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19 Ways To Make Money Online Without Investment

Do you want to make money online without investment? No kidding, it is possible! In fact, we have listed down below some of the many ways you can make money online without investment.


A lot of people have done it already. They got to make money online without investment – well, technically we are talking about investing money per se. So, you can too! That is exactly what this is for.


A little disclaimer, though. Because you might wonder how in the world will you make money without investing anything, right? Well, we are particularly pertaining to making money without spending anything, but time, skills, and your stock knowledge. Makes sense?


So, now, let’s proceed to the real deal? We swear you’ll get amazed at how much money you can make by getting into any of these ways to make money online without investment.


Here we go…


Ways to Make Money Online


  1. Blogging


You have probably heard it before, but yes, we are saying it again now. Blogging is probably the most popular way of making money online without investment. Imagine, some people could earn as much as $25,000 a month! That’s $300,000 in one year! That’s a big money, do you agree?


And how do you do that? Well, you could either sign up on free blog hosting sites like WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, Wix, Gator or you can build your own website. The latter, however, would incur a cost – that’s the last thing you want, right? To spend on something. You can migrate later on to your own personal blog once you earn anyway.


For now, focus on building your blog. Decide what specific topic you will be writing on and keep writing about anything and everything around that topic. Then, work on your web traffic. Optimize your website, make it keyword-rich.


The key to earning big in blogging is having a good number of traffic and followers. By the way, you earn from the ads that get into your blog, as well as through affiliate marketing – which we have already discussed in our previous blogs.


  1. Freelancing


Like blogging, this one is another popular way to make money without investing. Depending on your niche, you may find jobs in different freelancing websites. What is nice about freelancing is you get to work in the industry you opt to work for without having to go to the office and work on an 8 am to 5 pm basis.


As a freelancer, you can choose to work with either small or big companies on a temporary basis. As a freelancer, you can earn from $500 up to $2,000 a month depending on your job, as well as your years of experience. Some clients do even give bonuses when they find your work really good.


Some of the common freelance jobs available are for content writing, ghostwriting, resume writing, graphics design, for SEO specialists, digital marketing, web design, engineering, paralegal, and many more — freelance jobs actually covers almost all industries.


Meanwhile, some of the most popular websites where you will find freelance jobs are UpWork (formerly Odesk), WorkNHire, Freelancer, iFreelance, and People Per Hour. There are really a lot of them, you just got to find the platform that will work best for you.


  1. Vlogging


Do you think we are kidding? No! You can earn thousands by a single video you post on YouTube.


For those who are not familiar with vlogging – it actually means “video blogs” or “video blogging”. Apparently, the time has changed. Gone are the glory days of blogging (because even popular bloggers have now ventured into vlogging as well) – or maybe not really. It’s just that YouTube has become really popular these days.


So, if you are someone who loves taking videos when you go traveling or someone who loves to cook and would not mind sharing your cooking expertise, or someone who loves putting together different funny videos from different sources (with permission of course), or someone who loves filming video tutorials, well, then, being a YouTuber is the way to go. You will be amazed at how much you can earn from it, we swear!


Before you even think about it, some if not most of the YouTubers began their YouTube careers by using whatever camera they have – yes, even phone cameras! But if you do have a really good DSLR cam that has been there and just waiting for the rare times you use it, why not make a living out of it? Great idea, right?


Once you have set up a YouTube channel, all you got to do is work on having a lot of views and of course, subscribers. The more, the better because that is when you get to monetize your channel. When we say monetize, we mean applying for YouTube’s partner. Once proved, your viewers get to see the ads placed in your videos.


Please do note that you earn for every single view you get from a video you uploaded. Amazing? Yes, it is!


  1. Online Surveys


Some people usually get annoyed with online surveys, but did you know that you can actually make money out of it? If not, well, now you know.


By completing small surveys run by companies that just usually takes 5 minutes to 20 minutes of your time, you get to make money. How cool is that, right?


Imagine, sitting down in front of your laptop or desktop computer or even using your mobile phone or tablet, answering surveys and then, earning after. Isn’t that a good deal?


But of course, unlike the previous items we have discussed, with answering online surveys, you only make a little amount of money, which ranges from $1 to $20 depending on how long the survey is, your personal profile, and the country where you live. But still, no amount is too small because when you do good and those small amounts are gathered, you will be surprised at how big you can actually get.


