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What Michelle Obama’s IQ Is Plus 10 of Her Most Inspiring Quotes

Michelle Obama Quotes For Inspiration And Motivation - charlie!

Everybody loves Michelle Obama. She has the charm, the charisma, the looks, brilliance, and definitely, intelligence. She is absolutely someone to look up to. But, have you ever wondered what Michelle Obama’s IQ is?


Well, we do.


We like her a lot. She is the epitome of a strong, independent, intelligent and beautiful woman. Whenever we see her on the television or we catch upon a video of her speaking engagements, we always find ourselves in awe and wonder what is Michelle Obama’s IQ.


Michelle Obama’s Brief Profile


Just a little recap to refresh our memory (just in case we forgot), Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama or commonly known as Michelle Obama was born in January 17, 1964. She is both a lawyer and a writer by profession. She got married to the United States’ 44th President, Barack Obama in 1992, and were blessed to have two wonderful daughters. Being the wife of Barack, made her the very first African-American First Lady. She graduated her undergraduate school at the Princeton University, while she earned her law degree from the Harvard Law School.


Michelle Obama’s IQ


So, going back, we tried to look for a valid proof that states her IQ level, however, nobody really knows her exact IQ level. But, according to the website IQTest, they estimated Michelle’s IQ at around 120, which is considered as above average.


Other people who also wonder what is Michelle Obama’s IQ thought the same – that she has high IQ level, perhaps around 115-130. They considered the fact that Michelle is a graduate of Princeton University and the Harvard Law School – both schools requiring high SAT scores to get in.


But really, regardless what is Michelle Obama’s IQ, the fact remains that she is a woman with so much sense and oozing with confidence. No wonder why a lot of people like her, right?


Now, to give you further proof how amazing this woman is and to make you even wonder what is Michelle Obama’s IQ by looking at her words of wisdom, we are sharing a few of her most notable quotes from different speaking engagements she had over the years.


Apart from his intelligence, we mentioned a while ago that she has so much sense. She really does. Her words are moving, powerful, and inspiring – especially for fellow women like us.


So, here we go…


Michelle Obama Quotes For Inspiration And Motivation - charlie!2016 Democratic National Convention

Michelle Obama’s Powerful and Inspiring Quotes
Michelle Obama’s words are sure to hold inspiration. The former First Lady of the United States is known for her numerous motivational messages. What’s likely the most popular was just spoken during the 2016 presidential campaign:


“When they go low, we go high.” – Michelle Obama


Michelle Obama lived those words throughout her eight years in the Obama Administration.


It’s extremely likely that Mrs. Obama will go down in history as one of the most beloved First Ladies. FLOTUS has a Twitter following that could rival any celebrity today. These followers are not just the American people, however. Men and women worldwide love Mrs. O that even her unveiling of a new haircut resulted in a social media sensation.


Michelle has become a role model for all women due to her hard work, success, and integrity.


Mrs. Obama’s quotes are all direct, straightforward and easily understood. No wonder why a lot of people are left in wonder what is Michelle Obama’s IQ. But, how did she make such an impact with words? They’re not empty phrases given in a half-hearted manner, rather they’re beacons of light that shine for all to embrace. The diverse Michelle Obama words or quotes reveal the many admirable qualities that make her even more relatable.


Do you remember the famous eye roll towards John Boehner? Whatever the reason, she did not apologize for it. That’s being human. It became obvious that Mrs. O was not afraid of repercussions. As Michelle has stated, “One of the lessons that I grew up with was to always stay true to yourself and never let what somebody else says distract you from your goals”.

An all-important characteristic of any person is self-confidence and high self-esteem. Michelle Obama knows what she wants and that even in terms of fashion, she’s not afraid to flaunt it! She’s that confident of herself.


It seems that she has her priorities straight and seems to maintain them flawlessly. Regarding this subject, Michelle has said, “Finding balance has been the struggle of my life and my marriage, in being a woman, being a professional, being a mother. What women have the power to do, through our own experiences, is to push that balance out into the culture. If people are happier, and they’re more engaged, and they have jobs they can value that allow them to respect and value their homes that makes the home life stronger.”


Michelle Obama Quotes For Inspiration And Motivation - charlie!Michelle Obama exudes self-confidence

Michelle Obama, the Social Activist


She’s been actively involved in causes such as childhood obesity, a mentoring program for youth, and Joining Forces, which, as a result, placed her as number seven on the Forbes list of Powerful Women. Now, that is awesome, right? To be on that list means you have done really something impactful. This alone will keep you thinking what is Michelle Obama’s IQ and how to be like her?


Anyway, the speech she gave in New Hampshire on October 16, 2016, focused on her thoughts of now President Trump’s treatment towards women. Michelle exuded raw emotion saying, “I can’t stop thinking about this. It has shaken me to my core in a way that I couldn’t have predicted. It’s about right and wrong … Now is the time for all of us to stand up and say ‘enough is enough.’”


Michelle Obama Quotes For Inspiration And Motivation - charlie!Number seven on Forbes Power Women

Michelle Obama – The Inspiration


Since the beginning of her term, Michelle Obama has inspired millions with her words and deeds.


Following her history-making role as the first African-American First Lady of the United States of America, women will continue to look up to her.


Even up to this day, it is not surprising that Mrs. Obama still has a lot of followers and her opinions on issues surrounding her are still valuable.


Michelle Obama Quotes For Inspiration And Motivation - charlie!Michelle Obama Quotes For Inspiration And Motivation - charlie!


Other Michelle Obama quotes and inspirational messages include the following:

Michelle Obama Quotes For Inspiration And Motivation - charlie!


Michelle Obama Quotes For Inspiration And Motivation - charlie!


Going back to her IQ, it actually does not matter knowing what is Michelle Obama’s IQ. It brings out our curiosity, yes, but at the end of the day, with the wisdom and knowledge she has, we can rest the case by accepting the fact that she is indeed one of a kind. That she is more than what her color, her name or status in life is. She is one inspiring woman to look up to and we can only wish to be like her.