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13 Flexible Part Time Jobs For Moms At Home

Are you looking for part-time jobs for moms at home? Look no further. Read on and learn what part-time jobs you can get into and where you can find them.


To be honest, when I started looking for part time jobs for moms at home, I was clueless. I didn’t know what I want exactly. It was as if I went back to my old, young self, not knowing what I want to do with my life really. For the lack of a word, I felt lost. All I knew then was, I wanted to make my own money. I do not want to rely solely on my husband.


No, it wasn’t priding. It was more of, I do not want to be a burden to my husband. I want to buy what I like using my own money, so he can focus on family needs, and the bills.


I used to have a day job, so imagine the transition from being an office girl to a fulltime mom. I couldn’t resist the feeling of being able to work especially since I knew a lot of friends who got into part time jobs for moms at home.


Good thing I have friends. I took advantage of them – in a good way. I asked for tips and suggestions. One friend of mine suggested that before anything else, I should know what I want really. To do that, she asked me to list down my priorities and the very reasons why I want a work from home. After a couple of coffee dates, we ended up with – me wanting a job that is flexible so I can focus on taking care of our baby, and we also figured that the very reason why I have this desire to work is to ensure I get to help my husband save for our baby’s future.


Having said that, my friends helped me out. Taught me where to find part time jobs for moms at home, at the same time, helped me decide on what specific jobs suit best with my needs.


For sure, the fact that you are here today, reading this, you also are in that phase where I used to be. You are deciding what part time jobs for moms at home are out there for you, and where do you start your search.


So, let’s begin.




  1. Social Media Management or Marketing


If you are someone who’s always on social media platforms, make use of your time, and earn money using social media sites by becoming a part-time social media manager or marketer.


Your job, basically, is to ensure your client’s social media pages are up-to-date. You create copy or content, you come up with a social media plan, you upload posts, manage the sites ensuring the look and style works for the client’s needs. Part of your job is to ensure comments and private messages are answered on time, too.


If you have a history or work background on marketing, I highly recommend getting into this kind of job. You will surely be able to practice your expertise in this field. Typically, companies hire social media managers or marketers with the hope that their social media presence will help in their company’s growth.


If you want to get into this kind of job, you may consider checking out The Social Element, Lithium, Crip Thinking, LiveWorld, Metaverse Mod Squad, FlexJobs, as well as ModSquad.


Most social management jobs offer either full-time or part-time work. That is why I included this here. Actually, whether you work as a full-time or part-time, the nice thing about this job is it’s very flexible. You can work at your own time and pace because, at the end of the day, the client will look into your output. Nothing else.


  1. Administrative Work


If you are someone with prior administrative job experience, guess what? There is a job for you, too!


Virtual assistants are very in-demand these days. In fact, it is one of the most sought after part time jobs for moms at home. Well, thanks to the growing number of small businesses and business owners, they are mostly the ones getting virtual assistants to cater to the admin work so they can focus on more serious, more important business matters.


A virtual assistance job really depends on the client, but to give you an idea, some of the common tasks of a virtual assistant are email management, social media management, data entry, content writing, graphic design, issuance of the invoice, scheduling of meetings, and so many other. In some cases, you may also be tasked to do customer service, and do calls from time-to-time. As I said, it really depends from one client to another. In the same way that the rate varies from skills and expertise, too.


Should you opt to get into a virtual assistant job, you may apply through Fancy Hands, Time, Etc., Belay Solutions, Contemporary VA, Worldwide 101,,, as well as in the famous Upwork.


  1. Creatives


Moms with creative minds, there are also part time jobs for moms at home that is fitted for you.


One of the most common jobs out there is graphic design. You know, what I like about this job apart from being part-time and flexible, it also is very competitive when it comes to the salary. You can earn as much as $1,000 a month or even more if you have the experience and the expertise.


Also, apart from the job, you can also venture into online business if you want to. You can sell your work through online selling sites like Etsy. You can create t-shirt graphic designs and sell online. It may not be that huge compared to other online businesses, but who knows? It might just be the next big thing.


Apart from graphic design, if you are familiar with design software like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, you may want to check out opportunities like becoming a Shutterstock Illustrator Reviewer or a Shutterstock Footage Reviewer.


You may find graphic design jobs on websites like Upwork,, Indeed, etc.


  1. Accounting


Although this can be part of admin work too, if you are skilled in this field, I highly suggest you focus on this one instead of doing everything, because the pay is higher.


If you are someone who is pretty good with numbers, you may consider becoming an online bookkeeper or accountant. This is technically a non-phone job but in some very rare cases, you might need to talk to your client via phone occasionally.


Some websites where you can find bookkeeping and accounting jobs are Bateman & Co., Bela Solutions, and Accounting Department to name a few.


  1. Fashion


Mommy fashionistas, this one is for you. If you have a great eye for style and you consider yourself as a certified fashionista, then, there’s no doubt you are fit to work as an online stylist!


Yes, mommy, even styling jobs can now be done remotely. Definitely, it’s one of the most fun and exciting part time jobs for moms at home. Basically, it works the usual way, just virtually. In some online styling companies, they require users or clients to fill out an online questionnaire or share their social media accounts with the stylist so it is easier for the stylist to assess and decide the right pieces for the client. You then create a monthly selection of outfits for your clients, which they need to try on and buy.


If you are interested to do this kind of job, you may check out Dia&Co, Stitch Fix, and thredUp.


I swear you are going to love this job!


