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7 Websites That Offer Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners

Transcription job is probably one of the best ways to work online especially if you are looking for a job that does not require a specific college degree or work experience. In fact, whether you are a pro or a newbie, there is a sure place for you in the transcription industry. Today, however, we are going to specifically dig into available online transcription jobs for beginners.


Whether you are a stay-at-home mom looking for a part-time online job, or a new graduate who has not yet found a day job but want to earn money, or someone who is tired of working for a day job and would want to take the leap of being a freelancer, then online transcription may be the right job for you!


I was once a transcriptionist. In fact, it is the very first job I got into after I decided to quit my regular day job to be a fulltime mom to my son. I must say, it wasn’t hard looking for online transcription jobs for beginners. There are a lot of them!


There are so many things to like about working as an online transcriptionist. But I personally love the fact that it allows me to work according to my preference. It is very flexible. Most online transcription companies let you decide when you want to work and how much work you want to do. I actually believe it is the best job suitable for moms like me!


Online transcription may be quite a challenge in the beginning, but once you get used to it, you will surely get addicted and you will fall harder to this kind of job.


So, perhaps you are already wondering how then to get into online transcription jobs for beginners? Well, let me show you how. But first things first…


What is a transcription job?


As the term suggests, transcription refers to typing down or converting an audio or audio-video file into a written document.


There are different types of transcription jobs – there’s a general transcription, and specialized transcription jobs like medical and legal. While there are transcription companies that send off a transcriptionist to speeches, events, and/or seminars, commonly, companies accept recorded speeches or workshops in any file format.


Transcription pricing depends on company. Yes, every company has its own payment scheme like it could be getting paid on a per line, per word, or per hour basis. Needless to say, transcriptionist expertise and years of precious work may also be taken into consideration to be able to determine the right salary rate.


Just so you know, most transcription companies serve private law firms, government agencies, courts, meeting planners, trade associations, as well as nonprofits.


Furthermore, transcription jobs require discretion, accuracy, confidentiality, as well as the ability to work fast and efficiently while making sure that deadlines are met. Transcripts have to be produced in the highest quality possible.


What is a transcriptionist?


According to the Transcription Certification Institute, a transcriptionist is “a professional typist who listens to recorded or live audio files and converts into text format what they hear. They offer their services to medical, legal, and general transcription industry.”


As mentioned above, they get paid for rendering transcription services.


As mentioned above, a transcriptionist has to accurate, has his or her own discretion, knows how to value confidentiality clauses, has the ability to work fast, very efficient, must meet deadlines, produces high quality transcriptions, meets the highest standards, have excellent attention to details, and last but not the least, has the desire to meet or better yet, exceed clients’ expectations.


If you think you have all these, then perhaps a transcription job is for you!


What are the benefits of becoming a transcriptionist?


I can run down a list of benefits you will enjoy when you get into transcription jobs, but let me just give emphasis to the following:


  1. A transcription job allows you to work online.


As a fulltime mom, getting online work is the best way to go. Online jobs allow me to work and earn extra money, at the same time, take care of my kid. It actually feels like hitting two birds with one stone, right? Good thing is, transcription jobs allow you to do both.


  1. The transcription job offers a flexible schedule.


Another thing that made me decide to get into this kind of job is the fact that I get to work whenever and wherever I want to. I get to decide what specific time of the day I am going to work on the files – which I usually do when the baby is asleep or playing on his own. Also, it allows me to decide how much work I do in a day! I know, that is freedom at work at its finest, right?


  1. Transcription is open to anyone.


Believe me, I came from a different line of business, and to be honest, I was never a good typist. In fact, I never ever in my life thought I would do this kind of job. But thank goodness there are a lot of online transcription jobs for beginners, I was able to land in one and explore how I can succeed in this field.


  1. The transcription job is competitive salary-wise.


You know, in 2018 specialized transcription is said to be one of the best work from home jobs, and I couldn’t agree more! It is indeed the best! Imagine, the work is not as stressful as other work-from-home jobs, it offers a very flexible work scheme, and yet it offers a very reasonable salary rate. What more to ask, right?


