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9 Institutions Where You Can Get A TEFL Certification Online

Do you want to teach English to students of all ages anywhere in the world? If that is so, having a Teaching English as a Foreign Language or TEFL certification is a must! Before you even think about where you can take the program, we listed down some of the best institutions offering TEFL certification online. Check the list down below.


English, as you know, is considered a universal language. It is the language that binds people of all ages from anywhere in the world. Wherever you go, as long as you know the English language, communicating will not be a problem. Well, that is at least the ideal scenario.


In reality, though, there are still a lot of people from other countries who are not that good or not know English at all. That is why English teachers or tutors are becoming more in-demand especially with this new generation – if we may say, a very competitive generation. Unlike the old ones, they do not care about now knowing the English language. People today especially the millennials are very keen on the English language – perhaps because they are more goal-setters, aimers, and dreamers. You know, the young ones always dream of conquering the world. Thus being equipped with the English language is one of their must-haves.


The good thing is, because a lot of people both young and old, professionals and not-so professionals who are aiming to learn the English language, it gives a room for people who are either masters of the language or native speakers to make money out of it!


Yes, just so you know, teaching English is becoming very profitable. In fact, the number of companies both online and offline offering English teaching services are becoming huge today compared in the previous years.


But here’s the thing, most of these English teaching or tutoring companies or schools require potential English teachers a TEFL certification. Thus, making this industry also very in-demand. No wonder why institutions offering TEFL courses or programs have already made life easier for those aiming to have one. Today, TEFL certification online is already available. Yes, no need to attend TESL sessions in-person. All you have to do is just go online and take the program right at the comforts of your home.


If you are one of these people hoping to earn your TEFL certification, you are in the right place. Today, as we mentioned earlier, we will be sharing our top 15 institutions offering TEFL certification online – in no particular order.


But just before we start rolling off our top institutions offering TEFL certification online, let us first define what TEFL is all about.


What is TEFL?


As we mentioned earlier, TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language or in simpler form, it is English language instruction for non-native speakers. TEFL does actually have several terms. It is also known as Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), English Language Teaching (ELT), as well as ESL (English as a Second Language).


Basically, TEFL/TESOL is one of the fastest-growing educational fields all over the world. It represents a variety, in fact, thousands of excellent professional opportunities for teaching English in other parts of the world to any native or fluent English speakers provided they have a TEFL/TESOL certification.


Having TEFL or TESOL (which, as we mentioned are basically the same thing) certifications allows you to teach the English language to non-native speakers.


What is TEFL certification for?


Well, technically speaking, a TEFL certification is your key to teaching English to a foreign country or non-native English speaking country. The certification is one of the major requirements among schools and institutions that hire English teachers.


Here’s the thing, you do not necessarily have to acquire a degree in education, prior teaching experience, or get a college degree to be able to teach English abroad as long as you have a TEFL certification.


TEFL certification serves as your passport to be able to get to work in private language schools abroad, online teaching companies, as well as government programs. TEFL is internationally recognized because it follows a certain set of standards. So, if you have it, the more you are equipped to work as an English teacher whether it be abroad or through online teaching schools or companies.


Just so you know, according to the International TEFL Academy, “internationally recognized standards hold that professional-level TEFL certification must meet certain standards established by leading bodies in the field.” These standards are as follows (in verbatim):



  • At least 100 hours of coursework;
  • At least 6-20 hours of practicum (live practice teaching and observation with actual non-native English speaker and NOT role-playing with fellow TEFL classmates);
  • An accredited curriculum from a recognized, independent organization within the field;
  • Instruction provided by a qualified instructor (who has an equivalent to a Master Degree in TESOL or related field);
  • It is also recommended that you take your TEFL certification course from an organization that provides comprehensive job search guidance.


Is it possible to earn a legal TEFL certification online?


The answer is a resounding YES – provided that you’re taking up a TEFL course that is accredited and meets all the above-mentioned standards.


Here’s the thing, be mindful though in taking TEFL certification online because there are institutions that offer TEFL certification online at a much cheaper price, which are mostly not meeting the requirements or the standards set. Also, keep in mind that online TEFL classes that do not offer practicum are not recognized by most language schools, as well as TEFL programs globally.