There are specific survey sites where you can sign up and answer surveys, and make money! Some of these sites are CashCrate, Swagbucks, Opinion Outpost, Paid Viewpoint, and iPoll.


  1. Micro-Working


Do you want to earn an extra $200 to $300 a month? If you want to, well, all you have to do is work on a variety of tasks – from rating to identifying objects, to commenting on various sites, visiting websites, looking for contact details, writing small articles, and the list goes on.


There are a number of websites where you can sign-up and earn extra bucks by micro-working. Some of these sites are SEOCleark, ClickWorker, GigWalkwhere, and MicroWorker.


This work is actually ideal for those who have day jobs but would want to earn a little more to add on their monthly income.


  1. PTC Sites


Paid to Click (or PTC) is a job that is ideal for those who want extra income but does not have the luxury of time.


All you have to do is look for PTC sites like NeoBux, PrizeRebel, Paidverts, InboxDollar, and ClixSense, and then, sign up. No worries, joining these sites are for free!


Your job is simple, you just have to click and read advertisements, which will only take 10 to 30 seconds. You get paid for every advertisement you view. The more advertisements viewed, the better because that means more income.


  1. Solving Captcha


Do you have an extra two hours or so in a day? The, we highly recommend making use of that to make extra money.


Work as captcha solver and get paid for up to $2 for every 1000 captchas you solve. They key for this job is to be fast in solving captchas so you get to earn more.


Well, if you are someone who loves solving captchas, it’s going to be a very easy task for you. Do you want to try it out? Go check, and sign up to captcha solving websites like Captcha2Cash, VirtualBee, Kolotibablo, CaptchaTypers, and ProTypers to name a few.


  1. Affiliate Marketing


For those who are not that familiar about affiliate marketing, it’s earning money from posting ads or links to your website. Basically, these are links to online shops.


This one is ideal for those who have websites or those who have high social media following.


All you have to do is sign up on affiliate marketing sites or online merchants like Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, CJ Affiliate, Flipkart, ShareASale, Bluehost, and many more. Depending on what you discuss on your website or your social media platforms, you choose among the variety of products available on these sites, and then, promote them on your site.


For every successful purchase, you can earn a commission that ranges from 4% up to 20%. We highly suggest you study how affiliate marketing goes first for better output.


  1. Virtual Assistant


Being a virtual assistant is actually among the many freelancing jobs there is in the job market today. But, we must say, being one makes you earn a good amount of money.


A virtual assistant is like being a personal assistant to your client. You work online for him or her. Yup, assisting your client with his or her tasks without the need of being physically present.


If you want to work from home, we highly recommend taking a virtual assistant job. A virtual assistant’s tasks vary from writing articles, proofreading, publishing content, website management, to web and app development.


You may check websites like UpWork, HireMyMom, Zirtual, and MyTasker to look for virtual assistant work.


  1. Selling Photos Online


Are fond of taking images of people, things, homes, places, nature, etc.? Whether you are using a camera or your smartphone, it doesn’t matter as long as your photos are of high quality, you can make money out of it!


Yes, you can sell your photos online and earn a commission for every purchase of your photo. You may check out sites like Fotolia, iStockPhoto, Photobucket, and the infamous Shutterstock to get to know more how this works.


Of rouse, you just have to make sure you really own the photo or else you will get into trouble.


The trick is, the more photos you send, the better! That means more chances of photo purchases, which in turn will make you earn more cash.


  1. Be an Online Tutor


If you have the patience to teach other people – children and adults alike – you may want to consider being an online tutor. The key in being an online tutor is teaching the subject matter that you are most comfortable about. For instance, you are confident that you are good with numbers, then be a math tutor. If you are more into the English language, then teach English.


By being an online tutor, you can earn as much as $60 per hour.


For online tutoring jobs, you may go and check websites such as,, SmartThinking, VIPKid, and Homework Tutoring to name a few.


  1. Mystery Shopping


Shopping! Who doesn’t like to go shopping, right? Well, that is if we have the means to do so. But hey, here’s one job that is actually fun!


A typical mystery shopper would go to an establishment like for instance, he or she is tasked to eat at a restaurant so that he or she can rate them after – their food, their staff, the cleanliness of the place, and all other factors.


However, for an online mystery shopper, what you will typically do is you assess shopping websites like how efficient it is, how good is its navigation, how detailed the site is, how quick does the shop processes your orders, and many more.


The most common industries that are being assessed by online mystery shoppers are communication, real estate, tourism, as well as e-commerce.


