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How To Become A Successful Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Have you ever wondered how cool it would be to earn money from pinning on Pinterest all day? Ever thought if that is even possible? Well, guess what!? You can actually work as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and do just that, and more!


Just like you, I was also amazed when I learned about this job. It was a friend I have recently met who shared with me about the Pinterest Virtual Assistant post. Initially, I thought she was just kidding me since I was sharing with her my work as a virtual assistant. But lo and behold, it’s actually for real! In fact, she is working as one.


So, immediately, when I got home, I checked for Pinterest Virtual Assistant jobs online, and I was bombarded with so many job postings! Why in the world have I not even thought about this before!? Well, as the saying goes, better late than never!


Yes, you are right! I did apply to some of it, and guess what!? Today, I am already working as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, and I have never felt so happy and excited in my work from home life until I became one.


Come to think of it, many virtual assistant newbies struggle with the kind of services to offer. While there is totally nothing wrong with working as a general virtual assistant, the most successful ones in this field are the ones who are doing what they love to do!


Unlike other virtual or work from home jobs, virtual assisting offers you a lot of options. And yes, including working as Pinterest Virtual Assistant. Virtual assisting is actually very broad, and it’s quite amazing knowing that it allows you to specialize in certain areas that you feel most confident about. In my case now, that is Pinterest. To be honest, of all the social media platforms there is today, Pinterest is on top of my list. I love the platform so much because it gives me creative inspiration, at the same time, I get to share also my share of creative ideas with other Pinterest-mates (there is really no such term, it’s just me!).


So much of my story.


Today, I will be sharing with you how to be a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. I will share what I have learned based on my personal experience, and based on what I have read and have heard from friends. If you are ready, then, let’s begin.


What is Pinterest


First thing first, for those who are not familiar with Pinterest, while it is often mislabeled as a social networking site, in reality, Pinterest is actually a visual search engine platform. It’s like an online catalog of ideas that are meant to inspire the users or searchers particularly on fashion and food industries, as well as parenting and party hacks


Most Pinterest users go to the site either to get inspired or to learn something new. That is why this search engine platform is very ideal for anyone – bloggers, brands, and small businesses – who has something to share. Needless to say, bloggers, brands and small businesses can take advantage of the platform’s huge following.


Definition of a Pinterest Virtual Assistant


To put it simply, a Pinterest Virtual Assistant is someone who is responsible for helping his or her client in starting, growing, as well as managing their presence on Pinterest.­


Furthermore, a Pinterest Virtual Assistant help in the realization of the strategies that a Pinterest manager creates. The assistant’s services include:


– Coming up with pin-worthy images using Canva

– Setting up a Pinterest automation through BoardBooster or Tailwind

– Reaching out to group boards for more invites

– Monitoring comments on the account of the client

– Cleaning up your client’s board

– Writing keyword-rich descriptions


As a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, you will have to focus on the daily operations of your client’s Pinterest account. This helps ensure that everything will run smoothly all the time.


Tips on How to Be an Effective Pinterest Virtual Assistant


To be an effective and successful Pinterest Virtual Assistant, you have to exert effort in really getting to know the craft. For me, it’s not enough that you are a consistent Pinterest user. To be honest, there is more to the job than what you think.


With that said, here are a few tips for you to become effective and successful in this line of work:


  1. Know the Basics and Best Practices


One of the most important things that you need to do is to educate yourself about the job’s best practices, because believe it or not, you will need those as you work as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. The good thing is, unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest has their specific preferences that are made known to the public, and in plain and simple, easy to understand English. All you have to do is follow as it is.


Moving on, below are some tips and reminders that will help you be a really good Pinterest Virtual Assistant:


– Be active (Your job is to ensure your client has regular engagements on the platform, so, make sure you are active all the time.)

– Pin at right time (Know when is the perfect time to pin, and follow accordingly.)

– Use as many images as possible (Do not stick to just one image, use as many as you can!)

– Integrate seasonal trends (Be up to date, incorporate seasonal trends.)

– Share Pins outside Pinterest (Share the Pins on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages to be able to reach more people.)

– Optimize Boards and Website (Use the right keywords to help in optimizing boards and website.)

– Increase your following (At the end of the day, the more your followers are, the better. After all, that’s precisely why you have that job.)


  1. Create Compelling Pins


Pinterest is not Pinterest without Pins, right? As a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, it is your job to create compelling Pins. Avoid using somebody else’s work, rather, make your own. Make it unique and creative.


To be able to come up with persuasive Pins, you can use tools like Canva, which is a must-use tool for a lot of Pinterest marketers. What I like about Canva is that it also offers amazing add-on tools that help take your brand’s imaging to a different level. These tools include:


– Photo Editor – Canva offers a free photo editor. This is very helpful to those who prefer creating customized images rather than using a template. This tool allows you to resize, tint, and so much more! Making your photos unique and a standout from others.


– Font Combinations – With Canva’s font combinations tool, you can pick your preferred typography to your visual marketing images more convincing. To do that, all you have to do is to simply choose among Canva’s basic fonts through the drop-down menu, and then a font combination interface will appear and offer you some fonts that you can use to match the look and style of your preferred typography.


– Color Palette – Do you know that Canva offers a standalone color palette tool? Yes, they do! Upgrading the color of your brand’s images is now made easy using this tool. All you have to do is upload the image you wish to use and then choose a particular color within your photograph. Canva will then automatically offer you a selection of related colors, which you can use in your visual marketing image.


