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Your Guide To An Ideal Routine For 8 Month Old Breastfed Baby

At eight months, your baby must be active and explorative already. It can be stressful and exhausting for you, unless you create a routine for 8 month old breastfed baby. It is possible, and it will make life more relaxed for you, mommy.

It is important to train your babies and introduce to him a daily routine as early as possible. This will make life easy for both of you. Creating a routine for 8 month old breastfed baby, for instance, is essential to ensure that your baby will not get too hungry, excited, or overtired, which leads to tantrums, rebelliousness, and the like. Your baby’s good state will benefit you as it means a lower stress and anxiety level for you.

How to train your baby?

First of all, let me remind you that our babies are different from one another. No one is alike. There may be some similarities, but never the same.

Training your baby may be hard especially if you are a first time mom, who at this point may still have doubts and fears and worries here and there (well, I guess no matter how many kids you have, you will always worry or doubt yourself), but with the right mindset and positivity, as well as support from people around you, this one’s possible.

Every day, as you spend time with your baby, observe your baby’s sleeping, eating and playing pattern or preferences. You will be surprised once you notice how and when they would start off their day and so on and forth. Also, by observing, you get to know your child even better. You will discover your baby’s uniqueness, what makes him happy, what makes him sad. What makes him laugh, as well as what annoys him.

Based on your observations, you will be able to come up with a suitable routine for 8 month old breastfed baby – where the training begins.

Understanding your baby’s daily activities.

We mentioned earlier about observing your babies eating, sleeping and playing habits. To be able to come up with the right routine for 8 month old breastfed baby, you must understand first why babies need these activities.

MEALS. Unlike adults, babies need to be fed several times a day. At an average, babies are fed every two to three hours. When your baby reaches 8 months, breastfeeding is still a must, about five to seven times plus their solid intake which, by now, is given three times daily. Make sure that these considerations are properly incorporated into your baby’s daily schedule. Doing so will help you to craft your daily routine for 8 month old breastfed baby easier.

NAPS. Compared to newborns, babies at eight months nap times are not as predictable anymore. Although, it may still be erratic. However, there ways for you to find out when your baby is already up for a nap. Among the cues are when your baby starts rubbing his eyes, slows down in his activities, and keeps on yawning. To be able to train your baby to follow a certain routine, you may incorporate activities that can help your baby understand that it is time to take a nap – activities like reading a story or changing the diaper or dancing him to sleep. Make sure that your baby does not skip his nap time as it is essential to your baby’s growth.

PLAY. Babies at this age already have the concept of play. Playtime helps them develop physically and mentally. However, note that it will take extra effort for mommies or parents to understand when the best time for baby to play is. But, with keen observation and learning the cues like the baby getting bored by expressing fussiness and frustration, you’d know when it is playtime.

SLEEP. Nap and sleep may be synonymous, but for babies, these are two different things. Nap happens during the day and only for a few minutes or at most two hours for a growing child. Sleep, however, happens at night. This pertains to your baby’s long time of rest. At eight months, babies need to have at least twelve hours of sleep every night. This ensures that he grows well and healthy. Although it may be a struggle at times putting your baby for a long sleep, you may try baby massage, playing soft music, or a quick bath to help them feel refreshed. These activities, if done consistently will send a message to your baby that once mommy did this, it’s already time to sleep. A night of good sleep is essential for the baby to have a good state the next day. The goal is for him to wake up happy.

A sample of Baby’s Day to Day Schedule of Activities

So, now that you already know the importance of each of babies activity plus you already have an idea on what to do to be able to come up with an effective routine for 8 month old breastfed baby, then let us proceed with a mock-up of baby’s day to day schedule of activities.

Again, this is just a sample. You may or may not use it. At the end of the day, your baby your rule.

7AM – Baby wakes up and is hungry. Mommy breastfeeds the baby until he is satisfied (Note: Do not overfeed, though.). Yes, before you offer your baby his breakfast, make sure you feed him with milk first. Remember, even if he is already eating solids, milk is still his most important food (this actually is applicable until your baby turns a year old).

7:30AM: After feeding, you may offer him toys to play so you can prepare his food for breakfast. In case you have a babysitter, then you leave him at her care and let them play together.

8AM – Baby eats breakfast. It is your prerogative as a mom to choose what food to prepare for your baby. Of course, ideally, we offer fresh and organic fruits and vegetables that are either mashed or pureed (I prefer mashed to help introduce baby to different food textures)). Start them young as they say. But, you may also opt to offer him rice cereal or oatmeal or any baby food from the groceries that you find yummy for baby.

8:30AM – After eating, it is the baby’s second round of playtime. Like us, adults, babies need to have their solids processed too. Do not put him to nap yet. Let your baby digest his food.

9:30AM – Baby nurses and then takes a nap after. Yes, it’s time for baby’s first round of nap for the day. While your baby naps, you may use this time for your self-care. Assuming you are a full-time mommy. For those working, this is most likely time for pumping (or earlier – really depends).

11AM – Baby wakes up from a nap and plays once again. Wondering what types of play to offer your baby? Well, there are several toys in the market that is available for your baby. Just make sure you buy an age-appropriate toys. At this stage, you may also start introducing your child basic numbers and alphabets.

12PM – Baby eats lunch. More mashed veggies or fruit for your baby. It is, by the, better if you eat lunch together. By doing this, your baby will have an idea that during this time of the day, the family or at least you and the baby eats – lunch.

1PM – If you have a garden, or there is a nearby playground, it would be nice to bring him out for a quick play and grasp some fresh air too.

2PM – Baby gets hungry. Time for breastfeeding.

2:30PM – Time for baby’s afternoon nap. You may want to use this time mommy to do some errands or household chores or maybe catching up with families or friends over the phone or over social media platforms.

3:30PM – Baby wakes up and plays outside for a longer time. Should there be other kids from the neighborhood, this is also a good time for your baby to learn how to socialize. Yes, teach early to be friendly.

4:30PM – Another round of breastfeeding. For sure, after about an hour of playtime, your baby will get hungry. Feeding time, mommy!

5:30PM – Baby eats his dinner. As mentioned early on, at eight months, baby eats thrice a day already. Mash another round of fruits and vegetables for baby’s dinner. You may opt for a lighter meal since it is night time already.

6PM – Baby needs to refresh. It’s time to get a bath. Taking a bath helps your baby get refreshed after a long day of eating, napping and playing, as well as to have a good night sleep.

7PM – Baby breastfeeds and sleeps. While some would opt to read their baby a story, most mommies still find it effective to nurse their babies to sleep. After all, mommy’s arms are the best place to sleep into.

See, it’s not as hard as you think. Coming up with a routine for 8 month old breastfed baby is not really that hard. Implementing it may take for a while, but like what I said earlier if you take into consideration your observations on your baby. Following or executing the routine what you come up with will be hassle-free.