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Your Step-By-Step Guide In Starting An Online Job Part Time From Home

A fraction of the people looking for an online job part time from home are stay-at-home moms. They look for an outlet to unleash their expertise and creativity, at the same time, earn a few bucks to help pay the bills or to be able to buy stuff for themselves and/or the baby (based on experience, it’s usually for the latter).


Working from home is such a blessing to every used-to-be working mom who had to give up (either by choice or circumstance) their regular office jobs to be able to take care of their baby or their families in general.


I, too, was once a career woman. All my single years, I have been working so hard. I actually never thought I would get into a point in my life that I would leave my job and stay home. Well, as the saying goes, life gives so many surprises. For me, it was when I got pregnant.


I had a quite challenging pregnancy that I had to be advised to go on bed rest for the last trimester of my pregnancy. It was then that I experienced what being home and doing nothing looks like. However, it changed when I gave birth. Suddenly, things changed. It was all about the baby – and it was as if I forgot what working was like.


Fast forward when my baby was four months already. I suddenly felt the urge to work again. Unfortunately, though, we have no family member or relative to help us take care of the baby while at work. And then I met a friend from college. She too is a mom, and working from home.


While I am aware that work from home exists, I did not know how to really start off. With a few months of hiatus from working, I felt like I lost my nerve to get into something and start anew. Through my friend’s help, I was able to land an online job part time from home, and as they say, the rest is now part of history.


Probably you are thinking about why I had to share all that. Well, it simply because I wanted to make a point. Perhaps you are reading this because you too were like me who was afraid of starting a work from home stint, or maybe you wanted to but just do not know how and where to start.


With that said, I am going to share with you how to start working online job part time from home, at the same time, I will be sharing with you a few choices of part-time online jobs.


How to Start Your Work from Home Career


As a stay at home mom, our primary responsibility is our families especially our little ones. Once we are done with them, that’s the only time we can start doing something else. That is why online job part time from home is very ideal for us, stay at home mommies.


Since it is online, it means, we can work and earn money right at the comforts of our home. Meanwhile, while we can opt to do fulltime work from home jobs, working on a part-time status first would help us get the feel of working from home. Also, it’s more of allowing ourselves to get used to it first, and then once we figured everything out, then we can also opt to work fulltime anyway.

Anyway, here are a few steps to help you jumpstart your work from home career:


STEP 1: Know what you want to do.


Of course, just like anything else in life, before you start something, you have to know first what exactly it is that you want to do. Just so you know, there are a lot of online jobs out there to choose from. Some of which we’ll be discussing later on.


It is important that you figure out what you want to pursue – it could be writing, virtual assisting, data entry work, transcription, teaching or tutoring, etc. Knowing what you want will make all the other processes easier.


For you to be able to figure out what it is that you want, you can ask yourself questions like:


– What am I passionate about at this point in my life?

– What are my free times in a day?

– What is my expertise?

– What are my skills?

– Do I have the time and energy to work on challenging tasks?


These are just some of the questions you can ponder on to help you decide what particular online job part time from home will you push for.


STEP 2: Ready your equipment and workspace or home office.


Once you have already figured out what industry or field you want to pursue as a work from home worker, the next step is to ensure you have the right equipment and of course, you have a dedicated working space.


Ideally, you must have a home office. It helps you keep in the zone once you are in working mode. While having a room intended as your home office is the best thing, if you do not have a spare room at home, you can instead find a space where you can set up a table to put all your work stuff like your laptop computer, and headset among others.


When looking for a space at home to turn into your work area, make sure to choose the one with very minimal to no distractions at all. Based on experience, it is easier to finish a task when you are not distracted from anything.


As I have mentioned, apart from your work area, you must also possess a laptop or desktop computer intended for work, a headset (especially if you are taking the transcription path), and of course, having a very reliable, and high-speed internet connection. Working in an online job part time from home is not possible without a reliable internet connection. It’s the very soul of work from home jobs.


STEP 3: Practice your skills – study if necessary.


Depending on the job you are planning to pursue, you will need certain skills. For example, if you see yourself working as a transcriptionist but have no experience in being one, then you must work on your typing speed. Thus, practicing and honing your typing skills is necessary.


If you intend to be a medical transcriptionist, you will need to undergo a medical transcription certification program and pass a test to get the certification. The program is available online and must be taken in 4 to 10 months depending on the institution.


You see, there are skills and training required. To be ready for this journey, you must allot a time to check what skills you possess and if you are unsure, you can always practice or hone it anyway until you are ready.


STEP 4: Sign-up for an online job listing sites.


Of course, to be able to start your work from home career, you must sign-up for an online job listing sites. I tell you, there are a lot. But as you know, the World Wide Web is also home to scammers and bogus companies and clients. Thus, make sure to only deal with the legit ones.


As a starting point, I suggest you sign up for the popular and trusted freelance job listing sites like Indeed, Upwork, Flexjobs, and Freelancer. These sites offer thousands of work from home job options for you to choose from – depending on your interest, skills, experience, and capabilities.


STEP 5: Send your applications.


Just like when applying for an office job, just hit the apply button as many as you can. The more you click, the more chances of getting hired for an online job part time from home.


