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Seasonal Depression: How To Get Over It In 9 Ways

Seasonal Depression & How To Get Over It - charlie!

Seasonal depression happens to most of us. The days get shorter while the nights get longer. The temperature drops and the trees are bare. Talk about depressing! We get outside less while piling on layers of clothing. While we may enjoy the visual changes, it gets old pretty quick. As a result, we begin to experience negative emotions. We get worried, anxious, sad, and a general feeling of being uncomfortable. Consequently, we get depressed. This is how seasonal depression starts. Technically known as SAD (seasonal affective disorder), it’s a direct result of the colder months of the year.


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Thankfully, there are some actions that we can take to alleviate these symptoms and the overall “blah” feeling. Some are easy to implement while others may be more difficult.

Ways To Shake Seasonal Depression

Pamper Yourself

Aromatherapy in all forms can help those with seasonal depression. There are essential oils available on the market to lighten your mood. They actually influence certain areas of the brain such as our sleep center and appetite. Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways. Some drops of oil into your bathtub can give you a feeling of well-being and relaxation. There are also essential oil sprays that can be spritzed on your pillow at night that actually promote sleep.

Having a cup of herbal tea in the evening can help you wind down and lessen tension. Chamomile is widely known for relaxing properties.


Exercise benefits us in so many ways, especially outdoor exercise.


However, it doesn’t have to be outdoors.

Use a treadmill or other piece of exercise equipment. If you don’t have any, try to follow along with a yoga or other exercise videos.

Seasonal Depression & How To Get Over It - charlie!


Not only can it help with seasonal depression, but it will also help to keep your body at a healthy weight. We also eat more during the winter.

Get More Sun

Try to get outside as much as possible during the day and take advantage of the sunlight. Dress warmly if it’s cold and go around midday when the sun is brightest. When inside, keep your curtains or blinds open and let the natural sunlight in. Don’t sit around in dimly lit rooms. Sit in bright lights as well.

Seasonal Depression & How To Get Over It - charlie!


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Go On Vacation

Taking a vacation in winter will give you a much-needed break from it all. Try to visit a warmer climate and take advantage of relaxing. Such feelings can actually last for weeks after you return home.

Seasonal Depression & How To Get Over It - charlie!


Be Proactive

Keep busy with dinner out with friends and other fun activities that allow you to interact with others. Even have friends over to your house and entertain them. Try not to isolate yourself as this will make your symptoms worse.

Additional Fun Ways to Beat Seasonal Depression

Give Yourself A Break

We tend to beat ourselves up during emotional times in our lives. Try to remember that you’re not the only one who suffers from seasonal depression. It’s very easy to let our emotions bring us down. We dwell on things and focus more on the negative. Also, realize that it’s only temporary and this will pass too.

Do Things That Make You Happy

Do you consider shopping as retail therapy? I know I do! Get yourself some new clothes or accessories to freshen your wardrobe. Buy things that you love wearing and look forward to showing them off.

Adding color to your home can change the way you feel. It may sound crazy, but staring at drab, white walls is no fun.

Keep Yourself Occupied: Become A charlie! 

Working on doing what you love can keep you occupied and free your mind of other worrisome distractions. Have you ever thought of working from home? Does your daily work schedule get you down, because you’re constantly on the go? While working with charlie!, you can free up your day and have your own successful business.


Seasonal Depression & How To Get Over It - charlie!

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Seasonal Depression & How To Get Over It - charlie!
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If you truly want to beat seasonal depression this year, take note of the remedies listed above. The best part is that you can incorporate all of the suggestion while being a charlie!

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Are you a SAD survivor? Share your story with us, in the comments below!