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Shopping Apps: Best & Worst Apps For Phone Shopping

Shopping Apps: Best & Worst Apps For Phone Shopping - charlie!

Keeping up with fashion isn’t always easy. Celebrities reinvent style rules every single day and street style bloggers make a job out of offering something fresh and new on a constant basis. So, how to keep up with the newest trends? Via shopping apps, of course.

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Fashion shopping apps can seem like just what you need to duplicate your favorite celebrity’s style, shop from various stores at once, and even take your closet with you. But are they worth your time? Let’s find out which newest released fashion shopping apps are awesome, and which newest shopping apps are just blah.

Shopping Apps: The Necessary and Unnecessary


Shopping Apps: Best & Worst Apps For Phone Shopping - charlie!

Pose acts like Instagram for fashion.

Users post their favorite outfits and share those with followers.

You can like or comment on photos you love and get inspiration for your own wardrobe.

Our Verdict: It can take a long time to load, and it needs Wi-Fi to use quickly. That means it’s almost too difficult to use while you’re on-the-go, plus it’s tough to navigate through. We say – Pass.

Keep Shopping

Shopping Apps: Best & Worst Apps For Phone Shopping - charlie!

Shopping at different stores and having many different open shopping bags can be annoying. Keep Shopping allows you to put things from all over into different bags and continue looking for new items. Search for something specific or look through what is trending. Each week a different beauty and fashion blogger is featured and you can see the things they recommend.

Our Verdict: We like this one. It lets you search for specific pieces and look for sale alerts, which are refreshed every day.

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Shopping Apps: Best & Worst Apps For Phone Shopping - charlie!

Shoe lovers, rejoice! Stylect is the app for you to find any new shoe you could ever want. Look through more than 300,000 styles and suggestions to you based on what you like. Note your favorite brands and the app will bring up suggestions. Swipe through just like you do with Tinder to create your wishlist.

Our Verdict: What’s not to love? When you find something you’re really interested in, tap on it to get more information and even buy it directly from the app. Go to the shopping app’s blog and get all the newest shoe news.

The Hunt

Shopping Apps: Best & Worst Apps For Phone Shopping - charlie!

Employ a community of fashion lovers to find pieces of clothing for your collection. Post a photo of something you found in a magazine or that someone on the street is wearing and the users will go to work to find it for you.

The Hunt is also a great tool for people that live on their own.

Our Verdict: You don’t always get comments on your photos as you’re depending on “others” to do your job for you. Some photos don’t load even with Wi-Fi. We are not a fan.


Shopping Apps: Best & Worst Apps For Phone Shopping - charlie!

Stylekick’s personal shopping apps let users shop directly from their favorite street style photos featured in the inspiration feed. The app recommends outfits and pieces for you to shop based on your personal style and interests. Users are given their own Instagram-like profile where they can upload street style pictures for style feedback.

Our Verdict: This one is amazing. We love the Stylekick’s community where you can meet and chat with other style bloggers as well as get any outfit or style advice from a sea of fashion lovers also tapping away on the app.

Shopping apps are the easiest and best way to shop!

Like To Know It

Shopping Apps: Best & Worst Apps For Phone Shopping - charlie!Until our cult-favorite photo app is completely shoppable, Like To Know It is making it possible to track down the chicest pieces on Instagram. Once you sign in with your email on the Like to Know It app, any Instagram you then like with a shopping link will automatically email the ready-to-shop product link to you directly.

Our Verdict: It’s not totally seamless, but it’s an easy way to create a wish-list based on your favorite blogger‘s Insta feed. We like.

So, which new fashion apps do you like, and which fashion apps could you live without? Let us know in the comments below!

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