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Why You Should Go On A Sedona Babymoon

Are you popping soon? Well, before your baby comes out, why not you and husband go for a Sedona babymoon first? Isn’t is an exciting idea? Well, just sit back and keep reading as we’ll be sharing with you tips and advice about baby mooning.


From the moment we found out that we were pregnant, my husband and I was so focused on making sure that I and our baby is well and good.


We wanted to make sure that we have a healthy mommy and baby once the baby comes out.


As weeks go by, we got busied with preparing for the coming of our son, we hardly think about ourselves.


Of course, we go on a date from time to time but honestly, it felt like it wasn’t because we still talk about the baby.


Let’s admit it, having a baby makes your world change like 360 degrees. Priorities change, literally. Everything becomes all about the baby – making sure he is well and healthy, and hoping no problem will arise on the day of his birth.


My husband and I love to travel – a lot!


We love going to places, discovering places, eating local food, talking and making friends with fellow travelers and the locals too, and having fun. So, imagine the change we had to cope when we got pregnant.


One day, during a super early (or just right) baby shower conducted by friends, one of our constants asked us about our babymoon. To be honest, I wasn’t aware of that term until that very moment. I was like – what is that!? I don’t know what it’s all about!


Of course, she did explain everything, and at the end of the night, my husband and I made a decision to do a Sedona babymoon!


I will be sharing it to you because we certainly had a great time, and I thought we made the right decision in going for a Sedona babymoon.


What is “babymoon”?


But just like me the first time, some of you might be wondering what a babymoon is in the first place.


Babymoon is basically a time off for both mom and dad-to-be to relax, have fun, and enjoy before the arrival of the new member of the family. Over the past few years, this has been a progressively growing trend for moms-to-be to head off somewhere to take a vacation. In the absence of the dad, a friend or a loved one can accompany the mom-to-be.


For some couples though, they treat babymoon as a final holiday before they shift into having a family life.


For me though, I think it’s also a time where you and your husband or partner gets to really bond and enjoy each other’s company before the new “boss” comes in.


I mean, let’s admit it, having a baby changes our lives big time, and honestly, I realized, since our Sedona babymoon, we hardly had time off from our family life – you know, spending quality time with just the two of us.


Babymoon is also a celebration for me. A celebration to welcome us in the world of parenthood. It was a good way to transition our hearts and minds to the new life ahead of us.


When do you do a babymoon?


It is highly advised that babymoon happens after the 12th-week mark of pregnancy or starting from the second trimester. Flying out is said to be dangerous for pregnant women below 12 weeks.


For me, however, I highly suggest consulting your OB gynecologist before planning your babymoon. You know, we all have different kinds of bodies and pregnancy situations. We better be sure than compromise our baby, our pregnancy.


Why you should go on a babymoon?


Alright, before you even think about the cost and all that, let me tell you a few things why every expecting mom and dad should go have their babymoon – regardless if it’s in Sedona or somewhere else.


  1. Because you are able. Let’s admit it, once the baby is out, maybe the next thing you get to go out just the two of you is what, in a year? Or even more than that! Too long? But that’s the reality. Your little human needs you and you got to deal with that. So, make out of this freedom that you both still have. Go somewhere and enjoy your solo time until it lasts.


  1. Because you need a time out. Having a vacation helps us recharge in all aspects of our lives – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Having a child is a totally life-changing event. You better be recharged in full or else you might easily breakdown getting overwhelmed with the changes.


  1. Because you need to rest. Pregnancy can really be stressful. It’s tiring taking care of yourself, the baby inside your womb, at the same time being a wife to your husband. Needless to say, once the baby is out, all the more that you need strength and energy to keep up with the demands of being a parent – especially being a mom. So, take this time to rest and prepare for the exciting times.


  1. Because you and your husband/partner deserve quality time together. Once your baby is out, your family dynamics will change. The baby becomes the center of attention. To be honest, this can cause problems for some – if not all – couples. Thus, make sure to invest time and space to be together before the reality of parenthood arrives. Use it also as a time for both of you to talk about how things will be once the baby is out, at the same time realigning your thoughts and dreams now that you have another person in your family.


  1. Because you need to reflect on the kind of life coming ahead of you. Building a family, being parents is no easy task. Use this time for both of you to reflect – how are you going to raise your child? What values do you want to instill to your child? What are your dreams for your family? And the list goes on.


  1. Because you need some time for romance. Sounds crazy? No. Because honestly, romance takes a backseat once you have a baby. Like I earlier mentioned, your priority, your attention, your focus becomes on your child alone. Plus, the demands of a child is indescribable. It’s insane, actually. So, use your babymoon to stock up some romance that will get you through until things are normalized.


  1. Because you need time to dream and plan. Before the arrival of your baby, you need to fix a lot of things. You need to decide on a couple of important matters concerning your baby, and all that. Oh! And your baby’s name too! You may use a part of your babymoon to discuss it and yeah, all the other baby stuff that you haven’t discussed yet because you were busy with other matters.


I can actually add up a little more reasons why but I’ll to these seven most essential reasons why you should go on a babymoon. I promise, heading off for a babymoon will be worth it. You will thank yourselves for doing it.


Anyway, now that you are probably convinced that this not just to splurge money on, by the way, you don’t need a lot of money for a babymoon. You can always choose a cheaper vacation location, right?


Moving on, let me proceed to the very reason why I wrote this – getting yourselves a Sedona babymoon!


Where is Sedona?


Before anything else, let me give you a brief story about Sedona.


