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9 Part-Time Weekend Jobs Online That Help Pay The Bills

Whether you have a regular day job but wanted to earn some more to help pay the bills or a fulltime mom who only have weekends to do work and make money, there are weekend jobs online that you can get yourself into depending on your line of interest or expertise.


You know, sometimes, your salary is not just enough to cover all your daily expenses. That’s part of the reality of life. And that is totally fine. I think everyone gets into that certain moment when you just need to stretch a little more, work a little more, to make sure both ends meet.


Now, on the other hand, there are fulltime moms like me who are weekdays can be quite a challenge.  We always start our day early because we need to make sure we are able to fulfill our mom and wife duties. Since we are in full charge of our homes, we do chores to ensure our children and husband get into a clean and comfy home at the end of the day. If you have a baby, that’s another story. Thus, leaving us with only weekends to do extra work and earn.


I know, some of us do not need to work. But like in my case, I love working as it makes me feel fulfilled and it also allows me to take pride of myself knowing that I get to earn my own money and help my husband during rainy days.


Don’t get me wrong, I know weekends are usually allotted for family, as well as in doing errands. That is why I specifically chose the best weekend jobs online that will not eat up your time. Rest-assured that these jobs will still allow you to chill and bond with your family and friends, and do other things that need to be done.


So, are you ready to know what I am talking about? Then, let’s begin.


Part-time Weekend Jobs Online


Here are some of the best part-time weekend jobs online that you may opt to get yourself into and make some cash:


  1. MicroJobs


If you are not keen about earning big, perhaps you only want some time to keep your brain cells busy, then doing micro-jobs may be the perfect thing for you to do. While the pay may be pretty low, what is nice about doing micro jobs is that you have the freedom to decide on your workload, which means, you can opt to work only on a few jobs or if you feel like working on a lot of projects, you can also do so. There is no pressure here. You also get to decide when you want to work, which makes it perfect for a weekend job.


Some of the best sites that offer micro-jobs are:


Figure Eight. The company hires online contributors to help assist in different online projects and tasks. Your work may include transcribing audio, categorizing social media posts, as well as choosing the right images for certain products. Figure Eight lets you decide how much work you want to do. It also gives you the flexibility to start and finish the work as you please.


Amazon MTurk. It’s probably the most popular site when it comes to micro-jobs. Amazon MTurk tasks include deleting multiple images, filling out surveys, helping out companies in selecting product images, etc. The payment varies depending on the task. If you want to earn more, Amazon MTurk lets you take as many tasks or projects as you like.


  1. Online Tutoring


Online tutoring or teaching is probably one of the best weekend jobs online that mommies, in particular, can work on. Most online tutoring sites let you work according to your preference. You can take as many or as fewer classes as you like – depending on your availability. While there are some sites that have very tedious requirements (like ESL certification, etc.), most tutoring sites are open for anyone as long as you have the expertise on the subject matter.


As an online tutor, you can make anywhere between $8 and %25 per hour. To give you an idea, here are some of the best sites that hire online tutors:


Brainmass. This site is very appropriate for those who are working or may have had obtained a master’s or Ph.D. Students particular seeks out for Academic Experts to specifically help them work on their academic eBook. To qualify for the job, you must be legal to work in the United States or Canada. Brainmass issues payments monthly through PayPal.


Italki. If you want to be a language tutor, then Italki is perfect for you. The company offers the job to anyone from anywhere in the world. As a tutor on Italki, you get to charge your own price per lesson, the company then takes 15% of your total fee. Tutoring sessions are done via Skype or using a free VOIP software, thus, it is important that you have a reliable laptop, a high-speed internet connection, and of course, a good quality headset.


  1. Virtual Assistant


I highly recommend working as a virtual assistant especially if you are someone who is transitioning into freelancing. Virtual assisting is one of the easiest weekend jobs online to get into. In fact, it is open for anyone as long as you are organized, you can multi-task, and you are competent.


If you are interested to get into virtual assisting, here are some sites that offer VA jobs:


BELAY. Belay is one of the most well-known companies online that offers virtual assistant jobs. The company works with a lot of clients. What we like about Belay is that they assign jobs depending on the person’s skills. They actually offer both fulltime and part-time positions – Justin case you want to eventually work fulltime. Don’t worry if you have no idea about virtual assisting because Belay has paid training for new hires. With Belay, a bachelor’s degree and previous work experience are preferred but not required.


Worldwide101. The company offers several works from home jobs specifically to experienced workers. They offer positions like writing and editing, marketing and project management, as well as executive assistant post. The company offers a very flexible schedule. Also, note that the number of hours required differs per contractor. To qualify, you must have at least 7 years of work experience in the field you are applying for, and that you must be a US citizen and living in the US.


  1. Transcription


As the name suggests, your job as a transcriptionist is to transcribe audio files. If you wish to be one, it is important that you are aware that most companies pay by the audio minute, which means your rate varies depending on the length of the audio file you are working on. If this sounds new to you but you want to try it out, don’t worry because some companies hire people even without previous experience on the job.


Some companies that offer transcription jobs are:


– Ubiquis. To land a work from home transcription job with Ubiquis, you have to be residing in the US. The company offers a variety of transcription projects including medical, legal, and other types of audio files. Uniquis offers a part-time transcription job and they also offer a very flexible work schedule. To qualify, candidates must have at least 1 to 5 years of experience.


– TranscribeMe. The company offers year-round flexible transcription jobs for independent contractors or freelancers. Normally, their audio files or projects are very short like 1-2 minute clips, which makes it ideal as a weekend job. Now, if you want to earn more, you can take on longer transcriptions, which are usually under medical or legal categories. According to the company’s website, their transcriptionists’ earnings start between $15 and $22 per audio hour.