Does a TEFL Certification make someone suitable to teach English online?


The answer is another resounding YES! In fact, a lot of online English teaching companies these days are very particular to this requirement. It is not surprising because the online English teaching industry is really becoming a hit. We would not be surprised if it becomes the next best thing in online work or freelance work.


Furthermore, a lot of native English speakers are becoming more interested also to get into the online teaching field. Well, it is not shocking because online English teachers nowadays earn at least $10 to $20 per hour. Needless to say, they can work on flexible time, and choose their preferred teaching schedule.


While some companies do not necessarily require a TEFL certification, having one makes you become marketable and allows you to earn more. Well, who doesn’t want to make more profit, right?


What are legit institutions offering TEFL certification online?


Now, we are finally at the moment you have been waiting for! Yes, below we are sharing with you some of the best institutions offering TEFL certification online.


Just so you know, in choosing these institutions, the following points were taken into consideration:


– The quality of their online classroom portal as well as their learning resources.

– The student-teaching practicum or any other related learning prospects.

– The range of TEFL courses that deliver a reputable and accredited certificate.

– The range as well as worth of job employment opportunities.

– The student as well as alumni reviews and testimonials.

– Any notable features that make the institution a top TEFL certification online


We also included the potential cost you will need to save up for if you plan to have your TEFL certification online in any of these institutions.


So, let’s begin!


  1. Premier TEFL

Program Cost: $229 to $319


Premier TEFL gets high approval among its former students, which only means they are indeed a very good TEFL institution. Well, that is not surprising because apart from the fact that the company’s online teacher-training certificates are all recognized internationally, they also allow three months of study time, and their training is led by experienced, and highly-qualified instructors.


For those who are considering taking TEFL certification online via Premier TEFL, take note that they offer four options for accredited programs, which include a 120, 150, 180, or 240-hour online TEFL certificate options. Rest assured that all of these offer high-value benefits as a very reasonable price.


  1. i-to-i

Program Cost: $274 – $479


i-to-i is a well-known teacher training company that offers hands on, student-centered approach. It was established in 1994 and is recognized globally by employers because of their untarnished reputation when it comes to TEFL education. In fact, the company is the very first teaching abroad outfit that offered a two-day teaching course.


In addition, i-to-i is a partner of STA Travel, which is a well-established international tourism agency.


i-to-i boasts its highly-competent instructor faculty. They offer TEFL certification programs online (100% online TEFL certificate courses come in 120, 180 or 300-hour increments), in the classroom, or in hybrid tracks (hybrid programs come in in 140, 200, or 320-hour courses).


  1. MyTEFL

Program Cost: $139 – $189


MyTEFL is probably one of the longest-running TEFL institution. The company boasts their over 35 years of teacher training experience, as well as a strong history of job employments globally.


The company offers both online and onsite TEFL certificate programs. The company’s online programs include a basic 40-hour and standard 60-hour track. The 40-hour TEFL certificate online focuses in fundamental classroom management, while the 60-hour TEFL certificate online is centered in teaching techniques and methodologies.


Another strong point of MyTEFL is that their programs do have 24/7 curriculum and tutor support, as well as technical support, plus full library access. With that said, this company is definitely something you may want to consider. Needless to say, their program cost is very reasonable and very competitive.


  1. Greenheart Travel

Program Cost: $1,295


Before you even wonder about the high price point, you read the details about Greenheart Travel first, and see for yourself if it is worth the price tag.


Anyway, Greenheart Travel is based in Chicago. The company provides an excellent and immersive teacher training education. Guess what? They boasts that all their student who earned their TEFL certification online have access to long-lasting job placement assistance, and that they have maintained connection among their alumni.


Greenheart Travel offers a 170-hours over 11 weeks for their TEFL certification online. Twenty hours out of 170 are allotted for student teaching, which is an experimental learning tool to help you prepare to be one of the future classroom leaders.


If you are aiming to work abroad, well, Greenheart Travel teach abroad program covers Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, as well as Asia. So yeah, almost anywhere you want to be, right?


Now, do you think it is worth the program cost? That’s for you to think and decide.


