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7 Reliable Brands That Sell Personalized Prepackaged Vitamins

Are personalized prepackaged vitamins worth it? What are the companies that sell custom-made vitamins? Read on and find out the benefits of having personalized vitamins and the leading companies you can rely on regarding this.


No matter how much we eat, sometimes, we just don’t get enough. Meaning, regardless of the amount of food we take, the vitamins we get sometimes fall short. Precisely why vitamins are existing.


Let’s admit it, we need supplements, otherwise, we might face a more serious health problem. Remember the lack of vitamins in the body may cause our health. Thus, it is important that we always have our bodies checked to be sure.


Now, let’s proceed with the real thing.


By now you have probably heard about personalized prepackaged vitamins. It has taken popularity since this kind of product was introduced in the market.


Well, we cannot blame the consumers. While multivitamins are good, sometimes, we just need one among those. Our bodies – are in fact – not the same. What one person needs may not be the same as what other people need.


So, just before we get into the real deal, let’s tackle first the importance of taking vitamins. Why, in the first place, do we need to take one?


What are the benefits of taking vitamins?


We can pinpoint a lot of benefits of taking vitamins but we will just focus on these five things:


– By taking vitamins, it helps improve your bodily functions and can even help with mental health.

– Vitamins reduce your risk of any vitamin-related deficiency.

– Vitamins can help with better food digestion.

– Particularly on children, it helps fussy eaters to still have their regular essential vitamin intake.

– Taking vitamins helps you keep healthy.


We thought everything is self-explanatory and do not need further explanation, right? Moving on, another important point that we think is necessary for you to know.


What is the difference between multivitamins and personalized vitamins?


Over the years, we have been used to taking multivitamins. It has been our go-to supplement to help fill our bodies’ nutrient gaps. Multivitamins have also helped provide strong health improvement for those who are lacking certain nutrients on their body.


But times have changed. Recent studies conducted show that one-size-fits-all supplement may not be suitable for all. The reality is, no bodies are alike. Our bodies are unique from one another, thus, what works for one does not apply to all. That is when the birth of personalized vitamins came in.


What are personalized prepackaged vitamins?


From the name itself, personalized prepackaged vitamins are vitamins that address a specific body need. Meaning, if you are diagnosed to be lacking with Vitamin B, then you get just that.


As we mentioned earlier, our bodies are different from one another and so are the needs. But one thing is sure, regardless if you are eating a healthy diet, you may still be lacking in certain nutrients, and that is what personalized vitamins is all about – giving you nothing else but what your body needed.


What are the top brands that cater to personalized prepackaged vitamins?


No doubt that personalized vitamins are a thing now with the emerging number of companies catering to this kind of business.


Here are a few of the most sought after brands so far – in no particular order:


  1. Care/of


Think about what your family and friends, what vitamins they want rather need to take – that’s exactly what Care/of is all about. In fact, the company has a map on its website that contains source locations of its ingredients. No wonder why this company is tagged as the market leader in personalized prepacked vitamins.


To ensure you get exactly what your body needs, the company offers an interactive 5-minute quiz so they get to customize your vitamin pack accordingly. Apart from that, Care/of also have what they call as Quick Sticks to help improve their customer’s immunity, energy, sleep or health.


What is nice about this brand rather what makes them a standout among their competitors is they are built in two vital core: honesty and quality. In fact, they are very transparent enough that you get to see their entire supply chain for their ingredients on the company’s website. The company provides various essential information about their products, which includes researches conducted to back their recommendations up. Also, they have a space on their website dedicated to housing information about where they grow and test their products’ ingredients.


By the way, we just have to point out that the quiz on their website was not what we expected them to be. It was very thorough. The questions cover almost everything they need to know – from health status to learning about behavior and values of the consumer. We just have to commend them for that.


