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What Can I Do To Make Money At Home: 11 Ideal Ways

“What can I do to make money at home?” Have you ever thought of this lately? Well, if you did, you got to check this out as I will be sharing a few ways on how you can make money from home. I swear, these are effective and are well-paying. Exactly what you need.


I am a new mom who chose to work from home after I gave birth. No, it wasn’t as if I have no choice. In fact, it was my personal choice. Good thing I have a very supportive husband, otherwise, I won’t be where I am today.


But I tell you, before I came up with that decision, I had to think about it several times. I had to ask myself, “What can I do to make money at home?” for so many times. Of course, the last thing I want to happen is to regret the decision I made.


With that question (“What can I do to make money at home?”) in mind, I searched for ways on how to earn while at home. While my husband can take care of the bills and other expenses, I just can’t stand not earning my own money. I felt like I needed my own money – for my own sanity (and yes, so I can buy anything I want without asking form my husband and then feeling guilty after).




While I am specifically dedicating this to my fellow moms who in one way or another gone through the same process I went through, anyone can as well dig into this list for as long as you are trying to find out what is the best way that you can do to make money from home.


With that said, here are some of the most ideal ways you can do at home to make extra cash:




For someone who has sales or marketing background, or anyone who is a skillful communicator, and is very organized, this job is for you.


Today, there is a growing number of companies that outsource people for the job. Thanks to technological advancement, it has become one of the most popular, and very competitive online jobs nowadays.


To be qualified as a telemarketer, you have to be, as we mentioned earlier, skillful communicator, you have to be organized, a customer service experience is an advantage but not necessarily required, and of course, you have to be driven, and goal-oriented. While some companies may require a bachelor’s degree, others are not really keen about that.


As a telemarketer, you can earn an average of $24,000 a year, according to You may look for a telemarketer job on any online job listing sites like Upwork, Indeed, and


Online Juror


This may sound very interesting, but I say, yes, it’s pretty interesting indeed. I highly recommend this job to people who love reading or dealing with cases. But I tell you, these are actual cases.


Companies like and OnlineVerdict. Com pay people to virtually sit on a mock jury. This basically helps attorneys and other jury consultants get feedback about the cases they are currently handling. Your job will help give the parties an idea about how things might go in a real court.


As an online juror, you can make around $5 to $60. If you are interested to get into this kind of money-making, you better be sure to read all the details, as well as disclaimers to avoid mistakes. Remember, we are talking about real cases here.


Survey Taker


This is not really a serious job, but it’s something ideal for moms who don’t have a lot of time to get into a more tedious and more serious job.


Answering online surveys has never been this fulfilling really. Before, I used to just ignore online surveys. But the moment I found out about getting paid for taking certain surveys, I tell you, for a while, I got hooked into it.


However, should you decide to try this out, please be reminded that there quite a lot of opportunities for scams in this kind of industry. Thus, you have to be very careful.


There really is no specific requirements to be a survey taker. Anyone can be a survey taker. Most companies usually would send you an email whenever you are qualified for a certain survey. What I like about this is, if you want to make more money, you can join different survey sites. You are not hindered or are limited to only one site.


In a month you can earn as much as $100 in the form of cash or gift cards. If you are interested to be a survey taker, you may check out,,,,,, and InboxDollars to name a few.


Freelance Writer, Copy Editor or Proofreader


I put all three together because they are correlated. While you can be all three, the best thing to do is to be a master of one. All three are very competitive salary-wise, but of course, I have to say that becoming a writer still has the highest pay and more fulfilling for me.


Firstly, as a freelance writer, you can make as much as $54,000 a year. While it is an advantage to have a journalism or communications degree, again, it’s not that necessary. Companies, at the end of the day, will base their judgment on your work. If they think you have what it takes to be a freelance writer, then they will hire you. But of course, ultimately, as a writer, you have to have excellent writing and communication skills. Your grammar and spelling must be on point too.


Secondly, a copy editor’s job is to basically edit the writer’s work. He or she will edit it according to the requirements of the company or the client. An editor must keep an eye for correct sentence construction and the like. As an editor, you are expected to rewrite or reconstruct the writer’s work if deemed necessary. Today, editors make an average of $47,000 annually.


Lastly, a proofreader needs to have a very keen eye for errors. Particularly, a proofreader’s job is to spot grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Proofreading is the final step an article or content needs to go through before publishing. So, your job is critical. Like writing and editing, anyone can also do proofreading as long as you have the right skills. To give you an idea, proofreaders make an average of $46,000 per year.


If you are interested to be a writer, an editor, or a proofreader, you may visit websites like, Upwork,, and to name a few.


Online Seller via Etsy


If you are a creative soul and you love doing arts and crafts, stop asking yourself, “What can I do to make money at home?” Because you should know by now that you can turn that hobby into something profitable. is one of the best marketplaces that specifically caters to arts and crafts. You can sell your masterpiece in there either by retail or wholesale. Etsy takes pride in its huge customer base, which is already around 39 million as of 2018. Their sellers, on the other hand, are already almost 3 million. All of those are from different parts of the world. However, a huge part of it comes from the United States.


How much you make from selling your crafts depends on how much your materials cost, plus your labor cost, and other costings you need to consider. The key, though, in selling on Etsy is that you have to be unique and original. To give you an idea though, as an online seller on Etsy, you can make between five and six digits in a year. Again, it all boils down to the product or service you are offering.


