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9 Legit Ways Of Making Money From Home

So, are you looking for legit ways of making money from home? Thanks to technological advancements, there are so many options to choose from! Do you want to know some of the best legit ways of making money from home? Just continue reading.


Seriously, we have so much to be grateful for – for the advent of the internet. Could you imagine life without the internet? I honestly can’t because it has indeed become part of my daily life.


Apart from connecting me and my loved ones, the internet also keeps me updated about the world, my mobile source of knowledge and information about anything and everything, and of course, the very reason why I have work today. I honestly can’t imagine living without the internet.


Do not get me wrong, I am not entirely dependent on it because I still love catching up with my loved ones face to face, I still read books and newspapers, and of course, in time, I am sure I will still be able to work on a regular day job. But right now that I am still busy being a fulltime mom, I just can’t. It helps me fulfill my duties as a mom, at the same time, be an online entrepreneur to help earn money to pay the bills, and help save up for our baby’s future.


Just to give you a little info about my life, I left my job some time ago to be a fulltime mom to our son. Immediately after my last day at work, I started searching for legit ways of making money from home. I know myself pretty well, and I knew that I could not bear asking money from my husband even if he is kind and generous. I was born independent, and for me, as long as there are ways, I need to continue being one – regardless of my status in life.


With my husband’s full support, I was able to continue working – but this time, from the comforts of our home. Thank goodness to the World Wide Web and of course, the ever-reliable Google, I got to find legit ways of making money from home. There were too many – actually. But in particular, I first landed in a job that is very close to my heart – writing.


And then, I also tried online selling, virtual assisting, proofreading – until I landed and stuck on blogging.


Do you know what’s nice about online jobs or businesses? You can try as many as you can without any hassle, and you can also do different things all at the same time!


Anyway, with all of that said, being a mom myself, I know for a fact that there are a lot of fellow mommies out there who are also on the same road I was once at. So, with a desire to help and be an inspiration, I am sharing with you some of what I believe are the best legit ways of making money from home.




Just before starting, I would just like to say that these are my personal choice. The ones listed here are a combination of jobs, business ideas, as well as money-making apps. After reading this, I hope that I am able to inspire you or maybe convince you to try these too.


By the way, apart from listing down the best legit ways of making money from home, I also listed down some clever ways of earning money.


So, let’s begin.


  1. Earn from Helping Small Business Owners


Are you someone who feels good in being able to help other people? Well, in this case, being able to help small business owners in their bookkeeping needs.


There are a lot of emerging small business owners out there these days, however, sometimes, they get too busy they could not handle some tasks for their businesses anymore. The solution? They hire people to do it for them instead.


While the work bookkeeping mas sound a little intimidating for some, it actually is not. In fact, you do not have to be a certified public accountant to be a bookkeeper. For as long as you have really good computer skills, and you have a passion for helping out business owners deal with real-world problems, you are fit for the job.


Apart from stay-at-home moms who are looking for legit ways of making money from home, this job is also fit for young people who just got out of college or anyone who wants to make money while working from home.


As a bookkeeper, you can make to as much as $60 per hour. That amount is so appealing, right? Well, if you think you have what it takes to be one, all you have to do is look into websites like Upwork or Freelancer or search via Google for possible bookkeeping job opportunities.


  1. Earn from Watching Videos Online


Okay, this is one of the cleverest legit ways of making money from home. Who would have thought that you can make money from watching online videos, right?


Well, there are companies like InboxDollars that pay people from watching celebrity videos, news, movie previews, and many more. Apart from that, you also get to earn an extra $5 just for signing up.


To be able to earn money, all you have to do is watch all the shows from a specific playlist. What is nice about InboxDollars is, it lets you know how long the playlists are before you start watching. That way, you will know how much it will take for you to watch the whole playlist and you get to gauge if you have enough spare time for it.


I highly recommend this to those who have much dull time and love to watch videos regardless of the kind.


To give you an idea, by watching online videos, you can possibly earn as much as $225 per month. Not bad, right?


  1. Earn from Assisting Other People


Like the first option, you know there are so many legit ways of making money from home, at the same time, being able to help other people out.


Apart from bookkeeping, you may also consider getting into a virtual assisting job. As the name suggests, your task is to assist your client virtually depending on what he or she needs.


Virtual assisting is definitely one of the best and well-paying legit ways of making money from home. As a virtual assistant, your job may include data entry, email management, social media management/marketing, scheduling meetings and appointments, bookkeeping, graphic design, content writing, as well as researching. In some cases, you may also need to do customer service or do phone calls for your client.


What I like about virtual assisting though is that it does not necessarily require a specific degree. Anyone can be a virtual assistant.


However, to be an excellent virtual assistant, some of the most coveted qualifications are being organized, being a good communicator, as well as excellent grammar skills.


As far as I know, a virtual assistant can make $25 to $100 per hour depending on the client, the tasks, and your expertise.


  1. Earn from Your Shopping Receipts


I know, it’s another very clever idea on how to make money from home.


Just in case you are not aware of it, you can actually make money from receipts! I remember, before, I would immediately get rid of grocery and shopping receipts. But that changed when I learned about money-making apps like Ibotta.


Ibotta, I think, is one of the most famous money-making apps.


What do I mean with money-making? Well, it’s like being able to save something out of purchasing products or items. Your money comes in the form of either cash or gift cards.