  1. Search Engine Evaluation


Whether you have an information technology background, or anything to do with the internet, or none at all, one of the part time jobs for moms at home that you may consider is becoming a search engine evaluator.


As the name suggests, you basically need to evaluate how a search engine works. Your job is to complete internet research tasks, and then, you will have to evaluate whether or not the search results are relevant to what you are looking for, and if they are useful to the user.


Obviously, there are no calls included in this job. Everything is done online, and of course, a very flexible work schedule – which precisely is what we need, moms, right?


Are you considering this job? If you do, you may find job opportunities as a search engine evaluator via Appen, KarmaHub, Lionbridge, iSoftStone, as well as Leapforce.


  1. Web Testing


While it sounds like a job for web experts, well, you are wrong. You do not need an HTML background or a previous programming work to be a website tester. In fact, website testing services are looking for people who are like their customers and readers.


Your job as a website tester is to test and record your impressions as you visit and do evaluate the website. To be honest, if you are someone who loves getting through websites, or have the time and interest to check the functionalities of a website, then you may want to consider this kind of part-time work from home job.


To find available positions, you may check out Respondent or uTest. These two are probably the most popular website in this field.


  1. Data Entry


Data entry jobs may also be part of a virtual assistant’s job, but there are a lot of clients out there that are very specific with finding people with skills and expertise in this field.


Your job is to basically transfer data from one source to another in the fastest and most accurate way. Although some companies require skilled ones, some companies do not mind hiring inexperienced individuals. However, your rate may be lower than usual.


Although the job sounds pretty easy, you may want to consider doing your own research first about the expectations on the job to ensure that you are able to deliver the output expected by your future clients.


Now, if you are seriously considering this job, you may find data entry job opportunities through Cass Information Systems, Amazon Mturk, The Smart Crowd, Dion Data, Clickworker, as well as Xerox, Ibotta, FlexJobs, and TTEC.


  1. Translation


If you are someone who knows two languages or more, then make use of those skills by getting into translation job. As a translator, your job involves converting one language to another, which may be in the form of spoken word, audio, or written word.


This is definitely one of the many part time jobs for moms at home that creates a lot of interests among a lot of mothers. Well, it is not surprising because apart from the easy task, it is also very flexible when it comes to working schedule, and of course, it does not involve phone calls.


Apart from being bi or multi-lingual, you also have to have excellent grammar and spelling skills.


If you are interested to be a translator, you may look for translation job opportunities via TextMaster, Verilogue, Gengo, as well as Verbal Ink.


  1. Closed Captioning


As the title suggests, a closed captioner’s job is to add captions and subtitles to either love or pre-recorded audio. It’s basically like a transcriptionist too, however, you have to be very fast and skilled in typing words, and of course, you have to be accurate.


If you are someone who had stenography experience, this is one of the many part time jobs for moms at home hat you may want to explore or consider.


If interested, you may find close captioning job opportunities via Rev or CaptionMax.


  1. Academic Test Scoring


Here’s another flexible, non-call part-time work from home option for moms out there.


It’s quite thrilling knowing that there are some companies that hire people to do home-based scoring from standardized tests to essays. Unlike part time jobs for moms at home, some companies have very strict requirements for the job, which is not quite surprising though given the task that you need to do.


Specifically, Pearson and ETS require specific qualifications including past teaching experience before they consider you to be an academic test scorer.


If you think you have the qualifications these companies are looking for, then you may apply online via Pearson and ETS. Other websites that offer academic test scoring jobs include WriteScore, and Measurement, Inc.


  1. Freelance Writing


For moms who love writing, you can make money out of your passion by simply becoming a freelance writer. Personally, what I love about it is you do not necessarily have to be a journalism degree holder to be able to land in a freelance writing job. In fact, some companies or individual clients do not even require experience, for as long as they are convinced that you right well, and that you can deliver what they require from you, you can get hired.


I once was a freelance writer, and to be honest, I did enjoy being one. Just to say, I was not a professional writer but was just passionate about writing. I must say, my passion was enough to convince my former client that I was fitted for the job.


If you want to try your luck in being a freelance writer, you may find freelance writing jobs via Buy Keyword Article, Boost Media, Online Writing Jobs, Scripted, Write Access, Textbroker, Words of Worth, as well Crowd Content. Upwork and Indeed also offer part-time freelance writing jobs.


  1. Blogging


Of course, the last but definitely not the least – blogging!


It’s my personal favorite. You know why? Because when we think about the flexibility of time or schedule, as well as competitiveness pay-wise, blogging definitely is the “one”.


While you can work as somebody else’s blogger, the best way to go is to build your own blog so you get to be your own boss, which means, you can blog anytime and anywhere you want. You get to decide whether or not you write daily, and all those stuff.


When it comes to the salary, how much you get depends on how dedicated you are on your blog. To be honest, you can get as much as you can – how you reach a certain amount will depend on how well you work hard for it. Just so you know, blogging allows you to earn money by monetizing it. You can earn through sponsored posts, Google AdSense or through affiliate marketing.


While it takes a lot of hard work in the beginning, once your blog is established, you can surely love the fruits of your labor, as they say.


If you are interested to get into blogging. There are a lot of resource blogs and vlogs out there to help you out. All you have to do is look for the best resource possible. I swear, blogging is one of the best part time jobs for moms at home, and very worth it as well.




There you have it! Now that you already know some part time jobs for moms at home, all you have to do is choose the best option based on your interest and expertise.


I hope that I was able to share with you enough information to help you out as you venture into part-time work from home jobs.