  1. TEFL Pros

Program Cost: $349


TEFL Pros gained strong reviews among its alumni, particularly because of their supportive staff, the quality of their instruction, as well as the quick return of investment. Now that is something we all want!


Here’s more – if you are looking for a flexible TEFL certification program online, then TEFL Pros is for you. Yes, TEFL Pros’ TEFL certification online is a flexible 120-hour program. Most of these are used for instructional videos, as well as real-life classroom experiences.


Unlike other TEFL companies, TEFL Pros builds a very practical skill-set, which ensures more versatility in the job employment aspect. What makes TEFL Pros unique among other competing TEFL companies is the fact that they offer a “try before you buy” option. This allows prospective students to test as to see if TEFL Pros suits them.


According to its graduates though, TEFL Pros’s online TEFL course offers extensive job placements, interview and resume preparation, and networking to name a few. No wonder why they really have earned their reputation among their graduates and current students.


  1. Bridge Education Group – TEFLOnline

Program Cost: $420 – $1,295


Bridge Education Group is another seasoned leader when it comes to teacher training programs. It is also one of the most long-lasting TEFL companies, boasting its over 30 years of experience in the field.


Bridge Education Group – TEFLOnline is known because of its five globally renowned TEFL certificates programs that stay up-to-date when it comes to the current teaching technologies, methodologies, and latest means of providing job employment – one of these is the company’s TEFL certification online, which include a very affordable, very flexible, 40-120 hour program that is usually completed within eight weeks!


Their website, the provides a wide range of study resources, videos, including a grammar advisor, a personal tutor, and so much more. A lot of its alumni provided excellent testimonials about the companies particularly on their career preparation feature and the quality of instruction they provide to their students. Definitely, worth the price.


  1. International TEFL Academy

Program Cost: $1,395


Of course, this has to be in our list. International TEFL Academy, as their name suggest is a well-known, internationally accredited TEFL academy that offers lifetime and worldwide job search direction, an interactive classroom environment, webinars, university-level instruction, and a lot more.


With regard to their TEFL certification online course, they offer a 170-hour, eleven weeks online TEFL certificate program. In addition to that, they also offer a variety of resources for its future teachers, which is something commendable, and well, makes it worth the price.


The International TEFL Academy’s online TEFL program includes a curriculum in classroom management, lesson planning, use of multimedia teaching aids, teaching group classes from beginner to advanced, as well as common principles of teaching. What makes the institution different among its competitors is that it requires its students to complete an in-class teaching practicum.


So, if you really want to hone your teaching skills apart from just learning the principles, and all that, you may want to consider taking your TEFL certification online through the International TEFL Academy.


  1. UNI-Prep Institute

Program Cost: $290 (120 hours) – $1,950 (unlimited courses per year)


UNI-Prep Institute was originally founded in Canada. It is one of the most respected names when it comes to educational, professional development. The institute offers 120-hour coursework for their online TEFL/TESOL certificate program. This can be completed depending on the student. Yes, you can finish the program in your own time and pace.


The UNI-Prep Institute boasts its 99% course completion and passing rate. Needless today, they also take pride in their wide-ranging connections to ESL-related job employment all over the world.


As an online TESOL student, you are required to complete a curriculum that includes classroom management, lesson planning, assessments, classroom testing, and a whole lot more.


  1. TEFL Certification from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Education

Program Cost: $990 – $1,495


Yes, you read it right. The last, but definitely not the least on our list is the TEFL Certification offered by the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Education. They are considered as the leader in the industry. They offer internationally recognized teacher training opportunities, which is no doubt you will surely get by just the name of the institution itself.


Anyway, the institution offer TEFL online program in three forms – 100, 120 and 150-hour. If you choose the 120 and the 150-hour versions, the students have elective options to advance their TEFL career. The electives include teaching English to young students or to Mandarin, Korean, or Arabic speakers.


What makes the university’s TEFL program different is that it is entirely self-paced. However, normally, it can be completed in a span of six to twelve weeks.


Final Thoughts


If you are indeed planning to teach the English language whether it be in a classroom setting abroad or online, make sure you get yourself into a TEFL program from any of these institutions that are offering TEFL certification online.