  1. WellPath


Do you have an active lifestyle? Then, WellPath is what fits you. WellPath specifically caters to active people who want supplements to help them keep up with their lifestyle. Apart from vitamin packs, they also offer shake mixes.


It isn’t surprising that the company caters to active people because the founder himself, Colin Darretta is into sports – particularly rugby. What led him to this business is actually out of his personal experience, his frustrations on quick fixes and the lack of proficiency of a local nutrition store. WellPath’s mission is to provide improved nutrition education, superior transparency, and personalized solutions to people –particularly those who are living an active lifestyle.


Like the formerly mentioned company, your experience with WellPath also begins with a quiz. The 5-minute quiz will analyze the customer’s health condition, as well as their health goals. Based on your answers on the quiz, the company now customizes your personalized prepackaged vitamins according to your athletic performance, energy level, joint and bone health, physical appearance, as well as your mental focus and emotional wellness. Depending on the result, WellPath may recommend either their vitamins or shake mix or both.


What’s also catches our attention is – true to their promise of transparency, on their website, when you click on every formulation or ingredient they use in their products, a window will pop up and you get to see information like description, product highlights, supplement facts, and its benefits.


  1. HUM


You want to keep yourself young looking and fresh? Well, HUM got it for you. The company focuses on giving beauty solutions by simply filling the gaps in your daily diet.


HUM feels you. In fact, they created their product because of a personal experience that one of its founders gone through. Walter Faulstroh, one of the founders of HUM went through a personal struggle with acne breakouts when he was younger. Faulstroh believed that one of the culprits of his condition is his poor nutrition. However, there was a lack of research on the market that would prove his theory.


Thus, when he and his business partners created HUM, they ensure they teamed up with the best nutritionists to help them create a product that addresses their customers’ beauty and wellness struggles. Through the latest nutritional research, the company was able to come up with products that help address beauty problems like aging, acne, dry skin, nails, as well as hair problems.


However, unlike the first two companies we mentioned, HUM’s products are not as customized as they are. But, like them, HUM offers a quiz to help their customers find out which product best suits them—still according to their needs. The quiz asks various questions from your nutritional condition to your beauty concerns, your stress level, and more.


We think HUM is brilliant for coming up with these vitamins that help address beauty concerns. With the kind of world that we have now where people are very much concerned about how they look, we must say, HUM got it right. Apart from that, it’s also a nice idea because they make people aware of which vitamins do what – you know, which one does the job when it comes to a specific beauty concern.


  1. Vitafive


Not everyone is good with taking pills. In fact, some people hate taking medicines because of its form – tablets and pills. That is why Vitafive came up with a brilliant idea – vitamins in a chewable gummy form. We thought some people might mistake it for typical gummy – but that’s fine, no one gets hurt form taking vitamins, right?


Vitafive personalized your vitamins for you, and sends you their pre-formulated or customized gummy vitamin packs every four weeks, which we must say is very convenient.


Looking at their website, we must say we love how they used a ton of bright colors and visual elements. It makes a lovely experience looking and reading through their website. It doesn’t feel like it’s too serious, but in reality, it is – because after all, they tackle about addressing something that your body needs to keep you healthy, right?


The downside, however, is that the company has no way to figure out which specific vitamin you actually need. The website is very streamlined, but lacking on the information. We can only hope they put more information about every vitamin there is and the benefits it gives to your body without the need of opening up another window. It would have been nice, really, if the company creates a quiz like the other companies did or perhaps come up with other tools to help you gauge which vitamin you lack. Because, in their current setup, you have to already know what you need before you make a purchase – which in the first place is a problem people encounter when choosing or purchasing a vitamin.


So yeah, if you want their gluten-free, gummy-like vitamins, you better check first which vitamin you actually need before making a purchase. Otherwise, you might get into trouble taking the wrong supplement.


  1. Vous Vitamins


Who else in the world would you entrust your health but to the ever-reliable doctors, right? That’s exactly what Vous Vitamins is all about. They get vitamin recommendations from no one else but doctors.