  1. Social Media Management


We are already living in the digital era and most companies nowadays make sure to build their online presence. I guess it is safe to say that every company these days needs to keep up with how things are changing. That is why it is not surprising why social media management posts are booming nowadays.


If you are someone who’s social media savvy, working as a social media manager is the perfect job for you! As a social media manager, your tasks depend on the needs of your clients, but most likely, it would include handling the day to day moderation of your client’ social media accounts, building up their social media presence, as well as handle customer service issues.


Social media management is probably one of the most ideal weekend jobs online simply because it’s very easy to do. The tools you need are just there – social media apps can be downloaded for free, and also, you do not necessarily need to work on a laptop. In fact, you can use your own smartphone to work on your daily tasks.


If you are interested to get into social media management, job listing sites like FlexJobs, Indeed, Upwork, and so much more offer a number of social media management posts. Moreover, companies like ICUC, Modsquad, and Appen hire people for social media posts – although they usually are low-paying.


  1. Freelance Writer


Yes, freelance writing is one of the weekend jobs online that you can get yourself into. While there are a lot of companies offering full-time freelance writing posts, there are also organizations that offer part-time freelance writing gigs, which is very ideal if you only have weekends to spare.


Like most of the remote jobs, freelance writing offers a very flexible schedule. As long as you meet deadlines, you won’t have any problem working as one. Freelance writing caters to almost anyone as long as you have the interest and the passion for writing. Yes, you do not necessarily need to have a journalism degree or be an English major to land in this job. In fact, there are companies that do not mind about your educational background at all as long as you deliver the job well.


Freelance writing posts are very popular among those who are looking for a good source of income – because believe it or not freelance writing is very competitive when it comes to the pay rate.


If you think you have it takes to be a freelance writer, there are actually several online sites that offer freelance writing posts like the following:


– Adecco


– Bustle

– Brit +Co

– Upworthy

– Pearson

– 24 Seven


You can also find freelance writing gigs on job listing sites like Freelancer, Upwork, Indeed, Flexjobs, and so much more.


  1. Personal Stylist


Believe it or not, even personal styling services are now offered digitally. If you love fashion or you love putting clothes together for yourself or for someone else, then working as a personal stylist would definitely fit you.


As a personal stylist, your job includes hand-picking clothing items to be sent to your clients. If you thought only celebrities need personal stylist, you are wrong. Today, even ordinary people hire personal stylists to make sure they always look and feel good. No wonder why personal styling is a growing company.


One example of a company that hires work from home personal stylists is Stitch Fix. The company hires work from home personal stylists to help curate clothing and fashion for subscribers. The company specifically hires people who live near certain major cities in the United States.


Once you are hired, you will need to attend and go through on-site training, which would be very beneficial for you especially if you see yourself working as one for a long run. Most of Stitch Fix’s stylist posts are on a part-time basis.


  1. Remote Call Center/Customer Service Jobs


Another very common online job is a customer service agent or associate. There are a lot of companies that outsource their customer service representatives, which means more job opportunities in this industry.


To give you an idea, most of the work from home customer service positions pay around $10 to $15 per hour. While it offers a flexible schedule, most companies ask for a minimum hourly commitment among their freelancers. Depending on the company, it may be more or less 10 hours a week 10 hours a month. It is important that before you sign up and commit to the job, you know and you are fully aware of the expectations or requirements of the company – especially if you are only free to do the job on weekends.


If you are eyeing to apply for this post, some of the most popular companies that hire work from home customer service workforces are Amazon, Sutherland, Alorica, Sitel, and U-Haul.


  1. Travel-Related Customer Service


A lot of work from home agents have a travel background or are simply interested in travel. If you love helping out people on their vacation plans, and you do not mind booking reservations for travelers or tourists, working as a travel-related customer service agent is perfect for you.


If you are interested to get into this kind of job, here are some companies that hire remote customer service agents:


World Travel Holdings. World Travel Holdings is a company that offers jobs as a home travel dales professional as well as a customer care representative. Like most freelance or work from home jobs, you get to enjoy perks like working at the comforts of your home, paid time off, as well as access to travel discounts (which is something travelers really love to have). What I like about the company is they provide extensive paid training and ongoing work training to their agents. The company also provides equipment like a computer, keyboard, as well as headset by simply paying out a refundable deposit amounting to $250. To qualify, you must be legal to work in the US and is residing in a state where the company is presently hiring.


American Express. Surprisingly, even companies like American Express hires virtual managers for travel and lifestyle services, as well as team leaders! If you want to land a work from home job in this company you must be legal to work in the United States, and you must have your own home office and a reliable, high-speed internet connection. The company also prefers applicants with direct leadership experience, as well as travel background.


In addition to these jobs, you can also work as a blogger, a search engine evaluator, accountant, and so much more! If you want to be your own boss, you may consider working as an online seller via Amazon or other online marketplaces. You can also earn from answering surveys, creating reviews, and so much more! And yes, all these can be done whenever you are free. If you only have weekends, that’s totally fine. Work at your own discretion as they say.


To be honest, the digital world has so much to offer really. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you to decide which way to go.


Final Thoughts


As we said earlier, whether you are just after earning extra money to pay the bills, or you simply want to make use of your spare time on weekends, there is a sure job for you. All you have to do is Google weekend jobs online, and you will surely be bombarded with a lot of choices. It’s all up to you to choose which one fits you best.