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Where You Can Find Legit Jobs In Transcription

To be able to land jobs in transcription, you have to be equipped with the right skills and equipment. In the same way that you should also know where exactly to find jobs in transcription to avoid falling into the scammers’ trap.


At first glance, you will find work from home jobs in transcription easy, but in reality, it can quite be very challenging in the beginning. Being a transcriptionist, as we said earlier, requires certain skill set, which we are going to tackle further in a while. The thing is, once you mastered the craft, then that’s the only time that the work becomes so much easier.


Transcription Defined


First and foremost, like in any job industry, before jumping into the world of work from home transcription or finding jobs in transcription, you better make sure to familiarize yourself with what transcription is all about.


Transcription refers to the process of converting an audio or video file into a written format or document. Basically, what a transcriptionist does is listen to the file and type down every single word spoken in a Word document or in some cases, using a transcription software.


Over the years, the demand for transcriptionist has grown. Transcription is required in almost all industry types – it is used in businesses or corporations, medical institutions and health care providers and professionals, as well as in the legal field.


Types of Transcription Jobs


If you are pursuing a career in the transcription field, you must be aware that there are three types of transcription jobs, and these are the following:


General Transcription – General transcription refers to any transcription job that does not fall under medical or legal transcription. Normally, these transcription works may be in various industries like businesses and corporations.


The person that handles the general transcription job is officially known as a general transcriptionist.


Medical Transcription – Medical transcription refers to an allied health profession that deals with transcribing voice-recorded medical reports from medical practitioners (like doctors, nurses, and other health practitioners). These medical reports could be audio files, notes taken during a lecture, and/or other audio materials.


Compared to general and legal transcription, getting into medical transcription can be quite tricky like you need to acquire a medical transcription certification first or at least have acquired a degree in the medical field.


Persons who handle medical transcription job is formally known as medical transcriptionists.


Legal Transcription –Legal transcription refers to the process of converting an audio file from any type of legal proceeding into a written text document. It has been cautiously formatted for easier finding of the information needed.


Although you are not required to undergo a certification program like in medical transcription, anyone who wants to pursue legal transcription must be knowledgeable on legal terminology. A legal-related course at the university would be a great advantage.


Anyone pursuing a career in legal transcription is called a legal transcriptionist.


Requirements and Qualifications


To qualify as a work from home transcriptionist, you must possess certain skills like:


– Ability to multi-task (Because you are going to listen at the same time type down the spoken words.)

– Excellent listening skills (Obviously, because transcription is not transcription if you won’t listen.)

– High typing speed (If you want to prosper in this industry, the key is to meet the required words per minute, which is usually more or less 60 words per minute.)

– Accuracy (Of course, you have to ensure that what you transcribe is exactly what is said on the file.)

– Excellent attention to detail (You must ensure that you are not missing anything – not a single detail on the transcript you produce.)

– Ability to meet deadlines (Like in any jobs, you must ensure to meet the deadline or you will lose clients’ trust.)

– Excellent communication and grammar skills (This is very important especially when the client requires a clean transcription copy, which means it should be free from grammatical and/or punctuation errors.)

– College or university is an advantage but not required

– Previous work experience is preferred but not required

– Medical Transcription Certification (This one’s required for those who want to pursue medical transcription jobs.)


Please note that the skills required and other qualifications vary depending on the company and of course, the type of transcription job you are into.


Apart from these skill set and other qualifications, you must also meet certain technical requirements. Generally, if you are going to pursue a career in work from transcription, you must have the following equipment:


– Laptop or desktop computer

– High-speed internet connection

– Good quality headset

– Foot Pedal (optional but highly recommended to have one)

– Transcription software (optional because some clients provide their own, while other does not mind using basic software like Microsoft Word)


In addition, we highly suggest having your own home office or at least a space at home that is dedicated to your job. Transcription requires focus, and you can only do that if you are in a space that is free from any distractions. Let’s admit it though that working from home can be quite a challenge because there are so many distractions all around. So, to solve that problem, dedicate a room or space where you can zone off and work.