But of course, make sure that you only apply to job postings that you are confident about. Do not just click apply for the sake of being able to send your applications. After all, no one wants to waste time and effort, right?


By the way, I mentioned a while ago that the internet is also home to scammers. That said, make sure that before you hit the apply button, especially when it is an unknown or suspicious company, you first research the company or the client. You can always ask from freelancers groups on Facebook or forums, or you can Google and check for reviews or if they have a website, check the authenticity of the details on the site.


Online Job Part Time from Home


Now that you already know my five simple steps to jumpstart your work from home career, let me share with you now some of the most popular online work from home jobs. Some of these can be very lucrative especially if you are hardworking (well, I guess no matter what work or industry you are in, as long as you are hardworking, you can always earn big).


So, let us begin.


  1. Online Teaching or Tutoring


Online teaching or tutoring is one of the most popular work from home jobs these days. In fact, this industry is booming as more and more non-English speakers are keen on learning the language – which by the way is considered as the universal language.


In most cases, online tutoring or teaching is done via Skype. Some online teaching or tutoring companies though prefer using their own online video chat facility.


To be an online tutor, you must be a master of a particular academic subject – it could be Math, English, history, science, and technology, etc. Apart from being an expert on a particular subject matter, you can also provide consultancy services to your students.


Most online teaching or tutoring sites offer a very flexible work schedule. In fact, you get to decide when you want to hold classes (based on your availability). While some sites do have a minimum number of teaching hours required, others do not have a minimum hour requirement at all. You see, this is very ideal for stay at home moms looking for an online job part time from home.


How much you make as an online teacher or tutor usually depends on the company you are working for. Of course, your expertise on the subject matter, your educational and professional background are also considered in some companies.


If you want to pursue this kind of work, you may check sites like VIPKid, QKid,, TutorCity, as well as Wiziq to name a few.


  1. Content Writing


Personally, of all the work from home jobs out there, whether it be fulltime or part-time, content writing is the one with high earning potential. Also, it is one of those work from home jobs that never run out of job listing. It’s as if the world needs a lot of content writers.


There are many ways to make money from writing – you can write articles, blogs, academic papers like essays, dissertations, term papers, etc.


To be a content writer, all you need is excellent writing and communication skills. Of course, your ability to meet deadlines, and your mastery of grammar, punctuations, and spelling may also be considered. While some companies opt for journalism or English degree holder, most clients do not mind your educational background at all – what matters is your passion and your capability to write well.


Depending on the write-ups that you work on and the company or client you are working for, you can earn as low as $500 a month up to $10,000! Yes, some content writers really make a lot of form writing gigs.


If you are someone who’s passionate about writing, I highly suggest you go this path. You can check job listing sites like Quikr, Indeed, Upwork, Fiverr, Lexicomm, and more for possible content writing stint.


  1. Data Entry


Data entry refers to the process of transferring data from one file to another. That is basically it. What you particularly need for this kind of job is a keen eye for detail and accuracy.


Data entry is of those online work from home jobs that usually do not require previous work experience or specific educational attainment. Anyone is welcome to become a data entry specialist.


The earning potential may not be as huge as other online job part time from home, but with hard work, you can sure make a lot of money from data entry work.


If you are interested to get into this job, you may check out the same job listing sites we previously mentioned like Indeed, Upwork, and Freelancer. You may also opt to look for sites that specifically cater to data entry work if you want to.


  1. Blogging


While content writing is lucrative, blogging is more profitable. In fact, some very successful bloggers earn to as much as 6-digits to millions in a year! No kidding, just a fact.


Personally, of all the work from home jobs available online, blogging is my favorite – especially if you own a blog. It gives you the freedom to create content whenever you want to, as long as you want to, and yes, the earning potential is endless.


To get into blogging, you only need to be very passionate about the craft and everything else will follow. There are so many how to start a blog references online, which makes jumpstarting into blogging so much easier.


Just to give you an idea though, to start off, you must decide what particular topic are you going to work on (it could be fashion, food, motherhood, travel, etc.). Once you have already decided, you start to create your own website. Do not worry because creating a website today is easier – no need for technical or IT knowledge, in fact.


You make money in blogging through Google ads, affiliate marketing, as well as sponsored posts. Collaborating with brands is also another way to make money. By the way, to make all these possible, you must work on your web traffic. A constant big following would be very ideal for you to earn more.


  1. Online Selling


Yes, you read it right. Online selling is another lucrative online job part time from home. Imagine what the internet can do. In just a click you can be an entrepreneur!


To start off your online business, you can make use of the popular online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, as well as Etsy. These e-commerce sites are the most ideal places to jumpstart your business! Right away you get a customer base!


You can sell anything and everything. Although I suggest, you go re-selling products especially if you are not the risk-taker type.


The thing about online selling is finding the right product/s to sell. It can be very profitable if you have the right product/s with you.


Final Words


There you have it! I hope I was able to inspire and encourage you to start your work from home journey. As you can see, there are so many ways to earn online and from home. It’s just about finding what you are most interested in and what you are most passionate about.


As a stay at home moms, having an online job part time from home makes life more equally challenging and fulfilling. Imagine, we get to take care of our babies/families, at the same time, do something that we like.


So, good luck in finding your ideal online job part time from home!