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What You Need To Know About Jenny Komenda

Have you thought about updating your interiors lately? If you do, you have probably thought about commissioning the likes of Jenny Komenda to do your interiors for you. But before you even call her office up to make an appointment, let us help you find out more about her and her work. Oh! And Jenny Komenda print shop too!


Lately, my husband and I thought of redesigning our humble home’s interiors. We thought it’s time to update it especially since we have a growing kid who will soon be running around the house.


We checked Pinterest to look for the right interior design inspiration.


We initially thought of having an industrial-themed interior. However, that means letting go most of what we already have.


While it would be nice to have totally new interiors, we don’t want to spend so much when it comes to furniture. As much as possible, we want a very minimal cost for this project.


A couple of days ago, one of our friends visited us and we mentioned our plans. He and his wife had their home updated a few months back, so he shared about their experience, and then, suggested we go check the works of interior designer Jenny Komenda. He also mentioned about Jenny Komenda print shop where they bought pieces of artwork that helped put an edge into their home.


Prior to that meeting though, I have already encountered Jenny Komenda’s work in some online searches I did. In fact, I have visited Jenny Komenda print shop online once. But, I never really put so many times checking about her and her work.


So, I made a little research and thought it would be nice to share it with you. And hopefully, be able to help you decide whether or not you should go get her as your interior designer.


Let’s begin by getting to know who Jenny Komenda is.


Jenny Komenda


Jenny Komenda initially started sharing her do-it-yourself arts and crafts through her award-winning site, Little Green Notebook. There she housed her different ideas and projects, as well as her favorite products. Though her site, a lot of people from different parts of the world has gained design and arts and crafts inspiration.


To her, her site was just an avenue to journalize the products she liked and the works she loved doing. Little did she know that years later, she will be one of the most popular and sought after interior designers.


Jenny Komenda is based in Phoenix, Arizona.


She has already put down her former site, Little Green Notebook, and replaced it with a more mature and professional site called Juniper Home.


She also took her passion seriously and put up her design business called, Juniper Studio (formerly known as Jenny Komenda Interiors). Apart from her interior design business, she also owns an online art shop called,  Juniper Print Shop, which I will be sharing to you more about it later on.


Apart from owning her blog and running her own business, Jenny is currently a contributing editor for Domino Magazine. This, however, is not her sole experience in writing for print. She also did writing stints for Better Homes and Gardens.


Jenny’s work has been featured on different sites and publications such as House Beautiful, HGTV, Vogue and The Wall Street Journal.


Elle Décor named her as “Designer to Watch”, while Better Homes and Gardens named Jenny as the “Reigning Queen of DIY”.


Before going back to her hometown in Arizona, Jenny spent years in New York.


Today, Jenny takes pride in her growing interior design business. In fact, they continue to expand! So, just in case you know anyone from your circle who wants to work for Jenny, you might want to pass on the word.


Anyway, I guess it is safe to say that for her to reach this point in her life and career, she must have done really good and remarkable work.


Juniper Home


If you had been following her blog, Little Green Notebook, which no longer exists today, do not worry because it actually is still up. Jenny Komenda just decided to make an upgrade and housed her blogs under the name, Juniper Home.


In this website, Jenny writes on a variety of topics – although mostly are interior design-related. Well, what do you expect? She will, of course, tackle a topic that she is most knowledgeable and is passionate about.


In this website, she shares a few DIY works; her top picks and favorite furniture, arts and crafts find; design inspirations; and how to articles!


I personally love reading her DIY and how to blogs. When I checked her website, I actually thought, why in the world is she sharing bits of her ideas, when she could have just encouraged people to get her to do it in their spaces instead?


That is so unselfish, right?


I actually thought, after reading some of her how to blogs, that we no longer need professional help! We can actually just follow her suggestions if we think it will work for us, right?


But wait, there’s more!



Apart from her blogs, this Jenny Komenda website also houses her team’s furniture finds, as well as a link to her interior business website.


The website’s furniture finds section is actually for sale! Yes, they are available for purchase. Upon looking at it, their finds are no doubt beautiful and are reasonably priced.


