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All About Legging Army Direct Sales Plus 7 Perks of Direct Selling

Gone are the days when stay-at-home moms would just take care of their children, cook food, and clean the house. Today, women are empowered. They have the choice to stay-at-home, at the same time, earn money for themselves and for their family. Just like the women who are members of the Legging Army direct sales.


Work from home has become a very common word nowadays. A lot of people, particularly mommies these days prefer this kind of job setup rather than an 8am-5pm job. It isn’t surprising because, with a variety of work from home jobs as well as job opportunities, there is a sure chance for you to land in one of those.


Although, compared to online jobs and businesses like direct selling, many moms would prefer the latter. Well, with a lot of perks alongside having your own business, it’s no wonder why a lot would choose to pursue that path.


Before anything else though, will share to you about the Legging Army direct sales. It’s one of those direct selling business that you can try on especially if you are someone who loves clothes (particularly leggings, obviously) or fashion.


Legging Army Direct Sales


According to their website, Legging Army was founded in 2014 in Southern California. They take pride as “the leading legging company” today. They aim to be the “One Stop Legging Shop” that offers high-quality clothing at an affordable price.


Because of the increased demand for their products, plus the company’s growth, they decided to not limit their successes to themselves. Thus, the birth of employment opportunities for those who patronize their products. The company even developed programs to help their employees and affiliate consultants make money well by doing the things they all love the most – looking great wearing beautiful clothing.


How to be a member of the Legging Army direct sales?


To be a member of the Legging Army, all you have to do is sign up through their website. After which, you will receive a kit, which is nonrefundable, by the way. So, make sure that you are 100% decided once you sign up to be a Legging Army affiliate.


What do you get as a Legging Army direct sales affiliate?


Based on what is stated on their website, as a Legging Army, Affiliate, you get to enjoy the following:


– Free Website: Legging Army will give you your own unique website, which is what you will use to sell the products. As an affiliate, you get a commission on every order placed.


– Weekly Payout: You will receive your commissions every Friday. Legging Army sends in the money through PayPal to ensure safe and secure payment.


– A 25% discount code: Upon signing up, a Legging Army direct sales affiliate will receive a 25% discount code, which is applicable to any purchase. You may use it for personal or for placing orders in behalf of your family and friends.


– A 25% commission: Through the Legging Army’s tracking software, as an affiliate, you get to have your own personal link to help you drive traffic to the Legging Army website. Every time your customers click on the link, they will be directed to the Legging Army website where they can shop. The software helps keep track of their affiliates’ sales and commissions to ensure that everything is well-accounted for.


– 5% Sub-affiliate Sales Commission: You can also build on your sub-affiliates. You get to enjoy 5% commission per sub affiliate.


– A 25% Sub-Affiliate Referral Commission: Legging Army direct sales also offer referral commissions. You get 25% commission for every sign up on top of the 5% commission for their sales.


But of course, Legging Army direct sales take pride in the quality and affordability of their legging and the fact that it really sell. So, that means less work for you.


Not convinced yet? Well, apart from Legging Army, there are a lot of other direct selling opportunities available for you – depending on what your interests are. There are direct selling businesses that focus on makeups, some are under clothing too but does not focus on leggings alone, some are home products, and the list goes on.


Wondering why rather choose to work from home by way of direct selling? Well, here’s a few take-ups from us.


Perks of Direct Seling


Substantial Increase in Income


Direct selling can be the answer to financial freedom and bringing your wildest dreams to fruition. There is no limit on how much money you can make. Imagine being your own boss not having to answer to anyone. Plus, some companies like Legging Army direct sales, they offer limitless opportunities.


Through direct selling, you can give yourself a pay raise whenever you see fit. Make up your own schedule and make time for the important things in life that you may be missing out on. Whether your goal is to supplement your income or make it your primary income, direct selling help in the following areas:

  • Household Utilities
  • Mortgage
  • Retirement Savings
  • Life, car, or home Insurance
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Vacations
  • Shopping Sprees
  • Children’s Activities
  • Direct selling can be the answer to financial freedom

Work From Home in Direct Sales:What Are The Benefits? - charlie!