We highly recommend this job to those who have the luxury of time to go around.


  1. Online Selling


You are probably wondering why it’s even here? Selling means you have to have products to offer. Well, you are right! But products do not necessarily mean things. You can also sell services or graphics designs for instance – those do not need investment, right?


Becoming an online seller is being able to sell not only in the country or state you are from but even globally! Imagine that!


There are two ways to sell products online. You can sell via your own website or by using famous online shopping platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Snapdeal among others. We highly recommend using these sites are they are for free compared to setting up your own web store. Also, the good thing about selling via online shopping platforms is that they already have established a customer base, which means you do not need to look for your customers elsewhere as they are already there.


If you have the means or the extra money, you may try being a wholesaler or distributor of products.


  1. Social Media Management


Are you someone who spends a lot of time checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media channels? Well, we have a piece of good news for you! You can turn your supposedly dull time into something worthwhile.


You can make money by being a social media manager!

Being a social manager means handling your client’s social media accounts. The thing is, you have to have great organizational and communications skills. Also, a highly-proficient mobile phone and a good laptop will greatly help in doing the job.


Depending on the number of clients you have, you can earn money from $1,000 up to $10,000 a month! That’s a big amount, right?


You may look for social media management jobs through an online job listing websites like UpWork, Freelancer, iFreelance, etc.


  1. Consultancy and Training


If you have some really good skills, you can make use of that to make money online. You can do so by providing training or consultancy services on the industry or field that you are most knowledgeable about – it could be computer courses, medical treatment, technical courses, and many others.


You can promote your service offerings via social media platforms or through your own website if you have one. If possible, you show off your portfolio for added credibility and so people will know that your business is legit.


  1. Selling Previously Owned Things


Join the Mari Kondo bandwagon! Get rid of all the things that no longer spark joy to you and make money out of it.


You will be surprised at how much amount of things you have that you no longer are using or no longer need. Sign up on OLX or Quikr and sell those stuff out – you will thank yourself for doing so. Imagine, you do not only get to have a clean and organized home, but you also made money out of all the things you are letting go.


You can also ask your family and friends for stuff that they no longer need. You can propose to sell their stuff online and make some commission for doing so.


So, what are you waiting for? Start sorting your things out today and make some cash!


  1. Transcription


What transcriptionists do is listen to audio files and then transcribe or record what they hear either in verbatim or edited manner – depends on the requirements of your client. They key here is to have really good typing skills, grammar skills, and of course, a good set of ears (no kidding, you got to have good hearing or else you won’t be able to deliver the job correctly).


By being a transcriptionist, you can make money from $7 up to $21 per hour.


You may look for transcription jobs on websites such as Upwork, Athreon, Scribie, Tigerfish, and GoTranscript. If you think you have the skills, go and apply today.


  1. Web Surfing


Are you fond of surfing the web? Well, we’ve got good news for you. You can make money out web surfing! Yes! Go and check out InboxDollars, which is a market research company that pays people to use their search engine instead of the popular ones like Google.


They do this so they get an idea about people’s search engine habits, as well as to discover patterns that may be of value to companies who are trying to understand better their consumers.


What’s even enticing is that InboxDollars give $5 sign up bonus for every new user. For every 4 qualified searched completed, you get to earn $0.15. Too low? Well, if you complete more searches a day, you can earn big bucks, right?


  1. Watching Online Videos


Yes! You can also earn money by watching online videos!


Swagbucks pays you by watching short, ad-like videos tackling various topics such as personal development, sports, news, and entertainment.


As a starter, you get $10 as a sign-up bonus. You can watch videos on whatever device – in your laptop, desktop computer, your phone, or your tablet.


Unlike vlogging on YouTube, you don’t get as much, but, still, that’s making money while doing what you actually like doing, right?




Whether you love writing, creating videos, shopping, influencing, or selling, you have a spot on making money online.


What we shared above are just 19 of so many ways to make money online without investment. There are endless opportunities to make money online, and the good news is, they are just there. All we have to do is grab them and start earning extra or you can even choose to pursue a fulltime online career if you wish to.


With so many online jobs available, there is surely one that fits best for you. All you have to do is to keep looking at your options, and then trying them out until you find your niche. With hard work, you can earn even higher than what you earn on your day jobs.


Sounds crazy? No, it’s not, because the possibilities in the online world are endless. Your hard work and determination can go a long way.