The shop contains pieces in various categories – for almost every part of your home and office too!


For your reference, the categories include:


– The Evergreen House

– Baby + Kids

– Bedroom Furniture

– Décor + Accessories

– Dining Room Furniture

– Frames

– Jenny’s Closet (Yes! Clothes, makeup, and personal items are also available in her shop.)

– Kitchen + Table Top

– Lighting

– Living Room Furniture

– Office Furniture

– Renovation Goods

– Rugs + Windows


It’s actually like a one-stop shop for your interior and some personal needs! This woman is a genius! She knows how to keep her followers/customers by making everything available on just one website.


I must admit, there are a lot of lovely pieces. Some I have already put on my wish list.


Juniper Studio


Juniper Studio, as I mentioned earlier is Jenny Komenda’s interior business website.


According to their website, Juniper Studio’s mission is “to create thoughtful, modern, personal and functional spaces, where families can live and play and create beautiful memories.”


To be honest, when I read their mission, it gives that certain feel that this is the kind of team you would want to entrust your home to or build your dream home with. Their mission touches the heart – no doubt. And I would like to believe, their designs do the same.


Moving on…


Jenny Komenda’s Juniper Studio offers design and builds services particularly in the East Valley of Phoenix. For people living in Mesa, Gilbert, or Chandler, they offer to purchase, design and renovate service. If you have the budget to finance the entire process, which means from finding fixer upper until installing the last piece of furniture in your dream home, Juniper Studio can also do it entirely for you.


Indeed, they are like a one-stop shop for interior design.


If you want to check Jenny’s team’s work, you can see some of their accomplishments in the Portfolio section on the website.


Looking at every project they did feel like they really know what they are doing, and really meant what their mission says. Their work is no doubt homey, functional, and beautiful spaces for families. I bet those who live in the spaces they worked on would always look forward to going home because really, their designs are what home is all about.


Juniper Print Shop


Jenny Komenda print shop is called Juniper Print Shop. It offers a variety of art collection that once you get to see them all, you would probably get a headache choosing which one to buy. I know because that exactly what happened to me when I checked the online shop.


Every art is just beautiful, I could not resist myself from loving them.


Print Collections


Anyway, Jenny Komenda print shop got you covered – they have so many arts to choose from. To make selection easier for you, they categorized the prints into the following collections:


– Abstract


If you are someone who loves abstract design or prints, then you should check out their abstract collection. Jenny has colored abstract to plain ones. I personally love colors so I the moment I saw some of her abstract prints, I could not help myself from getting one.


– Artist Collab


A few pieces from their wide collection of prints are a collaboration with artists. The prints vary from botanicals to abstracts to beaches and landscapes.


– Beach


How about beach prints in your room? If you love the beach or the water in general, you better check Jenny Komenda print shop selection of beach prints. They are all lovely and inviting, it makes you long for the beach, and imagine you are on the beach right at the very moment.


– City


If you love city life or loves anything about the city – the lights, the sceneries, the structures, etc., then you better check Jenny Komenda print shop prints. They have a variety of prints to choose from – just like the others, they are all lovely and inviting too.


– Desert


Loving the serenity and the feel of the desert? Why not incorporate desert prints in your space? Get some desert-themed prints from Jenny Komenda print shop and you will never go wrong.


– Figure


Jenny Komenda print shop Figure collection is focused on women. So, if you love collecting women prints and putting it in your wall, then you go check the shop’s figure collection. I personally love the Olivia print. It’s pretty, captivating and it captures the beauty of a woman.


– Floral


For women (and men too!) who loves flowers, you better check Jenny Komenda print shop Floral collection. Their collection has real flower prints, black and white, sketches and paintings. If you are someone like me who wants subtle floral prints, you better check Jenny Komenda print shop because that is exactly how I see their prints. All lovely too!


– Horizontal


Horizontal prints are also available put together in their Horizontal collection. So, if you are looking for prints under this category, just check their horizontal page – it’s all there.


– Kids


If you are looking for prints to accentuate your kid’s room, then you better search for one in the online shop’s Kids collection. They have a variety of kids-themed prints. From colors to letter to butterflies and Ferris wheel.


