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How To Find The Best Strollers For Twin Babies

Having twins means doubled joy and happiness! While having two wonderful kids is amazing, it can get a little daunting finding baby stuff that fits both – like choosing the perfect strollers for twin babies! We fully understand how challenging it can get. Thus, we are here to help.


We are parents too, so we can only imagine how parents having twins feel when they found out they’re having not just one both two amazing babies! While having two cute babies feels great, let’s admit it, it can be quite challenging – like for instance in choosing the right strollers for twin babies.


Finding a stroller for twin babies can get really difficult as you have to ensure you get something that is well-equipped, safe for your babies, and strong enough to carry two children securely. Needless to say, without being too big and/or excessively heavy.


When choosing strollers for twin babies, you have to keep in mind to find something that you can manage and carry especially when going to the mall and running daily errands. It has to be something that will make your life easier, and not otherwise, right?


Factors to Consider When Buying Strollers for Twin Babies


Regardless if it’s a single or double stroller, there are certain factors that you need to consider before buying strollers. Some, we have already mentioned a while ago, but it allows us to explain further each point.


Anyway, here are some factors that you need to consider when buying strollers for twin babies:


  1. Living Situation


Believe it or not, you have to take your living situation into consideration when buying a stroller for your twins. Are you living in an apartment? A house? Or do you live in a condo unit? You have to ensure that your choice of stroller fits your living space. After all, you wouldn’t want to have problems with handling or carrying the stroller up and down your living space, right?


For example, if you are living somewhere with stairs, you better choose a stroller that is lightweight and easy to carry. Having a heavy stroller will definitely flex your muscles. Unless you are up for that, then, a heavy stroller is fine. Now, if you have a house with a garage, then the size and the weight would not matter at all.


  1. Purpose and Functionality


Are you mainly using it for shopping or walking down the neighborhood or are you using it for traveling purposes?


When buying strollers for twin babies, you also have to consider the use of the strollers per se. You have to think about the main purpose of buying the stroller. Of course, generally it’s for convenience and comfort, but there are so many strollers on the market, and most of these do have specific use. Some are for daily use, while others (the lighter ones) are used for traveling places.


Depending on the purpose or use of the stroller, you will have to consider some other factors like the design of the strollers, the wheels used, as well as the undercarriage storage to best suit your activities. At the end of the day, we do not think you’d opt for something heavy when you are going to use the stroller traveling overseas, right?


  1. Age of the Baby


Yes, another thing that you need to factor in is the age of your twins. There are so many stroller options in the market. While they all look the same, fact is, they serve a specific age range.


In case you are not yet aware, there is a stroller intended for newborns, while the others are for older babies. So, when buying strollers for twin babies, make sure to ask the salesperson about what specific age range does the stroller serves. After all, you wouldn’t want to buy something that is not suitable for your baby’s age, right?


In addition, figure out also if you will need the stroller to be compatible with your babies’ car seats. Remember that car seats and strollers should be bought with the other in mind. That is to make sure that you got all the necessary adapters.


  1. Color and Design


Of course, when buying strollers for twin babies, you have to consider the color and design. If you have identical twins, then that would not be a problem. It’s a lot easier to choose color and design. Like if you have girls, you can go for pink and floral ones, and if you have boys, then the blue and sporty ones.


It is a different case though when you have paternal twins. Usually, parents with paternal twins would go for generic and basic colors like black, gray, and brown or earth tones.


  1. Price


While some parents do not mind spending when buying strollers for their twins, others may need to consider their budget.


Good thing is, there are so many stroller brands and designs to choose from out there. We bet you, it won’t be that hard finding the one that fits your budget. But of course, let’s be realistic here if you really want to get the best and the most appropriate based on the first four factors we mentioned it can get a little pricey. Though you can always find a cheaper alternative – for sure.


At the end of the day, it’s just about what really matters to you. Like among the factors we mentioned, what’s on top of your priorities?


Types of Strollers for Twin Babies



Now that you already know the major factors that you need to consider when buying a stroller for your twins. Let us proceed to the two main types of double strollers available in the market today. These are the Side-by-Side and Tandem models.


– Side-by-Side Stroller


Obviously, from the name itself, side-by-side stroller basically refers to the kind of stroller wherein the twins do sit next to one another. Generally, this model type of stroller is as long as a single stroller. Thus, you won’t have problems with curbs. What makes it different though from the single stroller is that it is much wider.


Since it is wider, it can be a problem when you are heading through narrow alleys like in grocery or department stores (expect to bump into shelves or stands) or a narrow street near your home.


Though it has some sort of cons, what most parents like about the side-by-side model is that it allows their kids to seat next to each other, which is fun for the children! Also, it makes kids enjoy the same kind of view.


– Tandem Stroller


Tandem Stroller refers to the kind of stroller wherein one baby sits behind the other one, or in some models, the kids are facing each other. There are also some designs wherein the back seat is placed a little higher than the one in front (we thought that is so the one at the back could also see the front view just like the one in front).


Unlike the other model, the tandem stroller has the same width as the usual single stroller. It’s a good advantage as parents need not worry about fitting through narrow doorways, alleys or elevators. The disadvantage though is that it is definitely much longer compared to usual strollers, which makes it more difficult to go through curbs.


Also, another disadvantage of the tandem stroller model is that when the front seat is reclined, it leaves less legroom for the child seated in the back, which may cause discomfort for the kid behind.


While you can opt for side-by-side or tandem strollers, at the end of the day, it depends on where the children are more comfortable sitting in.