Correct us if we are wrong, but based on our observation, most vitamin brands available in the market nowadays were not developed by doctors who are the ones responsible in keeping you healthy and making sure your body gets the right amount of nutrients. Ironic, right?


What is why when we found out that Vous Vitamins is developed by doctors, we thought, this will put them on the pedestal. It’s an edge among other brands.


Vous Vitamins were formulated by two female doctors who are experts in metabolism, endocrinology, and preventive health. Talk about credibility, Vous Vitamins definitely has it.


Now, moving on to its website, Vous Vitamins offers a quiz that is very basic compared to its competitors’ websites. It kind of disappointed us that they lack in the information asked. If you are the type who does mind taking long quizzes, then, you may consider taking this instead.


With regards to the information provided about the ingredients, they were okay but not as thorough as other brands. As with the pricing, Vous Vitamins has one of the lowest in the market especially if you opt to get their 6-month recurring subscription.


  1. VitaminLab


Of all the brand choices there is in the market, we must say this one is the most reliable. Well, who wouldn’t be convinced when they use your DNA to customize your vitamins, right? By using your DNA that means ensuring that they know exactly which nutrient you lack and needs to be resolved.


VitaminLab, no doubt, is a genius. They use your biochemistry in customizing or personalizing your vitamins. Of course, with this kind of feature, it surely comes at a premium.


But how to go with it? Well, you simply have to submit your DNA so they get to analyze. They also have a quiz, which compared to others, is great at getting basic information about your health history and goals. While we think it could have been more precise, we thought the company does sell more thorough testing methods.


The only downside we see is that, although you are sure to get what is your body perfectly needs, the company lacks in terms of giving more information or explanation about the supplements they gave. Of course, no doubt, they are the right ones for you, but some people, like us, would have appreciated an explanation so we get to understand what we are taking, why we need it and what the benefits we get from it are. But, overall, it still is great.


  1. Zenamins


When it comes to absorption, studies say that gel capsules are better than tablets. That is what Zenamins are made of. They offer lower-cost, gel vitamin capsules.


While compared to other brands in the market, Zenamins website is kind of outdated. However, we have to say that their service is probably the original customizable vitamin subscription services there is. The company makes life easy for its customers. Instead of them digging into pill bottles, they give you customizable packages of what you exactly need.


What also made it appealing to us and maybe to its other customers too is that they claim to donate a year’s supply of vitamin A to malnourished children. From this alone, who wouldn’t buy in, right? You keep yourself healthy, at the same, time giving children their right to be healthy too through Zenamins.


Anyway, unlike other brands that require you to take the test or quiz for you to be able to know which one is right for you, Zenamins gives you two options – whether you take the quiz or pick which vitamins you think you need.


In addition, we just thought it lacks information when it comes to where they sourced their ingredients, which they tagged as “high-quality”. It would have been nice if they put that information on their website too so it won’t create curiosity or questions on our head. Also, that would have made them more transparent to their target market.





Unlike other drugs, vitamins are not as crucial or dangerous to our health. Precisely why it’s easily and readily available for anyone.


For us, we think, the idea of personalized prepackaged vitamins is actually brilliant, because true enough, our bodies have different needs, and it has to be addressed accordingly.


While there is totally nothing wrong with taking multi-vitamins, it’s just better to really address what needs to be addressed.


We liked the fact that most of the brands that offer personalized prepackaged vitamins created a quiz that you need to go through to help you identify which vitamin does your body needs. Although, we highly suggest you go visit your attending healthcare provider and let him or her do an evaluation regarding your health condition.


As we said, taking vitamins is not bad at all – but we also think it still is a risk. We are not health professionals but we understand that when it comes to our body or to our health, we better let the professionals do their work for us rather than rely on our instinct.


At the end of the day, the last thing we want to happen is put ourselves in the wrong situation, right?