– Landscape


Landscape prints are usually best placed in the living room or the master’s bedroom. Most of their collection, however, are painting prints. But live everything else, the prints under this collection are beautiful too.


– Nature


For beautiful nature prints, Jenny Komenda print shop will not fail. I personally have a lot of items that I so love from this collection – especially since we are leaning towards a Scandinavian look for our interiors. Most of the items in my wishlist actually belong in this collection.


– Vertical


Anything on a vertical perspective, you will find here. So if you are not keen on a specific type of print, other than it is vertical, then you better go directly in this section.


– Vintage

Juniper print shop’s vintage collection, just like the other collections, is a lovely sight too. They have beautiful pieces of prints.




Juniper Print Shop’s prints are also priced at $20 each – reasonably priced compared to other print shops. With their unique and lovely prints, the price, I must say, is just right.


Image Size


Their prints come in different sizes depending on what you need. The offer:


– Digital Downloads


Upon purchasing a print, Jenny Komenda print shop will immediately send you two different files via email. The first one is 4: 5: 8×10, 16×20, and the second one are 2: 3: 12×18, 20×30, 24×36.


They suggest downloading the files to a computer instead of an iPad or mobile device so you can immediately print it out. Also, because the file is quite big at 25MB.


Juniper Print Shop suggests printing it out for $10-$40 at Costco, Walgreens, and Vista Print. If you have a big budget, you may opt to have it printed for $50-$100 at FedEx Kinkos, Staples, Snapfish, Aspen Creek, and Local Printers.


You may also have Juniper do it for you, choosing among their standard to oversized prints using their specialty paper


– Standard Print Sizes


Juniper Print Shop takes pride in their specialty paper, which is made of “paper-vinyl hybrid with a gorgeous, chalky matte finish that can be used with or without glass.”


Using this specialty paper, you are assured of vibrant and dreamy prints that you have never seen in any art print products before.


For standard prints, the size is 16×20, 20×30, and 24×36. They also offer oversized prints that perfectly fit the IKEA Bjorksta canvas-style frame. The print size is 31×47, 40×55, 55×79.


– IKEA Frame Sizes


Juniper Print Shop, as already mentioned above prints out arts fitted for IKEA Bjorksta canvas-style frame.


For your reference, here are the different frame sizes of IKEA Bjorksta:


Black Frame





Aluminum Frame





Juniper Print Shop does print to orders in Phoenix, Arizona. They ensure the delivery of products for standard size prints within 5 days. For larger prints, however, like that of IKEA Bjorksta, they ship orders within 7 days.


Other Useful Information


For your reference, I am also sharing with you some important information.


– Jenny Komenda print shop, the Juniper Print Shop only ships within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii at the moment. So, if you are living from other places but wanted a Jenny Komenda print or art, they highly suggest getting the digital downloads instead.


– The print shop is open for collaborations, especially with new artists. All you have to do is post your work on Instagram and tag your work using the hashtag, #JPSCOLLAB. Who knows? Maybe next time, your work is already included in their collection!


– Once you place your order, that’s considered final. But, what is nice about this print shop is, they want their customers to be happy with what they get. Thus, if you are not fully satisfied with what you get, you just have to let them know so they can fix it for you.


– However, if in case your order has not been shipped yet and you changed your mind, you may cancel your order and they will refund in full. Again, you just have to reach out to them.





Jenny Komenda is indeed someone to look up to. Apart from being an interior designer, she too is a business woman! Imagine that! She has so much on her shoes! But she deserves it. To be noticed by publications and all that means she really made a difference in her field.


What’s also nice about her is that she doesn’t mind sharing her art. She doesn’t mind sharing how to make your home prettier instead of just keeping everything to herself so people will get her to work for them instead.


Anyway, going back to our home. Just yesterday, my husband and I have already decided. I think I already mentioned a while ago. We have already set a budget and we’re off to doing a Scandinavian theme for our interiors.


Oh! And of course, we already decided which prints to get from Juniper Print Shop, and I also checked some DIYs from Jenny Komenda’s blogs, and I found some to do a project on.