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How To Enjoy The Sephora VIB Sale Plus 19 Other Saving Tricks


Who doesn’t love a sale? I guess it’s innate to women to love deals especially when it’s on makeups or beauty products, right? Well, guess what? One of our favorite beauty shops offers the Sephora VIB sale, which is absolutely to die for!


You must be giddy and excited by now. There is just really something about the word “sale” that makes our jaw drop and our eyes wide, right? Funny, but true! Well, we recently found out about the Sephora VIB sale. I mean, being a VIB itself already offers you a lot of perks, but to top it with a sale? That’s heaven! Don’t judge women like me who might go and hoard for my favorite products, okay?


You know the saying that goes, “Beauty gifts with purchases are like extra money in my wallet.” And that includes the ability to save hundreds on makeup and beauty products, especially at Sephora, as a Sephora Beauty Insider, and more!


For the benefit of those who are not familiar with Sephora, it originated in Paris, France. It’s a personal care and beauty store that carries a variety of beauty brands, nearly 300 of them exclusive of their own private label. When it comes to beauty and personal care products, name it, they have it.


Sephora VIB Status


Okay, you might be asking yourselves by now how to be on the Sephora VIB level so you can enjoy the Sephora VIB sale.


According to the website of Sephora, “Very Important Beauty Insider (VIB) status is conferred on those registered Beauty Insider members who spend a minimum of $350 on merchandise online, in U.S. and Canadian Sephora stores, in Sephora inside JCPenney stores and Sephora merchandise online at (if you use your registered Beauty Insider email address for the purchase) during one calendar year (January 1st -December 31st).”


Once you a member reaches the VIB status, Sephora gives them a celebration gift. Don’t you just love that? The VIB status only good for the calendar when a Beauty Insider member qualifies. The following year after that, all VIB members are required to do an annual requalification.


As part of your perks as a VIB member, you get to receive a 1.25 Beauty Insider points per U.S. or Canadian dollar spent for Sephora products, plus you get to have exclusive rewards access. Of course, one of the most amazing perks is the Sephora VIB sale.


What I love about Sephora is that apart from the Sephora VIB sale, which is exclusive for VIB members only, they have a lot of other opportunities to buy their products at a cheaper or discounted price. Swear, they are not just heaven because of the many choices they offer when it comes to cosmetics, personal care products, but also because of the various deals they give.


Who wouldn’t like an entire set of products that are usually accompanied by a free bag for free? And, all you have to do is buy something that meets the minimum requirement for the gift. I’ll stock up on things I already use just to get the gift without worrying that I’ll never use what I buy. Also, if you’re like me, I use different products from a variety of lines, so I tend to shop at Sephora, where they sell the most popular name brands.


So, besides gifts with purchases, the Sephora VIB sale, how else can you save hundreds at Sephora? We all know some of those name brands can be very expensive. I’ve made a list of ideas, deals and things to do to get those products without breaking the bank. Some you may already be aware of, but some are definitely not well known.


Save by Purchasing at Sephora


1.) Like the Official Sephora Facebook Page. By liking Sephora on Facebook, you’ll get discounts, contests, and giveaways. Not only that, but you’ll also have access to Fan Friday freebies, which are different every week. Easy enough!


2.) Download the Ibotta app. By downloading the free Ibotta app, $5 will be returned to you on your next $50 purchase. Since this is considered a rebate, you can also use a coupon code and a gift card. Complete as many tasks as possible on the app, and you’ll receive an even bigger rebate.


3.) Purchase a discounted JCPenney gift card. Buy a discounted JCPenney gift card and save up to 20% at Sephora. How do you get your hands on a discounted JCP gift card? Go to to buy an unwanted gift card at a discounted rate. In essence, you may buy a $25 gift card but only pay $20, depending on the discount percentage. Not only that, just by signing up, you’ll get $5 credit towards any gift card purchase of your choice. Now, you can redeem the JCP gift card at any Sephora location inside a JCPenny store or even on the JCP website. The only catch? You cannot use these gift cards at stand-alone stores.


4.) Purchase via Sephora website and get free samples. When purchasing online, you normally get three free samples per order. Sephora has freebie promotional codes in their Beauty Deals section on their website.


Always check here for additional samples and discounts before making a purchase online, and you can get the choice of a fourth free sample using one of their coupon codes.


Loving them now? Well, I won’t judge you if you become addicted to Sephora, because they are just so amazing!