Getting Started in Jobs in Transcription


Now that you already know what transcription is all about, the different types of transcription jobs, and the requirements are qualifications needed for you to get into transcription job, let’s proceed with how to get started in working from home as a transcriptionist.


First, when looking out for jobs in transcription, make sure to check the requirements for the job. It is important that you first check the requirements so you can initially assess if your skills are fit for the person the company is looking for. Note that requirements differ from one company or client to another.


For instance, some companies would prefer experienced and highly-skilled transcriptionists, while others do not mind hiring a beginner. In another company, they would rather hire someone with a university or college degree, while the other does not mind if you are a working student or have not finished college at all. You see, it’s really different. Thus, first thing first, when you see a transcription job post, make sure to check the job requirements.


Second, make sure you have all the required equipment. Having the right equipment is the key to a less stressful transcription job.


Third, look at the right place. Later on, we are going to share with you some of the most popular and trusted sites where you can find a variety of jobs in transcription. For sure you know that while the internet offers a lot of good things like the booming work from home industry, it also is home to scammers. Sad to say, there are fake transcription companies and clients too. So yeah, better be careful, and make sure to only deal with real ones.


Fourth, join in different transcriptionists groups on Facebook and/or forums. Apart from networking, you can also gain knowledge or ask questions about transcription when joining transcribers’ groups or forums.


Lastly, apply to as many as possible. Do not be afraid to apply to as many clients or companies as possible. After all, you can always select later on where you want or who you want to work for.


Transcriptionist Pay Rate


How much you make as a transcriptionist depends on several factors like the following:


– Years of experience

– Expertise on the job

– Type of transcription job (general, medical or legal)

– Typing speed (or the number of words per minute)


Just to give you an idea though, here are the estimated salary rate for general, medical, and legal transcriptionists:


– General transcriptionists earn around $15 per hour, which is around $900 per month. But you can earn more than that depending on the number of hours you will allot for transcription work in a day.


– Medical transcriptionists make an hourly wage of $17.50 according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average annual salary rate, meanwhile, is at $36,400.


– Legal transcriptions earn from $20,000 up to $60,000 per year depending on the factors we mentioned a while ago. The average annual wage is at about $26,400 – this one’s based on 2018 data of BLS.


You see, how much you earn as a transcriptionist really depends on the work that you do, who you are working for, your skills, and of course, how hardworking you are.


Transcription Sites


Like we said earlier, when dealing with work from home jobs in transcription or in any industry or field for that matter, you have to ensure that you are working with or for the right company or client. There are so many bogus people around, scamming those with pure intentions to work and earn.


So, to help you in making sure you deal with the right people, here are some of the most popular companies or online sites that offer work from home jobs in transcription:


– Capital Typing


Capital Typing is an outsourcing company that is based in South Carolina. The company is known for providing virtual office services like transcription jobs, data entry, online customer support, secretarial, translation, research, and so much more.


According to the company website, they have been “designing and implementing smart business process solutions for our clients since 2002 and have earned a reputation for honesty, reliability, professionalism, and exceptional knowledge”. With such kind of service, they are confident of being able to help save their clients a lot of time and money.


– Birch Creek Communications


Birch Creek Communication is obviously, a known company in the transcription industry. However, although they do hire entry-level transcriptionists from time to time, the company prefers hiring transcriptionists who have previous work experience in legal and corporate transcription. The company specifically hires transcriptionists who has U.S. citizenship, and are willing to undergo background check.


With Birch Creek, the legal transcription pay rate is at $0.75 to $1.75 per page (yes, unlike other companies who pay on a per audio hour basis, Birch Creek pays on a per-page basis). Meanwhile, their corporate transcription pay rate ranges from $0.40 to $1.00 per audio minute.


