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7 Legit Online Jobs For Students That Pay Well

Are you looking for an online job to earn a few bucks? Then you are in the right place because today, we are going to talk about a few online jobs for students that pay well. So, what are you waiting for? Read on and know how much you can make by doing these online jobs for students.


I was once a student too before I became a mom a few years after college. Honestly, I’d have to say my student years were probably one of the best times of my life. Apart from gaining friends, I have learned so much about life as well.


When I was one of you, yes, you because I am assuming the ones reading this are students, I was very goal-oriented. Apart from envisioning myself graduating from college, earning a degree, and becoming successful in the field I chose, I was so in the moment. I made sure that I take every possible opportunity there is in front of me. I made sure not to waste any time, even more, no to waste opportunities.


Now that I am a mom, I wish to impart that to my kid too when he grows up. Meanwhile, I will impart to you what I have learned for now.




Time has definitely changed because these days, there is a lot of option for students to make money. The best thing though is the fact that you don’t even need to leave you home! You can make money right at the comforts of your home or anywhere else like in a coffee shop or while on break at school.


How is that possible? Well, through the various online jobs for students that are available out there, which is what I am going to share with you today.


But before that, here are a few reminders for you first. Yes, I just thought, since you are still students, you have to keep in mind the following:


– Apply for a job that is within your niche.


Of course, like in the real work scenario, you have to do a job that you are good at or else you are likely to fail or you will not enjoy doing the work at all. When thinking of applying for jobs whether it be an online job or offline, you have to ensure that you are going for something that you are good at. Well, how else can you sell yourself to the employer or recruiter if you do not know how to do the job, right?


So, if for instance, you are good with writing, then you look for freelance writing jobs or do blogging. If you think you have what it takes to teach or tutor young kids, then apply as an online tutor or teacher instead. If you are good with graphic design, then apply for graphic design jobs, and the list goes on and on.


– Studies are still on top of your priority list.


While it feels really good to earn money, do not forget that your top priority is still to do well in your classes, and finish school. Earning on the side is just icing on the cake. When you apply for any job, make it a point to inform your employer that first, you are a student, and second, that you can only work on certain hours on a day.


It is important that you make it clear to your future employer, so they also lessen their expectations. Believe me, there are a lot of understanding and generous clients out there. You just have to find your right match. You know, just like in love. Alright, let’s not go there. Let’s talk about that some other time.


– Make a work schedule and be firm with it.


You sure have a definite school schedule so work on that. Look at your free time. Consider also the time you are going to do school stuff after classes. Put that into consideration before coming up with a final work schedule.


I believe it is important that you create a work schedule even before applying for a job so that when you go through the interview process, you know what to tell your prospective client. You can also manage his or her expectations. Also, it is a good way so both of you could come up with a solid work schedule.


I specifically said “be firm” because some clients would sometimes ask for a comprise. Remember, studies are still your top priority, so it is okay to make no compromises yet at this time. If one client turns you down because he or she does not agree with your work schedule, then that’s fine. Proceed to the next.


– Be honest with your resume.


Just like any other applicants out there, you have to make a resume. When writing your resume, make sure to put correct information. Some people thought it is okay to lie because it’s virtual, but hey, lying is never an option.


If you already have had work experience before, then put it in there. Since you are still student, make sure to highlight that in your resume that you are still presently enrolled. That way it is easy for clients to judge whether or not they will consider you for the job.


So, there you have it! These are just a few important reminders for you. Hopefully, these reminders help you as you start searching for online jobs for students.




That said, let’s proceed to the real deal. Below are some of the most popular online jobs for students. I bet you will be surprised at how much money you can make.


So, let’s begin with…


  1. Virtual Assistant


A virtual assistant job is probably one of the most common online jobs out there. When I say common, I mean, there is a lot of job offers for this kind of job.


For those who are not that familiar with what does a virtual assistant does, well he or she basically needs to do certain tasks required by his or her employer or client. Your tasks range from doing data entry and customer service to content writing, editing, scheduling meetings, and email marketing.


The rate of a virtual assistant depends on the expertise or the years of experience of the person. But to give you an idea, a virtual assistant can make $15 to $200 per hour. In fact, some even get higher than $200. Again, it depends on your years of experience as a virtual assistant.


Websites like Zirtual and Virtual Assistant Networking are some of the best sites where you can find virtual assistant jobs.


  1. Social Media Manager.


A lot of students I know love social media networking. Imagine, instead of wasting time checking or stalking someone else’s social media account, why not make use of that time to work as a social media manager instead!?


Spend hours on social media and earn as much as $15 up to $40 per hour by being a social media manager!


Basically, your task is to manage social media sites of companies or sometimes certain individuals (either celebrities or influencers). As a social media manager, part of your job is to help build brand awareness by creating content, building relationships with possible customers, and driving new leads to your client’s website or your client’s brand. Your job entails a lot of responsibility as you act as the company or your client’s online voice.


To get started, you can check for social media manager jobs on websites like or Upwork. You can also do traditional by approaching local businesses and offering your services. As a social media manager, you can either be working using multiple social media platforms or just focus on one – really depend on your expertise.