Arrange Your Own Schedule and Work from Home


As a direct seller, you can work anytime you want or in Legging Army’s case, you just let your website do the selling for you – all you have to do is share your link through different platforms so people are informed where to buy your products.


If you want to do something else like study again, you’ll have the freedom to do so. You can also work from home and not worry about sending your children to daycare, which can be very costly.


Working from home or online business will allow you to attend to your primary responsibilities, and you’ll be able to take time off whenever needed.


Instead of the need to commute, you can save on expenses by making your home your office. No worries about gas, new clothes for work, or more frequent maintenance of your car. That money certainly adds up when it’s out of the equation.


You’ll have the ability to multi-task while at home, as a direct seller. Keep up with household chores and do errands when needed while having a steady income. Of course, you’ll need to establish a system at first to ensure the money is coming in even if you have to leave for a while. Then, work as hard and as often you want!


Work From Home in Direct Sales:What Are The Benefits? - charlie!



As a direct seller, building relationships practically come naturally to you. Bonds are formed with those you can share the stressors of the job. These friendships often lead to lasting relationships.


Everyone supports and encourages each other to succeed. Like in Legging Army direct sales, it will help you help your family or friends by inviting them to sell as well. Since there are opportunities for everyone to succeed, there is no competition, just support. You choose your own pace as to how fast you will be successful.


As a direct seller, building relationships practically come naturally to you.


Work From Home in Direct Sales:What Are The Benefits? - charlie!



Recognition comes in many forms. Being recognized with a monetary bonus is always a plus, but most recognition comes in other forms. Who doesn’t love to be recognized regardless of the form?


Being a direct seller gives you recognition, which, in turn, increases our confidence and self-esteem. In the case of Legging Army, they recognize you by means of giving commissions. Isn’t it nice to be recognized at the same time get a monetary reward?


Opportunities to Learn Business Skills


The plethora of skills that can be learned is nearly infinite. Direct sales businesses like Legging Army will help you in the following areas:

  • Sales pitches and techniques
  • Organizational skills
  • Time management
  • Presentation and Oral skills
  • Customer Interaction
  • Event Planning

Personal Improvement


While learning the aforementioned skills, your confidence begins to increase as you become more comfortable with things you never thought possible. Speaking in front of a crowd, traveling alone, or tackling anything you may have turned away from can now be achieved.


What does confidence equate to? An increase in self-esteem, a renewed belief in yourself, and an increase in morale. Interacting with others will enable you to positively influence others that may need the encouragement. This leads to mentorship. Having a mentor and being a mentor can be of tremendous benefit to you and others. This type of reciprocal relationship is very rewarding. When you see that someone benefiting from your help, the feeling can be exhilarating.


Tax Write-offs


When you work from home, there are many tax benefits that you can take advantage of. Discuss with a professional about the types of deductions that will apply to you. The following are examples of deductions:


  • Automobile Expenses
  • Business and office supplies
  • Percentage of mortgage
  • Business-related trips
  • Utilities
  • Mileage

Other Work from Home Benefits


Think about any successful entrepreneurs that you may know. Did they start their careers as entrepreneurs out of the gate? Or, did they start as a direct seller and work from home?


Chances are, most of them had experience in direct sales experience beforehand.


When in sales, to be successful, you must sell. If you don’t sell, you don’t get paid.  Other positions in organizations do not require this. That’s what makes the selling experience unique.


Think about how difficult it can be to find a job. Sales positions are not hard to find and are often in demand. When you obtain sales experience, you have several opportunities to work in pretty much any industry you wish and work from home. The skills you learned will roll over to that industry. This is not true with other professions.

Direct selling in general never lacks excitement. For some direct selling opportunities, you get the opportunity to meet and interact with new people every day. While in the case of Legging Army direct sales, it hones your social media skills. There are ups and downs as with any job, but it’s definitely not boring.


Of course, like any other job, there will be rough roads ahead, but as long as you have the will and determination to succeed in what you do – in this case, in Legging Army direct sales or any direct selling business – you will eventually harvest success.