It is helpful for you and your student as it helps keep you on track.


STEP 5: Contract Signing


Congratulations! Well yes, because once you get to this point, it means you already have an online job! With VIPKid, you get to have a 6-months contract, which means you have sure money or should we say salary in 6 months!

During this step, you will have to sign VIPKids documents, and in case you have your own, you may submit yours to them as well.


Keep in mind, however, that VIPKid does a background check. So, make sure you do not have legal issues otherwise your contract may be forfeited.


This process usually takes 3 to 5 business days. Once done with all the papers and the background check, you will need then to create a profile on their system and start waiting for booked classes.


Working Hours


Just like other online teaching platforms, VIPKid lets you decide your teaching time, which means giving you a flexible working schedule. So if you are planning to make is it your part-time job, it is possible. They, however, encourage you to get more classes. Well, more classes mean more money, right?


VIPKid operates 7 days a week and follows Beijing time, which is usually 12 hours ahead of New York.


According to VIPKid, the most popular teaching times (again, in Beijing time) are:


  • 6pm-10pm Monday – Friday
  • 9am-10pm Saturday & Sunday


Again, the more classes you make, the better!


With all that’s been said, do you think VIPKid is a legit job? Is VIPKid legit, really? Well, we are almost convinced.


We say almost because we haven’t tackled about the salary yet. Well, no need to wait as we have already reached this point.


Earnings and Incentives


You are probably gushing on the term “incentive”. Well, yes, they do have that! And we will share with you what they promise their teachers when it comes to that.


But first, how much money do you make as a VIPKid teacher?


Just like in traditional jobs, your salary as a VIPKid teacher depends on your teaching abilities and your availability.


The base rate of a VIPKid teacher is from $7 to $9 per half an hour or $14 to $18 per hour. Your number of classes actually depends on the number of bookings you get in a month, and how many classes you accepted. Thus, the availability component.


But that is just your base salary. Keep in mind that VIPKid also gives incentives, which applies to every half an hour class.


For your reference, here are their list of incentives and the rate:


– Participation Incentive – It costs up to $1 per half an hour. This is based on your punctuality and also in making sure you do your classes according to schedule.


– Finished Class Incentive – It costs up to $1 per half an hour. This is determined by the number of students who booked for your classes in a month. It is also one way of VIPKid to assess the quality of your teaching. The more booking means the better you are at what you do.


In addition to these, VIPKid also gives periodic contest and bonuses. Amazing, right? No efforts are wasted, by the look of it. No doubt why many people want to get into this company.





Is VIPKid Legit? Well, we must say yes! We are definitely convinced that this online teaching portal is legit. Their promises may sound like they’re not, but with such rigorous process, we think they really are. Also, we think is deemed right to pay and give incentives to their teachers given they had to go through such process. And yes, their very strict requirements.


So, if you think you have what it takes to be a VIPKid teacher, then, go ahead and apply now. Who knows, this might be the kind of job you want after all. Good luck!