Airbnb Host


Do you have a spare room at home? How about an extra property like a condo unit downtown? Well, guess what? You can list those down on and invite people to stay at your place and make a lot of money for doing so.


You know, Airbnb has become really popular among locals and international travelers or tourists. Well, I am not surprised because even our family is a fan of Airbnb. Airbnb gives a homey feel to travelers. It gives a certain kind of warmth compared to hotels. And of course, it is definitely cheaper than staying at hotels – especially if you are a large group.


According to a study conducted by Smart Asset, when you rent out your space and list it on Airbnb, you can pay up to 81% of your rent! So, whether you are just renting out or paying a monthly mortgage, listing your spare room will definitely make life easier for you – especially financially.


What I like about this money-making strategy is that it lets you work right on your smartphone. It is definitely not time-consuming, yet very profitable. In fact, depending on your property or space, and of course, your location, you can earn between $15,000 and $31,000 a year.




If you are someone passionate about kids and loves kids regardless of their mood, well, you might just love babysitting!


You can apply for babysitting jobs via or SitterCity, which are two of the most reliable sites for finding babysitters. What I like about these sites is that they verify by doing a background check both the ones seeking babysitters and the ones applying to become a babysitter.


Your rate as a babysitter depends on your years of experience, as well as the number of children you are going to babysit, and the number of hours a week. However, according to ZipRecruiter, a babysitter’s average hourly rate is $28.


Music Reviewer


This may sound very clever, but yes, companies like Slicethepie pays people to listen to music and then write down a detailed review after.


If you want to make a decent amount of money from becoming a music reviewer, you better make sure you have a quality review. The more constructive and detailed your review is, the better.


Anyone can work as a music reviewer. There’s no specifies apart from being a music-lover. Well, you better be, otherwise, you will not enjoy the job, right?


As a music reviewer, the minimum amount of payment is $10, and all payments are sent directly to your PayPal account. So, if you love listening and scrutinizing music, I highly recommend this job for you. You will surely love it and enjoy it.


Customer Service Representative


Like telemarketing, there are also a lot of companies that are now outsourcing their customer service representatives. Well, it’s not surprising because it helps a lot with cutting costs.


To be a customer service representative, the number one requirement is you got to be a good communicator, and of course, you have to have loads of patience. People on the other line can be rude sometimes, and you have to keep your cool and composure. Otherwise, you will lose your job.


This kind of job requires no specific educational attainment, however, it requires certain technicalities. So, you better have a fast and reliable internet connection, an excellent-working laptop or desktop computer, and a great headset with noise cancellation features.


Customer service representatives can make an average of $47,000 annually. So, if you think you have what it takes to be one, you may check out companies that hire remote agents like,,,, Upwork, as well as


Virtual Assistant


Still asking yourself, “What can I do to make money a home?”


Well, if you got an administrative work background, or you are open to doing administrative work, then you may want to consider becoming a virtual assistant.


There are a lot of budding small business owners out there, as well as mid to executive-level professionals who need personal assistants but cannot afford a permanent position on their businesses or companies. Thus, they instead hire freelancers or virtual assistants to do administrative tasks for them.


Primarily, to be a virtual assistant, you have to be organized, task-oriented, have attention to details, as well as good communication skills.


Your work depends on your client. But, some of the most common tasks that a virtual assistant do are events planning, ghostwriting, correspondence, email management, social media management, travel arrangements, scheduling meetings and appointments, bookkeeping, data entry work, and in some cases you may also be tasked to make and receive calls.


As a virtual assistant, you can make as much as $49,000 a year. Of course, how much you get will depend on your expertise, dependability, and your years of experience. If you are interested to get into virtual assisting, you may check out,, Upwork,,, as well as the International Virtual Assistants Association website.


Online Tutor/Teacher


Being an online tutor or teacher is one of the best ways to make money from home for those with a college degree, and have the patience and time to tutor or teach students virtually.


Some of the common subjects matter that you can tutor are math, science, or language. However, English teaching is probably one of the surest hits when it comes to online teaching or tutoring. In fact, their online teaching websites that specifically focuses on English teaching, and requires Americans or Canadians for the job.


As an online tutor or teacher, you have to have the passion to do the work especially since you will be dealing mostly with kids. You have to love the work. For me, being an online tutor or teacher is just the same as being a teacher in the classroom. It is a noble job because it allows you to influence and inspire young minds.


An online teacher can make $41,000 a year, while an online tutor can earn an average of $23,000 annually.


If you want to be an online tutor or teacher, you may check out Upwork,, VIPKid, QKid, and to name a few.




Living in this era, I must say everything has become very convenient – even making money! I mean, when you look at it, if you will try to look back, during the old times, once you decide to be a stay-at-home mom, your career is like over. You do nothing else at home but take care of your kids and the home. If you are young and free and have finished a degree, automatically, you are expected to find a regular job in an office setting.


Today, it’s totally different! If you are a mom, you can either keep your job and work-from-home, or you can leave your current job without worrying about how you can help bring in some cash, because all you need is a laptop and an internet connection, and you are on your way to starting your work-from-home journey.


There are so many online jobs out there that are you will go ask yourself, “What can I do to make money at home?” the answer is just right in your fingertips. Well, all you have to do is open Google, and search for a specific online job that you are interested in and you will be bombarded with so many options!


Indeed, we are just lucky to be living in this kind of world we are in today, right?