– Design Courses – Do you want to improve your visual marketing skills? Well, guess what!? Canva offers design courses! You can take a number of multi-lesson courses that will help you learn more design secrets. Also, by taking design courses, you get to learn how to become more creative in your virtual marketing approach, as well as in growing the efficiency of your brand images.


By the way, when it comes to images, make sure you use either the free ones or you buy photos from stock photo sites. Never use someone else’s image if you do not want any problem, and you do not want to lose your job.


  1. Write Compelling Descriptions


As a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, you are also tasked to write compelling descriptions. Since Pinterest is considered as a search platform, and that people go to this site to discover new things, you have to make sure you are captured when people search for specific things.


To be able to come up with compelling descriptions, you must know how to include keywords and search terms on the description of your Pins. Trust me, this helps increase your client’s results. Needless to say, incorporating keywords to your descriptions may also drive traffic from search engines to your site.


I bet you, your client will surely love you for doing that! Because at the end of the day, web traffic is key.


  1. Effective Scheduling of Pins


Gone are the days when live pinning was still in. Thanks to technological advancements, tools like Tailwind came to life.


For those who are not quite sure about what I meant with my statement, well, in this day and age, you no longer need to pin real-time. As in like you do it every time. Today, all you have to do is schedule Pins ahead of time like in a week or even in a month, and it will just upload or be made available to your followers as scheduled, without you having to do it.


Pinterest Virtual Assistant benefits from this because scheduling pins allows them to get more clients and earn more money!


By the way, I mentioned about Tailwind. It’s actually one of the most popular Pin schedulers to date. It’s known as an approved Pinterest marketing partner, so, you are sure it’s legit and follows Pinterest guidelines accordingly, also performance-wise, it meets expectations.


  1. Pinterest Analytics


Probably one of your most important duties as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant is to report results to your client. Of course, as much as possible, it has to be a positive report. Good thing is, Pinterest provides information through its Analytics platform. The platforms show you almost all the necessary information you need for the report. You may also use Google Analytics for comparison purposes or if you are more familiar with using it.


  1. Managing Pinterest


While you can stay as Pinterest Virtual Assistant as long as you want, you can also offer additional tasks to your potential clients. Meaning, apart from being a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, you may also do Pinterest management, which includes doing the following tasks:


  • Making or switching over to a Pinterest business account
  • Improving boards and profiles
  • Auditing accounts
  • Growing your client’s followers
  • Executing Rich Pins
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Consistent Scheduling
  • Generating a brand design
  • Running Promoted Pin campaigns


Offering these additional services allows you to make more money. On the clients’ side, it actually is more cost-efficient because they no longer need to hire to people to do the tasks.


Marketing Yourself


Now that you already know what Pinterest is all about, the tasks that a Pinterest Virtual Assistant does, as well as the secrets to becoming successful in this field, let’s move on to marketing yourself.


Of course, marketing your skills and abilities is very important so get to earn money, but more than that, you get to attract the right client/s you want to work with.


Before anything else, I know that most of us – one of the biggest hang-ups in our career life is marketing ourselves. I, for one, is not an exemption. When I decided to work as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, I felt lost for a while and thought hard if I can really pull this off. Of course, like anyone else, I was afraid of getting rejected. But you know, at the end of the day, successful people are not afraid of rejections. In fact, they embrace rejections, and they turn it into something that will push them hard to become better at what they do.


Do not let that feeling hinder you from being successful and from reaching your dreams.


Now, when marketing yourself as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, you obviously would want to create your own Pinterest profile. It’s the best way to showcase your skills and expertise in this field, which in turn allows you to charge for the right price.


Learn the art of cold pitching. You can join Facebook Groups for instance to get freelance work.


More than anything else, be proactive. Do not wait for clients to come running after you. You should be the one running after them. Do your part. If you really want this job, you better step up and start finding clients to work for. Remember, there are a lot of other people out there who are also aiming to land the same kind of job you are aiming for. The competition out there is, in fact, high. So, stop sitting around. Go run after those job postings.


Earning as Pinterest Virtual Assistant


Working as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant offers you a lot of benefits like a flexible schedule, and the ability to choose how much or little you would like to work on.


To be honest, becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant is actually perfect for a stay at home moms because it does not require a lot compared to other work from home jobs.


But the question really is, how much does a Pinterest Virtual Assistant make? Well, it really depends on your years of experience, your expertise, and so on and forth. Pretty much like any other jobs out there. But the thing is, you get to charge your clients. You decide how much you get to earn.


But to give you an idea, for instance, you work at about 10 to 15 hours in a month, you can charge your client between $275 and $600 a month depending on the number of boards your client has and the number of pins that need to be scheduled.


When charging, always list your rates as “starting at”. Do not put a fixed price because clients are different from one another. One may need 15 pins posted in a day, while the other may require 30 pins a day – and that is a huge difference for the same price, if ever, right?


As a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, you get to charge based on the services you provide. Here are some example of services you can offer and a rough estimate on the charging rate:


  • Monthly Pin Scheduling – $200 to $800 monthly
  • SEO/Alt Text/Descriptions – $250 or more monthly
  • Account Audits $200 – $600 monthly
  • Pinterest Business Setup – $250 to $700 monthly
  • Tailwind Setup – $250 to $700 monthly
  • Pin Design – $5/pin (additional $2 as research fee if the client does not provide images)
  • Consultation Services – $75 to $200 per hour
  • Other Services – $30 per hour


Final Thoughts


As you can see, there is so much to love about becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. Apart from the pay rate, the tasks that you need to do is not as tedious as compared to other online work from home jobs. In fact, you can even work for several clients all at the same time provided you get to deliver as expected.