  1. Transcription job is less stressful compared to any other online jobs.


As I have just mentioned, transcription job is less stressful, indeed, compared to other online jobs available out there. Well, unless of course, you are the type who hates getting stuck in front of your computer for long hours. But generally speaking, if you are someone like me who’s a mom, and has to take care of other things, the last you want to have is a stressful work – and definitely, transcription is not one of them.


What are the requirements to be a transcriptionist?


As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of online transcription jobs for beginners out there. But before you even jump in, it is important that you also know what the job requires. There are two set of things that you need to know. One is the qualifications required for the job, and second, the technical requirements.




To be a transcriptionist, you must possess certain skills (which we actually already mentioned earlier). These are the following:


– Types accurately

– Fast typing speed

– Honors confidentiality clauses

– Efficient

– Have excellent attention to detail

– Excellent grammar skills

– Computer literate

– Strong listening skills

– Focused

– Diligent

– Self-motivated

– Willing to follow the company’s transcription style as it is


When it comes to educational requirements, it differs from one company to another. However, most transcription companies that offer general transcription jobs do not really require a specific college degree. In fact, some do not even mind not having a college degree.


It’s a different case though when you are aiming for specialized transcription jobs. These kinds of transcription jobs require certain training. For instance, a medical transcriptionist is required to undergo certain medical transcription programs. The hiring process for specialized transcriptionists is also more difficult compared to general transcription.


That is why I suggest, before getting into specialized transcription, you work as a general transcriptionist first – just to get the hang of it, and get familiarized with how the work goes.


Technical Requirements


Apart from certain skills required, you must also possess the following technical requirements:


  • Reliable desktop computer or laptop
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Good quality headphones
  • Transcription software (A transcription software helps easy playback, fast-forward, rewind, and pause recorded audio file)
  • Word processing software like Microsoft Word
  • Foot pedal to playback the audio files (I highly suggest investing in a really good foot pedal because it really is very helpful for any transcription job.)


How to be a transcriptionist?


Now that you already know the basic requirements to get into an online transcription job, the next thing to do is to learn how to be a transcriptionist. I will make this simple. Since transcription is all about typing, I highly suggest you focus on learning how to type fast, at the same time, listen attentively – to make sure that you are transcribing right.


Also, please keep in mind that one part of the application process requires you to do a simple transcribing test. The test is your key to starting off a transcription career.


One way to practice your typing skins is to hop on over to There you can take a sample typing test as many as you can. This will help you hone your typing skills, and hopefully, you get to acquire the right typing speed that transcription companies require.


Since transcription also requires proficiency in the English language, you may check out Exam English. By doing so, you get to see if you have excellent grammar and vocabulary.


Now, if you really want to get serious about this job, you can also enroll in a transcription training course. This way you get to know more about the industry, and also you get to acquire the knowledge and skills you need in order to succeed in this line of career.


How much does a transcriptionist make?


How much you make as a transcriptionist depends on a person to person basis. Although beginners usually can make up to $20 per hour provided you really do your work well. Most companies depend on the salary rate on the person’s years of experience, expertise for the craft, as well as efficiency at work.


Just to clarify though, transcription companies pay on a per audio minute scheme. Meaning, they will base the rate by an audio minute and not the working hour. So, if for instance, you have a 30-minute audio file, how much you make out of it will be based on the 30-minute audio length and not how long you worked on the file.


I tell you, beginners may take more or less 3 hours for a 30-minute audio file. So, even if you are going to work longer than the 30-minute audio file, how much you make will still be based on that, and not your working hours.


Did you get what I mean? I hope so!


Where to look for transcription jobs?