– Cyber Dictate


Cyber Dictate prefers hiring independent contractors (transcriptionist) who are U.S. citizens. In addition, they also require a typing speed of at least 70 words per minute, and at least 2 years of previous work experience in transcription.


The company, which is based in Austin, Texas is known for providing over a decade of transcription services hires both legal and general transcriptionists.


– Morningside Partners


If you dream of working on projects for well-known television companies, then, working for Morningside Partners is perfect for you. At Morningside, transcriptionists work on producing verbatim transcripts of broadcast programming that appear on CNBC, Fox News, MSNBC, and of course, CNN.


The company hires work from home transcribers who meet their job requirements like having a bachelor’s degree in journalism or English, and at least 3 years of work experience. Apart from that, applicants must also ensure to have a high-speed internet connection at home and a digital foot pedal system.


– Mulberry Studio


Whether you are looking for a fulltime or part-time transcription job, Mulberry Studio has it for you. Apart from transcription job, the company also offers proofreading positions either on-site at their Cambridge, Massachusetts office or on a work from home setup.


To be considered for their transcription job, you must at least have a typing speed of 75 words per minute, possesses an excellent grammar and language skills, must have at least two years of work experience in transcription, and must have a word processing installed in your work computer.


– QuickTate or iDictate


QuickTate or iDictate is an organization that provides work from home transcription jobs, specifically working on short audio files like voicemails and dictated notes. It’s a company ideal for those who are just starting out in the transcription company.


QuickTate pays their general transcriptionists at $0.0025 per word, while their medical transcriptionists earn $0.0050 per word. Yes, medical transcription is the way to go if you want to earn more. All successful QuickTate transcriptionists automatically receives work from iDictate, which is known for transcribing a wider range of documents.


QuickTate looks for bilingual transcriptionists, particularly those who are excellent in the Spanish language.


– Aberdeen


Aberdeen is a company that is known for providing captioning, translation, and of course, transcription services. Apart from home-based transcriptionists, the company also hires work from home real-time captioners, translators, as well as editors. You may also opt to work at their office in Orange County in California if you wish to go the usual job setup.


At Aberdeen, the transcription job pay is at $1 to $1.50 per audio minute, while for real-time captioning, they pay $75 per hour.


– AccuTran Global


AccuTran Global is another popular online company that offers part-time work from home jobs in transcription. The company’s transcriptionists usually work on transcribing meetings, interviews, as well as conference calls for the financial sector of this Canadian company.


Working for AccuTran will let you earn between $0.005 and $0.0066 per word. To qualify for the job, you must have a typing speed of at least 70 words per minute. Apart from work from home transcription jobs, the company also offers transcription reviewing, editing, writing, captioning, and formatting jobs. If you want a higher post, you may also apply as a supervisor.


AccuTran does not only hires people from the United States, but also in the United Kingdom, and Canada.


– Terescription


Terescription hires independent contractors to do transcription jobs for the entertainment industry. To qualify for the job, you must have a typing speed of at least 70 words per minute, and having a foot pedal is required.


Terescription pays $0.07 per line for a one-person interview, but you get to earn more if you work on multiple-speaker interviews. Furthermore, on a regular audio file, you can earn between $12 and $15 per hour.


– American High-Tech Transcription and Reporting


The firm is providing transcription and translation serviced to different organizations like the government, law enforcement, as well as private companies and corporations. They hire both transcriptionists who wants to work on-site, as well as those who opt to work from home.


To get into the American High-Tech Transcription and Reporting you must take and pass the qualifying test, and you must be willing to shoulder payment for FBI and state criminal background checks with fingerprints.


That’s all we have on our list. But, take note that there are actually a lot more legit companies that offer jobs in transcription. To ensure you are dealing with the right one, make sure ask around, especially within transcription communities, or you may do your own research about the company by searching them over on Google and finding reviews about them.


Final Thoughts


There you have it. We hope we were able to share something with you, and that you got ideas about pursuing jobs in transcription. Good luck!