  1. Graphic Designer


If you are creative and you think you have what it takes to be a graphic designer, then go start your graphic design career today. The thing here is you do not necessarily have to be a graphic design or advertising or fine arts student to be able to land as a graphic designer job.


There are a lot of graphic designer’s jobs out there that only require your portfolio. Well, I think that is fair because honestly, some of the most creative people are not enrolled in a creative course.


To be able to land in a graphic designer position, you have to build up your portfolio. You have to put everything you’ve done – graphic designs, logos, etc. – in one file so when a potential client asks for it, it’s just a click away.


For your information, an online graphic designer can make $25 up to $50 per hour. So, imagine how much you get if you work at least 10 hours a week? That’s $250 to $500! That’s huge, right? You can find graphic design jobs in a various job listing websites like Upwork and 99designs.


You probably are excited by now. But wait, there’s more!


  1. Online Tutor or Online Teacher


If you love teaching and have the patience and the heart to teach kids or adults, then this one’s for you. I once worked as an online English teacher, specifically teaching Korean kids. I have to say it was super fun and the kids are so lovely. I’ve always loved kids anyway.


The nice thing about online teaching is that you decide when to hold classes, and the classes only last for short periods of time. Also, there are online teaching websites that make an online teacher’s life easier. Why? Because the lessons are ready! All you have to do is implement it on your students.


There are actually a lot of online teaching sites to choose from but one of the most common, and has recently gained popularity because of the really good price they offer is VIPKid. If you are American or Canadian decent, then, VIPKid is the way to go.


If you decide to do, online teaching jobs, you can make money between $14 and $20 or even more per hour. The requirements vary from one online teaching company to another. For instance, VIPKid is popular because they have a very extensive set of requirements like you have to be a college graduate, you have to be either American or Canadian, have teaching experience, etc. Other companies are more relaxed in terms of requirements though. That said, all you have to do is choose which one you think will work for you.


  1. Blogger


Who in here don’t know what blogging is all about? I, for one, is a blogger. Anyway, yes, there is a good amount of money in blogging. But I have to tell you, it requires a lot of hard work in the beginning, but once you are established, you will sure tap your back a couple of times for a real job well done.


Honestly, have I known blogging will change my life the way it did now, I would have started it as early as when I was in high school or college. Seriously! It really pays well. The longer you have been into it, the more established your blog gets, the more money you get.


But you know, whether you did it earlier or do it now, it doesn’t really matter as long as you know what needs to be done to send in money. You earn money through blogging via sponsored posts, Google Adsense, as well as affiliate marketing. You can also get paid for static ads or something like that.


The amount of earning really depends. However, just to give you an idea, you can make money through blogging for up to $100,000 a month! Your jaw just dropped? Well, you read it right!


So, if you are someone who loves to write, I highly recommend you start blogging today!


  1. Freelance Writer


Still on high learning how much money you can make through blogging but you think you are not just ready for that yet? Well, here’s another way to make money online as a student who loves writing – freelance writing!


Yes, you can work as a freelance writer and earn as much as $50 to $500 per article. The rate, of course, depends on your expertise and years of experience. Well, like any other job out there, the key to earning more is by gaining more experience.


The good thing about freelance writing jobs is that apart from excellent grammatical skills and passion for writing, they require nothing else. I mean, some clients do not mind hiring someone who’s not an English or Communications’ major (although for some, it’s a plus), which totally understandable because honestly, some of the best writers out there are not even into that field.


Like everything else in here, working as a freelance writer gives you the flexibility of time. It definitely is a lucrative way as well to make money while in college.


You can find freelance writing stints in a various online job listing sites like ProBlogger, Freelancer.Com, Freelance Writing Jobs, as well as the infamous Upwork.


  1. Proofreader


If you have an eye for grammatical errors, then this one’s for you.


I know some people who freak out whenever they see grammatical errors and guess what!? They made money out of that! Funny, right? I actually never thought you can make money by finding errors. But yes, you can!


As a proofreader, your job is to check grammatical and punctuation errors, as well as spelling. Don’t get confused with editing and proofreading because they are two different things. Editing involves deleting, restructuring, and adding content. As a proofreader, you focus on the errors. It’s up to the editor to edit the errors you found before publishing the content.


With regards to how much money you can make by being a proofreader? Well, it’s pretty decent. You can earn between $10 and $45 per hour. Again, and again, the rate varies depending on you long you have been a proofreader and your credibility as a proofreader.


Upwork and Freelancer also offers a lot of proofreading jobs.




Honestly, I feel a little envious here. I mean, during my time there were only so little options. In fact, I remember we only choose whether we work as a part-time bartender at a nearby coffee shop, or as staff on a fast-food chain, or work as a student assistant at our university. Has there been this much online jobs for students during my time, I probably am a millionaire by now.


Seriously, you are one lucky generation! I so love the fact that you can just hang in there at your room and earn big bucks. You can actually save up for your tuition fees, don’t you? That is pretty awesome! But of course, if you were my child, don’t worry, I will let you save and enjoy your hard-earned money. After all, you worked pretty hard to make those. But sharing a little for the family will be nice, right?


Alright, that’s just me being a mom!


To end, I really do hope you learned something from me today. I hope these ideas you learned will push you to try out some of these online jobs for students. For sure, you are going to make your mom and dad proud. Good luck!