I know for a fact that most mommies like myself do love grocery shopping, and I swear, using the Ibotta app will definitely change how you see grocery shopping. You will certainly love it even more!


To maximize your Ibotta app, all you have to do is search for items on the shopping list within the Ibotta app before grocery shopping. Once you are done shopping, you take a photo of the receipt and then scan the items’ barcodes. After which, you submit and once approved, you will earn your cash back!


How much you make from Ibotta depends on your shopping expense. But apart from cashback, you also get to earn an extra $20 as a signup bonus.


  1. Earn from Selling Used and Unwanted Items


If I may say, this one’s the very first thing I did when I resigned from work. I decluttered and then, I sorted everything and I decided to sell some of our used, unused, and unwanted items – clothes, shoes, bags, kitchen items, cookware, etc. – online.


Yes, selling preloved items is among the many legit ways of making money from home. Apart from the usual garage sale, you can also sell the items online through various marketplaces like Etsy, Decluttr, eBay, and Amazon.


There’s also an app called Letgo wherein you can also sell upload photos of your preloved items and sell them. Unlike other apps, you may use Letgo for free and it does not charge any commission at all so you get to receive your profit in full amount.


What is nice about selling it online is you get to have more chances of selling and you also get to offer or sell the items to people not only within where you live but also from farther places.


  1. Earn from Writing and Selling an Ebook


If you are someone who is very passionate about writing, one of the many legit ways of making money from home that you may consider getting yourself into is writing and selling an eBook.


What is nice about writing an eBook is you can write whatever you want – any topic you feel like writing. Although, if you want to make it like a serious business, one of the most sellable eBooks is the ones that discuss how-to topics.


You can self-publish your eBooks through different channels like Kindle Direct Publishing, as well as Amazon.


Unlike usual books, eBooks do not necessarily have to be hundreds of pages long. In fact, you can sell a book as short as 6,000-word count.


I have a friend who ventured into eBook writing and selling, and you know what? He made as much as $400 a month. Guess what? Even to this day, he still earns something from his first published book.


How much you earn actually depends on the online channel or platform you used. For instance, Amazon pays eBook writers up to 70% royalty fee with an eBook priced around $2.99 to $9.99. Imagine if your book sells hundreds of copies, that’s ultimately huge earning a huge amount of money.


  1. Earn from Losing Weight


This is probably one of the most fun legit ways of making money from home. I mean, imagine you get to be fit and healthy, at the same time, earning something out of it.


Actually, if you think about it, money is a good motivation in this case. I mean, who doesn’t want to make money or earn money, right?


Personally, if only I have a weight to lose, I would gladly join the fun.


Anyway, one of the ways to make money from losing weight is through HealthyWage. How does it work? Well, all you have to do is download the app, sign up, and then you define a goal weight and the amount of time you will give yourself to achieve your goal weight.


Once you are done defining your ideal weight, you can proceed with betting on yourself. The bet depends on how much you can afford. It could be at least $20 up to $500.


If you are confident that you can achieve your weight goal, I highly suggest betting bigger.


How much you win depends on how much you bet and of course, if you are able to achieve your goal. Guess what? You can actually earn as much as $10,000! Not bad at all, right?


  1. Earn from Blogging


Blogging is another way of earning a good amount of money online.


To give you an idea, the startup cost for blogs is really not that big. In fact, securing a domain and web hosting through Bluehost only costs $2.95 a month. Needless to say, Bluehost and WordPress are the best of friends, which means, blogging is made easy.


Some people are afraid of building their own blog even if they want to because they thought to build one’s too technical. However, with BlueHost, for instance, it’s all about selecting and clicking options. No need for coding.


I actually thought the same initially. I thought it would be costly to build a blog because I might need IT’s help to startup, but I was proven wrong. Actually, it’s a good thing that there are video tutorials these days on how to put up a blog. It helped me a lot. In fact, when I started my own blog a few years back, I only followed a YouTube tutorial. I was glad I did because apart from saving up, I also learned how to do it by myself.


With blogging, someone can earn to as much as four to six digits a month! How much you will earn from blogging depends on how well your web traffic is, and how you monetize your blog.


  1. Earn from Finding Errors


Do you have an eye for finding errors — particularly, grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors? If your answer is yes, then I suggest you work as an online proofreader.


To be a proofreader, communication or journalism background is not necessary. As long as you have an excellent eye for finding errors and you know some basics of proofreading (which you can gather through reading and going through some training), you are definitely in for the job.


Proofreading is another flexible job that is perfect for stay-at-home moms. As a proofreader, you can earn an average of $45,000 annually or around $3,750 a month.


If you are interested to get into this kind of job, you may look into websites like Upwork (formerly Odesk) and for some proofreading job opportunities.




I only listed down nine of the so many legit ways of making money from home out there.


To be honest, sometimes, searching for online work-from-home jobs or business opportunities can be really overwhelming because there really are a lot of options.


While it is totally fine to jump from one job to another, sticking to one is still the best way to go. But how to do that? Well, it all boils down to knowing what is it that you love doing or that thing that you are most passionate about. Once you know it in your heart, it is easier to find a way to make money.


So, that’s all for now. I hope I was able to help you get an idea of what job or business you are going to get yourself into. Good luck and may you find the best and most suitable way of making money from home as soon as possible.