Reviews on Some of the Best Strollers for Twin Babies


With all that’s been said, let us now proceed to our review of some of the best strollers for twin babies there is in the market today.


Let us begin with —


  1. Baby Trend Universal Double Snap-N-Go Stroller Frame

Price: $76.94


The Baby Trend Universal Double Snap-N-Go Stroller Frame is one of the perfect choices, especially for newborn babies, and new parents who are still getting used to toting around their twins.


This model is less than half the weight of the usual double stroller, which we bet you will appreciate especially when you are still in the process of adjusting to having two babies around. Regardless of its weight, you can still stick your car seats right on this stroller without having to worry about disrupting your babies’ sleep.


This stroller comes in a universal design, which means you do not need to spend money on buying additional adapters or attachments. Needless to say, you do not have to worry about your car seat not working with it as any car seat fits.


What we also love about this stroller is the inexpensive price point. This is definitely something that works best especially for parents who are on a tight budget or are planning to buy a heavy-duty stroller when the kids are older.



  • It is exceptionally lightweight.
  • It can fit two car seats.
  • It is easy to fold.
  • It comes with a large storage basket.
  • It can fit in most cars easily.
  • It can be used with almost all infant car seats.



  • It is not meant for use outside of car seats.
  • It does not move well on rough terrain.
  • Unfortunately, car seats do not really “snap” in.


  1. 2018 Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller

Price: $689.95


We know what you are thinking – the price is quite high! But allow us to tell you more about this stroller first.


The 2018 Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller is a tandem stroller that fits best for city living. This particular model is, in fact, one of the best strollers for twin babies in the market today. It comes with tons of configurations – wherein you babies can sit in which way they like (front or back).


While the price is really high compared to most strollers out there, we tell you, it is worth it. You can use the 2018 Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller from day one until your babies no longer need a stroller. Now, that is value for money, right?



  • It offers over 16 different configurations.
  • It can be used as a double or single stroller.
  • It can be maneuvered easily.
  • Your twins can face either direction – whichever they like.



  • It weighs almost 30 lbs. (It is heavy!).
  • The stroller only works with certain car seats.
  • If without a car seat, the standard seat cannot be used until six months of age
  • It gives more access to the front baby.
  • The under stroller storage space is limited.


  1. Joovy Twin Roo+ Car Seat Stroller

Price: $97.65


The Joovy Twin Roo+ Car Seat Stroller is similar to the Snap-N-Go, but what makes it different is that this one offers a few alternative features. Also, unlike Snap-N-Go, this stroller’s design lets you choose the direction of the car seat according to your preference.


If you are opting for this model, you will need to buy car seat adapters to accommodate the car seat you are opting for. Please note also that this specific model is limited when it comes to car seats. The frame of the stroller is also a bit bigger compared to Baby Trend, regardless if it’s open or folded. Thus, you better make sure first it fits your trunk before buying one.



  • It is easy to fold.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • It comes with a large storage basket underneath.
  • It can fit two seats facing either direction.
  • Car seats actually “lock” into place.



  • You will need to buy car seat adapters.
  • It does not work with all car seats.
  • It’s bulky and could take up a good amount of space even when folded.


  1. Bumbleride Indie Twin Double Stroller

Price: $769


Here’s another expensive stroller for twin babies. Let’s see if it is worth it?


The Bumbleride Indie Twin Double Stroller is one of the best options when it comes to side-by-side strollers. Since it is a side-by-side stroller, you can recline the seats to the maximum. Thus, no need to use bassinets or car seat adapter (but if you want to, you can also do that).


What we like about this stroller model is that it is great for light jogging. Thus, if you are the kind of parent who loves to jog, it spares you from purchasing a dedicated jogging stroller. The only downside we see though is that it is heavy and bulky at the same time. However, you won’t, for sure, mind the weight once you drive the stroller around because it allows you to use it with ease.



  • It is infant ready with lie-flat seats & adjustable canopies.
  • It comes with a step compact fold.
  • It can be used as a jogging stroller.
  • It is compatible with both dual and single car seat.
  • It is compatible with either dual or single bassinet.
  • The materials are made with eco-friendly fabric.



  • The stroller weighs 33 lbs.
  • It only works with particular car seats.
  • It takes up so much space even when folded.
  • The stroller’s air-filled tires require a pump to refill.


  1. Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller

Price: $399.99


We thought this one’s a good alternative option to the Baby Jogger tandem twin stroller. The Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller houses most of the features of Baby Jogger.


Based on reviews though, this stroller does not allow configuration in quite many ways. Also, it is said to be a bit trickier to use compared to using a single stroller. But apart from these, it is almost identical to the Baby Jogger.


If you will opt to buy the Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller, you have to make sure that you check first the list of compatible car seats to ensure what you have or planning to have is compatible with the Countors.



  • It comes with seven seating options.
  • It allows babies to face both directions.
  • It comes with front and rear wheel suspension for a smooth ride.
  • It comes in a lower price range compared to other twin compatible strollers.



  • It is heavy at 34lbs.
  • While it does have storage underneath, it’s hardly accessible.
  • It is easy to access the front baby only.


Final Words


There are so many beautiful strollers for twin babies’ options in the market, but as we said earlier, at the end of the day though, it is the comfort of both the twins and the parents (who will maneuver and carry it) that matters.


We hope that we were able to share with you enough information as you shop for your twins’ strollers and that we have given you some of the best options available. Again, when buying one, make sure to factor in all that we have mentioned earlier to be able to find the perfect stroller for your twins.


Good luck and congrats on having twins! It is really going to be a lot of fun, for sure!