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13 Adorable Toddlers Hair Cut For Boys And Girls

There are plenty of styles to choose from when having your toddlers hair cut. Whether you are having a professional do it or you are going to do it yourself, you would love to try on the different styles out there for your little one.


Having your toddler’s hair cut for the first time is one of the most memorable and sentimental times in life. For some parents, cutting the hair of their little darling is like their cue that their once baby is no longer a baby. It is like a symbol that their child is already passed the “baby” stage.


Now, while most parents prefer doing a simple cut, don’t you know that there are different toddlers haircut styles out there to choose from? Thus, we have compiled some of the best hairstyles that you can opt for your little one.




Once your little boy’s hair is cut, there’s like a magic that transforms him into becoming a little man. Here are some toddler hair cut styles for boys that aim to bring inspiration as well as advice on how to properly style a boy’s hair.


  1. Naturally Curly


There are young boys that are blessed with beautiful natural curls, and keeping them as beautiful as possible is the key. Thus, the naturally curly cut is the best choice. It basically is ensuring the cut is left at about two inches all around. When doing this cut, scissors may have to be used to get the back of the neck, as well as around the ears. All in all, the hair must remain a length long.


To achieve the cut, whether you are doing it or a professional child hairstylist, use the fingers and then the pull-out technique to cut the hair. However, make sure to keep in mind the child’s natural curl specifically when measuring the length.


When styling this toddlers hair cut for boys, use a small about of mouse. However, for the most part especially the curly ones, it is better to leave it as natural as possible.


  1. Long and Layered


This kind of toddlers hair cut can be a little more difficult compared to other cuts. It adds a lot of style for your groovy young little man. However, note that this kind of hair cut would be a little challenging for baby boys with extremely curly or have pin-straight hair. But this one’s definitely great for those whose hair is in between. While this haircut is long, it is totally not the same as a mop-top, which we will be sharing later on.


To achieve this style, all you have to do is use a razor blade to cut the lengths instead of using scissors. This will surely add a lot of texture in your little man’s hair. Remember that in this cut, straight lines or clean cuts must be avoided. Rather, just a lot of layers as well as textures.


Also, the hair must go halfway over the ears and must also include having bangs that will slightly land over your little man’s eyebrows while swooping to just one side. You may use a light mouse to keep the look still as well as to arrange wet hair in your desired areas. You may also blow-dry to achieve a smoother look.


  1. Spliced Up


This one’s an in-between cut for kids who are straight-haired. When doing this cut, one will need a razor to be able to ensure a layered and textured appearance. The Spliced Up cut is just like the Long and Layered, however, this one’s shorter. Thus, it requires shorter layers.


To do it, make sure that the hair cut must only cover the tip of the ears. The bangs, meanwhile, must be spliced up about half an inch from the child’s eyebrows. When doing this type of hairstyle, make sure to create shorter layers up top, which will help add volume to the hair especially when it is naturally flat.


As with the styling, all you have to do is brush your child’s wet hair forward, and then use a very light mouse to help define the layers and then blow-dry.


  1. Mop Top


Although not all, some boys were born having long and crazy locks. It is for this reason that the Mop Top hairstyle was created. This toddlers hair cut for boys works best for those who have fine or wavy hair with some form of texture in it. For this style, clippers may be put away in place of scissors. Also, remember that this haircut is tapered around the neck as well as the ears at the same time getting longer up top.


To achieve the mop-top style, you must ensure that when cutting, you choose the length depending on your preference. Keep a clean-cut all-around your baby boy’s ears, and then add in some layers. However, make sure to keep in mind that it is supposed to be made a bit shaggy. Thus, ensure not to make the layers of the hair too short. Then, frame wispy bangs above your child’s eyes and then blend them as they go down to the side of sides of the face.


  1. Short and Spiky


This little man’s haircut is probably one of the easiest to do and to maintain. It actually works best for young boys who have thick as well as naturally straight hair.


To achieve such a look, you have to ensure that when cutting your baby boy’s hair, you must use a number two clipper head on the side as well as on the back. Meanwhile, use number three on top. This particular style requires a good blending all throughout the hair area. To do that, just simply run the clippers throughout the hair and t the sides as well. Make sure to blend naturally.


Now, depending on the length, the use of stand-alone clippers may be needed around your kid’s neck and ears. If you are not confident enough using clippers, you may do it using scissors too.


When it comes to styling, this type of haircut is usually left on its own. But if you want to, it can also be styled using gel to achieve a spikier look.


  1. Beach Waves


This haircut is ideal for those little boys who do not want either long or short hair. This hairstyle actually works best for young boys who are blessed with natural thick waves.


To get it, it is important to ensure that cutting lands nice and clean around the neck and ears. Also, the sides must be cut about an inch long, at the same time, the top must blend up to two or three inches long.


Meanwhile, blend the top and bottom using scissors and a comb. At the same time, do the finger technique to measure the hair length up top. In this particular haircut, layering is not needed at all.


As with styling, this cut is great because it can be let loose using just a very light mousse. If you want your little man to loo edgier, you can spike it up using a stronger gel (although as much as possible, no to gels, otherwise be careful not to overuse).


  1. Mini Pompadour


If you want a unique baby boy’s haircut, then the mini pompadour is perfect for you.


To achieve this hairstyle, you have to start with a number one clipper head to be used around the neck area and then around the ears. As the hair is moving up, you will then have to change using number two and number three clipper head to be able to create a blended look. Meanwhile, your kid’s hair on the tip should be cut using scissors.