5.) Get free samples in the store. Get a free take-home sample of just about any product in the store. You may choose up to three samples in makeup, skin care, and fragrance without a single purchase!


6.) Be a Sephora Beauty Insider. Join the free rewards program for a plethora of additional perks! There are three levels of membership: Sephora Beauty Insider, VIB (where you get to enjoy the Sephora VIB sale) and VIB Rouge. Regardless of what club you’re in, you earn points for every purchase, and those points can be spent like free money.


7.) Enjoy the perks of being a Sephora Beauty Insider. You’ll get a free birthday gift and the option to participate in free 2-hour beauty classes. Upon completion, there is absolutely no obligation to purchase anything. Your earned points will never expire, so let them add up!


8.) As a Sephora Beauty Insider, you’re eligible for a complimentary fifteen-minute mini makeover. It could be makeup or skin care; it’s your choice! The consultant will explain every product she uses on you, and most likely, you’ll be tempted to buy something. However, there is no purchase obligation.


9.) On sale products are always available, just go find them inside the store. When you walk into a Sephora store, like a grocery store, start at the outer perimeter. You’ll find products along the edges of the store that are either on sale or the least expensive. While shopping in the aisles, start at the bottom shelf and move up. The products you see at eye level are the most beautiful and expensive products. The products located on the bottom shelf are the most affordable.


10.) After purchase, keep your receipt and stay on the lookout for sales on makeup like the Sephora VIB sale. Should you find that the same product you bought goes on sale a week later, you’re automatically eligible for a price adjustment. If your purchase was within 2 weeks, you’ll get that extra money back that you paid before the sale.


We’re not done yet! Here are more ideas on saving from buying at Sephora:


11.) Just as Amazon Prime offers a discount on shipping, Sephora offers Sephora Flash. Sign up for this program and get unlimited free 2-day shipping for just $10. And, for VIB Rouge level members, it’s free!


12.) Outstanding return policy. Without a receipt, you may return any product, for any reason, and at any time for in-store credit. With your receipt, just show your ID and get a refund. The product does not have to be unopened, either. It could be half gone, and Sephora will still honor the return. This could help you save hundreds of unwanted products.


13.) Semi-annual sales are held every April and November for a Sephora Beauty Insider, as well as the Sephora VIB sale. In April, the sale is 10% off for a Sephora Beauty Insider and 15% off for VIBs. In November, Sephora offers 15-20% off, respectively.


When speaking of Black Friday, it’s not necessary to go out and fight the crowds for the amazing sales. Why? Because they can be bought from the comfort of your home between Black Friday and the holidays!


14.) Sephora, like other stores, has sales sections. And, like other stores, the products can be picked over already, it can’t hurt to check them out anyway. Beauty Steals are usually found on endcaps at the end of a row. Sale items are switched up weekly, but Sephora “stores” that are located in JCPenny’s, markdown items even more often.


Yes, the list does not end there. Here are some tricks we discovered to get the best deals from Sephora:


15.) Get more bang for your buck by purchasing value sets. These sets can be brand name products or a Sephora brand value set. The savings on them can be huge! Sometimes up to 70% of the original value.


16.) Makeup palettes are similar to value sets in the amount of money saved. The products included in the box are close to the same size as the full-size product. They’re great gifts, too!


17.) When contemplating a fragrance purchase, head straight for the perfume samplers. They include approximately 10 samples that are a bit bigger than your average perfume sample. However, the real prize is inside the box. You’ll find a certificate included for a full-size bottle of your favorite sampler perfume! So, now you have $55 worth of perfume samples and a certificate for a free $95 fragrance. You can’t beat that with a stick!


18.) Free shipping for currently out of stock products. Sephora offers free shipping to your address on any product that’s currently out of stock as soon as they are available.


19.) Be a Sephora Beauty Consultant! Besides being a Sephora Beauty Insider, you can become a Sephora beauty consultant! Employees receive 20% off brand names and 40% off Sephora brand. Also, every few months, Sephora offers gratis to all employees. What’s gratis? It’s a variety of full-size products given to employees for free! Now, that’s one way to save hundreds.


Really amazing right? So yeah, if you thought Sephora VIB sale is the only way to go to save, well, you are wrong. Sephora has so much in store for its customers. They understand how much we (specifically women) love beauty and personal care products. But of course, if you are like me who’s so into Sephora, better aim to be a VIB member and enjoy the Sephora VIB sale every once in a while. That’s a lot of savings if you become one. Great deals to enjoy and splurge on.