Remember what I said earlier? There are so many online transcription jobs for beginners out there, and here are some of what transcriptionists consider as the best transcription job sites for beginners:


  1. Rev


Rev is probably one of the best transcription companies out there. They have a simple application process, which involves a quick typing test, followed by a 10-minute grammar test. If you pass both tests, you can immediately start working for Rev.


The company pays $0.40 cents up to $0.60 cents per audio minute, which when translated to an hourly rate that would mean about $24 up to $36 per audio hour. Of course, how much you get paid depends on your experience. So, the more experienced you are, the higher you get paid.


Anyway, Rev pays during Mondays through PayPal. The company claims that their average earners make $245 a month, now that totally helps pay the bills, right?


  1. Go Transcript


Go Transcript is one of the most well-known companies in the transcription industry.


What is exciting about Go Transcript is the company’s top earners could make up to $1,215 per month! Now that is huge! But of course, with such price, that means audio minutes are perfect, and that there are plenty of files to work on. In addition, you got to be a perfect typist with an excellent ear for all types of spoken accents.


Yes, because Go Transcript is known to test your skills by intentionally giving audio files that contain non-English speaking speakers, which can really be very difficult.


  1. Scribie


Scribie is another popular company when it comes to online transcription. Although unlike the previous companies we mentioned, they pay a little lower. In fact, they only pay their transcriptionists between $5 and $20 per audio hour.


However, Scribie makes up for the low rate by having a few extras like giving out a monthly $5 bonus for every 3 audio hours completed. They also offer easy promotion from being a transcriptionist to becoming a reviewer, which will enable you to earn twice. The best of all, well, at least for me, is the fact that you can pick and choose the audio filed you want to work on. However, you just have to make sure you complete the conversion from audio to written file within the two hour turnaround time.


  1. Casting Words


Most of Casting Words clients are from the business sector. They offer different transcription jobs with different payment rates depending on a number of factors like the type of transcription job you do, as well as your level of expertise. On an average level though, the pay rate is about $0.75 cents per audio minute, which gives you the possibility of earning $7.50 an hour. However, most of the audio files only last for a few minutes, which means you may only earn a few dollars in an hour.


  1. AccuTran Global


AccuTran Global is a Canadian-based company. The company hires home-based transcriptionists in both the United States and Canada regions. At first glance, you will have an impression that the company is paying low to its transcriptionists compared to their competitors, but in reality, it actually is just on par with other companies that hire beginners in this field.


AccuTran Global pays $0.004 to $0.0055 per word and $.40 per audio minute for projects with a longer turnaround timeframe. They pay their transcriptionists through their respective bank accounts on or before every 15th of the month.


  1. Transcribe Me


One of the companies that offer transcription jobs for beginners is Transcribe Me. Just like other companies, in order to get hired, you will have to pass a skills test. That’s all you need. Once you pass it, you are immediately in, and you may start working on projects.


Transcribe Me pays $0.33 cents per audio minute or up to $20 per audio hour. Then again, your level of expertise and years of experience will be taken into consideration. The more experience you are, the higher your pay is. Transcribe Me pays through PayPal on a weekly basis.


  1. QuickTate


If you are not really keen about the money you get and say you just want to gain experience, QuickTate is the right one for you.


Unlike other transcription companies, the rate of pay is only $0.0025 per word, which is equivalent to one cent for every four words you make.


To get into QuickTate, all you have to do is pass the skills test, and then agree to pay for the background check, which amounts to $20. While this may sound like a scam, they definitely are not. But yeah, to be honest, of all the transcription companies on my list, it is the least company I would recommend.


There you have it. These are just seven of the many transcription companies out there. Just to add, when choosing a company to work for, make sure you take everything into consideration first. Also, look into their requirements and all that to help you gauge if it’s something you’re okay with or not.


Final Thoughts


Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a newly graduate, or someone who just wants to try out freelance online work, then a transcription job is definitely something that you should consider getting into.


If you are worried about will you ever find a job – well, one thing is sure and I can definitely assure you that there are a lot of online transcription jobs for beginners out there? All you got to do is find the best company to get affiliated with.