Make sure to keep the hair at the front long enough so it can be slicked all the way to the back. Now, when cutting the hair farther towards the back front area of the head, use scissors particularly to layer and then blend the hair with longer lengths at the front side. Also, please make sure that the hair at the back will not fall too far at the back of the head.


In addition, the top hair must be kept long enough so it can be styled all the way to the back, at the same time, teased to create the classic “pompadour puff”.


When styling, tease the hair on top to be able to come up with the desired height, and then use gel, hair wax, or better yet, mouse to smooth out the puffy side and also, to keep everything in place.




Styling a young girl toddlers hair cut is just as exciting as styling a young boy’s. That said, here are some of the common hairstyles for your little lady:


  1. Pixie Cut


A pixie cut is probably one of the most common haircuts among little girls. Well, it is very ideal for toddler girls especially the ones with straight hair that drop down most of the time. With this hairstyle, the hair is basically cut short at the back and then at the sides. But the top is left a bit long. A pixie cut is very easy to manage.


To achieve this hairstyle, you must start cutting from the back with small cuts from the bottom. And then, when you reach the nape part, make sure to do slower cuts. Keep cutting up until the hair leaves a border on the neck.


Style the hair on the nape consequently. Make sure to leave a point in the middle of the nape for styling purposes. Meanwhile, cut the same way on the sides, and then, leave fringes on the ears to ensure they cover the third on it. Based on your own preference, you can cut accordingly.


A pixie cut is ideal for children with long or oval face type, and with straight or wavy hair.


  1. Forehead Bangs


Don’t you just love seeing little girls with bangs? Anyway, forehead bangs are ideal for toddler girls who have this hair. It is also great with long hair or a bob cut.


To achieve forehead bangs, all you have to do is run the hair forward – about two to three inches from your child’s hairline. Then, comb the hair across the whole length of the forehead so it covers the area completely. Meanwhile, tie the remaining hair to keep it still and avoid cutting them unintentionally.


Once you have already decided the length of the bangs, trim the hair horizontally as straight as you can. Once done, comb the hair forward and then your baby girl’s forehead bangs are ready! Simple and easy process, right?


Little girls with oval or round shape look good having forehead hangs.


  1. Classic Bob Cut


It is probably safe to say that at least once in every girl’s life, she had a bob cut done. Agree or disagree?


The classic bob cut has always been one of the most popular haircuts for toddler girls ever. This cut suits best though on girls with straight, thin hair and those with oval, round, narrow and heart-shaped face.


To achieve the bob cut toddlers hair cut for girls, first, you must divide the dry hair into three sections – one at the back and then two on each side. Use a comb to partition the hair. Start by cutting the hair from the back. Continue cutting until you reach the top of the nape. For this process, you can also use a trimmer. The back section is done once the hair is already shortened.


Meanwhile, begin cutting the side section by cutting the hair from the bottom part to the top. Make sure to leave the hair long in front, which means you do not have to cut them. Doing so helps give out a neat hair fringe that will run on either side of your little darling’s face.


  1. Medium Length Cut


The medium-length cut is very ideal for young girls with curly hair to make it more manageable. It also suits young ladies with an oval or long face type. Apart from curly, the medium length toddler hair cut for girls also looks good to those with straight and this hair.


To achieve this hairstyle, you have to start with forming a side partition or middle partition, and then comb the hair all the way to the back. Depending on your preference, a medium-length cut can either touch the shoulders or just be about half an inch away from the shoulders.


Once you have decided on the length, trim the lower part of the hair up to your desired length. Make sure that the hair length is the same on both sides, and that the cut is in a straight line.


  1. Long Tapering


Long tapering is most probably one of the haircuts of choice among parents for their young girls with either wavy or straight hair. Trust us, this toddler girl haircuts is one of the easiest to do especially if you are doing it yourself. Needless to say, the tools required are with the bare minimum.


To achieve the long tapering haircut, all you have to do is slowly cut vertically from the outer edge to the inside of your little girl’s hair. Repeat the same process on the other side. The idea is to give a V shape to the lower end of the hair. Make sure to comb and straighten the hair every after the cut so you get to see if you are getting a nice V shape.


This specific hair cut is good for any face types – whether it be, round, long, oval, or heart-shaped. It works best though for girls with straight hair.


  1. Cropped Hair


Of all the toddlers haircut styles for young girls, cropped hair is probably the most convenient to wash, dry, and of course, comb. While it does not seem to be very appealing, it is quite practical because it is very manageable.


While it works for straight hairs too, it works best for wavy and curly-haired young girls. Also, it suits best for little ladies with round or oval face type.


To do it, all you have to do is cut the hair of your little darling like that of a bob cut style. After, run the comb and then cut small sections of your baby’s hair that run through the bristles. Then, cut the hair around the ears and make sure not to leave any on the ear part. In addition, make sure that the side locks must be short and tapering. Continue cutting until you achieve your desired length.


To check if you got a uniform cut, brush your little girl’s hair properly. If you see any inconsistency, just cut them up until it’s all clean and well-done.

To have an idea on how to cut your little girls’ hair plus ideas on toddler hairstyles, check this video tutorial from Boys and Girls Hairstyles:



Hairstyling your little one is actually fun! But for moms though, it is extra fun because you get to do or decide what hair cut must be done to your little one. After all, they do not know what you are doing anyway!


Having said that, make sure to enjoy this moment while you still can decide hairstyle suits your little one until he or she learns to disagree.


Whether you are having someone else do it or you are doing it yourself, the thing is, there are so many adorable toddlers hair cut to choose from out there – it’s just about knowing what hairstyle fits your toddler best.