For those of you who are not quite familiar where Sedona is, well, Sedona is a city situated between the counties of Coconino and Yavapai in the northern part of Verde Valley region in the Arizona state in the United States. Population-wise, this city has only over 10,000 people living in there.


Sedona is actually made popular by its majestic red rock formations and evergreen vegetation. It is also internationally known because of the uplifting power of the city’s Vortex meditation sites. Indeed, Sedona is a very special place.


Sedona is actually one of our dream places to visit. We saw photos of its red rocks and we just thought they are truly beautiful, and when we got to see them in person – it was really mesmerizing. I was at a loss for words to describe how beautiful they are.


You might think I am overselling the place, but it was truly magical. If you love nature, you will surely enjoy the sight you will see in Sedona.


Why do a Sedona Babymoon?


Well, apart from the fact that you will not be crossing one continent to another, Sedona is beautiful. I know, I kept saying that word, but it truly is!


When you’re there, looking at the site, you will feel like you are in a totally different place. The red rocks really rock! It was a behold sight to see.


Okay, I better tame down my amusement before you even think I am selling Sedona.


But kidding aside, there is nothing not to love about the place. Also, it’s just within the US so that means, it won’t cost too much for you and your partner.


L’Auberge de Sedona


Oh, and before I even forget, we stayed at a beautiful place called L’Auberge de Sedona where we had a totally great time, and it was indeed, worth it. We specifically chose to stay at one of their Creekside Cottages, and it was like waking up every day to the sound of nature. We were literally near the creek and it was just stunning. It’s not every that you get to see beautiful surroundings like that.


For your information, L’Auberge de Sedona is one of the most famous places to stay in Sedona. Staying at L’Auberge de Sedona is totally relaxing especially if you are on a babymoon.


We actually stayed there for two nights, and we availed their babymoon package, which includes the following:


  • 2-Night Stay
  • $40 Breakfast Credit
  • $200 Dinner Credit for L’Auberge Dining
  • $150 Spa Credit to be used towards a Maternity Spa Treatment
  • Welcome Snack upon Arrival
  • Baby Journal as a gift for your new little one




Obviously, the red rocks are a must-see when in Sedona. So, when I was planning for our itinerary for the trip, I had to make some research, and I ended up with The Hike House website, where I booked ourselves the hike we’re going to do. Their website was extremely helpful so I did not have any hard time deciding, which one to choose.


When we were in Sedona, we also got to visit their office where I met their very helpful and encouraging employees. Of course, as a pregnant woman, even with my doctor’s go signal, I still had some worries about hiking and stuff. So, it was calming speaking to their staff and reassuring too.


The rest of our time, we just stayed at L’Auberge de Sedona and we did enjoy so much our time together plus our spa time. Talk about relaxing and pampering – that’s exactly what we splurged on while on Sedona babymoon.




My husband and I love exploring local food. So, I made it a point to do my own research on where to eat the best local food. Based on what I have read, one of the places that are considered as a must is the Cress on Oak Creek at L’Auberge de Sedona. It’s fine dining set right along Oak Creek.


We stayed for a night in Phoenix so we made it a point to eat at The Missions. We also eat at Cartel Coffee Shop and Chop Shop. It was indeed a yummy treat.


Sample Itinerary


Probably the very reason why you are on this page reading this – the itinerary. I just have to say though that I just adopted this itinerary from a blogger who also did a Sedona babymoon. I just forget the blog though, and just made some adjustments fitted for us, which you can also do it in case you are opting to use this.


So, here you go…




– We flew and arrived at Phoenix and immediately settled in Old Town Scottsdale. We had a day spent there so we did our tummies a treat at The Missions and the Cartel Coffee Shop. We also got our rented car.




– We woke up early and hopped in for a two-hour drive to Sedona. The real start of our Sedona babymoon!

– Upon arrival, we immediately checked in at L’Auberge de Sedona.

– We scheduled massages at L’Apothecary Spa at 4 in the afternoon.

– Overall, we just spent our first day relaxing at the resort.




– We had breakfast at Wildflower Bread Company, which, by the way, was really good.

– The highlight of the trip – the hike! We did a 5-mile trail with moderate elevation and variety of landscape features. It was super worth it.

– After the hike, I got tired, so we ended up heading off the resort, and spent the rest of the day resting at our cottage.

– For dinner, we had it at Cress in Oak Creek. Of course, we dressed up for it.




– We spent our remaining hours in the resort packing up. We had breakfast L’Auberge as well since we have no more time to go around and eat elsewhere.

– Then, we started our 2-hour drive back to Phoenix to catch our flight back home.




It was a short but sweet trip, but it helped us a lot.


Although to be honest, we purposely had it that way because really, we just wanted to chill, relax, and be with each other. We spent most of our in Sedona appreciating the sight, but more importantly, we used our time there together to talk about anything and everything.


I mean, we did talk about our dreams for our family, our goals, as well as our fears. We are first-time parents and you can’t blame the anxiety and the pressure to be good parents to our child. I also took the time we had to just take care of my husband. I knew I will be super busy once our baby is out so I made sure I loaded enough care on him to get him through the times when our baby is my apple of the eye.


Our Sedona babymoon is an experience I will forever remember and be grateful for – I think it also helped us in our process of preparing for the new life ahead of us – with our child. It was really relaxing and refreshing for us.


My husband and I actually made a pact to go back in Sedona once our baby is bigger and we, as parents, have already adjusted to our new life. We missed a lot when we when there and we want to go back to do what we were not able to do and to eat at the restaurants we missed because I got too tired from the hike.


Anyway, should you opt trying out a Sedona babymoon, I swear, you will not regret it.